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"State Caterpillars, or Members of the Plot Club." [together with] An Account of the Proceedings Against Her Majesty Queen Caroline . . . Bound Collection of Caricature Cards Inspired by the Divorce Trial of George the Fourth and Queen Caroline
1 "State Caterpillars, or Members of the Plot Club." [together with] An Account of the Proceedings Against Her Majesty Queen Caroline . . . Bound Collection of Caricature Cards Inspired by the Divorce Trial of George the Fourth and Queen Caroline
London J. Turner 1820 Full Sprinkled Sheep Near Fine 
The principal item in this set is a bound collection of 24 hand-colored caricature cards that were inspired by the divorce proceedings brought by George the Fourth against his wife, Queen Caroline. The trial and its ignominious lead-up of libels, charges and counter-charges, was a scandal of the day that today would have produced endless fodder for the tabloids and would certainly now be dubbed, "the trial of the century" or "the divorce of the century." Because it involved the king, the trial was held in the House of Lords, which ultimately rebuffed the king's petition. Caroline, though, passed away in xxx shortly after the trial. The divorce was 
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A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup.  Breastypes!  What's Yours?
2 A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup. Breastypes! What's Yours?
Wraps Very Good 
Scarce male objectifier's glossary! Unsurprisingly, no copies located anywhere. No publication information whatsoever, as standard with racy or pornographic ephemera. N.d., circa 1940s, based on hairstyles to some degree. 10 by 8 cm. 22 pp., including wraps. Funny, some might say also offensive, labeling of different shapes and sizes of women's breasts. We have the "hot water bottles", 'ukeleles", "full moons", "cup cakes", and onward -- twenty in all. Also taking aim at various female types. Like it or abhor it, this is a genuine relic of mid-20th century burlesque-like culture, and we suspect in fact that this might have been a souvenir from a sleazy theater showcasing ecdysiastic cheesecake and ribald comedians. 
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Album of Original Pen-and-Ink Victorian Caricature and Cartoons
3 Album of Original Pen-and-Ink Victorian Caricature and Cartoons
England 1879 Half Calf, pebbled cloth Very Good 
Circa 1879. One illustration near the end of the album is dated 1879, and so we assume they all come from that date, or a few years prior or after. Oblong, 15 by 24 cm. 25 pp. with fine, even brilliant, pen-and-ink caricatures and cartoons. The work is unquestionably of professional quality, but there are no signatures or other indicia of authorship. The style would have fit right in with "Punch", and one can see a kinship with Tenniel or DuMaurier, to name two of the best known contributors to that humor magazine. Here the heads are often oversized atop miniaturized bodies. The artist reveled in detail, with niceties of dress and appurtenances meticulously rendered. Emotion and expression are very skillfully etched onto the characters' faces. Caricatured are readily recognized types, as opposed to well-known politicians and celebrities. Whether dandies, socialities, domestics, swains, scalawags, hypocrites; whether haughty, high-strung, demure, straight or crooked, these are figures very specific to their time and place, yet one need not exercise too much imagination to extrapolate them to a more timeless, universal cast of characters. The artwork represented here can be divided into character studies, standalone funny cartoon, and finally, multi-cell or interconnected group of drawings, with a few of the pages fitting into more than one category. A number of the cartoons have captions, but these are almost superfluous -- the drawings tell their story effectively without words. The humor contained in the captions can now come off as obscure, even when one understands its point-of-reference. Some of the cartoons are unquestionably Rascist, showing black people as savages or preposterous grown children or imposters. On a more positive note, we can select from almost any of the drawings for a slightly in depth description, but we will single out one entitled "The Great International Ass Show at Kilburn". In this cartoon, we have six anthorpormorphic donkeys representing different types, such as the Imperialist Bully, the Fashion Noodle and the Strike Dolt. One might have to see the drawings to fully appreciate their quality; let it just be said that one would have to be humorless and thick-skulled not to be tickled and delighted by these variations on a theme. From the library of Ronald Searle, the great English 20th century cartoonist. Rebacked. Rubbed coerners, with a chip in lower rear. Clean within. 
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4 All'Ombra della Torre Per la Patria e Per il Re. XXXIII Corso di Complemento
1935 Wraps Very Good 
Oblong, 24 by 34 cm. 132 pp. Caricatures and humorous primarily about the Italian navy but venturing into other areas as well, including music and sport, inasmuch as touch naval officers and enlistees. Wraps are foxed, title page as well in margins. Otherwise, generally clean. Quite scarce. 
