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1 "Spider Web" Valentine of Soldier Courting Woman in Bonnet
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1830. One pulls a string in the center of the courting scene reveals the couple blissfully reading together. The outer scene is hand-colored, while the underlying scene is not colored. Underneath are eight lines of sentimental verse. The card measures 25 by 20 cm. Moderate soiling to the card, which now also has crease lines where it was once folded. 
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"Spider Web" Valentine With Tab Pull, to Hugh O'Brien
2 "Spider Web" Valentine With Tab Pull, to Hugh O'Brien
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1850. Usually the cobweb is pulled with a string, but here one uses a decorative tab instead. Underneath is a handsome courting couple in a bucolic setting. The card is semi-homemade, with an gilt angel and three small gilt rings pasted on and the words, "You are the one for me", among other things, added. The border has elaborate relief lacework decoration. The card is of modest dimensions, measuring 18 by 12 cm. It has minor soiling. Most importantly, the intricate cobweb is in pristine condition. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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"State Caterpillars, or Members of the Plot Club." [together with] An Account of the Proceedings Against Her Majesty Queen Caroline . . . Bound Collection of Caricature Cards Inspired by the Divorce Trial of George the Fourth and Queen Caroline
3 "State Caterpillars, or Members of the Plot Club." [together with] An Account of the Proceedings Against Her Majesty Queen Caroline . . . Bound Collection of Caricature Cards Inspired by the Divorce Trial of George the Fourth and Queen Caroline
London J. Turner 1820 Full Sprinkled Sheep Near Fine 
The principal item in this set is a bound collection of 24 hand-colored caricature cards that were inspired by the divorce proceedings brought by George the Fourth against his wife, Queen Caroline. The trial and its ignominious lead-up of libels, charges and counter-charges, was a scandal of the day that today would have produced endless fodder for the tabloids and would certainly now be dubbed, "the trial of the century" or "the divorce of the century." Because it involved the king, the trial was held in the House of Lords, which ultimately rebuffed the king's petition. Caroline, though, passed away in xxx shortly after the trial. The divorce was 
Price: 4000.00 USD
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4 "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Produced for the First Time in Great Britain on Monday Evening August 14th, 1922 at the Palace Theatre, London Souvenir of Publicity August 5th to August 20th 1922
London 1922 Quarter Morocco, Cloth boards Very Good 
Unusual scrapbook prepared for movie mogul of the silent era. Folio, 37 by 27 cm. 33 leaves with content (66 pp), with a few blank leaves. The scrapbook consists of photographs and many newspaper clippings all relating to the London roll-out of the Rudolph Valentino movie, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", which was the top money-making movie of 1921. The movie, based on the Vincente Blasco Ibanez novel, would be remade in 1962. The first version catapulted Valentino to major stardom and turned him into the screen's foremost Latin Lover. It also greatly popularized the tango outside of Argentina. Also starring in the movie were Wallace Beery and Alice Terry. The scrapbook or album was prepared on behalf of Marcus Loew, the theater chain magnate and a founder of MGM, which was formed through merger three years later, who admitted to not caring for the movie, before the money started rolling in. As a document, the scrapbook captures in a concentrated manner the nature of movie publicity in the early twenties, at a time that the movie industry was taking the form of an actual industry. Leaves are of heavy card. A gilt printed title page, with a modern outer binding. Some photos with corner creases and minor edge loss. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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5 "The Vanderbilt System" for Shippers and Travellers between the Atlantic Seaboard and the West, Northwest and Southwest. 1887
