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1 "Santiago de Cuba"
Box Very Good 
Extraordinary group of ten original "postcards" with mixed media artwork depicting the sights of Santiago de Cuba. N.d., 1950s. With each folk art-y depiction of a monument, building or the like there is a combination of wafer thin pieces of wood pasted down and watercolors and pen and ink applied directly to the card. On to the wood is applied inkwork as well. The sights include the Jose Marti monument, the Abel Santa Maria monument, the cathedral, the Moncada, the Pdre Pico stairs, the Castello del Morro, the Diego Velazquez balcony, the Plaza de la Revolucion Antoni Maceo, the Granjita Siboney, and the City Hall. Homemade box, with faux wood panels -- the faux finish is carried over to the interior of the box as well -- alligator trim and card label made to look like sign nailed down. We would guess that the cards and box were made by a local artist for sale to a visitor, but we can't say for sure that they were not made by an enthusiastic, talented tourist. Either way, does it really matter? Somehow, to the whole production, something of the improvisational, original and quirky spirit of Cuba itself is captured! The box measures 14 by 12 by 2 cm. The cards are 13.5 by 10 cm. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Colorful Birds on Pith Paper, 19th Century
2 Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Colorful Birds on Pith Paper, 19th Century
Silk covered boards Good 
N.d., circa 1850. 12mo, 16 by 12 cm. Each painting mounted on thin paper and framed with blue strips, as typical of such albums made presumably for the tourist and expatriate market. The paintings have a disarming naive quality. Yet in our view the paintings have more color and detail than the average such album of this size (larger format pictures tend to be more nuanced when it comes to this genre). The silk patterned cover has had its joints repaired. The usual amount of fissures, or tears, to the pith paper. Most of the paintings have no or very light defects of this type. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Album of seventeen miniature-sized pen-and-ink caricatures
3 Album of seventeen miniature-sized pen-and-ink caricatures
1857 Morocco spine. Blindstamped cloth boards. Very Good 
Oblong, 11 by 19 cm. Nine leaves with 17 cartoons or caricatures, all done on a miniature scale, which is a part of their charm. Each drawing has a short caption written in block letters. The drafting is quite fine -- these drawings could pass for published work of the mid-Victorian era. And the visual humor, showing drunks, sleepers, musical bandits, the injured, etc., holds up remarkably well. Neat though the captions are, an inscription presumably to the artist's sister is not entirely legible to us, and thus we can not identify the artist, other than to state that the artist was probably a woman. And that adds interest to the album, as generally such caricature work was then more common among men. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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Collection of 46 Pen-and-Ink Caricatures, Mid-19th Century, from New England probably
4 Collection of 46 Pen-and-Ink Caricatures, Mid-19th Century, from New England probably
Custom clamshell cloth box, with leather spine ti Good 
N.d., circa 1870. Caricatures on heavy card stock, 29 by 13.5 cm. Each card contains a single person caricatured. The caricatures are evocative of the type one finds on Vinegar or Poison Valentines of the day, and a few might bring to mind caricatures in Puck and the handiwork of Thomas Nast. The caricatures have a deliberate crudity to them. Among subjects lampooned are suffragettes, the Catholic clergy, various low life, teetotalers and drinkers, and perhaps anyone in sight. We say this is from New England probably because one of the caricatures contains a depiction of an advertisement of a Providence, Rhode Island clothing store. Condition: original binding now disbound, with outer boards remaining, but a modern clamshell box serving to keep things tidy. The cards generally have small corner chips as a result of the brittleness of the card, and there is lots of shavings from the card in this box. The artwork, though, is not affected excepting minor loss to a few captions. 
