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1 Almanach de Cabinet Année 1812 Age du Monde 5812
Paris Chez Caillot 1811 NA Very Good 
Unusual broadside almanac calendar, with vignettes for each month. Oblong, 19 by 47.5 cm, within frame, and with frame, 21.5 by 50 cm. The arrangement and style resembles closely the calendars featured in ladies' gift book almanacs of the same era that were issued by publishers such as Janet and Le Fuel. For each day is also given the saint associated with it, and the woodcut vignettes are just like the ones used in these exquisite, miniature and near miniature books. Qualifying the calendar as an almanac is the subsidiary information very compactly rendered, such as how much daylight is added or lost during a particular month. The almanac is printed on a heavy card, and its back is blank -- this was clearly intended to be used as a wall hanging or the like. The gilt frame is modest but suits the broadside well. With light soiling scattered throughout, not detracting from the broadside materially. A few words on the edge are faded but still legible, and a few letters on the same edge are rubbed out. Still, an interesting item, and we have never seen such a broadside almanac calendar before. 
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2 Almanach de la Cour, de la Ville et des Departments Pour l'Annee 1812
Paris Chez Janet. Printer: L'Imprimerie de J. M. Eberhart 1811 First Edition Full Straight-Grained Red Morocco Very Good 
12mo. 124 by 70 mm. [42], 232 pp. With four copper engravings. Detailed listings of all the officialdom and titled officeholders of the House of Napoleon, and these include those serving under the Empress. The almanac is a perfect reflection of Napoleon at the height of his imperial pretensions. With the restoration of the Church there is also listings of cardinals. The monthly calendars with saint days and the like appears in the front. Each of the plates has a comparatively elaborate explanation of what is depicted also in the preliminaries. Perhaps as important as the content is the beauty of the binding, with its gilt borders and ornamentation, including the crown and imperial cross devices on the spine. Also with pretty silk moire endpapers. Modest edgewear. Light scattered foxing, more abundant on the tissue guards. 
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3 Almanach des Dames pour l'An 1823 Almanach Lyrique
Turbingu and Paris Chez I. G. Cotta; Chez Truettel & Wurtz 1822 First Edition Cartonnage, Slipcase Very Good 
12mo. (13 x 9 cm.) 238 pp. Six engraved plates. Scarce, with only two copies located on OCLC. Soiling on the binding and more on the slipcase. Otherwise, quite clean and tight. 
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4 Annually La Belle Assemblee: Or Lady's Fashionable Companion for 1838
London Peacock & Mansfield 1837 First Edition Full Morocco Very Good 
Scarce almanac, with no copies located on OCLC. 12mo. 12 by 7.5 cm. 156 pp. With nine illustrated plates plus title vignette. These include the frontis, four fashion plates, and four additional plates, two of which have two images each. Besides a diary organizer element and some typical almanac fare, there is a good amount of poetry, and material on dances. With full morocco binding that is also a brass clasped case, which also has a slightly extendable pocket to house slips of paper. Mostly unused, with inked entries only on a memorandum page listing sites -- probably places the initial owner visited in London. Otherwise, light scattered foxing and light wear. 
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5 Goettinger Taschen Calender von Jahr 1778
Joh. Chr. Dieterich Stiff Card, Slipcase. Near Fine 
32mo. 10 by 6 cm. 100 pp. With 29 illustrated plates, 17 of which are grouped preliminarily and cover the extravagant ladies' hair styles of the day, the remainder spaced in the first half the text and generally carrying two oval vignette portraits on each one. Preserved, besides the original stiff card boards and probably the original endpapers is the decorative slipcase with its wallpaper pattern-like design. Light to moderate edgewear on the slipcase. 
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L'Amour et les Belles Pour l'Année 1818
6 L'Amour et les Belles Pour l'Année 1818
Paris [Marcilly] 1817 First edition Full Leather Very Good 
28 by 18 mm. 64 pp. With eight copper engraved plates. Welsh 221. Scarce (OCLC First Search shows copies only at Morgan, Arkansas, Virginia, Yale, Grolier). Publisher not given, but Marcilly. Gilt figurative decoration on front and rear board, and gilt ornamentation on spine. Light wear. 
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7 Les Amours de Diane et Dendymion [sic, intended, D'Endymion]
Paris Chez Marcilly 1804 Full Calf Near Fine 
Near miniature, 93 by 60 mm. Title, [6], 3-62, [4] pp. 13 copper engraved plates, including title page, of Romantic Age or classical scenes. Each of the plates is connected with the text which contains short dialogues and/or scenes, which we believe are all excerpted from operas, the principal one being the baroque "Les Amours de Diane et d'Endymion", a 17th century bucolic work composed by Jean de Granouilhet. First six pages and final four with tables typical of almanacs. Light wear to the leather. Scattered light soiling and/or foxing to the leaves. 
