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1 Atlas des Enfans, ou Nouvelle Méthode Pour Apprendre la Géographie, avec un Nouveau Traité de la Sphere, et XXIV Cartes Enluminées. Nouvelle édition, Corrigée & augmentée
Lyon Jean-Marie Bruyset, Pere & Fils 1790 Full Calf Very Good 
8vo. xv, [1], 17 by 10 cm. 286 pp. With 24 hand-colored folding plates, including map of Americas. rubbing along joints, and some edgewear. Scattered light soiling. Lacking free endpapers. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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2 Atlas [Jigsaw Puzzles]
Paris Longerot Box Near Fine 
N.d. Circa 1875, three jigsaw puzzle maps, one of the world, featuring two impressions; of France and its departments and of Europe. Each puzzle measures 12 by 9 inches, 31 by 23 cm. Dating based both on the box and style of printing as well as the geographic status of various locations. Italy is unified and Alsace and Lorraine have been ceded by France yet Turkey still has dominion over much of the Balkans, including Romania, which gained independence in 1878 at the Conference of Berlin. Printed by Imp. Monrocq. of Paris. The puzzles have some light age toning and some minor light soilage besides. The box similarly has some wear, some minor paper loss and soilage but is very much intact and remains handsome. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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3 Cartes des Bords du Rhin depuis Schaffhouse a Rotterdam avec Indication des Chemins de Fer.
Basle (first two publishers) and London Maehly-Lamy; Schreiber & Walz; and Johanning & Co. 
Price: 900.00 USD
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4 Complete Detailed Color Woodblock Print Map of Japan
1891 Good 
Printed Meiji 24, or 1891. Open, the map measures about 73 by 50 cm when open, and closing to 18 by 9.5 cm. Faint reds, yellows and greens differentiate different provinces. Surrounding the map are small line drawn vignettes of landmarks -- Tokaido Road, etc. Probably missing one outer board, but the map itself is fully intact and well preserved. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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Complete Detailed Woodblock Print Map of Japan
5 Complete Detailed Woodblock Print Map of Japan
N.d., circa 1840. Open, the map measures about 160 cm by 35 cm when open, and closing to 18 by 8 cm. Details include all the highways of Japan, including the famous Tokaido Road. Color somewhat faded but still well-preserved. Soiling throughout, with some minor worming, abrasion, and other wear. With a few repairs as well. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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6 Complete Map of Vermont Showing Highways & Natural Features with an Index of All Cities, Villages, Post-Offices and Rail-road Stations Compiled from the Latest Government Surveys and Original Sources
Boston National Publishing Company 1901 First Edition Cloth Boards Fine 
A very handsome antique colored map of Vermont in a superb state of preservation. The map when opened measures 56 by 36 inches, and it is vertical, as appropriate for a state that runs lengthwise north to south. The boards of the folding map are 10.5 by 5 inches. The back of the map is lined with protective canvas. Each county is demarcated with different colored boundary lines, and these lines are broad, giving a real panache to the map. ther than the tiniest pinprick holes at perhaps two spots where folds meet, close to pristine. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Correct Map of Boston Harbor Giving Route and Official Summer Time-Table of the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co. Compliments of Bouve, Crawford & Co., Makers of the Celebrated Crawford Shoe . . .
7 Correct Map of Boston Harbor Giving Route and Official Summer Time-Table of the Nantasket Beach Steamboat Co. Compliments of Bouve, Crawford & Co., Makers of the Celebrated Crawford Shoe . . .
