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A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
1 A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
Japan Cloth boards. String ties. Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1920s, possibly earlier. Oblong, 16 by 25 cm. 12 colorized photos. Depicting the idealized life of the more comfortable classes. We love the first image, which is captioned "Enjoying a Morning Smoke"! The color is some of the images is surprising bright and rich. Scarce, with the only copy located on OCLC at University of Idaho. Plates on a card stock. Standard fabric pasted onto boards. Slight soiling to the covers. 
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Album of Pen-and-Ink Illustrations Framing Albumen Photographs
2 Album of Pen-and-Ink Illustrations Framing Albumen Photographs
Full Morocco Very Good 
Charming, varied and meticulously rendered pictorial penwork decoration to many of the mounted photos. N.d., circa 1880s. 8vo. 21 by 17 cm. 28 leaves of card stock, or 54 pages, with mounted photos, and pen-and-ink decoration on 32 of those pages -- we aren't counting the pages with unfinished pencil sketching, although a few of those might arguably be viewed as essentially fully decorated. The photos would appear to be a mix of family members -- the Campbell family, probably other relatives and/or close friends with other surnames -- and celebrities. The penwork, though, is what sets this album apart. Often the illustrations are spread over two facing pages, and sometimes the imagery includes miniature vignette insets. Among the illustrations are a cemetery monument, a mountain road and its ramparts, lighthouses, beached rowboats, shells, willow ware, wildlife, hunters, country manor houses, shore panoramas, etc. The artwork favors rural beauty and the natural world, and the artist, a gifted amateur surely, was seeking to capture the beautiful and the ideal. A few of the drawings feature color ink, but mostly the inkwork is in black. The imagery is of a type one might find in other albums, but seldom as well done as here. Condition: starting, and heavy rubbing, of the joints, and rubbing along the edges and other wear to the binding. Light and even soiling of the leaves. 
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Album of Sixteen Hand-Colored Aquatint Swiss Views
3 Album of Sixteen Hand-Colored Aquatint Swiss Views
Zurich H. F. Leuthold; Dikenman. Cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1840. Oblong 4to. 25.5 by 33.5 cm. Views of Rigi, Zurich, Luzerne, the Rhine Falls, Hof Ragaz, Giessbach, Brienz, Interlaken, the Wetterhorn, the Staubach, Thun, and Vevey. The coloring is lush, the detailing, precise, and these plates are very much in the tradition of Lory, in their style and their quality. We believe this was an album that was assembled by a tourist, who would have chosen from a selection at a print shop and arranged, probably there, to have the prints then handsomely bound. Most of the prints were published by Dikenman, with a few by Leuthold. A few abrasions on the red pebbled cloth, which bears an owner's initials and has blindstamped and gilt ruled decoration. Tissue guards within with creases. Some marginal soiling. Pictures themselves are clean and stunning. 
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Bilderbuch:  Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
4 Bilderbuch: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
Hardcover. Rope binding. Very Good 
Original fairy tale with disarming naive watercolors that thoroughly illustrate the tale. N.d., circa 1910. Oblong 8vo. 19 by 28.5 cm. 11 leaves of heavy card, each with a mounted watercolor illustration on the verso, and mounted text page, in verse surrounded by Jugenstil line decorations, on the facing rectos. The watercolors all cover every inch of their boards, and this imparts a rich lushness seldom encountered in such juvenile efforts. The narrative is about a dwarf named Pumpel who lives in a mushroom hut. Because he is bored, he decides to venture out into the world on a snail-driven cart. Hungry and thirsty, he comes upon an inn run by a landlady frog Unke. At dinner, in the company of other frogs, he hears the tale of an evil dragon who has imprisoned for years a beautiful flower fairy. It is then resolved that they will set out to fight the monster and liberate the fairy. The bees sting the monster and the frogs splash water on him until he finally retreats. The princess Pumpelione wakes up, she and Pumpel are wed, and they live happily ever after. Edges and corners have wear. The binding is in a painted style prevalent around 1920. Occasional staining on text pages. 
