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1 Chain Necklace with Small Marble Book-Shaped Ornament

Circa 1900 piece of jewelry, tasteful and lovely charm for the book-lover. The marble piece is a little over 1/2 inches tall, or 2 cm, and the necklace weighs 2 ounces. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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2 Daguerrotype Photo of Young Woman with Decorated Morocco Case Featuring Floral Design and Bearing Title of Memory's Leaflet
Leather Spine 
Circa mid-19th Century. 
Price: 425.00 USD
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3 Faux Book Cardboard Box with Alligator Skin Patterned Spine, Marbled Paper Boards and Fore-edges and Red Morocco Corners
Paper pastedowns on boards Very Good 
N.d., mid- to late nineteenth century. The marbled papers are high Victorian and clearly have age. The box measures 6.5 by 5.5 by 1.25 inches, 17 by 14 by 3.5 cm. Some light wear. Interior lined with pink paper. Attractive and still usable for the storage of whatever. 
Price: 145.00 USD
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4 Folk Art Miniature Secretary Made of Shells, Faux Book Spines and Marbled Paper and Functioning as a Box
NA Very Good 
Highly unusual, bibliophilic specimen of shell art. N.d., circa late nineteenth century. Dimensions: 14.5 cm tall, 12 cm wide, 8 cm deep. (All dimensions given at their greatest.) The top of the secretary has six typical late nineteenth century, circa 1880, cloth spines behind glass. This is bordered with small shells. The tabletop front or breakfront is also decked with shells, and like the top of the glass backing, has artistically placed ones of different sizes and varieties. The upper sides and the front base are decorated with a lovely Victorian marbled paper. The breakfront opens up like a trunk to be a functional box. A minor losss of paper pastedown on the lower side. A larger shell in the center of the table top may have a tight fracture line. Light wear otherwise. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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5 Full Morocco Card Case with Blindstamped and Painted Floral Decoration
Full Morocco Good 
N.d., circa mid-19th century. Measuring 10 by 7.5 by 1 1/8 cm, this is a classic card case with two narrow compartments plus tiny pen holder revealed when the top lid is pulled off. One narrow compartment contains a stiff card of an ivory or ivory-like material which was used for erasable pencil notes. Both sides of it are filled with what appear to be very old shopping lists. No pen remains. The decoration on the leather is an ornate Rococo design of leaf shapes, flower shoots, a basket and rope drops. The same design appears on both sides. The spine has a more Renaissance Revival design. The color of the ornamentation is faded, but it still reads as being a colorful contrast to the dark leather and balances out the gilt. Heavy wear and rubbing to the leather along the edges and extremities. Still, though, a handsome case. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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6 Miniature Box with Image of Mary and Baby Jesus on Top
Metal Very Good 
Circa 1900, this is a small tin pill box, measuring 1.5 inches or 4 cm tall. The top is decorated with a crowned mother and crowned child in her lap aloft a cloud, and thus suggestive of Mary and the infant Jesus. The image, which is covered by a clear plastic material, is probably produced by color lithography or chromolithography, but it is impossible to be sure without removal of the covering. It is framed by gilded tin, it would appear. The spine has simple decoration and bands of indentations. The whole thing bears a convincing resemblance to a miniature book, but it opens to a hallow space for storage. The metal has darkened with age and there is a hint of rust on the sides. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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7 Miniature Daguerreotype of Handsome Young Man Housed in a Paper Mache Mother-of-Pearl Case
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1850s, based on dress -- the young man's neckwear. The case measures 53 by 45 mm, the photo not covered by the frame, 33 by 29 mm. Missing an oval piece on the front. This is not overly conspicuous, and otherwise, the case and photo are in lovely condition. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
8 Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
Leather Spine Fine 
Circa mid-19th Century exquisite box with floral painting, plush velvet inside, leather spine lending appearance of book, with snap or clasp on other side. Photo very well preserved, with ghost-like images of girls. Box is 4 by 3.75 inches. 