New York F. B. Miller 1887 First Edition Thus Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Oblong, 22 by 30 cm. [3], 112, [2], 21 pp. Eight photographic plates, including two of the original Grand Central Station, completed in 1871, and the remainder of Niagara Falls, which the New York Central promoted successfully as a tourist destination to augment ticket sales. Many other illustrations of tourist points of interest along the various railroad routes, plus ads with illustrations of hotel accommodations and the like. One folding map of New York State and its railroad lines. The emphasis of the book is on the New York Central, its trunk line and subsidiary lines between New York and Chicago, but the last section of the book is devoted to the Boston & Albany Railroad Department, which was a major route then. The contents, besides the extensive tourist information, includes information about the businesses themselves, their history, their leadership and corporate organization, and many advertisements for hotels, financial services, railroad cars, miscellaneous furnishings and dry goods. One ad features a touch of color printing. This publication is something of a hybrid, intended to function as both a promotion and a reference. Given its ephemeral nature, it is an uncommon title. Hinges repaired. Soiling and wear to the green cloth binding. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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"Violets." A Calendar 1898
6 "Violets." A Calendar 1898
Boston L. Prang & Co. 1897 First Edition Wraps Near Fine 
Oblong, 9.5 by 17.5 cm. Five cards bound with ribbon from above. Three months per card below title card. Varied violet ornamentation on each card. Light soiling of top, title card, and on back of bottom card. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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100 Best Posters 1949
7 100 Best Posters 1949
Chicago Outdoor Advertising Asociation of America, Inc. 1949 Card. Spiral. Near Fine 
Folio, 23.5 by 25 cm. 50 pp. Full of period advertising poster art, three examples per page generally, with a few pages in the rear presenting ten ads per page. The winning ad, awarded to a Ford ad, is shown in color, as are the second and third place awards; the remainder are rendered in black and white. In this edition of this annual, the posters are presented by industry category: automobile, food products, beers, wines and liquors, gasoline and oil, etc., with first, second and third awards in each category -- a mark of the growing maturity, or bloat, of the advertising industry. Nine pages of text about the competition, the exhibit and a discussion of poster layout. Overall, a handsome record of advertising art from the late forties. A clean and fresh copy, with signs of only light use. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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8 A Collection of 43 Hand-Drawn and Painted Envelopes
Binder Very Good Plus 
This is a completely unique set of original watercolored and/or ink drawings all sent to an Ella L. Anderson between 1938 and 1956, often around various holidays. The artwork appears to be from many different hands, but all are minimally competent in their execution and many are much more than that, imaginative in their conception, and funny or charming in their rendering. There are a few Santas and an Easter bunny, but then the range of characters is quite broad, from Noir-ish vamp to a senorita, gossiping ladies with big derriers, a gangly cartoon character like a Beetle Bailey, etc. The recipient was born in 1882. If one were to conjecture what was going on, it is that she was a much loved art teacher, and these letters were sent to her by her former students. But that is only a guess. 
Price: 1350.00 USD
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A Tale of the Larkin Soaps.
9 A Tale of the Larkin Soaps. "The Cautauqua Desk"
NA FIne 
N.d., circa 1900. A shaped sales circular, with a picture of a desk lined with books on several shelves. An interesting triple joint promotion -- for soap, a desk and employment! 19 by 21.5 cm when the folding card is open. On the inside is a two page story and sales pitch to potential sales people. Larkin was seeking direct sellers, and the story conclusion is that if you sell for them, you can earn enough to buy the desk. 
Price: 85.00 USD
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A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup.  Breastypes!  What's Yours?
10 A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup. Breastypes! What's Yours?
Wraps Very Good 
Scarce male objectifier's glossary! Unsurprisingly, no copies located anywhere. No publication information whatsoever, as standard with racy or pornographic ephemera. N.d., circa 1940s, based on hairstyles to some degree. 10 by 8 cm. 22 pp., including wraps. Funny, some might say also offensive, labeling of different shapes and sizes of women's breasts. We have the "hot water bottles", 'ukeleles", "full moons", "cup cakes", and onward -- twenty in all. Also taking aim at various female types. Like it or abhor it, this is a genuine relic of mid-20th century burlesque-like culture, and we suspect in fact that this might have been a souvenir from a sleazy theater showcasing ecdysiastic cheesecake and ribald comedians. 
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A Whiff from Hell.  "How to Build up the Saloon Business."