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Cartoons of the Great War.  World War One Album of Colorful Cartoons and Caricatures, possibly by a P.O.W.
5 Cartoons of the Great War. World War One Album of Colorful Cartoons and Caricatures, possibly by a P.O.W.
1914(?)-1915/6 Hardcover Very Good 
8vo. 22.5 by 18 cm. 270 pp., almost all with one or more colorfully painted cartoons and caricatures depicting the early part of World War One, beginning in 1914 and possibly all the way through 1915. The album was made with a notebook with ruled lined paper. On most pages, the lines have been covered over, and are at most barely visible. One of the specific events alluded to is the sinking of the Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy by one German submarine, an event which occurred in September, 1914. The sinking of the Lusitania and chemical warfare are alluded to well into the album, which brings the album into the middle of 1915. It is possible the album runs into 1916 but not by much. The jingoistic, and non-subtle analysis manifest in the cartoons, does not give way to a weariness, a questioning, or disillusionment which would certainly have asserted itself later on in the war. The cover has a raised title, not fully legible anymore; from what can be made out, it was probably "Cartoons of the Great War". The identity of the artist is unknown; we were told he was a P.O.W., but there is no concrete evidence corroborating this and the assertion may be unverifiable. Other than the hearsay, support for the hypothesis, for that is what it is to us, comes from the unconventional materials used to produce the album. The paints used are not what someone with such an abiding interest in artwork would have chosen if he had the freedom to do so, but in a P.O.W. camp the artist would settle for what was on hand. The media used to paint the cartoons are various, but most unusual is the heavy use of an oil paint, or a house paint, which was frequently employed as a background, probably in part to blot out evidence that the artwork was applied to a lined notepaper. If these cartoons were done in a P.O.W. camp, the artist had to have been captured at the very outset of the war. Many of the cartoons are not really tied in to day-to-day events, but rather personalize and personify the war into a few stock characters -- the Kaiser, his sidekick of a fictional youthful son named Willie (the Crown Prince was named Wilhelm, but by the time of the war he was not only in his thirties, but also quite unlike this fictional incarnation), a lion representing Britain, John Bull, Uncle Sam, etc. -- who play things out in a Manichaean burlesque. And in this framework the bad guys are repeatedly bested, humbled and humiliated in the satisfying manner of animated cartoon villains. These simplifications are to some extent the diet everyone is fed during wartime, but would it not seem especially consistent with someone who might have been fed limited, and often, misleading information, by an enemy captor, and as an exercise by the artist to bolster his own and his colleagues' spirits? Yet one can not rule out that the album was kept by a soldier in the trenches, where too, the choice of artist’s tools one would expect to have been limited. Throughout the album the artist mines national stereotypes for humor, just as one would expect during wartime, and also during an era with few taboos in such patronizing merriment. Targets include Turkey, or the Ottoman Empire, and Austria-Hungary, as well as Germany. The cartoon captions can be obscure, their humor, lost on us; at times, we suspect, the captions might have come across as heavy-handed or clumsy even back when. Yet it should also be pointed out that much of the time the cartoons make their point with non-literal allegory in very clever ways. The imagery, unlike some of the text, holds up wonderfully well, and it is that we can feast on. One does not really have to know anything about the war, nor have an interest in the war, to enjoy the fancifulness and verve of the pictures. There are cartoons that refer to a channel tunnel, chemical gas warfare, Sinn Fein, Lord Kitchener, von Hindenburg, and on and on. Some of the best work is of caricatures of the leading figures in the war other than the Kaiser; or of the artist’s lampoons of alleged German cartoons; or a number of funny pieces that do not have a direct connection to the war. That said, a considerable amount of the album’s impact is cumulative, and it is the totality of creative energy and vision that make this album so special. The spine is somewhat cocked. The text block juts out a quarter inch from the binding. The binding is scuffed and has moderate to heavy wear. One leaf loose. A few leaves with minor damage. Very Good. Hardcover. 
