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Moscow ???????????? ???????????? ????????? ????????? ???? NA Very Good 
Oblong folio, with 40 plates of equestrian breeds found in the Soviet Union. N.d., circa early 1950s. 28 by 43 cm. The plates are charming, in a style that is similar to the leading American equestriant artist of the period, George Morris. With Russian cyrillic captions, and text on the verso describing the breed. The outer soft card folder has tears and chips along its shorter sides, and has moderate soiling. The plates themselves are bright and clean. 
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ABC Jingles
2 ABC Jingles
Syracuse, NY G. C. Hanford Manufacturing Co. 1920 First Edition Wraps Good 
16mo. 14.5 by 11 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp. including wraps. Hanford sold a Balsam Myrrh product which it pushed as an all-purpose salve for horses, livestock and humans. In this ABC, each letter is accompanied by a color illustration and four lines of doggeril touting a particular use or benefit of the product. There are two illustrations per page, each with a cartoonish character, showing the influence of the newspaper comic strip. Soiling and several abrasions to the front and rear of the wraps. 
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3 Charming group of hand-made and painted folk art origami figures, including fourteen soldiers, three horses, a flag on a staff, and two incomplete figures (a horse and a soldier)
NA Very Good 
N.d., early twentieth century (1910 to early 1930s), based, among other things, on box housing the grouping with stamp of George V, which dates from 1914. (We assume the box housed the grouping from the time it was created, more or less.) The figures are quite precisely painted, and appealingly resemble nutcracker soldiers and what we would imagine would be their toy mounts. Testament to the attention to detail is that the mane on one of the horses is very precisely cut into separate fine strands! The paint colors on the soldiers are bright and eye-catching blues and reds, with some green, yellow and quite realistic flesh colors, while the horses are bay, piebald and chestnut-ish. Most of the soldiers have bayonets or muskets, and they are all postured as if on a ceremonial march. Although origami, the figures are essentially two dimensional, but an example of the care rendered is that they are all painted on both sides. The unfinished figures are a plus to have as well, as they easily reveal the process by which the figures were made. We don't know who made the figures, although their are initials on the two unfinished ones, and we would guess that whoever made them was from the Bristol area of England, based again on the box housing them. Our conjecture was that a young adult made the figures, but certainly it had to be someone with the skill beyond the ability of a pre-teen. The soldiers are generallly 8 cm tall, the horses, the same, and the horses are about 10 cm long at their longest. Some of the firearms are bent, and there is other trivial soiling. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Dorries Saddlery Company, Inc.  Buffalo, New York Catalogue No. 4.  Manufacturers of Harness and Strap Work of All Kinds.
4 Dorries Saddlery Company, Inc. Buffalo, New York Catalogue No. 4. Manufacturers of Harness and Strap Work of All Kinds.
Wraps Very Good Minus 
N.d., circa 1900. 4to. 30.5 by 23 cm. 48 pp. First 21 pages with illustrations, some photo images, some drawn, of horses in harness, some singly, some as a pair. Remainder of catalogue devoted to categories of tack, with small images, both photo and drawn. Last two pages are index. Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC First Search. Condition: cover soiled, and light scattered soiling, and light wear, within. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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Fox-Hunting Scenes
5 Fox-Hunting Scenes
Berlin Sporting Gallery von F. Otto Beyer Very Good 
