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Lazy Lyrics, Gardom, Edmund Westby (1832?-1889?)
61 Gardom, Edmund Westby (1832?-1889?) Lazy Lyrics
1871-1882 Pebbled Cloth Very Good 
Fabulous collection of original songs, musical parodies (of opera) and playlets illustrated throughout with vignettes of great whimsy, some in color. 8vo 24 by 19 cm. 143 leaves, or close to 200 pp. The 120 or so illustrations abound in effete courtiers, crones, damsels, funny hats, outlandish gowns, the characters of opera, all rendered with precision and fine detail. The artist was a true miniaturist inasmuch as the very smallness of the scale is bound to bring delight and appreciation -- one is unlikely to wish the drawings were any larger. The light verse he concocted is a perfect complement to the illustrations, and one can wonder whether these parodies were performed in the parlour! Among the works are "Lucrezia Borgia", inspired by Donizetti; "The Lay of the Claimant", a spoof on the Victorian cause celebre Roger Tickborne, who claimed to be an heir to an baronetcy, and was subsequently imprisoned for perjury; "The Shah of Persia", an Orientalist romp; "The Frolic of Love", which makes fun of various national stereotypes in the matter of romance; "The Rink and Rinkers", which must be one of the earliest send-ups of the new fad of roller skating (the patent for roller skates with four wheels dates to 1863 and this lyric is dated 1876); "The Zoo", with original anthropomorphic renderings; "Lord Mayor's Day", with caricatures of Disraeli and Gladstone; and several other winsome pieces. Throughout the author suggests melodies from opera and operetta to sing his verses to. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the manuscript is the perfect union of verse and illustration, which each complementing and enriching the other -- this is something seldom encountered in amateur efforts. Dampstain on rear board. 
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You & Me "Toi et Moi", Geraldy, Paul (1885-1983).  A free translation by Alice Herbert.  Marian Marsh, calligrapher and illuminator.
62 Geraldy, Paul (1885-1983). A free translation by Alice Herbert. Marian Marsh, calligrapher and illuminator. You & Me "Toi et Moi"
1941 Full Morocco Near Fine 
A stylish twentieth century version of the illuminated manuscript, which honors the tradition while not slavishly hewing to its Medieval ornamentation. 8vo. 17.5 by 11.5 cm. Unpaginated, 64 pp. Rendered on vellum leaves. Contains 31 poems, translated from the French, by Paul Geraldy. The beautiful calligraphy is rendered primarily in black, with red used for most titles and gilt reserved for the most salient titles. Most extraordinary, though, are the many vignette illustrations and ornaments of birds, butterflies, seraphs, flowers, stars, masks and shells. These are integrated seamlessly with the text. They somehow manage to exhude a charisma without a wisp of vulgarity, and their effect is bound to be sheer intoxication. The anthology of naive, or deliberately simple, poems, "Toi et Moi" first appeared in 1912. Dedicated to Lisbet Marx, who was the original owner of the manuscript and might have commissioned it. Minor rubbing to the spine bands. Clean, bright and tight otherwise. 
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Similar Cases, Gilman, Charlotte Perkins
63 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Similar Cases
1957 Heavy card boards, with paper pastedown. Fine 
A beautiful calligraphic manuscript rendering of the humorous poem by the influential feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman. 12mo. 16.5 by 12.5 cm. Unpaginated, 14 leaves (writing only on rectos) with content. Human evolution is the source of the poem's fun, with a "who would have thought" that a rodent-like animal, or an ape, would have given rise to homo sapiens? And thus the poem is championing those who dare to conceive of a different order of things, and implicitly, this poet was surely defending the vision of feminists. The title page is embellished with the figure of a monkey worked into, and suspended by, the lettering. We don't know who the calligrapher was, other than the final page tells us "Written for Kay, by Aunt Enid, 1957". 
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Navigation, Glaister, W. M.
64 Glaister, W. M. Navigation
England 1813 Half Calf. Marbled Boards. Very Good 
An exceptional manuscript on the basics of scientific navigation -- navigation using trigonometry and other mathematical principles -- that is either a very fine student notebook, the draft of a proposed textbook, or perhaps both. The writing is done in a meticulous calligraphic cursive hand, and there are many illustrations, the most outstanding being the beautiful watercolor of a ship on the title page. Also special is a fold-out manuscript map of the Atlantic Coast running from Britain to Central Africa. The prose is throughout very lucid -- one can say that the clarity and elegance of the penmanship perfectly reflects how the content is expressed. Everything is explained in a non-fussy, straightforward manner that invites quicker, non-arduous comprehension, and generally the points being made are illustrated with ample examples. Indeed, it is the felicitousness of the writing that inclines us to suspect that this was intended to become a book. The last section of the book is a "Journal of a Voyage from London to Madeira and Teneriffe, In the Endeavour of London." We do not know if this is a journal of an actual trip or merely a hypothetical trip meant to illustrate all the principles and methods imparted in the text as they would be employed in real life. It probably doesn't matter. Either way, the notebook is an excellent window on the most advanced approach to navigation at the time it was written. 4to. 26 by 21 cm. Unpaginated, about 264 pp. 