Boston Bouve, Crawford & Co. 1890 Wraps or card. Very Good 
Closed, 133 by 57 mm. Open, the map is 24 by 29.5 cm. Promo info and the said timetable on the back. Fairly scarce, with just three copies located on OCLC. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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8 Highly Decorative Manuscript Japanese Topographical Map of Mountainous Area with Streams and Rivers Running through It
Very Good 
19th Century. Oblong, 57 by 77 cm. With various shades of green coloring, denoting trees and forested peaks Pinks, reds, yellows, orange also present, denoting other features. On a thin sheer paper. With calligraphic writing in the margins, and short calligraphic markings throughout the map body denoting we suspect ownership of the land. We are not in a position to provide more detailed information than the map is a very beautiful manuscript and one that would stand out beautifully framed on a wall. A few repairs apparent on the back. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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9 Johnston's Travelling Map of India
Edinburgh Johnston 1857 Blindstamped cloth. Very Good 
Scarce. No copies listed on OCLC! Open, the folded map is 66 by 56 cm. Closes to 17 by 10 cm. Mounted on linen, with 24 sections. Some hand-coloring. Key provides information on British territories, subject and protected states and independent states, plus railway and military stations. Small inset text section with a guide to Indian terminology. Publisher's ads on endpapers. Blindstamped, gilt-stamped cover with some soiling. Joints have close tearing at extremities. Fraying of cloth by joints. Map is in lovely condition. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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10 Manuscript Samurai Military Campaign Map, circa 1780
NA Very Good 
Outstanding, beautifully painted map of the Toyama area, with considerable detail and vivid coloring. 57.5 by 78 cm. A few repairs, evident on the back but not on the image itself. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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11 Nineteenth Century Color Woodblock Map of Kyoto
NA Very Good 
Two folded sheets, together, when opened, measuring 48 by 69 cm. With 45 cameo illustrations of buildings and sights of the Imperial capital. Light wear, with a few unintended creases, one trivial tear, light soiling here and there. 
Price: 475.00 USD
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Ohio.  This Souvenir of the Buckeye Centennial Anniversay is presented to you with the compliments of C. Aultman & Co., Canton, Ohio, Manufacturers of Buckeye Harvesting Machines
12 Ohio. This Souvenir of the Buckeye Centennial Anniversay is presented to you with the compliments of C. Aultman & Co., Canton, Ohio, Manufacturers of Buckeye Harvesting Machines
Canton, Ohio C. Aultman & Co. 1903 or 1904 String tie. Fine 
A shaped trade promotion trifle -- shaped like Ohio. Slightly oblong, 9 by 10 cm, at tallest and widest. 4 pp., plus wraps. With chromo map of Ohio on front, a buck on the back, and a two page color plate illustration of the Buckeye harvester, drawn by two horses, in the center. Ohio, being the "Mother of Presidents", was proud of its role in Presidential politics even back then, as evidenced by a table of the electoral colleg on the second page -- then 201 votes were needed to carry the day. Ohio's centennial was 1903, but the Presidential election was of course to be in 1904, so it is not clear entirely which year this promotion piece was issued. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Panorama Orografico e Pittoresco della Città e Contorni di Milano Preso della Somità della Cattedrale
13 Panorama Orografico e Pittoresco della Città e Contorni di Milano Preso della Somità della Cattedrale
Editore Siroe Pirola fu Gaetano NA Very Good 
Circular panorama, with floor plan of Cathedral in center, Milan landmarks noted with small illustrated vignettes radiating out, and the outer circle showing the mountains and hills in the far horizon, depending on the direction. N.d., circa 1820s. 51 by 47 cm. Larger illustrations of Cathedral exterior, the Galleria di Vittorio Emmanuele, and the Arco della Pace in three corners. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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14 Pictorial Map of the Island of Java
K.N.I.L.M. (Royal Netherlands Indies' Airways) 1935 NA Near Fine 
Colorful fun map on one side, a breezy promotional mini-essay about Jave, "the pearl of the East", on the verso, with borders on the text side of seven photos and the title illustration. Open, oblong, 24 by 49 cm. Closed, card sized, or 8 by 12 cm. Scarce, with only one copy, of a Dutch version of the same map, at the University of Leiden, according to OCLC First Search. By fun map, we mean the kind with cartoonish human figures at play in ways typical of whatever spot they are occupying on the map, and bold captioning of various locations to draw attention to the tourist highlights. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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15 Upper U.S.
Very Good 
Naughty gag for the fecal feckless! N.d., circa 1960. Map of the U.S. on lid, as if to suggest a map, possibly a jigsaw puzzle, awaits within. Instead one finds a douche set awash within! A loose acronymic homonym, or would it be a loose homonymic acronym? The box measures 16.5 by 11.5 by 2.5 cm. The douche is a miniature version. Can we sell this as a miniature book? 
Price: 45.00 USD
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[Handkerchief] Egypt.  Souvenir The Triple Entente
16 [Handkerchief] Egypt. Souvenir The Triple Entente
London B. Feldman & Co. NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1915. A 48 cm square. With a distinctive map of the Middle East -- Ottoman territory -- as a centerpiece. The border is decorated with the flags of the Entente members, which included Japan and other lesser players in the Great War -- and pyramid vignettes enliven the corners. The hankie deserves to be framed and hung on a wall for display. The silk hankie is presumed a scarce survivor. With some light soiling, but overall, very attractive. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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[Humorous map] Eagle's-Eye View of Weber City (inc.), Brown, Andrew,
17 Brown, Andrew, "mapmaker". Charles J. Correll and Freeman F. Gosden, actors who played Amos and Andy on radio [Humorous map] Eagle's-Eye View of Weber City (inc.)