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Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
5 Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
China Decorative Fabric on Boards, with ribbon ties Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. 11 by 7 cm. Typical chips and tears to the rice paper. Box with glass lid. Fabric siding heavily soiled. Box still very functionable. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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Calendar for 1907
6 Calendar for 1907
Tokyo Shimbi Shoin 1906 First edition Thread Very Good 
105 by 78 mm. Six leaves of folded crepe paper, or 12 pages, including front and rear cover. Evocative color illustrations of Japanese imagery serve as backdrop for month calendars. Illustrations include pond with geese, a tori, a Japanese farmhouse, a Japanese vagabond, a flower seller, etc. Scarce, with only one copy of a Shimbi Shoin calendar, this one, for 1911, listed on OCLC, at the Peabody Essex. Condition: original binding thread missing. 
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Comptoir Central du Raisin de Corinthe
7 Comptoir Central du Raisin de Corinthe
NA Fine 
An unusual origami fold paper promotion for raisins. N.d., circa 1930. Closed, a 9.5 cm square; opening up to be 27 by 13.5 cm. With breezy Art Deco-style color illustrations (primarily green, blue and red) of people enjoying, preparing or serving products containing the raisins -- breads, cookies, pancakes. A most charming Gallic culinary novelty. 
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Costumi della Corte Pontificia
8 Costumi della Corte Pontificia
Roma A. Depolette First Edition Presumed Quarter Calf. Marbled Boards. Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1840. Large paper version: folio, 34 by 23.5 cm. With 62 hand-colored costume plates, plus engraved title page with hand-colored vignette and dedication page with hand-colored portrait of Pope Pio IX. These images of Vatican dress, both which cover both ecclessiastic and military costume, are generally encountered in a far smaller, leporello format, with also fewer images -- typically thirty plates. In this other guise, the target audience were the many tourists who paid a visit to Rome and were enamored with a pocket souvenir. The diminutive leporello assuredly exudes enormous charm that has not diminished over nearly two centuries, but the images really do not quite match these original Marroni engravings with their excellent detailing and glorious hand-coloring, and we would stress, the coloring is not only brilliant, but also it would appear not to have lost one bit of lustre from the day it was applied to paper. Scuffs to leather. Newer marbled paper pastedown on boards. A small amount of scattered light soiling and/or foxing, mostly in the early leaves, such as there is. 
Price: 1650.00 USD
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Fables Choisies.  Ouvrage, Propre à Former l’Esprit et le Coeur de la Jeunesse (two volumes bound in one) Avec figures.
9 Fables Choisies. Ouvrage, Propre à Former l’Esprit et le Coeur de la Jeunesse (two volumes bound in one) Avec figures.
Vienna and Trieste Chez Geistinger 1815 First edition Hardcover Very Good 
12mo. 14 by 10 cm. 55, 51 pp. 38 hand-colored plates (22 in part one, 16, part two). Scarce. No copies recorded on OCLC. Light age toning. Binding -- paper pastedown on thin hardcover board -- is more modern, as are the plain endpapers. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Flowers from Our Yorkshire Garden
10 Flowers from Our Yorkshire Garden
1880-1886 Half Calf. Marbled Boards. Near Fine 
8vo. 237 by 185 mm. 134 leaves of watercolored botanical illustrations, each with the flower's name and dated. The paintings are of finely done, we assume, by an amateur hand, with excellent detailing, nuanced shading, refined and accurate color. Paintings all on the rectos. The work is anonymous, alas. In a modern half calf binding. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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Four Frames Made by Hand Using Scrap Metal and Foil Paper
11 Four Frames Made by Hand Using Scrap Metal and Foil Paper
NA Fine 
Highly unusual and original examples of folk art made of unlikely materials, and stylistically emulating Dresden lace. N.d., but probably from the 19th century. 25.5 by 21 cm. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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Hungarian Seal Brass Stamper with a Head of a Boy Wearing a Beanie
12 Hungarian Seal Brass Stamper with a Head of a Boy Wearing a Beanie
NA Fine 
A fun tschotschke. N.d., circa 1900. 63 mm tall, stamper 34 mm in diameter. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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Illustrated Manuscript of two poems:
13 Illustrated Manuscript of two poems: "To a Woodman's Hut there came one day." and "My Voice is still for War." [From "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and Addison's "Cato", respectively]
Full Pebbled Leather, Blindstamped and Gilt Decora Very Good 
N.p., but American. N.d., circa 1860. Oblong, 23 by 28.5 cm. Two text leaves, each with one of the poems rendered in full, followed by 66 leaves, each with a mounted sheet onto which is written words from a poem and is drawn in pen and ink an illustration of those words. The illustrations are inspired mostly by the single word or phrase captioned on the sheet, as opposed to the wholeness of the poem, and thus the illustrations don't always fit in with the poem, or have the most nominal relationship to it, but nonetheless, the illustrations are full of charm and fun, and they are really best viewed and enjoyed without reference to the poem. While we don't have a date for the album, the ubiquity of Civil War-era uniforms and stove pipe hats strongly suggest the 1860s. There are also interesting illustrations of slaves. Many of the illustrations look back nostalgically to an earlier era, as for instance the eighteenth century which is depicted as a world of music and dance masters and gracious society. Classical Rome is represented in abundance too, as one might expect for "Cato". In these drawings and in evocations of Medieval times, the illustrator was not reluctant to indulge in a bit of anachronistic imagery as well. We don't know who the artist was, but clearly he was a very capable amateur -- the artwork is not quite done with the polish of a professional, we would grant. Some of the illustrations are highly detailed, while others are of a sketchier nature. "To the Woodsman's Hut" gives rise to 26 of the illustrations, "Cato", 40. Repair to the joints. The binding has a few scuffs but is overall very attractive. 