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Les Epis du Franc-Port.  1898, Gradue, Ler (?)
65 Gradue, Ler (?) Les Epis du Franc-Port. 1898
1898 Half Morocco, Marbled Boards Very Good 
Folio, 33.5 by 25 cm. Title, following by eight plates of original pen and ink drawings of turrets or spires, each with elaborate urns and other ornamental work. An unusual and striking collection of artwork all rendered with great exactitude. Inscribed to a Monsieur Saisan by the presumed artist, whose stylized signature we could not fully make out. 
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Math and Calligraphy Notebook Bound with Older Newspaper, Greenough, Richard [Richard Greenough Atkinson]
66 Greenough, Richard [Richard Greenough Atkinson] Math and Calligraphy Notebook Bound with Older Newspaper
Atkinson, New Hampshire (?) 1816, 1817 Wraps made of newspaper Very Good 
Tall 4to, 31 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, 29 leaves, or 38 pp., mostly dealing with arithmetic and other mathematical formulations, with a decided bent towards the practical financial functions, such as interest calculations and discounting. It is a fairly typical such surviving notebook of that era, but for the final page of maxims written in an ornamental cursive calligraphic hand. Also three pages of legal forms (quitation deed, a will, a promissory note). Notwithstanding the calligraphy at the end and ornamental lettering elsewhere, the notebook is far from entirely neat, with many of the mathematical calculations looking as one might expect in a student's notebook. Still, the notebook belongs to a bygone era of pedagogy. Moderate wear generally, with some wormholing of the newspaper wraps. 
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[Manuscript] Extrait du Livre des Juifs, Guérin, Mlle.
67 Guérin, Mlle. [Manuscript] Extrait du Livre des Juifs
1738 Full Calf Very Good 
4to. 24.5 by 18.5 cm. 316 pp. 17 lines of handwriting per page generally. Relating pieces of Jewish "history" from the Creation to Simon and the Maccabees. Fluidly, concisely written, with necessarily many conflations and reductions while maintaining a narrative momentum. Some of the interest in the manuscript lies in its vernacular recapitulation of Biblical stories, and also of Flavius Josephus, and its evidence of strong religious proclivities and attitudes even as the Enlightenment was surging all around. At the end of the manuscript are appended two apocryphal documents relating to Jesus. The first (in three pages),'Tresor admirable. de la sentence de condamnation prononcee contre [notre] Seigneur Jesus christ,' our manuscript tells us, was discovered in a house in Aquila in the Kingdom of Naples in 1548 and purports to be the sentence of condemnation against Jesus. [A text of this is found in Fabricius' Codex Apocrapha, Novi Testamenti III, 489 fol. and a translation is found in Ward's Ancient Lowly]. There were editions of this apocryphal document published in 1581, 1621, and in 1839. It has received some notice along with a shorter version, also 'found' in Aquila in 1820. There are numerous divergences about the discovery of this document, when it was discovered, what it was written on, etc. But it seems obvious it is a forgery. The second addition is a letter supposedly by Petrus [Publius] Lentulus proconsul in Jerusalem and is also three pages. The letter of Lentulus first appeared in print in 1474 in an edition of Ludolph the Carthusian. It is thought to be of Greek origin and was translated into Latin in the thirteenth or fourteenth centuries. It is our sense that this manuscript was intended for publication but never was. The writer's hand is exceptionally neat and so even without calligraphy per se or other decorative frills, this is a beautiful manuscript. We do not have any information on Mlle. Guerin, although we would note that there was a well-known courtesan, author and hostess of a literary salon in Paris at the time by the name of Claudine Alexandrine Guérin de Tencin (1682 - 1749). Condition: joints rubbed. Spine has some dryness, and chips by extremities. Other leather abrasions. Still, a handsome contemporary French full calf binding with raised bands, and gilt decoration in spine compartments. 