Chicago Pepsodent Co. Printed by Gwindell Printing Co. Inc. 1935 First edition Envelope Fine 
Colorful mock map of fictional town where Amos and Andy resided. The folding map, which came in an envelope with a "letter, both of which are included here, measures 38.5 by 50 cm, and it was issued by the popular radio program's sponsor, Pepsodent. The show, in its original incarnation, was overtly Rascist, playing into stereotypes of simple-minded, clownish, blacks, and the title characters were in fact played by two white actors. In the map there is plenty of the imagery with this same flavor, with the cartoonish denizens looking like buffoonish ants. Still, in a strange way, the town depicted captures something of the fanciful charm of the ideal small town. The map and the insert letter are pristine. The mailing envelope, which features photo images of Correll and Gosden in black face, has an address sticker on it, and light soiling and wear. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Atlas National et Général de la France, Divisée en ses Quartre-Vingt-Trois Départemens et en cinz cens quarante-trois Districts, . . ., Cassini de Thury, César François. Desnos, Louis-Charles.
18 Cassini de Thury, César François. Desnos, Louis-Charles. Atlas National et Général de la France, Divisée en ses Quartre-Vingt-Trois Départemens et en cinz cens quarante-trois Districts, . . .
Paris Veuve Hérissant 1792 Half Calf Very Good 
Exceptionally richly hand-colored French atlas. Elephantine folio, 56 by 44 cm. Following title page (which contains table of contents as well), six two paged hand-colored maps. The first map, with its large allegorical cartouche, is especially spectacular, but all the maps are beautiful and noteworthy for the quality of their coloring. Scarce, with copies held by BNF, Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, Leiden, and the National Library of Scotland, according to OCLC, and not clear whether all of these copies are hand-colored. Corner dampstains, most pronounced on title, then receding as progress. While unquestionably noticeable on the first map, in our view it doesn't seriously detract from the beauty of the map. Other light scattered soiling, which again, we do not find disconcerting. Some scuffing of the binding. While half calf technically, the calf coverage of the boards is minimal 
Price: 2800.00 USD
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19 Dorn, Frank A Map and History of Peiping With Explanatory Booklet
Tientsin-Peiping Peiyang Press, Ltd. 1936 First edition Wraps (card stock weight). Slipcase of card stoc Very Good 
A wonderful, uncommon light-hearted and colorful map of Beijing from the tumultuous thirties. The map is chock-a-block with vignettes of sights, animals, human activities and historic scenes associated with various locations within the Imperial Chinese capital. Booklet: 8vo. 18 by 13 cm. 22 pp. Map: 87 by 76 cm. Col. Frank Dorn (1901-1981), later a brigadier general, was an artist, writer, and aide to General Joseph Stilwell, who commanded the American and Chinese Nationalist resistance to Japanese incursions into China and Burma. This copy of the map shows the Nazi flag for the site of the German embassy, and is thus a change from an earlier printing. Condition: outer slipcase has chips and losses on one side, and a few tears along its bottom. The map itself has a two inch closed tear at the bottom margin, and a few minor fold tears besides. The booklet has considerable age toning but is otherwise well-preserved. 
Price: 3500.00 USD
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20 Du Val, P. [Pierre] La Geographie Universelle qui fait voir l'Estat present des 4 Parties du Monde, . . .
Paris Chez l'Auteur 1682 First Edition Full Calf Near Fine 
12mo. 16 by 9.5 cm. [6], 312 pp. 52 double paged, hand-colored maps, including all the maps for the world, the poles, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Also nine hand-colored coat-of-arms of various nations. Not included are the text and maps for Europe, which would be in a second volume. Other than the table which list all the maps, there is indicia of a "partial set". We would also mention that Du Val's atlas is virtually never found with all the maps, and often one finds the maps in an uncolored state.) Certainly one of the major highlights is of this atlas is California, called Nouveau Mexique, because it is shown as an island; Modern full dark brown calf with raised bands and gilt decoration appropriate for late 17th Century book. Pasted onto FEP is a cameo antique map of the world, with Latin and Greek designations on outlying spokes. Toning to the leaves, as one would expect, but generally quite clean. A few minor closed tears at folds. 
Price: 6000.00 USD
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