Price: 595.00 USD
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9 Music Box Cigarette Dispenser with Decoration of Two Shelves Lined with Books
Japan NA Fine 
Fifties Modern kitsch, once known as "Japanese junk". 12 cm tall, 11.5 cm wide, 11 cm deep, it passes as a wooden cube, with a lit cigarette painted onto the lower front, and two shelves of dollhouse sized wooden books above. When one presses a button, up pops a terrier who dispenses with a cigarette. One loads the contraption with cigarettes by lifting a front lid atop. A fun piece that goes perfectly with Fifties Modern, the rage in the vintage and antique decorating world. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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10 Row of Bookstore Dummy Books with Autograph Inscription by John Galsworthy Book Covers for Display, by Ubert Urquhart, 60 West 10th Street, N.Y.City
1938 Cloth Spines. Very Good 
The Galsworthy inscription is to Frank Case: "From an (?) old friend and fellow Elk John Galsworthy". N.d., but almost certainly 1938 or the year after, since two of the spines are for novels first appearing in 1938, with others, including the Galsworthy Forsyte Saga, a little earlier. Seven spines in all, all for real books, and all now forgotten or obscure excepting Galsworthy's "The Forsyte Saga". One might assume that this was a bookshop promotional tool (it couldn't be for a publisher since each volume had a different publisher), but Ubert Urquhart appears to have been a salesman and executive at the Aeolian Co., a manufacturer of organs and pianos, and so rather this was probably made to lend atmosphere to a music showroom. How Galsworthy came to inscribe it is a mystery. The false front row of books, which are backed by a thick board, measures 31 cm wide, 19.5 cm tall, and 13 cm deep. The titles represented are Wootton's "Plan or No Plan", "The Forsyte Saga, Vol I, The Nobel Prize Edition, Scribner's", Law's "Modern Essays and Stories", Cross' "Eden on a Country Road", Kilduff's "The Private Secretary", Bower's "The Curriculum of Religious Education", and Owen's "Sunrise by Request". Moderate wear. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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Sewing Kit Shaped like a Miniature Book:  "Think of me when far away"
11 Sewing Kit Shaped like a Miniature Book: "Think of me when far away"
Velvet Near Fine 
N.d., circa mid to late 19th century. With Sheffield Prize needles. Chromo plate of juvenile shooters. Plaid decoration used within. 3 x 2 inches, 700 by 550 mm. 1 ou. 
Price: 295.00 USD
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Silver Pin with Floral Enamel Centerpiece
12 Silver Pin with Floral Enamel Centerpiece

Circa 1900 piece of silver jewelry, tasteful and lovely charm for the book-lover. The inside of the book has two oval frames in which keepsake photos of loved ones were to be placed. These frames are presently empty. The pin itself is attached to be the back of a ribbon-shaped ornament from which the faux book is suspended. The faux book is less than an inch in height (or about 2.25 cm) and worn, from the top of the ribbon to the base of the book, the piece is about 1.5 inches. It weighs less than an ounce. 
Price: 90.00 USD
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13 Traveling globe inkwell
Circa Late 19th Century Good 
Measures 1.5 inches in diameter, or 4 cm. Some soiling and losses to paper here and there, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere. Otherwise decently preserved inside and out and xxxxtremely rare. 
Price: 475.00 USD
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Vienna Bronze Book Box
14 Vienna Bronze Book Box
Very Good Plus 
Circa 1900 Vienna Bronze box, ornately decorated in Renaissance style on front and bottom. Very unique item, not typical of Vienna foundries. And except when actually handle, this box passes very convincingly as a book. Photos describe far better than words. Measures 6 by 4 inches, 2.25 inches thick, or 15 by 11 cm, 6 cm thick. Weighs over 2 lbs. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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15 [Faux Book Bank] Book in Thrift VIII

Issued by the Binghamton Savings Bank, Binghamton, N.Y. and bearing the Roman imperial figure similar to that on a silver dollar of the day. The bottom edge indicates that the box was made or sold by the Bankers Utilities Co. and was patented in July, 1923, and the ornamental styling on the boards of the box are very much Art Deco-ish such as one sees in the imposing bank buildings of the era. This is an eye-catching faux book, with this ornamentation and the red leather field. To open a key was used. (No key remains.) 4.5 by 3.5 inches in size. Some minor edgewear. 