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68 Harper, Florence [Manuscript] Master-pieces of Prose Collected and Bound into A Book with Original Decorations
1915-6 Very Good 
Seventeen decorated leaves, with intricate hand-colored border illustrations on all of them. Included are a title page, a table of contents, twelve leaves with a mixture of verse and prose apercus by Cowper, Marcus Aurelius, Maeterlinck, Chesterton, Jefferies and a few lesser known writers, then three leaves with borders but blanks within. These borders stand out for their variety and the panache of their execution. While a few may owe a debt to work done before, such as that by Beardsley or Parrish, Ms. Harper also seems to anticipate high Art Deco style and even later aesthetics than that. Ms. Harper mixes cleverly the geometric, the abstract, the figurative, the natural. The pleasure to be derived from these borders is that from miniatures -- splashy color plates these are not! Further, there is nothing corny, sentimental or pedestrian about the illustrations which usher us into the little worlds of Ms. Harper's imagination. The text is also hand-written, and while not calligraphic, it is uniform, neat and attractive. 
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69 Hemstreet, Bob Fumble University
1976-1978 Wood Very Good 
Colorful, fun, psychedelic cartoonish manuscript spoof of dysfunctional "Fumble-U", "the inside-out University Where You DIscover Everything Backwards." Very large format, with a custom heavy wood album containing seventeen original works of pop art pertaining to this mythical university. The album cover itself measures 53 by 37 cm, and the artwork, including their brightly colored framing bands, are 45.5 by 35.5 cm. The artwork is rendered in pen and ink, oil on board, acrylic, etc. The paintings are mounted on board and usually covered with plastic. The wooden album which contains the panels is itself a work of art by the artist, with its deeply chiseled shapes and painted representations of a woods, ballooning letters for the title, etc. This sets the tone for the graphics within, which include the text, is very much in keeping with the loose, flowing, wavy, goofy, anarchic and modish style that floweredi n the late 1960s. One can easily imagine the author ideating and executing much of this while on a hallucinogen, and certainly that is the impression he was seeking to leave. The second panel is one that is primarily text -- a letter to parents from Dr. Fumble -- and its gobblegygook parody brings to mind the bombast of administration in "Animal House". By the next two panels we know that we are in the presence of stoners and our trip to this university is like a magic carpet ride at the dawing of the "Age of Aquarius". Here jump out neon reds, yellows, blues as representations of the planets in the heavens, and evoked is the artwork of a "groovy" sci-fi paperback. This work is not a narrative per se, and so some of the panels following are outlandish representations of people like those in the Simpsons. Tying together everything, though, is a sensibility, and it is all of one piece. Housed in a wooden album with the upper cover carved and painted by the artist. We have to believe that Hemstreet was hoping to have this published. And certainly its quality is on the level of some highly regarded 'zines which have in more recent times excited hipsters. 
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Heraldry Notebook Manuscript with over 400 Watercolored Coat-of-Arms, Hughes, Mary Elizabeth
70 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth Heraldry Notebook Manuscript with over 400 Watercolored Coat-of-Arms
Acton House, Wrexham, England 1823-1825 Hardcover. Original gilt and blindstamped calf f Very Good 
8vo. 24 by 19 cm. [2], 1-69, 100-103, [1] pages in text part, followed by 100 plates with original watercolored coat-of-arms or escutcheons. These are emblazoned in rich colors and gold, with one to six emblems per page. Some pages have the emblems placed within a painted Gothic window. Mary Hughes it would appear created at least one other heraldic manuscript, a copy of John Guillim's "A Display of Heraldry". Fairly extensive provenance info contained on prelim blank -- it passed from Mary Hughes to Charles Hughes, March 1865. 20th century ownership inscription of George G. Napier, noting he purchased it from Walford Brothers in August 1929. Later book label of Joan Corder. Condition: generally clean, and paintings are fresh, bright. Original tissue guards have survived. 
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71 Hönerbach, Heinz [Manuscript] Meinem geliebten Stropp
Cologne (?), Germany 1938-1950 Hardcover. Half cloth. Paper pastedown on board Very Good 
8vo. 21 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, 
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[Manuscript] The Sporting Adventures of Mr. Popple [together with] a first edition copy of the book, Jalland, G. H. (1858-1938)
72 Jalland, G. H. (1858-1938) [Manuscript] The Sporting Adventures of Mr. Popple [together with] a first edition copy of the book
London Later published by John Lane, The Bodley Head 1896 Half Morocco, Cloth Boards Near Fine 
Oblong, 26 by 40 cm. (This is slightly larger than the later book.) Title, 20 pp. 10 pages are devoted to the original full-page watercolors, and the title is also largely watercolored. The other pages have pen-and-ink vignettes aplenty as well as the original beautifully hand-written text, which was reproduced in the later printing. In printed form, the illustrations are fun, evocative and full of verve, yet the original artwork is truly a revelation. The colors are richer, as one might expect, but the action, and the illustrations team with movement, comes off so much more immediate and intense in this quintessential foxhunting tale of a nouveau riche newbie and all the mishaps that occur to him as he navigates the "Sport of Kings". Pencilled on the backs and/or the margins are the name Edmund Evans, the printer, and shorthand instructions for the printing. Bookplate on FEP of the Duke of Gloucester. The first edition copy comes with a paper slip insert stating that the original drawings were available for purchase from Edmund Evans, and so one can infer that this printed copy and the manuscript have been united for most of the life of the book. A few scuffs of the leather and light wear beside. 