Price: 1750.00 USD
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Jean Cussac Imprimeur-Editeur d'Art.  40 Rue de Reuilly, Paris Editions Artistiques En Noir & En Couleurs.  Publicite -- Annonces -- Dessins -- Magazines -- Revues Techniques.  Plaquettes et Catalogues De Luxe
14 Jean Cussac Imprimeur-Editeur d'Art. 40 Rue de Reuilly, Paris Editions Artistiques En Noir & En Couleurs. Publicite -- Annonces -- Dessins -- Magazines -- Revues Techniques. Plaquettes et Catalogues De Luxe
Wraps Very Good 
Stunning catalogue from printing company, replete with specimen plates, some in full color, others partially colored. N.d., circa 1914. (List of medals won at International Expositions up to Gand or Ghent 1913, and fashions within are of the teens.) Folio. 32 by 24.5 cm. Unpaginated, ten leaves. Issued in conjunction with the firm's name change from Imprimier Chaponet to "Jean Cussac", the catalogue displays specimens of various printing methods, including wood engraving, similigravure, chromotypography, (trichromie) chromolithography, with full page "ads" for pencils, shaving accessories, women's fashion, Art Nouveau lamps and a touring car. Other photos show a selection of the catalogue covers the company was responsible for, and a few of the company's operations in a newly opened plant. Throughout, the typography, the decorative devices and other ornamentation and the overall production exemplifies Gallic panache, and make this a catalogue that transcends its ephemeral origin and purpose. Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC. Decorated embossed wrappers with string tie. Small tear at bottom of one leaf. 
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Jinshiki Hokan
15 Jinshiki Hokan
Fabulous color woodblocks of Foo Dogs, screens, boxes, tea sets, swords, bows and arrows and other weaponry, banners, furniture, mats, carriages and chaises, horses, etc., with black and white imagery mostly architectural. We believe this is a work relating primarily to the Shinto Religion, but as clear from the wide assortment of imagery, this takes in a very broad swath of Japanese material culture at the time. 19th Century. 24.5 by 16.5 cm. 130 pp., 96 of which have woodblock prints, 47 of which are in color (some of the images are double paged, which we have counted as two pages). Original cover and title slip. Untrimmed, full margins. However, heavy wear to cover, moderate to at times heavy soiling of leaves -- but not all leaves. This includes some dampstaining. The color is bright where it occurs, however, and still an appealing woodblock book of some rarity. 
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Jugendspiele zur Erholung und Erheiterung.  Knabenspiele. Mit zehn illuminirten Kupfern
16 Jugendspiele zur Erholung und Erheiterung. Knabenspiele. Mit zehn illuminirten Kupfern
Tilsit W. Sommerfeld First edition Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1846. 12mo. 15 by 10 cm. x, [2], 95, [1] pp. 10 hand-colored plates depicting boys' sports and games. These are incredibly charming, and include a precursor of baseball, it would appear. Uncommon in hard copy, original form. 