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6 Cataleg del 1er Salo D'Humoristes 1933
Barcelona 1933 Wraps Very Good 
[62] pp. With colored pictorial wrapper cover. A profusely illustrated (line drawings) catalogue of the inaugural exhibition of a local association of humorists at the Galeria Emporium. 30 pages reproduce cartoons, with other leaves mostly devoted to a list of the artists and their works, with a few short textual humor riffs. Among the subjects lampooned are the battle of the sexes, politics, and the many indignities of modern life. The text is rendered in Catalan, not standard Spanish. One need not have a command of either language, though, to understand and chuckle at the rather broad visual humor, much of it racy and carnal. Scarce, with the only copy located on OCLC held at the Biblioteca de Cataluna. Wrappers are soiled. Pencil marks scattered through pages, which are heavily age toned. 
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Did you Ring Sir?   Ring yes I did.  Vot do you mean by this here.  bring us a Three Prong'd For do --
7 Did you Ring Sir? Ring yes I did. Vot do you mean by this here. bring us a Three Prong'd For do --
Satiric hand-colored print of a restaurant and rough looking men and a plump waitress. N.d., early to mid nineteenth century, unsigned. Loosely racist humor. The print itself is oblong, 10 by 15 cm., and with mat, 28 by 35.5 cm. 
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8 Het Toppunt der Beschaving [Raemaekers Cartoons] Derde Serie,
Amsterdam 1914- 
Six installments, with each installment including 12 folio-sized cartoons, in addition to front cover of the wraps bound in and a smaller vignette on the rear. Captions are generally rendered in Dutch, French and English (always English), not that captions are generally needed to make the point. Ramaeker employed broad strokes in his chalkwork reminiscent of Daumier. His style was perfect for the depiction of brutes, the faceless victims and masses, the pathetic, the macabre! The cover art uses a little shadowy color -- otherwise, the images are black and white. The folio is 15 by 11 inches. The leaves have some waviness that had to have been caused by exposure to moisture. There is light dampstaining to some of the leaves. A few leaves have chunks of paper loss in the margins, and elsewhere some paper surface has been abraded. The images are almost all clean, and while Raemaekers' cartoons are not so hard to come by, they are rare in this original, large and dramatic format! 
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How do ye do Thomas -- Pretty well tank ee - excust my Glove, Masta William
9 How do ye do Thomas -- Pretty well tank ee - excust my Glove, Masta William
Satiric hand-colored print of liveried black servant shaking the hand of a tall, thin, elderly aristocrat. N.d., early to mid nineteenth century, unsigned. Loosely racist humor. The print itself is oblong, 10 by 15 cm., and with mat, 28 by 35.5 cm. 
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I be just com'd to the catastrophe.  [With sign] Whereas this cliff is very dangerous.  Drivers to keep on lather? side.
10 I be just com'd to the catastrophe. [With sign] Whereas this cliff is very dangerous. Drivers to keep on lather? side.
Satiric hand-colored print of an absentminded man, his head in a book, a fishing rod over his shoulder, as borses and wagon drive off edge of cliff. N.d., early to mid nineteenth century, unsigned. Loosely racist humor. The print itself is oblong, 10 by 15 cm., and with mat, 28 by 35.5 cm. 
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Japanese "Comic" Book Relating to the Russo-Japanese War
11 Japanese "Comic" Book Relating to the Russo-Japanese War
Japan 1904 or 1905 Wraps Near Fine 
Oblong, 11 by 16.5 cm. 16 pp., plus wraps, with a color woodblock plate on every page, all depicting the Russians as cowardly, lazy, cry babies, etc. compared to the effective, strong, just (and brutal) Japanese. The color woodblocks are somewhat crude in their execution, as the norm with comics. Quite a fresh copy of what is almost certainly a very scarce survivor. 
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Lustige Post.  Neu Ein Nachschlagewerk.  Neu für angehende Postpensionisten
12 Lustige Post. Neu Ein Nachschlagewerk. Neu für angehende Postpensionisten
Munich 1948 Hardcover. Paper pastedown on cover. Very Good 
The inefficient efficiency of Deutsche Post -- a whimsical and fun take on postal services and innovations! 4to. 24.5 by 21.5 cm. Unpaginated, 29 leaves, each with original illustrations done with pen and ink and watercolors. The manuscript was created as a tribute or gift for a retiring postal official (the Oberpostinspektor) in Munich, whose name was Karl Scherner. The illustrations are absurdist cartoons that don't require an understanding of the text. Along with the title and caption of each illustration, there is usually a small clipping pasted in that represents the actual postal notice or schedule relating to the service. Moderate wear. 