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73 Julliot, Georges Cahier de Technologie
Nancy 1941-1942 Quarter Leather, over Decorative Boards (a noteboo Very Good 
Folio, 14.5 by 9.5 inches, 37 by 24 cm. Unpaginated lined notebook, with 52 leaves containing content, illustrated and text, with material often, but not always, on both sides, and many blank leaves besides. Extraordinary student illustrated manuscript on printing, its technology, replete with lovely Art Nouveau decorative touches throughout. Sections are devoted to the history of printing, typography, metals used in printing, tools of the printer, corrections, composition, abbreviations, capitals, italics, alignment, colors, the art of printing, etc. and then such things as conservation. Besides the thoroughness of the manuscript on the sundry aspects of printing, the illustrations are disarming and quite literally invite the eyes to linger on the pages. Such school projects were a staple of French pedagogy, and for better or worse, French education has traditionally placed a premium on flair and style, at times, over substance. In the instance of this manuscript, the latter has not been sacrificed at the altar of the former, and the resulting product deserved the highest of marks on all accounts. Other than the headings, most of the text is written with a neat, albeit non-calligraphic, hand. 
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74 L'Huintre, Celeste Album
1848 Quarter Calf. Very Good 
A remarkable student notebook, with manuscript maps, calligraphy and other artwork. Oblong folio, 31 by 48 cm. 33 pages with content, much of it visual. Much of the artwork is mounted onto the leaves, while textual material, written with a calligraphic hand and decorated with filigree vignettes, is generally done directly onto the book's leaves. The four maps include one of Africa, the Americas (the Western hemisphere), Australia, including Oceania and Eastern Asia, and the world as shown in two hemispheres. The maps are very striking -- they are enhanced by small illustrations and/or decoration. Topics discussed textually include orthology, grammar, English, and a table on the French monarchy. While French pedagogy placed an emphasis on aesthetic presentation far beyond schools elsewhere, this notebook or album far surpasses the norm in its beauty and the care obviously applied by Ms. L'Huintre. 
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Comment voudriez-vous voir R. L. Dupuy, LeConte, Paul, directeur.  Also Dancette, Truan, Picherit, Neven, Petrus, Petan, etc.  (employees of Dupuy)
75 LeConte, Paul, directeur. Also Dancette, Truan, Picherit, Neven, Petrus, Petan, etc. (employees of Dupuy) Comment voudriez-vous voir R. L. Dupuy
1951 Cloth Near Fine Very Good Jacket 
Unique collection of 74 watercolors, ink drawings, collages and mixed media playful caricatures of a Parisian advertising executive, presumably by members of his creative staff. Most of the individual send-ups are imaginative and amusing; the cumulative effect, though, is truly extraordinary in the sheer variety and range of the works. As a whole the album honors not merely a particular individual, but the human creative spirit! Thus we have a Soviet Dupuy, an angelic Dupuy, an overworked Dupuy, a gaucho Dupuy, a scout Dupuy, a wandering eye Dupuy, a lolling Dupuy; he is depicted as a painter, a mariner, a general, and on and on. These various roles assigned to him scarcely suggest the richness of ideas of the particular artwork. In just one drawing, showing the executive in a bathtub, we see floating atop the water the names of products, presumably ones he promoted, and other names spraying over him from the showerhead. Dupuy, based on the wealth of images we have of him, was a quintessential Frenchman in his appearance; we can also surmise that he was beloved, if not also feared a bit, and certainly, he had to have had a charisma, for few businessmen have probably ever received such an effortful and remarkable tribute as represented by this manuscript. The folio measures 33 by 28 cm, 13 by 11 inches. With a dust jacket that at its center has a cameo relief of Dupuy himself. The DJ, now protected with mylar, has use creases, minor spotting and toning. The leaves are all clean, and the album is tight. 