Collection of 37 mounted colored illustrations, some colorized photos from life, others, copies of artwork, which would generally appear to be not photographic copies of the originals but rather looser painted copies of them. The subject matter, notwithstanding the title on the outer portfolio, is not just foxhunting, but also, horseracing, including steeple chasing. N.d., circa 1880. (Race horses shown are born in the mid-1870s, and one, a victor in the 1879 Norddeuschen Derby zu Hamburg in 1879). Outer case, 37 by 54 cm, plates, 36.5 by 53.5 cm. 23 plates relate to foxhunting, 14, to horseracing. The use of English, as in "Sporting Gallery", was not so much about selling to English tourists as much as a manifestation of the newly unified Germany's fascination and envy of English culture and more specifically, an attempt to capitalize on the German association of equestriana with England and a romanticization of this aspect of English culture, something glorified in the works of Surtees and other English sporting writers. The photos of actual life would seem inherently more interesting than the reproductions of paintings, yet we would maintain that the latter should not be dismissed as inconsequential aesthetically. The reproductions here are not like photocopies; Beyer is adapting from the source artwork, and the result is something that can depart from it in interesting, and appealing, ways. So using the plate entitled "Whoo--Whoop", whose source we could identify as a painting by William H. Hopkins, the Beyer version has a folk art-ish charm all its own, and if one lines up the copy with the original, one will in fact see subtle differences in detailing that almost suggest that the copy was based on a staging of the painting, as opposed to a direct copy of the painting. The number of plates, 37, might suggest incompleteness, but we don't believe there would be anything that could be considered a complete set. We think it likely that Beyer had a storefront which sold the plates individually or in groupings selected by the buyer. This set, then, was assembled by a Beyer customer. It is obviously a very large selection of Beyer's offerings available at the time. And since the portfolio folder seems filled to capacity, it is inconceivable that there is much, if any, attrition in the number of plates in the initial collection. Since we believe relatively few Beyer plates are extant today, this collection can be viewed as about as diverse and deep a collection of Beyer plates as one is bound to come upon. Folder: red cloth, blindstamped, gilt lettering and gilt and black decoration, interior lined with patterned paper. Condition: moderate age toning. Some brittleness to the card stock used, and so a few chips in the margins. The folio folder has a moderate amount of wear. 
Price: 4500.00 USD
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6 Pictorial Diary Kept by Rosamond
1899 Quarter Leather, Marbled Boards Good 
8vo. 223 by 180 mm. 42 pages, all rectos, of what might be regarded as part of this loose comical diary, virtually all these pages dominated by pen and ink and watercolored illustrations depicting country life, country types, horses and dogs, and dogs galore. In addition, there are a few sketches interspersed on the versos and the leaves that follow, some complete, others more in the way of loose studies, and a number of blank leaves in the back. But it is the "Diary" that is of primary interest, with its simple, economical yet very pleasing illustrations. The artist we presume was an accomplished amateur -- there can be no doubt of her artistic control. The pictures are generally of a quality that one can imagine them as published in a children's story. Captions accompany all the illustrations, and occasional, some rhymed, or doggeril, verse. Rebacked, and newer endpapers. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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Sportsman's Dinner given by those interested in The Turf and Field, . . . Astor Gallery, Waldorf Astoria, New York
7 Sportsman's Dinner given by those interested in The Turf and Field, . . . Astor Gallery, Waldorf Astoria, New York
New York 1912 First Wraps. Ribbon tie Very Good 
Scarce ten course dinner menu (plus snifters and cigarettes) and program for a special celebratory dinner held at the Waldorf Astoria on February 19th, 1912. At the speakers' table were luminaries of New York Society and the racing world such as August Belmont, Paul Cravath, William DuPont and Oakleigh Thorne. Of particular interest is a short piece on American trotters in Russia, where they had been scarfing up most of the medals issued by the Russian government. Another page lists the racing colors of over twenty stable owners, most of whom, if not all, counted among New York's blue bloods. Finally four pages are devoted to the Sportsman's Library, which was to be presented to the Cavalry Posts of the U.S. Army, including testimonials about the now collectible series of sporting classics. 4to. 26 by 20 cm. Unpaginated, ten leaves, printing only on rectos. Pages of a light card stock. No copies located on OCLC First Search. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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8 The Devil's Steeplechase The Celebrated Steeple-chase between His Satanic Majesty and the King of Terrors
Half calf. Marbled boards. Modern black cloth cl Good. 