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8 Les Petites Familles
Paris Le Fuel 1820 Hardcover. Cartonnage. Slipcase. Near Fine 
Scarce, with a single copy found on OCLC at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. (We believe the BNF has a copy as well.) Anomalous is that this copy is shown as issued in 1819 yet our copy has the calendar for 1821, which suggests strongly an issuance in 1820. Either the OCLC listing is in error, or the same book was issued with eight new pages in its back. 18mo. 11.5 by 7.5 cm. 180, [8] pp. Hand-colored frontis, title page vignette, and ten other hand-colored plates of birds and mammals, all done exquisitely, and in this copy, with exceptional brightness. Indeed, the sharpness of the plates and their level of preservation compares extremely well to other almanacs issued by Le Fuel, Macilly and Janet during this period. The text is a mix of brief scientific exegeses intended for children and non-scientists and sentimental verse. The binding is the original pink silk moire, which is like the plates, very bright and well-preserved. The matching slipcase has some soiling and fading, with fraying along the edges, but it is easily in very good condition for such a thing. Internally, the book is fresh and clean, with only the most occasional light fox marks on the edges. 
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9 Münchener Taschen-Kalender auf das Jahr 1846
Munich Verlag von G. Franz 1845 First Edition Blindstamped leather (calf) Very Good 
Near miniature, 9 by 6.5 cm. 64 pp. Six hand-colored plates of characters from the comic opera "Sirene", which is excerpted in this almanac and accounts for the first 58 pages of it. "La Sirene", which premiered in Paris in 1844, was composed by Daniel François Esprit Auber (1782-1871), with a libretto by Eugene Scribe (1791-1861). In the convoluted plot of the opera, three travelers are lured by the singing of La Sirene, Zerlina, only to be ambushed by the Siren's bandit brother disguised as an innkeeper, Scopetto The Siren then falls for one of the travelers, the naval ensign, Scipio. Meanwhile, the bandits plan to smuggle their plunder from the travelers' ship across a ducal estate. In the end, it comes out that Scipio is the rightful duke and Scopetto is his cousin. The last six pages of the almanac are given over to tables on interest and currency calculations. Light wear to the leather case, with miniscule loss to spine head. 
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10 Souvenir des Dames.
Paris Chez Marcilly Hardcover. Metal, Mother-of-Pearl. Near Fine 
Exquisite Regency period mother-of-pearl and gilded metal bound monthly appointment book, with original pencil-like writing implement. N.d., circa 1810. 32mo. 9 by 6.5 cm. 19 leaves, most of which are blank. Each month is labeled in a graceful cursive script, above which is a small engraved vignette. Endpapers in front are a silk moire and surely original. In back, the same is now concealed by several leaves pasted down (we didn't count these leaves). This was a notebook in which whatever was written with the accompanying "pencil" could be easily erased so the leaves could be re-used again and again. The pencil is of a metal, and has a roller-like tip. It is housed in a metal spiral on the side, and when resting there, secures the notebook shut. The mother-of-pearl front cover is framed and secured by the gilded metal on its perimeter. Directly on the front piece of the mother-of-pearl is gilt floral decoration on all sides, with "Souvenir" written with decorative lettering in the center, and a small vignette of a man on a horse below. The rear piece of mother-of-pearl has a floral vignette as a centerpiece. The spine is of gilt metal and along with the rest of the metal, is ornately decorated. The booklet has some interior soiling and light wear on the outside. It remains an extraordinary example of a de luxe lady's notebook. 
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The Rose Almanack.  Souvenir for 1860.
11 The Rose Almanack. Souvenir for 1860.
London Rock Brothers & Payne 1859 First printing NA. Fine 
Highly unusual paper fold almanac, shaped when open like a snowflake -- and meant to suggest a rose, obviously. Closing to two shaped panels, loosely approximating triangles, with chromolithograph images of roses. Scarce -- we were unable to locate any other copies of this one, and also more broadly, we are unaware of other such origami-like almanacs. We often enough see such paper as souvenirs for cities, bearing titles such as "The Washington Rose", with views of the city's landmarks on the petals, but not this variant with petals representing the months of the year. Open, 24 cm across (at widest). Closes to 12 cm tall, 7.5 cm wide at widest. Printing on both sides, with two panels with the color chromo, twelve for the months, and two devoted to the seasons. For each month, there is a pretty lithographed vignette of children engaged in some activity might commonly be associated with the particular time of year. In Jaunary we see the children huddled by a fire as they warm their hands. For February a juvenile seraph is blowing a horn to announce Valentine's Day. In March the children are resisting strong winds, and April shows them under an umbrella. And so it goes, with scenes of croquet, hunting, orchard picking, harvesting and other things for the following months. Each month, under the vignette, has a table of days with snippets of information about some of the days, as the norm for almanacs -- a feature that is most basic to an almanac. The two panels covering the seasons have two vignettes each, meaning there is a vignette for each of the four seasons. Included with the folding and shaped almanac is the original envelope which has extremely elaborate rococo decoration resembling intricate lace-work, with raised tracery, and many tiny needle-sized holes such as characterizes fine linen. The envelope, besides the title on its front, has four lines of verse. 
