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A List of Holiday Books.  Harper & Brothers. Christmas 1902.
1 A List of Holiday Books. Harper & Brothers. Christmas 1902.
New York Harper & Brothers 1902 Wraps Good 
4to. 25 by 17 cm. 40 pp., wraps. Many pages devoted to illustrations from books listed, including an ad for Peter Newell's "Through the Looking-Glass". Harper published many popular or important authors of the day besides Carroll, of course, including Woodrow Wilson, Henry James, William Dean Howells, Charles Reade, Richard Harding Davis, Richard Le Gallienne, etc. Minor chipping of the wraps and the corner of a few leaves. Moderate soiling of the cover. 
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Adventures of Benjamin F. Bear
2 Adventures of Benjamin F. Bear
New York Lord & Taylor Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa early to mid-1940s. (Reference to Office of Price Administration, which existed between 1941 and 1947, and references to "Admiral Byrd Cloth", among other things, suggest the earlier part of this period.) 30 by 14 cm. Unpaginated, 24 pp. including wrap covers. Scarce, with no copies appearing on OCLC FirstServe. Loosely strung story about a cute cub who decides not to hibernate so that he can find out what autumn and winter are like in New York City, and all the fun he has as a result. On the rectos is narrated the story, while on the facing versos junior fashion items are illustrated and described, with the descriptions sometimes making allusion to the accompanying story. This was from a time when children in the city were dressed up in city clothes like miniature adults, and even play clothes, in which children could be children, had a certain flair that has largely vanished from our fashion scene. The illustration of both the children's fashion and the bear story are done in what can only be described as the breezy Lord & Taylor signature style, which was a perfect expression of the upscale department specialty store's image of comfortable elegance. At the time, this look was new, introduced by retail legend Dorothy Shaver, the first female president of a major retail chain. The story of the bear is not to be confused with a more recent, somewhat similar story with almost the same title. The story here may not be anyone's idea of sublime juvenile fiction -- it was probably written by a member of the store's marketing staff or its advertising agency -- but it does capture a moment in our culture very well indeed. Corner chips on the wraps. Darkening of the cover. Generally clean within. 
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Anchor Supply Co. (Inc.) Awnings Covers Tents Catalogue No. 38
3 Anchor Supply Co. (Inc.) Awnings Covers Tents Catalogue No. 38
Evansville, IN 1932 Wraps Very Good Plus 
4to. (11.75 by 8.75 inches.) 88 pp. With color illustrations on ten pages, and many black and white illustrations elsewhere. The color illustrations in particular make for a surprisingly delightful catalogue that transports one back to an old-time carnaval or state fair -- covered in color are tents for food concessions and various carnival games. Plus 15 pp. Bargain Prices brochure and Discount Sheet insert. Other than a thin film of soiling along the front cover's right edge, clean and bright. 
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Art and Decoration Crepe and Tissue Paper
4 Art and Decoration Crepe and Tissue Paper
Boston, New York, etc. Dennison Manufacturing Co. 1905 Sixteenth Edition Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 22 by 15 cm. 104 pp. Many illustrations of quirky and unsual crepe paper concoctions for cotillions, parade floats, electric shades, hats, ice cups -- there is apparently little that crepe paper couldn't ornament! Fun and informative manual and trade catalogue. Soiling to the cover. Text block detached from wraps. 
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B. Shackman & Co.  A Catalog of Shackmans Favors for All Occasions
5 B. Shackman & Co. A Catalog of Shackmans Favors for All Occasions
New York Wraps Near Fine 
Wonderful catalogue devoted entirely to party favors. N.d., circa 1912. Thin and narrow 4to. (22.5 by 12.5 cm, 9 by 5 inches.) 216 pp. With order sheet attached, and insert notice in front, from which dating is derived. The party favors are a dizzying variety of figurines, toys, table decorations and novelties of various materials, as well as place cards. It would be a formidable challenge for someone to assemble a collection of things today. The Shackman company began in 1898 and is still in existence, although it now operates a mail order business out of Michigan. Light wear to the wraps. 