The Devil versus Death over hill and dale! A highly original illustrated manuscript, with vivid watercolor illustrations, forming the major part of a sketchbook. N.d., 1830s probably -- the race is dated as 1830. Oblong 8vo, 18.5 by 27 cm. 29 leaves in album. More pertinently, 9 full page watercolors devoted to the primary story contained within this album, the story we have entitled "The Devil's Steeplechase", each with a narrative on the facing page. The text installments are paginated. Three other watercolors of mere mortals riding, two of these in a steeplechase or a foxhunt. In addition, there are two other pages with watercolors, one of which is a finished painting, the other, sketchier, and 11 pages with pen and ink drawings, in varying states of finish, plus three pages heavy with text (two of which we also have counted as having illustrations. We note further we are counting the endpapers which are covered with pen and ink drawing.) The other illustrations, including a page of mostly silhouettes, are on military or equestrian themes mostly. Also in the manuscript is a four page rendering of "The Tragedy" from "The Ingoldsby Legends", which recounts the story of Catherine of Cleves. As "The Ingoldsby Legends" was published first in 1837, that serves as a marker of the earliest date for some of the sketchbook, but it doesn't rule out that some of the sketchbook was done earlier. So while this sketchbook has something of the appearance and character of a commonplace sketchbook, the dominance of one narrative, and the overall cohesiveness of the illustrations including those that are of a looser, sketchier nature, elevates this from the more pedestrian specimens of the genre. We think, also, without making grandiose claims as to the calibre of the illustrator's skill level, we would assert that no one would dismiss these illustrations as generic or common. Given how clever the illustrations and the story line accompanying the steeplechase are, it is unfortunate we do not have the name of the author/illustrator. We doubt it is a coincidence that the date of the Devil/Death steeplechase is but four days after the first English National Steeplechase, which was run in Bedfordshire and was the precursor of the Grand National race at Aintree. It is not, therefore, a giant leap to view this imaginary race as a sharp satire on the day's real-life racing scene. In the story here, a morbid variant of the turtle and the hare fable, the Devil gets off to an auspicious start, and then might seem to have the race clinched when Death falls into a water ditch. But as the Devil relaxes, Death recovers, catches up, and then with the final fence by a Churchyard, the Devil isn't able to jump it, "whether from his horse not having a jump left, or from Satan himself not liking the smell of consecrated ground". Death leaps into the cemetery "as easily as if he were driving through his own park gates" and celebrates his victory by throwing his head (which is a skull) in the air and catching it several times. Condition: Rebacked in red calf matching remnants of older leather. Edges rubbed. Moderate scuffing of boards. Corners bumped, not terribly. Two leaves conspicuously cut out -- no clue as to what was excised. One leaf with closed tear, not affecting illustration. One loose leaf. 
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The Hanscom Flexible Bit.
9 The Hanscom Flexible Bit.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Hanscom Flexible Bit Co. NA Good 
N.d., circa 1880s. Four page promotion for a new bit of the time. 22 by 14 cm, folded sheet. Illustration of the bit on the front. Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC or elsewhere. Soiling on the cover. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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[Broadside] Butts & Ordway, Agents for The Famous Spiral Spring Cart.
10 [Broadside] Butts & Ordway, Agents for The Famous Spiral Spring Cart.