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12 Egelmann, Carl F. Der Volksfreund und Hagerstauner Calender, Auf das Jahr unsers heilandes Jesu Christi, 1831, Welches ein gemeines Jahr von 365 Tagen ist.
Hagerstaun (Hagerstown, MD) Johann Gruber 1830 34th Edition (meaning, 34th yearly almanac) Wraps. Fair 
8vo. 21 by 17 cm. 26 pp., including cover -- possibly lacking outer cover. Much material on the sun, the moon, the stars and a comet. An interesting shaped poem on drunkenness, entitled "Baum der Trunkenheit", or "Tree of Drunkenness", which is cleverly shaped like a tree. Assorted other short pieces, including ones on beer and winemaking, a remedy for a dog bite, several poems. A section on routes to and from Hagerstown (to Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, etc.) Close to a page on the courts in Maryland,etc. Upper corner chewed, not touching content. Other edge chips. Heavily toned and foxed/soiled. A few pencil marks. Still easily readable, and improbable to find in a substantially better state. 
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13 Egelmann, Carl Freidrich Der Neue Readinger Calender. Der Neue, Americanische Landwirthschaftscalender, Auf das Jahr unsers heilandes Jesu Christi, 1835, welches ein gemeines Jahr von 365 Tagen ist, . . .
Reading, PA Johann Ritter und Comp. 1834 30th Edition (meaning, 34th yearly almanac) Wraps. Sticked, arguably no binding at all. Fair 
8vo. 21 by 16.5 cm. 32 pp., including cover wraps. Woodcut of American eagle emblem and farmers sowing field before buildings that look more German than American. Opens with an adventure of Russian sailors who landed on a desert island in 1743. Other stories follow, interspersed between the usual almanac astronomical, horoscope and calendar info. Travel and exploration seems to have been a running theme in this particular almanac, with a story about a New Englander going to Guinea in Africa, etc. Also a few witticisms and health tips. Two strips of scotch tape appended to binding. Rough edges, with chewed corners. Chips on rear cover, with text in one corner hidden (but not lost) under tape. Heavy soiling and foxing. 
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Goldsmith, an Almanack for the year of our Lord God, M. DCC. XCIV. Being the Second after Bissextile or Leap-Year, Wherein are contained Necessary Rules, and Useful Tables. With a new Chronology of remarkable Events ; also, The proper Days and Hours for transferring Stocks and receiving Dividends; and a List of Holidays kept at the publick Offices, &c. Calculated by John Goldsmith., Goldsmith, John
14 Goldsmith, John Goldsmith, an Almanack for the year of our Lord God, M. DCC. XCIV. Being the Second after Bissextile or Leap-Year, Wherein are contained Necessary Rules, and Useful Tables. With a new Chronology of remarkable Events ; also, The proper Days and Hours for transferring Stocks and receiving Dividends; and a List of Holidays kept at the publick Offices, &c. Calculated by John Goldsmith.
London Printed for the Company of Stationers, and Sold by Robert Horsfield 1793 First edition Full Decorated Calf Binding and Slipcase Very Good 
Highly decorative full calf binding, with similarly decorative full calf slipcase as well. 32mo. 103 by 52 mm. 48 pp. Both the binding and the slipcase have elaborate gilt decoration -- floral motives, border swirls or rinceaus, a red oval centerpiece, etc. Some blotched stains on one side of the slipcase, and a few small stains elsewhere on the slipcase and the cover proper, with slight darkening overall on both. Still, both are highly ornamental and attractive. Clean and tight within. 
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Almanack for 1892, Greenaway, Kate
15 Greenaway, Kate Almanack for 1892
London George Routledge and Sons 1891 First edition Wraps Very Good 
12mo. 10 by 7.5 cm. Unpaginated, 12 leaves. A Greenaway figure for each month, as well as color illustrations in the frontis, the title, verso of title, and seven color plates at end (including for seasons). LIght soiling and wear of the cover. 
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Histoire des Roses Ornee de 12 Planches en couleur, Malo, Charles.  Dessinees par P. Bessa.  Engraved by Teillard.