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6 Beautiful Low-Cost Bridges
Middletown, OH Armco Culvert Mfrs. Association 1934 First Edition Wraps Very Good 
4to. 28 by 21.5 cm. 47 pp. Bridge designs, some picturesque, others, Art Deco, using fieldstone or cement, to cover typically streams and smaller rivers, with culverts forming the shell. The bridges depicted will be the kind that are familiar sights nowadays on older parkways and country roads. Small dampstain and other light soiling on cover. Clean within. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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Book of Complete Information about Pianos
7 Book of Complete Information about Pianos
New York Frank L. Wing 1913 Twelfth Edition Hardcover Very Good 
4to. Near square, slightly oblong. 29.5 by 30 cm. 135 pp. (Last page is REP.) With twelve color plates (colorized photos) of the company's piano models. In addition to extensive information about each of the company's models, a general discussion of piano manufacturing, many photos of the company's factory and offices, testimonials and other sales-related promotional material. This was a trade catalogue that was also intended to be a keeper -- not something to be discarded after a decision was made pro or con regarding purchasing a Wing instrument. The Wing & Son Piano Company was founded in 1868 (under a different name). It marketed its pianos through this catalogue, or mail order, exclusively, dispensing with the more standard practice of maintaining showrooms. The company appears to have gone out of business early in the Great Depression. Moderate soiling and shelf edgewear to the cover. Clean within. 
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Buckeye Works, Greentown, O., Chromolithographic Promotional Trade Card with Movable Door Flaps
8 Buckeye Works, Greentown, O., Chromolithographic Promotional Trade Card with Movable Door Flaps
Akron, Ohio Aultman, Miller & Co. 1889 NA Very Good 
Celebrating the winning of a Gold Medal, possibly by the U.S. Agricultural Society. Closed, 13 by 10.5 (to the highest point). Door flaps to a barn on the front. Elaborate design within, with images of company's two plants surrounded in one case by busy workers sawing, hammering, etc. and in the other case, a Masonic Temple looking structure, and foliage. The rear depicts funny looking men racing to a finish line. Small chip on front. One tack hole at center. Otherwise, clean and bright. 
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Catalogo de propagana taurina 1961.  Imprenta-Litografia Ortega Valencia-Espana.  Catalogo Muestrario. Carteles, Cartelitos, Cabeceras, Prospectos, Billetes.
9 Catalogo de propagana taurina 1961. Imprenta-Litografia Ortega Valencia-Espana. Catalogo Muestrario. Carteles, Cartelitos, Cabeceras, Prospectos, Billetes.
Valencia 1960 Wraps Near Fine 
4to. 29.5 by 23 cm. Unpaginated, 48 leaves in colorful wrappers. Setting this catalogue apart from earlier Ortega catalogues, all of which are scarce, is besides the shape, the facing pages from the specimen samples feature action line illustrations of various facets of the bullfight. Splashily colorful trade catalogue from lithographic printer specializing in cards, tickets, programs and posters dedicated to bullfights and local fairs and fiestas. Much of the content is brilliantly illustrated promotions of bullfights, with flyers, posters and the like tipped in, generally two or three pasted onto the same base leaf. Samples which in practice might have been printed in varying sizes, often much larger than in the catalogue, they capture the thrill, ritual and spirit of the sport. The pages with tickets and some other items are less eye candy but no less useful documents of the material paraphernalia of the sport, and reminders too of the manifold commercial aspects of an entertainment business. Quite scarce, with the only several copies surfacing on OCLC from other years. Light wear. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Catalogue General de la Fabrique de Crayons
10 Catalogue General de la Fabrique de Crayons "Koh-I-Noor". L. & C. Hardtmuth, Budweis (Boheme), Tchecoslovaquie, together with a Supplement, three price lists, a smaller Koh-I-Noor Sales Brochure, and some typed correspondence on the company's letterhead