Boston NA Very Good 
Cute advertisement showing a monkey atop the cart driving two frogs! N.d., late 19th century. Dimensions: 28 by 21.5 cm. The ad speaks of the easy adjustability of the cart, its versatility (it can be used with large or small horses, etc.), its elimination of horse motion to its ride -- in other words, a smooth ride. Condition: tiny hole by where folds meet. A few tiny edge chips by folds. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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[Trade Catalogue] Carlock's.  Carl Carlock Co. Phoenix Arizona.  Stockman Catalog No. 50
11 [Trade Catalogue] Carlock's. Carl Carlock Co. Phoenix Arizona. Stockman Catalog No. 50
Wraps, Brochure Very Good Minus 
N.d., circa 1950, based on the stamp which was in use in the late 40s til the early fifties, the fashions, and other factors. 4to, 28 by 21 cm. 24 pp., plus wraps. Catalog of western saddles and other western riding gear, including fashion, with levis dungarees selling for $3.45 for men's, $3.95 for ladies. Two pages of colorized photos of shirts, and throughout the use of orange highlighting. Carlock's opened its doors in 1942 and lasted less than twenty years but its saddles and other products are still prized. Soiling to the wraps. A small edge dampstain. Other light wear. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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[Trade Catalogue] Cent Ans ou Quelques Réflexions sur la Collection Particulière
12 [Trade Catalogue] Cent Ans ou Quelques Réflexions sur la Collection Particulière
Paris Hermès 1928 First edition Hardcover Very Good Plus 
Beautiful promotion, with original stylized artwork, for Hermes! Oozing luxury and a sleek Art Deco sensibility. 4to. 27 by 20.5 cm. 42, [2] pp. Featured are the company's equestrian tack, women's handbags, other sporting equipment and clothing Marbled papers cover boards. Light wear to boards. Clean within. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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[Trade Catalogue] Hopp Carriage Company 1915 Mifflinburg, PA. Builders of High-Grade Hand-Made Vehicles and Sleighs of Style and Quality. The Most Modern Vehicle Factory in Pennsylvania
13 [Trade Catalogue] Hopp Carriage Company 1915 Mifflinburg, PA. Builders of High-Grade Hand-Made Vehicles and Sleighs of Style and Quality. The Most Modern Vehicle Factory in Pennsylvania
Mifflinburg, PA 1915 Wraps Very Good 
A last gasp of the carriage trade! 4to. 26 by 20 cm. 38 pp. Mifflinburg was the buggy capital in the late nineteenth century. Soiling to the wraps. Clean within. 
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14 "Sabretache" [C. Barrow]. Illustrations by Lionel Edwards Shires & Provinces, [together with] More Shires & Provinces (Two volumes)
London and New York Eyre and Spottiswoode Limited and Charles Scribner's Sons 1926 and 1928 First Edition (the first volume is the second impression, 1927) Decorated Cloth Very Good Plus 
Folio sized, measuring 14 by 10 inches, 35 by 26 cm. Each volume with sixteen color plates. "Sabretache" was a pseudonym adopted by the publicity-allergic C. Barrow, who served many years in the cavalry stationed in India and returning to England, was an ardent foxhunter. The two Shire volumes, which cover the history and lore of the most famous English hunts, constitute his best known works. Grimshaw 1288 and 1289. Both volumes are clean and tight internally, with the original clean cloth showing wear, with scuffs and the green rubbed out in spots. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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An Analysis of Horsemanship;  Teaching the Whole Art of Riding, in the Manege, Military, Hunting, Racing, and Travelling System.  Together with the Method of Breaking Horses, for Every Purpose to which Those Noble Animals are Adapted.   (Three Volumes), Adams, John
15 Adams, John An Analysis of Horsemanship; Teaching the Whole Art of Riding, in the Manege, Military, Hunting, Racing, and Travelling System. Together with the Method of Breaking Horses, for Every Purpose to which Those Noble Animals are Adapted. (Three Volumes)
London James Cundee 1805 Second Edition Full Morocco Fine 
8vo. 23 by 14. 5 cm. With many engravings, the most novel one in the second volume, opposite p. 137, with actual string for reins and a movable head on the horse. Huth p. 64. Podeschi 82. Full navy blue morocco bindings by Bayntun-Riviere. Occasional fox marks, but overall clean and bright. Modern binding highly attractive with classic equine devices on spine. A beautiful set. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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[Trade Catalogue] Hunting Countries, Aldin, Cecil
16 Aldin, Cecil [Trade Catalogue] Hunting Countries
London B. F. Stevens & Brown Ltd. Wraps Fine 
N.d., circa 1930. Oblong, 11.5 by 14.5 cm. Unpaginated, 12 pp., plus wraps. Scarce promotion for several hunting prints by Cecil Aldin. Aldin is shown astride a horse in a photo. Also promoting two other series of Aldin prints: "Bits of Old London" and "Old Streets in Old England". 