16 Malo, Charles. Dessinees par P. Bessa. Engraved by Teillard. Histoire des Roses Ornee de 12 Planches en couleur
Paris Chez Louis Janet 1818 First Edition Cartonnage, with slipcase Near Fine 
12mo. (13 x 8 cm.) 240 pp., plus 12 hand-colored plates of roses and a calendar (1819) fold-out. The plates are rendered with minute detail. Neo-classical border and spine gilt decoration on binding as well as clipcase. Light soiling to the former, a bit heavier, on the slipcase. Toning around page edges; otherwise, generally clean and bright. 
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An Almanack Containing an Account of the Caelestial Motions, Aspects, &C.  For the year of the Christian Empire, 1691. Printed by R. Pierce for Benjamin Harris at the London Coffee-House in Boston, 1691, Newman, Henry
17 Newman, Henry An Almanack Containing an Account of the Caelestial Motions, Aspects, &C. For the year of the Christian Empire, 1691. Printed by R. Pierce for Benjamin Harris at the London Coffee-House in Boston, 1691
Boston Ira Webster 1844 Quarter Leather (calf) Very Good 
19th century reprint of early American and also Colonial printing. 16mo. 11.5 by 8.5 cm. Unpaginated, about 80 pages. Really a composite of two works, the second being, The New England Primer Improved, printed in Boston by Edward Draper in 1777. This primer has woodcut vignettes for each letter of alphabet. Woodcut plate portrait of John Hancock, and one other woodcut. Religious, or pietistic, fare laced throughout. The publication reflects the growing interest in American history of the day. Calf spine heavily worn, with holes and loss. Light dampstain and other light soiling of the leaves. Still, on balance, this is an appealing copy, and one in which the defects are best to leave untouched, in our judgment. 
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18 Rohlfs, Matthias Verbesserter Schleswig-Holsteinischer Schreib-Calender, Aufs Jahr Christi 1765.
Altona Gebruder Burmester 1764 First edition Cloth. Blindstamped and gilt impressed. Decorate Very Good 
Near Miniature, 81 by 53 mm. Unpaginated, 42 leaves with content (including title), with six hand-colored plates, the first of which is double paged. Also five other plates -- putty colored lined, not black and white. There are copies, not many, of this annual to be found on OCLC, but none for this year, and we believe others do not have hand-colored plates. The plates are further enriched with tiny silver sparkles, easy to miss in leafing swiftly through the pages but sure to catch the eye with a glance that is more than cursory. We have seldom encountered such an arresting dressing to color plates, and never, in plates of this age. The colored plates depict hedonistic scenes and/or frivolity, perhaps a Teutonic corollary to the playful scenes captured by Boucher and Fragonard. The reddish printed plates, on the other hand, are mostly religious in their content. The textual content is not quite the standard almanac fare. In this almanac weather predictions are furnished for days far in the future to when it was written. As these predictions were for whole weeks, though, they had to have been discounted as somewhat meaningless at the time. An expository piece concerns the postal service of Hamburg, which was then, as now, the largest city of the region. The gilt decoration on the cover is very much in the Rococo style. The leather case, in partial contrast, is dominated by a irregular shapes that nonetheless read as geometric, with gilt floral flourishes serving as a more secondary decoration. The case has a film of soiling that dulls the colors and darkens its white background; it remains, nonetheless, an appealing, and structurally sound, house for the diminutive almanac. Minor loss of the cloth on the spine. There is a small closed tear at the fold of the double paged color plate. 
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The Oxford Almanack for the Year of our Lord God MDCCCVIII, Turner, I.M.W., artist.  [James Mallord William Turner].  Engraved by James Basire
19 Turner, I.M.W., artist. [James Mallord William Turner]. Engraved by James Basire The Oxford Almanack for the Year of our Lord God MDCCCVIII
1807 NA Very Good 
A scarce broadside almanac and one dominated by a Turner panoramic view of the university town from the far side of the river. Measuring 54 by 48 cm. About two-thirds of the broadside is taken up with the engraving. Below the engraving is the calendar. In between is the title in a center box, and to its sides are boxes with one, listing the kings of England, the other, the then current officers of the university. No copies found anywhere. The British Library has a similar broadside almanack for 1806, depicting Exeter College and executed by Turner and Basire, but not this year nor this panoramic scene. Also no copy showing up in a search of the Bodleian. Backed by linen, as we believe it might have been originally so issued. Light soiling, but mainly an appealing patina from the age toning. 
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20 Wildungen, Ludwig C. E. H. F. von Neujahrs Geschenck für Jagd- und Forstliebhaber, auf das Jahr 1794.
Marburg Academische Buchhandlung. Ludwig C. E. H. F. von Wildungen. 1793 Neue Auflage Slipcase. Near Fine 
32mo. 11 by 8.5 cm. viii, 144 pp. Frontis, a copper engraving, and six hand-colored plates of animals (deer, birds). Involved in production of plates were Boettger, Pfoer, Wildungen, etc. Light wear. Light soiling on the cover. 
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