Price: 2750.00 USD
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Der Osterhas aus Reisen
5 Der Osterhas aus Reisen
Half cloth (buckram). Decorative paper pasted ont Very Good 
Charming whimsical story about an Easter bunny, told in German verse and inimitably illustrated with original watercolors. 8vo. 21 by 17 cm. 50 pages, including title page, with an original watercolor on every page, virtually all of which are between a half to three-quarters of the page. The bunny decides to make a journey, using his eggs as currency along the way. On the trip he encounters various obstacles and threats such as a giant and a dragon, but he also meets Snow White and the seven dwarves, Hansel and Gretel, and the like. Before the trip is over he visits Africa. He gets back home just in the nick of time for Easter and to lay new Easter eggs for the children in the area. The narrative is very much secondary to the bright winsome illustrations and the lilting verse. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Films Paramount.  Production Paramount 1929-1930 La 1ère du monde
6 Films Paramount. Production Paramount 1929-1930 La 1ère du monde
Paris 1929 Wraps Very Good 
Scarce film studio promotion for Paramount. No copies located on OCLC or elsewhere. Oblong, 22 by 31.5 cm. 59 leaves, with 51 of them enumerated. These carrying numbers showcase 51 films, each with two pages, one page with a copy of an announcement flyer, then the cast list and synopsis, the facing page with sixteen photographic cells capturing scenes from the movie. Among the major stars of Paramount then were Gary Cooper, Maurice Chevalier, Clara Bow, Fay Wray, Richard Dix, Clive Brook, Louise Brooks, Emil Jannings, Erich von Stroheim, Adolph Menjou, William Powell, Wallace Beery, etc. etc. Many of the stars listed are now mostly forgotten, not having prospered beyond the early talkies. Some of the stars would soon become associated with other studios, such as Beery or Powell. The first few pages of the catalogue contain an index of the productions, naming their producers, directors and stars, and then four pages are devoted to head shots of the stars and on the facing page, a list of productions those stars are in that year. Following the 51 two-page treatments of individual productions are several pages of other Paramount promotions, and these are rendered with partial color: one for Christie Comedies, Paramount Actualities (newsreels) and Paramount dessins animes (cartoons), and two pages promoting Maruice Chevalier's first film for Paramount, with cartoon figures of the legendary entertainer making his signature soft shoe moves along a diagonal line, as if on actual film. Finally are pages with lists of Paramount agents and theatres. Attached to the inside front cover is a legal document setting forth the conditions pertaining to the showing of Paramount's silent movi3es. In terms of scarcity, this is a French publication, for the French market, targeting probably distributors. However, we are unaware of an American, or English language version, and our search should have picked up such based on the French words being identical to those in English. Condition: light wear. Light age toning. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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Fine Hand Painted French Bolting Cloths
7 Fine Hand Painted French Bolting Cloths
Cloth Good 
Beautiful collection of original watercolors of birds and flowers on bolting cloth. Besides the botanical and ornithological paintings, there are three picturesque paintings of children in the Queen Anne-style vein evocative of illustrators such as Kate Greenaway. N.d., late 19th century or very early 20th century. Folio, 36.5 by 29 cm. Unpaginated, 24 leaves (48 pages). 64 different swatches with original watercolors on the bolting cloth swatches, 36 of which we would describe as larger swatches, 28, as smaller ones. These are mounted, rather crudely using pieces of labels to hold the swatches into place. The album would appear to have been compiled by a business and was thus essentially a salesman's sample catalogue. Being created for an utilitarian purpose, the album was never meant to be anything but the scrappy-looking compilation that it is. To us, though, it is a rather singular survival that is correlative to wallpaper books, fabric sample catalogues and the like yet also different, and we have never seen anything quite like this before. The scrappiness of the assemblage belies the beauty of the designs, we would stress. Also included are five skeins of thin antique yarn with Asiatic dyes (pink, purple, gold, beige) made by Brainerd & Armstrong and called Roman Floss. (These are separate, in a plastic mylar sleeve.) Condition: binding worn and soiled. Some leaves loose, as are some swatches from the pages to which they were mounted. A few swatches were probably never mounted. 
Price: 1200.00 USD
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Fox-Hunting Scenes
8 Fox-Hunting Scenes
Berlin Sporting Gallery von F. Otto Beyer Very Good 
Collection of 37 mounted colored illustrations, some colorized photos from life, others, copies of artwork, which would generally appear to be not photographic copies of the originals but rather looser painted copies of them. The subject matter, notwithstanding the title on the outer portfolio, is not just foxhunting, but also, horseracing, including steeple chasing. N.d., circa 1880. (Race horses shown are born in the mid-1870s, and one, a victor in the 1879 Norddeuschen Derby zu Hamburg in 1879). Outer case, 37 by 54 cm, plates, 36.5 by 53.5 cm. 23 plates relate to foxhunting, 14, to horseracing. The use of English, as in "Sporting Gallery", was not so much about selling to English tourists as much as a manifestation of the newly unified Germany's fascination and envy of English culture and more specifically, an attempt to capitalize on the German association of equestriana with England and a romanticization of this aspect of English culture, something glorified in the works of Surtees and other English sporting writers. The photos of actual life would seem inherently more interesting than the reproductions of paintings, yet we would maintain that the latter should not be dismissed as inconsequential aesthetically. The reproductions here are not like photocopies; Beyer is adapting from the source artwork, and the result is something that can depart from it in interesting, and appealing, ways. So using the plate entitled "Whoo--Whoop", whose source we could identify as a painting by William H. Hopkins, the Beyer version has a folk art-ish charm all its own, and if one lines up the copy with the original, one will in fact see subtle differences in detailing that almost suggest that the copy was based on a staging of the painting, as opposed to a direct copy of the painting. The number of plates, 37, might suggest incompleteness, but we don't believe there would be anything that could be considered a complete set. We think it likely that Beyer had a storefront which sold the plates individually or in groupings selected by the buyer. This set, then, was assembled by a Beyer customer. It is obviously a very large selection of Beyer's offerings available at the time. And since the portfolio folder seems filled to capacity, it is inconceivable that there is much, if any, attrition in the number of plates in the initial collection. Since we believe relatively few Beyer plates are extant today, this collection can be viewed as about as diverse and deep a collection of Beyer plates as one is bound to come upon. Folder: red cloth, blindstamped, gilt lettering and gilt and black decoration, interior lined with patterned paper. Condition: moderate age toning. Some brittleness to the card stock used, and so a few chips in the margins. The folio folder has a moderate amount of wear. 
