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Decorative Antiques
Antique bric-a-brac, including items for the library, and Black Forest woodcarvings.

Decorative Antiques
   -Black Forest
   -Bookends and Bookrests
   -Paintings, Photographs and Other Wall Decoration

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1 "Littera Scripta Manet" Folio
Wood Fine 
N.d., circa 1900. A woodcarved oak folio, or letter or writing portfolio. The woodcarving work and floral motives are folk art-ish. The relief work has a depth to it, and the front panel has a solidity to it, as befits an oak piece. The interior has a brownish-orange felt pad. Two ribbon ties on the side seal the folio shut. The folio measures 11.75 by 8.5 inches, or 30 by 22 cm. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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2 Antique Celluloid Photo Album with Floral Decoration and Two Eighteenth Century Cameos
Near Fine 
Late 19th century celluloid photo album with 18th century miniature motives. Measures 10.5 by 8.5 by 1 by 9 by 2 inches. 12 boards within, each with one to four photo slots on each side. The interior of the album is attractive, with many nineteenth century photographs. Not all the slots are filled, and all slots can be replaced with new photos easily enough. The celluloid has a minor corner chip. Some minor chipping around photo frames. The back is a plain matching yellow celluloid. 
Price: 325.00 USD
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3 Antique Collapsible Stereoviewer with Magnifier

Lovely cherry wood stereoviewer, measuring 10 by 6 by 3 when unopened, and opens two ways, with three lenses, two for the stereoview, one for more general magnification, with an inlay striped band around the upper edges. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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4 Austrian Secession Leather Desk Binder or Folder and Notebooks
Full Leather Near Fine 
A beautiful leather tooled desk folio folder featuring Classical Greek and Egyptian ornaments embraced in the Austrian Secessionist movement. at the turn of the last century. N.d., circa 1900. 31 by 22 cm. The color palette is gilt on black and somber green/gray. The binding is flawlessly preserved. Within is a separate notebook with textured wraps that resemble the sea floor perhaps. The pages within have never been used. The folder also includes a second notebook featuring a bird pattern on its wraps. This may or may not have been a part of the original package. This notebook is in a slightly smaller format. The larger notebook has foxing scattered on its blank pages. The second notebook has wear along its spine, and its blank leaves are heavily soiled. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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Black Forest Bear Thermometer
5 Black Forest Bear Thermometer

Swiss carved "Black Forest" bear, circa early 1900s, measuring 8.5 inches, or 23 cm, tall. Infinitesimal stain loss on one ear tip and tip of ear. Otherwise fine condition, with attention to detail showing in definition of teeth as a for instance. Glass eyes. Made in Brienz area. Thermometer rod currently upside down. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
6 Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
Berner Oberland, Switzerland Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1890. The front board is quite elaborate, with a beveled perimeter of a richly painted wood grain. Within is an oblong piece of walnut in the quintessential Black Forest, or in actuality, Swiss Brienzerware, style. By this is meant the delicate foliate relief vignettes which rest on lightly pitted wood. But this frames a light walnut oblong oval with the putti relief that bespeaks more eighteenth century rococo than standard Brienzerware, except that the stones and vegetation at the base are consistent with Brienzerware. The rear board of the album has a pyrographic bouquet such as was practiced by the Swiss carvers later in the nineteenth century. The album, now empty of photos, has 25 thick card leaves, and it is kept closed with a brass clasp. The spine is of brown morocco. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Cordey Catalog
7 Cordey Catalog