Wraps Very Good 
Sales material with lush color plates of pencils, pens, packaging of both. N.d., circa 1934, and other pieces, same year or slightly later. 4to. 29 by 23 cm. 89 pp., plus twelve bright color plates on a glossy paper. (And a color chart on one of the paginated pages.) Supplement: same dimensions but bound with wraps. Pages 92 to 117, with two additional color plates (but roman numerals skip 13 and 14 -- no evidence anything missing though). Smaller brochure: 14 leaves, with six of these featuring full-color illustrations (they can be considered color plates). Hardtmuth Koh-I-Noor was founded in 1790 and it survives to this day as a better-known Czech brand, now a subsidiary of Koh-I-Noor Holdings. Condition: primary catalogue has large dampstain and soiling on lower third of front board. Tight and clean within, and the other materials have no significant issues. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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11 Catalogue of Keuffel & Esser Co. Manufacturers and Importers Drawing Materials Surveying Instruments Measuring Tapes
New York Keuffel & Esser 1921 Cloth Very Good 
8vo. ix, 482 pp. Profusely illustrated. Some blistering to the cloth covers. Tight and clean within. Nothing in the rear pocket. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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Cocoa and Chocolate.  A short history of their production and use. With numerous illustrations of the Cocoa Tree and its products; and of Walter Baker & Co.'s manufactory, the oldest and largest establishment of its kind on this continent
12 Cocoa and Chocolate. A short history of their production and use. With numerous illustrations of the Cocoa Tree and its products; and of Walter Baker & Co.'s manufactory, the oldest and largest establishment of its kind on this continent
Dorchester, MA Walter Baker & Co. Limited. Printed by The Barta Press, Boston 1917 Revised Edition Full Leather Near Fine 
8vo. 24.5 by 18.5 cm. 83 pp. Exceptionally clean copy, with the lightest of soiling on the white leather/leatherette cover, which still exudes a brightness. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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13 Color Craft. A Manual that helps you decide what color and how to use it.
Burlington, Vermont Diamond Dyes 1926 Wraps Very Good 
4to. 61 pp., plus wraps. Profusely illustrated, with full color or tinted often. Divided into many short chapters or articles, relating to home decoration, wardrobe, etc. 
Price: 28.00 USD
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Cordey Catalog
14 Cordey Catalog

N.d. circa 1950. With a single text page followed by 49 leaves, each with a photograph of one or several specimens of Cordey china figurines and bric-a-brac, all in the signature kitschy rococo that characterized the brand. While the high brow has forever pooh poohed these inexpensive tchotschkes, the black and white photos render the same maligned pieces a certain haunting charm, not unlike that of marionettes and antique automata. Suddenly they have an animate aura, and whatever one's opinion of the specimens, they surely do have something to say about mid-twentieth century material culture. The Cordey China Company was founded in 1942 in Trenton New Jersey by a Polish immigrant who clearly was seeking to capture the charm and style of the old country. The foreedges have some staining, and the leatherette covers have considerable soiling. Otherwise, the photos are crisp and clean. Oblong, 12.5 by 8.5 inches, or 32 by 22 cm. 
Price: 345.00 USD
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Correct Map of Boston Harbor Giving Route and Official Summer Time-Table of the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co. Compliments of Bouve, Crawford & Co., Makers of the Celebrated Crawford Shoe . . .
15 Correct Map of Boston Harbor Giving Route and Official Summer Time-Table of the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co. Compliments of Bouve, Crawford & Co., Makers of the Celebrated Crawford Shoe . . .