Price: 4500.00 USD
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9 Gendron "Pioneer" Children's Vehicles
Toledo, Ohio The Gendron Wheel Company 1924 Wraps Very Good 
Oblong, 15 by 24 cm. 96 pp. About half is devoted to go-carts and toy cars -- ones a child can ride in -- some of which are very elaborate and quite convincingly simulate the appearance of sedans of the day. Also wagons, scooters, bicycles, tricycles, and various carts. With some rich color. Curiously, none of the color is lavished on the cars, which we consider the most fantastical of the toys, but perhaps it was some of the other items that needed the extra boost that color could bring. Scarce, with no copies of this catalogue located on OCLC First Search. Winterthur has an earlier, smaller catalogue of the company (from 1914), and Virginia has an advertising flyer from the same year and a much earlier catalogue. Given the up-to-date car aesthetics captured in the catalogue, this is then an extraordinary piece of ephemera, and we for one have never seen such automotive-related toys as showcased here. Condition: light wear. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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It's Done in the Best Places
10 It's Done in the Best Places
Chicago Calvert Distillers Col. 1938 First Plastic spiral. Card stock cover. Near Fine 
Scarce -- no copies of this New York nightclub promo found on OCLC or elsewhere. No. 2043 of a limited edition -- the size of the limitation unstated. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Jno. B. Doris' Great Inter-Ocean Circus Museum Menagerie.  12 Shows! Combined in One America's Greatest Amusemewnt Enterprise.  Always the Best.  Larger than Ever!  A Carvnival of Novelty!  A Festival of Merriment
11 Jno. B. Doris' Great Inter-Ocean Circus Museum Menagerie. 12 Shows! Combined in One America's Greatest Amusemewnt Enterprise. Always the Best. Larger than Ever! A Carvnival of Novelty! A Festival of Merriment
St. Louis Great Western Show Pr. Eng. and Litho. Co. 1886 NA Very Good 
Folded sheet, with four pages. Closed, 54 by 35.5 cm. Nine illustrations, one of Doris, the others, of equine, acrobatic and snake charming acts. Chock-a-block with agressive promotional flim flammery and puffery, with so much set forth as to thwart the eye settling on any one thing, all meant to overwhelm the senses, as a prelude to the circus itself. Hurdle races, elephant races, camel races, dog races, 100 arenic stars, huge tableau cars, Kris Kringle, all brand new band chariots, the glories of Ancient Greece and Rome -- this is just a fraction of the attractions being touted! The lay-out of the promotion is the quintessence of the genre from that era, of course, but with the courier-style broadside perhaps more extensive than typical. The biggest star of the circus appears to have been James Robinson, the champion bareback rider, or "The Jupiter of the Arenic Firmament!" Condition: a few minor edge closed tears and chips, yet overall remarkably well-preserved given the thin and pulp-y newspaper paper used. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Manuscript metamorphic cut-out costume and headress overlays
12 Manuscript metamorphic cut-out costume and headress overlays
NA Very Good 
N.d., early nineteenth century. Origin unknown -- possibly French or French Swiss, or from Savoy, based on the mix of French and Italian. One base sheet and six overlays, all richly colored and drawn with exactitude. Costumes are captions Swiss, Maiorca, Salamancan, Albanian, Parisian, and Parga (Greek). All the overlays have cut-outs for the face, and these were done with great care, so that the overlays mesh seamlessly with the face of the bottom sheet. While not a large number of overlays on offer, the quality of artistry is of the highest calibre in our view. Dimensions of the sheets are 15 by 11.5 cm. Condition: light scattered soiling. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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Miniature Indian Manuscript with 19 Watercolor Paintings
13 Miniature Indian Manuscript with 19 Watercolor Paintings
India Hardcover Good 
Probably an early nineteenth century manuscript, of undeniable, and irresistible beauty. Oblong, 7.5 by 13.5 cm. 157 leaves with manuscript text (over 300 pages), written with a calligraphic hand and decoratively ruled around the perimeter, text almost always on both sides, and 19 original watercolor plates of hunt, martial, court, and fantastical scenes, featuring along with the high born and the lowly, horses, elephants, and other animals. The watercolors generally have rich and vibrant color, with scenes that are both palpable yet seem to float in a mist of fantasy. The paintings are in a traditional mode, with the flattening of perspective, and their subject matter, it seems to us, as non-specialists in this sort of manuscript. Condition: a more modern binding, with a cloth spine, marbled boards. The papers within are very fine and delicate. Some dampstaining and other soiling. Also some wormholing, and some edges chewed. A few tiny holes in the paper. We believe that the text, though, is overwhelmingly unaffected. Of the nineteen plates, two have considerable damage, suffering some loss of their imagery or a dulling of their color. Perhaps one or two others have minor loss in one way or another -- nothing that we think will disconcert. In other words, most of the watercolors should dazzle. 