N.d. circa 1950. With a single text page followed by 49 leaves, each with a photograph of one or several specimens of Cordey china figurines and bric-a-brac, all in the signature kitschy rococo that characterized the brand. While the high brow has forever pooh poohed these inexpensive tchotschkes, the black and white photos render the same maligned pieces a certain haunting charm, not unlike that of marionettes and antique automata. Suddenly they have an animate aura, and whatever one's opinion of the specimens, they surely do have something to say about mid-twentieth century material culture. The Cordey China Company was founded in 1942 in Trenton New Jersey by a Polish immigrant who clearly was seeking to capture the charm and style of the old country. The foreedges have some staining, and the leatherette covers have considerable soiling. Otherwise, the photos are crisp and clean. Oblong, 12.5 by 8.5 inches, or 32 by 22 cm. 
Price: 345.00 USD
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8 Daguerrotype Photo of Young Woman with Decorated Morocco Case Featuring Floral Design and Bearing Title of Memory's Leaflet
Leather Spine 
Circa mid-19th Century. 
Price: 425.00 USD
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Early American Gavel
9 Early American Gavel

11 inches. This is an antique gavel, probably from the mid-nineteenth century, used in Northern New England. It is about 11 inches, or 29 cm, long. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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10 Folk Art Miniature Secretary Made of Shells, Faux Book Spines and Marbled Paper and Functioning as a Box
NA Very Good 
Highly unusual, bibliophilic specimen of shell art. N.d., circa late nineteenth century. Dimensions: 14.5 cm tall, 12 cm wide, 8 cm deep. (All dimensions given at their greatest.) The top of the secretary has six typical late nineteenth century, circa 1880, cloth spines behind glass. This is bordered with small shells. The tabletop front or breakfront is also decked with shells, and like the top of the glass backing, has artistically placed ones of different sizes and varieties. The upper sides and the front base are decorated with a lovely Victorian marbled paper. The breakfront opens up like a trunk to be a functional box. A minor losss of paper pastedown on the lower side. A larger shell in the center of the table top may have a tight fracture line. Light wear otherwise. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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Framed Photograph of Connecticut Exhibit at the Centennial Exposition of 1876 in Philadelphia
11 Framed Photograph of Connecticut Exhibit at the Centennial Exposition of 1876 in Philadelphia

14 x 13 inches. This is an original photograph from the 1876 Philadelphia Exposition showing the Connecticut display, which mixed American country furniture, Colonial effects and various hunt paraphernalia, together with Yankee patriotic gewgaws and iconology. The photo looks somewhat overexposed, as was the inevitable consequence of photo techniques then. At base of photo are names of Connecticut officials and legend of the fair. The frame is plain and is itself quite old. More photos available upon request. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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12 Gibraltar Souvenir
Lacquer Boards Very Good 
A mother-of-pearl inlay photo or card album souvenir for Gibraltar from Japan! A true curiosity. The front board has a naive-style illustration of the Rock of Gibraltar and the village at its base made with inlay pieces of mother-of-pearl employed along with painted work on the laccquer. The interior, in contrast, features leaves of color woodblock floral and landscape designs, all quintessential Japanese, with thin, elastic bands in which to secure cards or photos. There are seven free leaves, plus the inside of the outer boards, all so decorated, with none of the slots used. The spine is a faux leather card that is quite convincing, and the rear board is simply black lacquer. The album is 24 by 17 cm. Minor surface losses to the lacquer at corners and a few small spots on rear board. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Handsome Mid-Nineteenth Century Full Leather Folio and Letter and Office Paper Organizer
13 Handsome Mid-Nineteenth Century Full Leather Folio and Letter and Office Paper Organizer
Blindstamped Full Morocco Very Good 
With inscription from 1856. 35 by 23 cm. Black leather blindstamped and gilt ornamented with typical designs of period. Pockets within for Letters Answered, Unanswered and Notes & Addresses and loosely attached notebook of leaves still entirely blank. The front cover also is backed with a pocket bearing no caption, and this, closed, served as a writing surface. Many separate sheets with tracing of various ornament and occasional written notes dating back to the 19th century and probably done by the original owner of the folio. The folio closed with a flap that folds over the front and has a clasp which is still usable but doesn't lock -- there is no surviving key. Considerable wear and rubbing to the leather, but overall still attractive. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Henry Matier & Co. Decorative Folding Handkerchief Box
14 Henry Matier & Co. Decorative Folding Handkerchief Box
NA Very Good Minus 
1860s (stamp on bottom with two 1860s dates), with elaborate cartonnage decoration as common to the period. Closed, the box measures 19.5 by 9 by 6.5 cm. The box opens like a book in the middle to double its width, and each side then has a lid which can be pulled up with a crimson ribbon to reveal the well in which handkerchiefs were kept. The top of the box has a oval centerpiece portrait of an ancient noble or warrior (Cretan? Carthaginian?) rendered in color. Surrounding is a wreath of flowers and seraps, and in each corner is a medallion from various world expositions. When the top is lifted, each of the two box lids within is decorated with a color cameo portrait of a contemporary lady of fashion, and these panels are bordered in a rich gilt band and elaborate curlycue gilt decoration within. Moderate wear to the outside of the box, with small dent or two and trivial tearing of the paper. Soiling of the sides. Within the cartonnage is quite bright and clean. One of the lids is a bit pushed down on one side. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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15 Hungarian Seal Brass Stamper with a Head of a Boy Wearing a Beanie
NA Fine 
A fun tschotschke. N.d., circa 1900. 63 mm tall, stamper 34 mm in diameter. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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J. B. Hirsch Pair of Bookends Woman on Couch Circa 1930
16 J. B. Hirsch Pair of Bookends Woman on Couch Circa 1930