Boston Bouve, Crawford & Co. 1890 Wraps or card. Very Good 
Closed, 133 by 57 mm. Open, the map is 24 by 29.5 cm. Promo info and the said timetable on the back. Fairly scarce, with just three copies located on OCLC. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
16 Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
Edinburgh, Liverpool and London William Crawford & Sons Ltd. 1933 First Edition Grained Leatherette, with cloth spines or sides Fine 
A most unusual trade catalogue combined with a diary and blotter/desk accessory! Closed, oblong, 27 by 30 cm, and when the panels are opened wide, 60 cm wide. This was surely intended as a promotional tool in which the attractive catalogue was part and parcel with a freebie likely to be used and valued by the wholesale customer, who in this case would have been grocers and costermongers. The handsome commercial folio fits into the tradition of English biscuit makers who produced fine collectable tins which were sometimes as treasured as their delectable products. The folio opens from the center, with four separate panes then revealed. To the left are calendars for 1934 and 1935. Underneath the 1935 calendar one finds the trade catalogue, full of colorized photographs of the company's biscuits and packaging. This is paginated for 28 pages. The panels to the right hold the diary and a memoranda sheet. The front of the diary has several pages devoted to postal rates, other practical information, and a glossary of French dishes with English meanings. The blotter comes with a small stack of blotter paper, none of which was ever used, and each of these sheets has some pricing by weight data. The blotter looks as if it has never been used -- we have never seen one in such pristine condition before. Also included is the envelope in which it came -- this has creases and wear, but is a remarkable relic nonetheless. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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17 Decorating with Color-Light. 54 Plans for "Parties they'll remember"
New York Noma Electric Corporation. Printed by The Caxton Company, Cleveland Wraps Near Fine 
12mo. 17.5 by 12.5 cm. 46, [1] pp. Bright color illustrations on virtually every page. Xmas-like lighting for more occasions than Irving Berlin wrote songs for! Charming illustrations of table and room decoration to enliven a celebration. Scarce, with a single institutional copy located on OCLC First Search, at the Strong. Light soil on wraps. Otherwise, clean and fresh. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Decorative Lighting.  The Bryant Park Electric Lamp Company.  330 W. 42nd Str., New York City
18 Decorative Lighting. The Bryant Park Electric Lamp Company. 330 W. 42nd Str., New York City
New York Wraps Very Good 
Unusual trade catalogue with its three pages of mounted color samples of tinted or colored light bulbs. N.d., circa 1930. 8vo. 23 by 15 cm. 8 pp. The bulbs were marketed for use in expositions, theatres, churches, clubs, signs, marquees, restaurants, homes, show-window reflectors, pageants, stage lighting, signals, stores, factories, etc. -- in other words, every conceivable place and use. While we have no opinion about the product itself, we find the catalogue's color plate pages to be a visual delight. Scarce, with a single copy found on OCLC First Search, at Columbia U. Not found in online catalogues of either the Hagley or Winterthur. Condition: narrow dampstain along part of front cover edge. Light wear besides. 
Price: 475.00 USD
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Design Oak Flooring by Bruce
19 Design Oak Flooring by Bruce
Memphis E. L. Bruce Company Wraps Very Good 
4to. 23 by 15.5 cm. 16 pp. Most pages with photos of interiors, and center two pages show various parquet patterns. Scarce -- no copies on OCLC. Light wear. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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20 Dim Fantasie Automne-Hiver 72-73
1972 NA Very Good 
Closed, 22 by 7.5 cm. Opening to become about 90 cm wide, with twelve panels, ten of which show a lithe woman in silhouette, the silhouette created entirely by different colored hose. Actual stocking material is used to create the silhouette -- this is a trade promotion for stockings or hose -- and the stocking is laid in a shallow recess cut out in the shape of the woman. The woman might be a dancer, exotic or more conventional, or merely a playful woman at the beach holding a large ball above her head. On this ball, here shown in black, is written the color of the sample, and the colors are given evocative names: chataigne, mais, potiron, cerise, marine, pervenche, naturel, cobalt, grenat, and olive. We don't know who actually issued this promotion unless it was "Dim Fantasie", but we love the playful and dramatic effect it presents, and we would regard it as a novel piece of marketing. Light wear. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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