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Metro Mozaiek [Mozaik]
13 Metro Mozaiek [Mozaik]
Amsterdam Uitgeverij D.A.V.I.D Paper pastedown on boards Near Fine Near Fine Jacket 
Scarce compilation of grisly wartime cartoons and caricatures printed in the Netherlands. 8vo. 24 by 18.5 cm. 48 pp. Cartoons are black and white, with many also featuring red. The message of the cartoons is generally easy to discern, even if one can not read the captions, and while they were created by a variety of artists, many have a surreal quality, very appropriate for the material, that brings to mind artists such as Max Ernst, and beyond that, the "degenerate" art so deplored by the Nazis. Pages toned but clean. Light soiling to the paper pastedown. Minor edge chips to DJ. 
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14 New Gleanings from Gladstone Illustrated
Edinburgh and London William Blackwood & Sons Wraps Very Good 
A contemporary anthology of caricatures inspired by William Gladstone, who surely was every caricaturist's dream come true. Unpaginated, 30 pp., not including wraps. N.d., circa 1880. With caricature on verso, and poetic caption below, almost always a quote from Shakespeare, and the facing page usually including a longer poetic passage or two from Shakespeare as well as other important English poets (and an occasional quote, not in verse, from Disraeli, or a nursery rhyme). The whole makes for an excellent, if jaundiced, survey of Gladstone's career at the helm, as well as celebrating the caricaturist's art. Tiny corner chip on front wrap. Clean within. 
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The Book of Folly A Volume of Original Caricatures in Pen-and-Ink from the Library of Viscount Long
15 The Book of Folly A Volume of Original Caricatures in Pen-and-Ink from the Library of Viscount Long
England Full Morocco Good 
Oblong, 15 by 23 cm. Unpaginated, with 42 pages containing ink illustrations and/or verse, most of which are outlandish and nonsense often in the spirit of Edward Lear. The album had a few contributors, each of whom initialed his contribution. One poem is signed William Colquhoun. Otherwise, the contributions are initialed and their precise identities are unknown. It is probable that a number of the limericks and/or ink illustrations were done by children of the Walter Long, created the First Viscount Long, and their friends. The book carries the bookplate of Long on its FEP, and many of the items are initialed with an L. Long, known as a Irish Unionist, was a leading politician during World War One and the period directly prior and after, serving as First Lord of the Admiralty from 1919 to 1921. The level of artistic proficiency is various, the very best of the artwork has the unforced fluency of a cartoon by a Rococo master, when it is elaborate, or sure-handed and crisp, when a more minimalist sketchy line drawing. And at the lower end, even the most unskilled illustrations do not fail to amuse. (Nowadays, when no longer is artistic self-expression widely cultivated, it is inconceivable that such an album could be created.) The verse has a similar range but also should never fail to bring at least a smile of appreciation. Subject-wise, there is a generous dose of mayhem, cruelty, slapstick, and freakish traits and perverse tics -- after all, limericks predominate! There is one narrative set of five limericks about a dog who drank tea; otherwise, the works are all free-standing. There are burlesques of cats, horses, bald ladies, the fat, the skinny -- but telling you that this poem is about the "Soldier from Naples" or that one, "the old man on the moon", really doesn't relate much about their humor and warpness. Most of the entries are directly into the album, with a handful of illustrations pasted instead. Surface chips, scuffs and heavy wear to the red morocco, with repairs to the spine extremities. Toning and some light soiling to the leaves. One closed tear repaired. 
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16 The Royal Letter-Bag; Containing Familiar Epistles from Royal Personages, Ministers of State, Bishops, Generals, Describing Mistresses, Italian Witnesses, &c. &c. Relative to the Queen, and Other Important State Affairs. With Thirteen Cuts
London T. Dolby. Printed by J. Swan 1820 Seventh Edition NA Good 
8vo. 22 by 14 cm. 32 pp. Two illustrations. Satiric verse and caricature illustrations arising from George IV's divorce case against his Queen Caroline. Moderate wear. 