Price: 5750.00 USD
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Monogram Album with Monograms Incorporated into 38 Watercolors and Ink Drawings
14 Monogram Album with Monograms Incorporated into 38 Watercolors and Ink Drawings
Full Morocco Very Good Plus 
A marvelous monogram album in which the monograms are creatively incorporated into charming watercolor and ink illustrations, with a few highly imaginative examples. 4to. 29 by 25 cm. 38 leaves. The most special of the plates include a painting of two women in eighteenth century gowns fanning themselves in a drawing room; a portrait of one of those two women; a seated elderly woman by a table of fruits, the woman and her pose bearing a resemblance to Whistler's Mother; a Punch and Judy show with a little boy as specatator and a man playing a drum in front of the puppet theatre; a clock decorated with painted seraphs; a china plate with a Chinoiserie painting in its center; and a pretty young woman's portrait in profile. Perhaps less unusual to the genre but extremely well done are paintings of a slipper; of a screen; of a fan; of a cart; of criss-crossed badminton racquettes; of a cannon; of a pail; of a brush; etc. A few of the paintings are slightly unfinished -- we see pencil lines and perhaps some color had as yet not been brushed on. A decorative full morocco binding by W & A Webster of Piccadilly. The binding has gilt and blindstamped fleur-de-lys and star decoration covering the boards and the spine. Condition: a slight cock to the binding, with the rear board jutting out a touch further than the front board. 
Price: 7500.00 USD
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New Departure Coaster Brake The Brake that brought the Bike back
15 New Departure Coaster Brake The Brake that brought the Bike back
Bristol, Connecticut The New Departures Mfg. Co. 1905 First Decorative Pin Near Fine 
Wonderful "pinwheel" calendar with comical color illustrations of elongated, El Greco-ized men attired in eighteenth century garb riding bicycles. Each month is marked by a card, most of which is dominated by the illustration. At the top of each card are four or more lines of rhymed promotional doggeril. The cards are 20 by 8 cm, and one can fan them out, with the decorative pin acting as a pivot point. The color palette is red, gold and green mostly. Scarce, with no copies of this located on OCLC or elsewhere, and the format, combined with the original illustrations, we also find quite novel. With an used mailing envelope. 
Price: 675.00 USD
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Proctor's Ladies Club Theatre.  23rd Street, Near Sixth Ave.  Wait for Living Pictures . . .