11 A Whiff from Hell. "How to Build up the Saloon Business."
NA Very Good 
A pro-Prohibition, anti-alcohol card which would have been passed on perhaps on the street by Temperance activists around 1900. N.d., circa 1900, based on the photo of four boys, probably brothers, in a line from youngest to eldest, on one side. The card's point is that the alcohol industry is attempting to seduce young boys into its fold in order to secure a market for their product in the future. On the flip side of the photo is presented a long excerpt from a speech supposedly given at a meeting of teh State Liquor Dealers of Ohio advocating that they do "missionary work" among boys to turn them into future drinkers. "Above all things create appetite," the speech exhorts. Small tear. 
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ABC Jingles
12 ABC Jingles
Syracuse, NY G. C. Hanford Manufacturing Co. 1920 First Edition Wraps Good 
16mo. 14.5 by 11 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp. including wraps. Hanford sold a Balsam Myrrh product which it pushed as an all-purpose salve for horses, livestock and humans. In this ABC, each letter is accompanied by a color illustration and four lines of doggeril touting a particular use or benefit of the product. There are two illustrations per page, each with a cartoonish character, showing the influence of the newspaper comic strip. Soiling and several abrasions to the front and rear of the wraps. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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Adventures of Benjamin F. Bear
13 Adventures of Benjamin F. Bear
New York Lord & Taylor Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa early to mid-1940s. (Reference to Office of Price Administration, which existed between 1941 and 1947, and references to "Admiral Byrd Cloth", among other things, suggest the earlier part of this period.) 30 by 14 cm. Unpaginated, 24 pp. including wrap covers. Scarce, with no copies appearing on OCLC FirstServe. Loosely strung story about a cute cub who decides not to hibernate so that he can find out what autumn and winter are like in New York City, and all the fun he has as a result. On the rectos is narrated the story, while on the facing versos junior fashion items are illustrated and described, with the descriptions sometimes making allusion to the accompanying story. This was from a time when children in the city were dressed up in city clothes like miniature adults, and even play clothes, in which children could be children, had a certain flair that has largely vanished from our fashion scene. The illustration of both the children's fashion and the bear story are done in what can only be described as the breezy Lord & Taylor signature style, which was a perfect expression of the upscale department specialty store's image of comfortable elegance. At the time, this look was new, introduced by retail legend Dorothy Shaver, the first female president of a major retail chain. The story of the bear is not to be confused with a more recent, somewhat similar story with almost the same title. The story here may not be anyone's idea of sublime juvenile fiction -- it was probably written by a member of the store's marketing staff or its advertising agency -- but it does capture a moment in our culture very well indeed. Corner chips on the wraps. Darkening of the cover. Generally clean within. 
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Advertisement for Hong Kong Tea Warehouse Eighth Avenue, N.W. Cor. 18th St., with two humorous caricature plates:  What is home without a mother-in-law? What is home without a mother?
14 Advertisement for Hong Kong Tea Warehouse Eighth Avenue, N.W. Cor. 18th St., with two humorous caricature plates: What is home without a mother-in-law? What is home without a mother?
NA Good 
N.d., circa mid-19th century. 12.5 by 9 cm, when folded, with four pages, two with details about the Tea Warehouse and its price list, two with the humorous illustrations of domestic unpleasantries when a husband must fend for himself with a mother-in-law and a child being mercilessly spanked when there is no mother to succor him. Soiled, with creases and two closed tears. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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After Dinner Tricks & Puzzles With Your Seal Brand Coffee
15 After Dinner Tricks & Puzzles With Your Seal Brand Coffee
Boston presumed Chase & Sanborn 1896 Brochure Near Fine 
12mo. 12.5 by 9 cm. 12 pp., plus wraps. Various tricks or puzzles, many using matches, but also herring, eggs, coins, hankies, wine glasses, etc., with answer key to puzzles set forth on the inside of the wraps. Handsome chromo illustration on cover, front and back. 