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L'Effort Français Aubert, 1925-1926
17 L'Effort Français Aubert, 1925-1926
Paris E. Le Deley 1925 First edition Wraps Very Good 
Colorful, eye-catching French movie studio promotion for upcoming season intended for exhibitors, the equivalent of the opulent yearbooks arranged by Hollywood studios in the twenties and thirties. Folio, 32 by 25.5 cm. Unpaginated, 22 leaves, or 44 pages. Movies promoted include "Salammo", "La Flamme", "Mon Cure Chez les Riches", "La Princesse aux Clowns", "Mon Cure chez les Pauvres", "La Justiciere", "La Chaussee des Geants", "Quo Vadis" with Emil Jannings, and "La Mort de Siegfried" and "La Vengeance de Kriemhild", both directed by Fritz Lang. Each film receives a four page spread. The Lang credits are in particular interesting pieces. We would also note that the "Quo Vadis" co-credits Gabriellino D'Annunzio as the scene director. He was a son of the famous Italian author and political leader. Scarce, with the only copy listed on OCLC at the BNF. Moderate wear, with a few small marginal closed tears, to wraps. 
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La Galerie Historique du Palais de l'Air à l’Exposition de 1937
18 La Galerie Historique du Palais de l'Air à l’Exposition de 1937
Paris 1937 Hardcover. Pebbled cloth. (Faux leather). Screw Very Good 
A scarce, beautiful commemorative souvenir of the aviation pavilion at the 1937 Paris World Exposition and of French aviation up to that point. Oblong folio, 31.5 by 41.5 cm. 16 photographic plates (mostly photographs of artwork), each on a heavy card, and each protected by tissue guards. Scarce. OCLC has listing for this book, but notes no instituional holdings. The pavilion celebrated French inventors, aviators and manufacturers, with nary a nod to even the Wright Brothers. The historical paintings begin with the launch by the Montgolfiers of their balloon in 1783, and figures honored include Francois Ader, who managed to get a machine heavier than air off the ground in 1897, Eiffel, Henri Farman, Bleriot, Francois Garros, Pegoud, etc. And of course the war pilots from the First World War received a great amount of attention. Be that the exhibit was chauvinistic, it is undeniable that the large panels were unquestionably dramatic and striking, with not a few depicting planes flying over colonies with awed natives looking up. The final plate in the album shows a rendering of the then new airport at Le Bourget, which opened in November of that year. Another plate reproduced four photos of the French airplanes on display in the Palace. The paintings reproduced on the other plates are, it should be pointed out, all representational artworks, and not the abstractions produced by artists such as Sonia and Rober Delaunay, whose work was also on display in the pavilion. 
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Les Amours de Diane et Dendymion [sic, intended, D'Endymion]
19 Les Amours de Diane et Dendymion [sic, intended, D'Endymion]
Paris Chez Marcilly 1804 Full Calf Near Fine 
Near miniature, 93 by 60 mm. Title, [6], 3-62, [4] pp. 13 copper engraved plates, including title page, of Romantic Age or classical scenes. Each of the plates is connected with the text which contains short dialogues and/or scenes, which we believe are all excerpted from operas, the principal one being the baroque "Les Amours de Diane et d'Endymion", a 17th century bucolic work composed by Jean de Granouilhet. First six pages and final four with tables typical of almanacs. Light wear to the leather. Scattered light soiling and/or foxing to the leaves. 
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Les Petites Familles
20 Les Petites Familles
Paris Le Fuel 1820 Hardcover. Cartonnage. Slipcase. Near Fine 
Scarce, with a single copy found on OCLC at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. (We believe the BNF has a copy as well.) Anomalous is that this copy is shown as issued in 1819 yet our copy has the calendar for 1821, which suggests strongly an issuance in 1820. Either the OCLC listing is in error, or the same book was issued with eight new pages in its back. 18mo. 11.5 by 7.5 cm. 180, [8] pp. Hand-colored frontis, title page vignette, and ten other hand-colored plates of birds and mammals, all done exquisitely, and in this copy, with exceptional brightness. Indeed, the sharpness of the plates and their level of preservation compares extremely well to other almanacs issued by Le Fuel, Macilly and Janet during this period. The text is a mix of brief scientific exegeses intended for children and non-scientists and sentimental verse. The binding is the original pink silk moire, which is like the plates, very bright and well-preserved. The matching slipcase has some soiling and fading, with fraying along the edges, but it is easily in very good condition for such a thing. Internally, the book is fresh and clean, with only the most occasional light fox marks on the edges. 
Price: 1350.00 USD
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