Price: 165.00 USD
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16 [Faux Book Box] Forth and Clyde Navigation by Smeaton, Brindley, Watt & Others
Quarter calf. Marbled paper pastedown on boards. Very Good 
N.d. The title of the book of which this box plays off and which was probably gutted to make this box is from the 18th century. We would surmise the box itself was made in the early 20th century. The box's dimensions are 32 by 23 cm, and 5.5 cm thick. The box has linen paper pasted down to the inside, and its capacious interior is ideal for stockpiling papers. Condition: calf spine heavily scuffed, and it has stains. Marbled paper on boards is sunned, and somewhat rubbed. The box as a box is fully functional. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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[Faux Books] Deskset Set of Four Faux Books, All with a Full Faux Morocco Binding, and Fitting onto a Matching Inclined Bookshelf
17 [Faux Books] Deskset Set of Four Faux Books, All with a Full Faux Morocco Binding, and Fitting onto a Matching Inclined Bookshelf
Germany Full Faux Morocco (Paper pastedown) Near Fine 
Handsome desk set of faux books! N.d., circa 1900. Each volume is a near miniature, measuring 8 by 6 cm. With the bookcase, the height of the set is 11 cm, and the width of the case is also 11 cm. The volumes' red spine labels say "Stamps", "Pins and Clips", "Erasers" and "Rubber Bands". The set may or may not have come with these utility supplies, but the volumes are now empty boxes. It is the ensemble, with the matching inclined bookshelf, that makes this such an appealing antique item. The faux leather mimics the texture of a thick morocco rather well. Setting off the borders of the volumes boards, as well as the side edges of the bookshelf, are bands of gilt vine decoration. Corners minimally bumped. Light wear generally. 
Price: 385.00 USD
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[Faux Books] Deskset Set of Six Faux Books, with a classic Art Deco period bucolic cottage image spanning all the spines, and a dedicated bookrest for the set
18 [Faux Books] Deskset Set of Six Faux Books, with a classic Art Deco period bucolic cottage image spanning all the spines, and a dedicated bookrest for the set
Boston Dennison Mfg. Company Paper pastedown on card stock boxes Near Fine 
Handsome desk set of faux books! N.d., circa 1940-1942, based on the quintessential image, one represented in paper catalogues of that date. Each volume is a miniature, measuring 6 by 4 cm. The bookcase is 14.5 cm across, 7.5 cm tall and 7 cm deep. Each faux book box is given a volume number and title: Vol. I, Gummed Labels, Vol. II, Rubber Bands, Vol. III, Gummed Patches, Vol. IV, Key Tags, Vol. V, Paper Clips, and Vol. VI, Stamp Container. The boxes open like matchbooks, and all of them are full with what appears their original content other than the Gummed Patches and Stamp Container boxes, which are empty. It is the ensemble, with the matching inclined bookshelf, that makes this such an appealing antique item. See Dubansky, "Blooks", p. 66. The design was introduced in "What's Next" published by Dennison, July/August 1940 and featured in their catalogue for 1942A few dings and other minor wear to the boxes. As a whole entity, near fine. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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[Faux Books][Folk Art Mechanical Toy Book] Holy Bible
19 [Faux Books][Folk Art Mechanical Toy Book] Holy Bible
Wood boards. Very Good 
Highly unusual fun piece of folk art, with the "Bible" springing up with the touch of a lever. Most definitely one-of-a-kind! N.d., circa 1900, possibly earlier. In size, like a 4to. 33 by 25 cm, 14 cm thick. The bible resembles an early 19th century leather bible. Here, though, the boards and sides are of wood, with the spine a heavy cloth which is painted to look like leather, and with the paint looks not unlike a paper mache composition. The snap is on the fore-edge, with the metal lever on the top. All sides are painted in gilt. Moderate wear throughout, as befitting an old heirloom bible. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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20 [Faux Book] Attractive Dummy Book with Green Morocco Spine and Marbled Paper Boards and Edges
N.d., modern -- probably late 20th Century. The faux book is entirely decorative -- it strangely doesn't open to be usable as a box. With gilt ruling to define spine bands and a simple tulip device in the spine compartments. Measuring 10.5 by 7 cm, and 3.5 thick. 
Price: 40.00 USD
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