Price: 60.00 USD
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16 Album of Chinese Paper Cut-outs
Silk pasted onto boards, bound together with strin Fine 
N.d., circa early to mid-twentieth century. 20 pp., with a paper cut-out on every page. On the recto is a cut-out with color fabric intricately cut to fill in the gaps and enliven the images of people. On the verso is the more classic silhouette or shadow image cut-out of buildings, trees, small human figures and animals. The images are diminuitive in size, only filling a small corner of the oblong pages, which measure 10.5 by 7 inches, or 27 by 18 cm, other than the first page in which two birds flank a pretty abstract centerpiece. The art, of course, is in part the miniaturization, which requires lapidary skill, and we revel in the beauty and cogency of the imagery reduced to so small a scale. The album also is really more than the sum of its parts and exercises a cumulative effect on its admirer. Clean throughout. 
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Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
17 Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 13 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp., with a photo of a nude, or sparingly clad, woman or girl on every page. The photos would appear to have been from the teens, when the vamp (think Theda Bara) was at its apogee in terms of erotic appeal. Many of the women are lolling as if in a harem. They are generally bedizened with jewels, but what garments they have on is of a see-through sheer fabric. Most of the women can be described as voluptuous in their carriage -- the twenties ideal of slender had not yet taken hold. And their hair-styles are generally quite thick and full, as characterized the pre-bob 20th century. They ooze, though, an unabashed, uninhibited sexuality, sometimes dangerous, with the shackles of Victorian scruples cast aside. Stylistically one can also see the influence of the Germanic Jugendstil in their jewels and their decadent air. The photos look as if they were cut from magazines and possibly were later copies, although we will note that the back of the one we could inspect was blank. 
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18 Album of Origami and Chromolithographic Imagery, Roses on Cover
Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880s. 16 pages, plus cover, with the artful combination of origami paper folding and chromolithographic die cuts to create pages of artfully arranged imagery, or combining the two media into a single pictorial image. While such albums were not that at all uncommon, this one is done with singular neatness and what would seem an intuitive aesthetic sense that results in ineffably delightful juxtapositions. A good amount of the paper work involves a weaving of two different colors of paper, and this can lend an abstract element to the picture created as well. Some of the imagery is religious in nature, with a crucifx at the center of the first page, but most is quite secular and pretty, with many children populating the imagery. Images include one of Bismarck, a Japanese girl or young woman in a kimono. eighteenth century clad children, a martini glass, and one photograph of a girl. The book is 8 by 6.5 inches in its dimensions. 
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19 Album of Red Chinese Paper Cut-outs
Silk pasted onto boards, bound together with strin Fine 
N.d., circa early twentieth century. 20 pp., with classic red paper cut-out on every page, almost all very intricate and capturing a picturesque aspect of Chinese life or imagery. The imagery never occupies more than half of the page, which measures 10 by 6.5 inches, 26 by 16 cm, but it is in the miniaturization that lies much of the art, and we can but marvel at the lapidary skill of the craftsman or artist responsible for the silhouettes created. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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20 Album of Taste and Fashion and Book of Commercial & General Information Golden Guide to London
London George Hennelle 1877 Decorated Blindstamped Cloth Very Good 
Folio-sized, 40 by 31 cm. 73 leaves are numbered (not pages), followed by an almost equal number not accordingly numbered. This is the antithesis of a pocket tourist guide, and not just in size. While the part that is not overtly paid-for advertisements is full of useful information, the size and heft of the book meant that it was more likely to be a courtesy reference one might have found at hotels or on ships, or perhaps as a souvenir for the visitor. The reference part has all the expected useful information -- hotels, restaurants, transportation info, sights, museums, neighborhood descriptions, and many text illustrations -- but it is the often splashy ads that probably stood out then, and stand out now. These form the greater part of devoted to "Fine Arts", "Shipping Intelligence", "Champagne and Cognac", and "Plans of London Theatres". In the first of these, there are numerous full page ads for photography studios, often with a specimen of their work. The champagne section is full of mounted color printed labels. The last section has pictorial diagrams of many theatres still standing today. There are plenty of other flamboyant ads in the first part of the book for almost anything conceivable, from clothes to pool tables to lawn mowers, sometimes with mounted chromolithographic illustrations. Wear to the red decorative cloth. Repair to the front joint. Clean within. 
Price: 1600.00 USD
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