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[Manuscript] Excelsior, Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.
76 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. [Manuscript] Excelsior
Full Morocco Very Good 
A beautiful manuscript rendition of Longfellow's early Alpine poem, written in a calligraphic hand and with original artwork on every page. N.d., circa 1850. 8vo. 21 by 14 cm. Unpaginated. Ten leaves, with writing and illustrations solely on rectos. We do not know who created this album, although there is a note in the front alluding to Arthur Armstrong (1798-1851), who was a well-known artist and art teacher based in Philadelphia. We think the artwork, done with pen and ink and wash, is original. We note there is considerable similarity of one of the illustrations to one that was in a published collection of Longfellow's works from the 1840s, but there are marked differences in the detailing of the two, and we have discerned as much similarity between that published illustration and those published elsewhere. Thus we would say this manuscript's artist might have been influenced by the published work but consciously departed from it as well. Condition: moderate to heavy wear to the 19th century binding. The leaves within are age toned and a bit brittle. Tissue guards have some tears. 
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77 Maille, L. N. P. Chronologie des papes, des empereurs d'orient et d'occident, des rois de france, d'espagne, d'angleterre, des persecutions, des sectaires, des conciles et des ecrivains ecclesiastiques pour servir a l'histoire de l'eglise extraite de l'histoire ecclesiastique du Berault de Bercastel.
Gand (Ghent) and Osnabruck 1794 - 1800 Half Calf Very Good 
A manuscript reference compiled and written by a Jesuit Priest during the French Revolution and Directoire period, when the working on such a work carried considerable risk. 8vo. [2], 307 pp. The author, M. Maille, both condenses an ecclesiastic history by Antoine-Henri Berault de Bercastel and carries it forward from 1721. The last 86 pages of this work are a detailed index compiled by M. Maille. All is written by a neat hand, making the book an object of beauty, independent of its content. The binding has light wear, with a small ding on the upper edge of the boards and scuffing of the leather. The leaves are clean and lovely. 
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His Feet's Too Beeg for de  Bed!!, Marilyn McGaughey, illustrator
78 Marilyn McGaughey, illustrator His Feet's Too Beeg for de Bed!!
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1940. 9 page story. The story is told in quasi-black dialect, and there is probably a racist dimension to the story involving a black family, although the author may not have had an invidious intent at the time. While the illustrations are a bit crude, and possibly deliberately so, the author does have a comedic spark, notwithstanding the offense someone might take to it. Certainly an interesting relic from an era when there were no inhibitions with regard to stereotyping. 
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Sketchbook of Gerald Trice Martin Mostly Relating to the Sea, Martin, Gerald Trice, artist (1893-1961).  Poetry by Rudyard Kipling, Algernon Charles Swinburne and Sappho
79 Martin, Gerald Trice, artist (1893-1961). Poetry by Rudyard Kipling, Algernon Charles Swinburne and Sappho Sketchbook of Gerald Trice Martin Mostly Relating to the Sea
England 1919 Cloth Near Fine 
Lovely, meticulously rendered vignette illustrations framing the key letter on each page, and on a few pages, two vignettes. Oblong, 9 by 13 cm. 28 pp. The album opens to a particularly nice pen and ink drawing of a schooner, framed with highly decorative foliate baroque ornamentation. The first poem is Kipling's "If", each letter device accompanied by a painting of a different type of sail boat or ship. Ship motives are used again in "Love at Sea", by Swinburne. Another Kipling poem, "The Explanation", is enlivened with paintings of colorful, expressive fish. In our judgment, these are the most charismatic of the illustrations. Other poems include Swinburne's "Rondel", "Before Sunset", "Song", and "Child's Song"; and some verses by Sappho. Other illustrative motives take in dragons, flowers and floral daipers, butterflies, and coasts. The poems are rendered in a neat, calligraphic hand, and it is very easy to imagine this manuscript as something that might have been published as a gift book. 
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The Life of Paul the Hermit.  Written Originally in Latin by Jerome the most learned of the Latin Fathers.  Render'd into English with occasional Notes, by W. Massey, Massey, W.
80 Massey, W. The Life of Paul the Hermit. Written Originally in Latin by Jerome the most learned of the Latin Fathers. Render'd into English with occasional Notes, by W. Massey
Quarter Morocco. Marbled paper over boards. Very Good 
Beautiful calligraphy throughout this manuscript augmented translation. N.d., early to mid-19th century. 8vo. 20 by 16 cm. [1], 28 pp., plus 11 pages with notes, these being on facing versos to rectos with pagination. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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