16 Proctor's Ladies Club Theatre. 23rd Street, Near Sixth Ave. Wait for Living Pictures . . .
1895 NA Very Good 
Vaudeville program of 1890s featuring that novelty, motion pictures, then called "Living Pictures", and here a very hyped highlight of the otherwise live entertainment mix that characterized Vaudeville or more broadly, variety shows fo the day. Proctor's Theatre was clearly targeting the carriage trade made of well-heeled lady shopper out on a shopping expedition in the Ladies' Mile shopping district of New York, which ran along Sixth Avenue in today's Chelsea. This was where the better department stores were based back then, but a hint that better retail was beginning to migrate uptown is evident with a full page ad taken out by Bloomingdales which had just opened its operation at its present location, although it didn't then occupy the entire block as it does today. The program is chock-a-block with smaller ads for a wide variety of businesses, and many of these are interesting in and of themselves, such as one promising to cure addiction to morphine, opium and oher drugs without the patient having to relinquish possession of the nefarious substance, or a hat ad for hats to suit. But theater most definitely dominates. Proctor's also promotes its other properties, and generally promises "Fresh novelties every week". At the show occurring at the Ladies Club Theatre, the program includes a 17 inch tall 18 year old woman, the Three Romas -- human horizontal bars and Marvels of Muscular Development, acrobats, animals, song and dance, comedians, etc. Scarce, with the only copies of Proctor's programs from this time at the University of Florida, according to OCLC First Search. Condition: cover with two inch long crinkle along side margin. Occasional soiling. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Ringling Bros. World's Greatest Shows and the Newly Added $500,000 Spectacle with 1200 People:  Joan of Arc
17 Ringling Bros. World's Greatest Shows and the Newly Added $500,000 Spectacle with 1200 People: Joan of Arc
1913 Wraps Very Good 
Scarce, with no copies of this program found on OCLC -- and only a few copies of advertisements for the spectacle, including digital copies. 4to. 25 by 17 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp., plus wraps. Twelve pages within are devoted to hyping the spectacle, including a biography of Joan of Arc, descriptions of the performances, assertions about the scale of the production, details about its genesis and its credits, including the cast. Accompanying the text are many illustrations, which are not necessarily tied into the production itself. It would seem that this elaborate production was a direct precursor of the movie epics that were to be released in the twenties, with the size of the cast, the pageantry and costume, the choreographing of horses and the musical scoring (silent movies were always played with music) were intended to dazzle audiences. The puffery and hyperbole is fully in the circus tradition and well captured by the loose title of the program. The program is also promoting other acts in the circus, a few given a page or more, and these include Schuman's German horse circus, Capt. Huling's Arctic jugglers, strongman Arthus Saxon and the Saxon trio, Hodgini the Equestrian Marvel, acrobats and gymnasts, aerialists, clowns, wild animals, etc. Condition: the program is well-preserved. Being printed on the typical pulpy paper used for such ephemera, the pages are very browned, but otherwise the pages are clean. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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Scenes from the War Miss Mary Merryheart's Series
18 Scenes from the War Miss Mary Merryheart's Series
London Dean & Son First Wraps Very Good Minus 
4to. 25 by 16.5 cm. 8 pp. (Printing on only one side of the inner leaves.) 13 hand-colored illustrations, one of which is full page, the rest, half-page. Meant to imbue a martial patriotism in young boys. Scarce, with only physical hard copy located on OCLC at British Library -- this work has also apparently been put on microfilm, and a number of libraries to possess that. Condition: soiling and edgewear to the wraps. 
Price: 375.00 USD
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Table of the Classes
19 Table of the Classes
Very Good 
Highly unusual miniature botanical leporello. N.d., mid-19th century. No publisher or other information regarding its origin. Closed, 4 by 3 cm, and when fully opened up, 69 cm wide. 22 panels with hand-colored botanical plates -- each representing a different class of flower -- plus the gilt foil covers. Title "Table of the Classes" is cut out and pasted onto the gilt foil cover. Classes include monandria, diandria, triandria, tetrandria, et. al. The leporello might be a homemade book, using printed hand-colored vignettes taken from another, unknown source, but we tend to believe that it was issued as such, notwithstanding the improvisation quality of the front cover and the unconventional materials used. We could find no other copy of this on OCLC or elsewhere, but admittedly the sparse information about it makes it challenging to search for. We are comfortable asserting, though, that the leporello is truly rare, if not one-of-a-kind, and further, that as a teaching tool and botanical it is a most unusual format. Backed by blue cloth, which has some wear. Some of the folds are tender, and the leporello, when closed, doesn't stack up entirely straight. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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The Automobile Salon Souvenir Catalogue New York 1929 Silver Anniversary
20 The Automobile Salon Souvenir Catalogue New York 1929 Silver Anniversary
1929 Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 22.5 by 15.5 cm. 84 pp., plus wraps. Many beautiful car (and car-related) ads in full color or tinted or duotone. Companies advertising and whose cars are illustration include brands still around -- Rolls Royce, Lincoln, etc. -- but also many long gone and sometimes forgotten brands such as Ruxton or Stutz. This was issued in conjunction with "The Automobile Salon" held in December 1929 at the Hotel Commodore. Similar events were held at other major cities in the US. Scarce -- no copies of this catalogue found on OCLC, and substantially shorter catalogues issued in conjunction with Salons in San Francisco and Los Angeles held by the Met Museum and California State respectively. Condition: small edge chip, rear cover. Thin band of sunning upper front cover. Light wear otherwise. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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