6 inches across, 4.75 inches tall, 5 inches deep. This pair of J. B. bookends has the trademark celluloid detailing of the face and hands. It is, according to Kuritzky, the most authoritative source on bookends, of the greatest rarity, or a 5 on its 5 point scale. Some minor paint loss as per normal, but generally excellent condition. More photos available upon request. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Late Eighteenth Century Fan with Hand-Colored Illustration of a Man in a Feathered Bicon Hat and a Seated Woman in a Yellow Bonnet
17 Late Eighteenth Century Fan with Hand-Colored Illustration of a Man in a Feathered Bicon Hat and a Seated Woman in a Yellow Bonnet
NA Good 
The fan is 16.5 cm tall, and its 18 piece ivory frame stretches to about 30 cm wide. The hand-colored illustration is of a bucolic scene, with a church and pleasure pavilion in the background, trees and bushes in the foreground, and a soldier courting a seated lady in the center. Beneath a gilt ruled edge is neo-classical festooned decoration such as became prevalent in the late nineteenth century -- the style associated with Louis XVI, and also Adams, English Regency, etc. Light soiling of the off-white background and some other wear, but overall, a very well-preseved of a highly decorative pictorial fan. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
18 Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
Leather Spine Fine 
Circa mid-19th Century exquisite box with floral painting, plush velvet inside, leather spine lending appearance of book, with snap or clasp on other side. Photo very well preserved, with ghost-like images of girls. Box is 4 by 3.75 inches. 
Price: 595.00 USD
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Mother-of-Pearl, Paper Mache Album
19 Mother-of-Pearl, Paper Mache Album

N.d., the boards are circa mid-nineteenth century, while the endpapers and blank leaves within are new and fresh. The front board has a magnificent bouquet centerpiece, with a slender gilt border near the perimeter of the boards. The rear board is simply plain black. Rebacked, the album has a beautiful Japanese-style endpaper which while not strictly-speaking of the same period as the decorative boards, complements them spectacularly. The boards have typical minute craquelature, and there are a few very minor spots of surface loss along the edges. Immaculate within. 
Price: 900.00 USD
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Nineteenth Century Maple and Bone Miniature Book Press with Tapestry Decoration
20 Nineteenth Century Maple and Bone Miniature Book Press with Tapestry Decoration
Near Fine 
Very unusual, and beautiful, book press intended for miniature books. N.d., nineteenth century. Dimensions: base is 20 by 10 cm, and with its four rounded legs, it is about 4 cm to top of this base. The two screws that lie onto of the base rise 14.5 cm above the base. One turns the handles to squeeze miniature books between the slabs of wood. The "washers" at the base of the screws are bone rings. In the center of the base top is a rectagularly well, with glass covering decorative tapestry. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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