Price: 100.00 USD
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A Collection of Seven Drawings, Alken, Henry
17 Alken, Henry A Collection of Seven Drawings
London 1815-1830 Half Calf. Paper pastedown on boards. Fine 
A handsome modern binding of seven original Alken drawings. Elephantine oblong, 35 by 50 cm. The drawings themselves are laid in a heavy board frame within the binding, and this frame has a window of 25 by 36 cm. The drawings themselves are laid on paper, and this paper is exposed, creating a margin all around, of not quite 2 cm. The drawings are titled: "Swell and the Surrey, No. 1", "Swell and the Surrey No. 2", "Drawing the Long Bow", "Drawing a Horse", "A Cabbage Leaf Galloper", "In Such a Scene as This", and "Rider Unshipped". Most relate to riding and equestrian sports, but "Drawing the Long Bow" depicts men drinking and playing cards. Generally the scenes have a touch of humor and levity, although one can not say they are all caricature or intended to be funny. While one can find some sketchiness here and there, overall the drawings come off as satisfying works that can stand on their own -- in other words, they are closer to being finished than tentative works in progress. Bringing coherence to the group is an esprit of quintessential Alken. The modern binding is handsome and worthy of the contents. Leather title label on front board. 
Price: 3875.00 USD
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A Set of Six Plates on Horse Riding, Alken, Henry
18 Alken, Henry A Set of Six Plates on Horse Riding
London Thomas McLean 1821 First Edition Half Calf. Paper pastedown on boards. Fine 
A handsome modern binding of six hand-colored plates which were issued separately, or as a folio, and not in book-form, in 1821. Elephantine oblong, 33 by 54 cm. The plates themselves are laid in a heavy board frame within the binding, and this frame has a window of 24 by 30 cm, which exposes about 4 cm of margin all around the images. The plates are titled: "Delighted", "Dissatisfied", "Perfectly Satisfied", "Displeased", "Surprised" and "Terrified". They are humorous takes on two gentlemen riding, not necessarily foxhunting. The men are opposites in their riding style, both exemplifying ineptitude and inexperience, though. The suite is very much in the vein of Alken stylistically, and also in the vein of such print series issued in profusion at the time. Obviously, such series usually ended up decorating walls, and so it is quite unusual and nice to have the suite survive intact and to have it bound so handsomely. With also a title page. Leather title label on front board. 
Price: 2400.00 USD
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Alken's Characteristic Sketches of Hunting with Caricatures of Middlesex Sporting (two copies, one in a colored state, the other, not), Alken, Henry
19 Alken, Henry Alken's Characteristic Sketches of Hunting with Caricatures of Middlesex Sporting (two copies, one in a colored state, the other, not)
London J. Dickinson 1825 First Wraps. Custom quarter morocco clamshell box Very Good Plus 
Oblong, 21 by 28 cm. Scarce. Copies at Yale, Princeton and Pittsburgh show up on OCLC but are later, with an 1826 date indicated and a note about varying dates, unlike our set. Tooley 19. Schwerdt I: 11. Clamshell box by Sangorski and Sutcliffe. Light wear to the two booklets. Box is in pristine shape. 
Price: 4000.00 USD
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Fox Hunting, Alken, Henry
20 Alken, Henry Fox Hunting
London S. & J. Fuller February 1813 First Half Morocco Very Good 
Scarce series of four Alken foxhunting plates. (No copies appearing on OCLC First Search.) One of Alken's earliest works, prior to any book published by him. Elephantine Oblong, 43 by 54 cm. The four hand-colored etchings are by Clark and Dubourg after Alken. The plates are entitled "Throwing Off", "Breaking Cover", "In Full Cry" and "The Death". The coloring is restrained, amounting more to dusky red and blue highlighting that doesn't overwhelm the strong sepia tint resulting from the stipple printed ground. With a modern binding of half brown morocco, gilt ruling and title on spine, and buckram cloth on boards. With slipcase of same cloth. Condition: small corner chip repaired on first plate. Light wear of other plates. With blank sheets and tissue guards dignifying the plates. 
Price: 3500.00 USD
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