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17 ULK Wochenschrift der Berliner Volks-Zeitung. [Or: Wochenbeilage zur Berliner Volkszeitung]
Berlin Druck und Verlag von Rudolf Mosse 1921 First Edition Cloth Very Good 
The entire 1921 year run of this left-leaning humor weekly, or 51 issues, bound in cloth. The supplement to the Volkszeitung or Tageblatt was issued from 1872 to 1933, when the Jewish owned publication was terminated. 4to, 30.5 by 22.5 cm. Each issue is four pages, with generally one color (red, green, blue, etc.), occasionally two colors, enriching the black and white illustrations on the front and rear of each issue. The cover features one large illustration, with the back sometimes a single large illustration, sometimes several cells of a cartoon. Plenty of caricatures, cartoons and humorous drawings within as well. The publication was printed on highly acidic newspaper stock and so the pages are heavily toned. Otherwise clean. Soiling to the cloth cover, which remains attractive nonetheless. 
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Victorian Album of Original Mounted Zany Caricatures Done in Pen-and-Ink, Some Watercolors, with Numerous Miniatures
18 Victorian Album of Original Mounted Zany Caricatures Done in Pen-and-Ink, Some Watercolors, with Numerous Miniatures
1881 Full Morocco Very Good 
A fun house mirror into Victorian society, with over 300 clippings creating a collage of organized chaos on many of the pages. In our view, the arrangement of the imagery augments the irreverent spirit of the caricatures. 4to. 27.5 by 22 cm. Unpaginated, 73 pages of visual content, with all rectos used and some versos, with, by our count, a total of 309 separate mounted pieces with original artwork. Of these, 50 are colored. Not all the mounted illustrations are caricature, but the overwhelming majority are, and the cumulative effect of the album is an exuberant playfulness. The sheer number of caricatures crammed into these pages gives one the sense that a broad swath of Victorian society, bourgeois and noble, has come in for skewering. MPs, operagoers, jockeys, young and old lovers, musicians, minstrel performers, etc. etc. -- no one is spared. The miniatures, although not great in number, pack an outsized wallop, as well as speak the skill of the artist The artwork appears to us to have been done by a single person, a gifted amateur, about whom we know nothing with certainty. The strongest clue about him is a piece that states "School of Medicine Liverpool". Yet only a few of the clips near this appear to be poking fun at doctors and patients. The album is most definitely scrappy, but while this can be meant pejoratively, here the scrappiness of the album contributes to its charm, for the chock-a-block imagery on the page truly acts like a kaleidoscope -- hence, again, the fun house analogy above. Undoubtedly viewers will find similarities to Tenniel, du Maurier, Leech, and we can comfortably assume that "Punch" magazine was not unappreciated by this artist. The dating is based on one entry on the fourth page, "My diary 1881". We would assume that much of the artwork might have been done prior to this, later than this, or both, but the 1881 helps anchor the album, and we would add, much of the dress and styles exhibited in the album would reinforce this dating, loosely-speaking. To return to the question of the amount of color, there is some subjectivity in our categorization. We didn't include as colored pieces with what we thought, given the drawing, was a trivial amount of color. Also, we would note that the pieces were of widely varying size and shape, and there were some larger pieces that read as more than a single work of art, or were within themselves, a montage of sorts. As to the color quotient, when we do a page count assessment, we come up with 15 pages that read as color. Either way, the color quotient falls in the range of 16 to 20 percent, which is in line with our subjective impression leafing through the pages. 
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19 Wood's Havesting Machinery Unusual Pinwheel Advertisement together with Its 1871 Catalogue
Boston Rand Avery & Co. 1871 
Circa 1870, re the ad, and 1871 for the catalogue. The cicular advertisement , 11.5 inches in diameter, has eight sliced compartments with captions speaking the general virtues of the companies' products. The illustrations, intended to appeal with light humor caricature, are noteworthy for, among other things, an early depiction of bicycles! The 56 page catalogue from 1871 is not overly scarce, unlike the ad, but is included to provide background for the singular piece of ephemera. The Walter A. Wood Mowing and Reaping Machine Company was around from 1865 to 1924. Fires bedeviled both this company and the ad's printer, Rand Avery & Co. of Boston, which suffered devastating fires in 1870 and 1872, respectively. The ad , while mostly intact, is somewhat charred, and this may mean that it is a survivor, somehow, from one of these fires. 
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Ye Tale of Fiddulpington
20 Ye Tale of Fiddulpington
NA Very Good 
Original nonsense narrative poem about a spendthrift, dissolute knight who marries for money. N.d., circa 1890. 34 by 21.5 cm. With eight round mounted cameo caricaturish illustrations rended with pen and ink. The poet was a gifted amateur -- his silly verses will still provoke laughter. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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