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A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
1 A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
Japan Cloth boards. String ties. Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1920s, possibly earlier. Oblong, 16 by 25 cm. 12 colorized photos. Depicting the idealized life of the more comfortable classes. We love the first image, which is captioned "Enjoying a Morning Smoke"! The color is some of the images is surprising bright and rich. Scarce, with the only copy located on OCLC at University of Idaho. Plates on a card stock. Standard fabric pasted onto boards. Slight soiling to the covers. 
Price: 575.00 USD
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2 Album of Japanese Color Woodblock Designs and Illustrations
String. Card thickness boards. Good 
N.d., circa mid-19th century. 4to. 25.5 by 18.5 cm. 15 leaves (with content), containing a total of 24 color plates. One page of Japanese text, and short captions in Japanese along side each plate. The graphics are consistently bold, varied though they are. Sometimes its from the metallic color, other times, the unusualness of the more abstract patterns, or the tweaking of perspective. The images range from figurative to abstract, with many have aspects of both, or falling somewhere in the middle on the spectrum. Subject matter takes in animals, flowers, waves, people, dragons, fan. With the immense range, it would be a daunting endeavor to capture all the imagery with any kind of economy of words. For us, a highlight is the semi-abstract elephant which the eye may alternatively see as a loosely realized landscape, or another with a winding away of five-sided letter chips which vanish in the distance. But really, it is the cumulative power of the image that impresses the most. Condition: heavy wear to the card stock binding. Moderate age toning to the leaves within. The few tissue guards are creased. Unknown whether originally other tissue guards within. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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3 Eighteenth Century Japanese Woodblock Print Book Depicting Markets, Dutch Traders Looking at Mechanized Toys, Kabuki, Sumo Wrestling, Daily Life, etc.
1796 Wraps Good 
Kansei 8, or 1796. 25 by 18 cm. 72 pp. Moderate to heavy wear. Thin paper. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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4 Highly Decorative Manuscript Japanese Topographical Map of Mountainous Area with Streams and Rivers Running through It
Very Good 
19th Century. Oblong, 57 by 77 cm. With various shades of green coloring, denoting trees and forested peaks Pinks, reds, yellows, orange also present, denoting other features. On a thin sheer paper. With calligraphic writing in the margins, and short calligraphic markings throughout the map body denoting we suspect ownership of the land. We are not in a position to provide more detailed information than the map is a very beautiful manuscript and one that would stand out beautifully framed on a wall. A few repairs apparent on the back. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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5 Japanese Album of 24 Color Woodcuts
Hardcover Very Good 
N.d., circa 1905. 35.5 by 27 cm, opening vertically. The woodcuts are generally about 30 by 24 cm, give or take (they are not all the same size). They are of varying topics, including then modern Japanese officials in Western-style uniform and regalia, sumarai and warriors, horsemen, religious ceremonies, performances, beautiful ladies, etc. In other words, a wide variety, not including views and scenery (as the primary subject matter, that is). We believe that the album might have been created as a salesman's sampler or the like, but we are not completely certain of that. Essentially, they are a lovely collection of assorted colorful Japanese plates. Sunning to part of cloth patterned binding (and darkened where a book must have sat for a long time). Ribbon ties. 
Price: 900.00 USD
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Japanese Album of Woodblocks Mostly of Abstract Designs, with Some Stylized Zoological and Human Subjects as well
6 Japanese Album of Woodblocks Mostly of Abstract Designs, with Some Stylized Zoological and Human Subjects as well
Wraps, string ties. Very Good 
Circa 1915. 24 by 16.5 cm. 25 leaves (50 pp.) doubled over, in the Japanese style, of which 37 pages are color plates, and nine pages are of calligraphy or text. Of the illustrations, three are two page spreads. Subject-wise, we count 21 of the illustration pages devoted to abstract designs, ten with animal studies, some of which are also abstract to some degree, whether in the stylization of the animal or in the background, three are predominantly of human subjects, and three are a hybrid. These categories are somewhat abitrary, admittedly. Generally the colors are bright and vivid, and many of the abstract designs, the dragons, and ornate birds are extraordinarily striking. The animal studies, besides dragons, include a monkey and fish. Many of the designs would have had a general applicability but would certainly have been possible kimono styles. Soiling on the wrap covers. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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7 Japanese Botanical Book
Wraps Very Good 
25.5 by 17 cm. 38 pp., 24 of which are very colorful botanical plates, and of these, a few of those facing one another can be viewed as a single larger illustration, but either side also holds its own. Peonies, poppies, of flowers like them, with big splashes of red, bright white, yellow, orange, purple, and stems of green. Text in Japanese, with a few flower names at the end rendered in Latin as well. Light soiling and wear. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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8 Japanese Kimono Pattern Book
Wraps Very Good 
25 by 16.5 cm. 52 pp., 44 of which are of colorful kimono patterns, one to four per page. Moderate wear to the soft card cover. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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Japanese Lacquer Album and Music Box Housing a Collection of Liebig Cards
9 Japanese Lacquer Album and Music Box Housing a Collection of Liebig Cards
Lacquer Very Good Plus 
A highly unusual album with a splendid collection of Liebig cards. N.d. The cards were produced during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and the lacquer album itself is from the mid-twentieth century -- it could be from the twenties to the fifties -- but since it is probably that the collection of Liebig cards dates to the earlier part of that range, the album itself is surely from the earlier part of that range. 60 leaves, containing 180 Liebig chromolithographic cards, six per leaf, plus a larger chromo, or overlay of a few chromos, on first card leaf, featuring a Caucasion woman wearing a kimono and holding a Japanese umbrella. The album has dimensions of 28 by 40 cm oblong, by 6 cm tall (leg to top of front cover). After being wound on the bottom, the music plays when the cover is opened. Liebig is a company that has produced extract of meat products from the 1860s to the present day. It early on took to marketing through issuing decorative chromolithographic cards, with one card per purchase, and typically six cards forming a set built around a theme, which was often educational in some manner. The cards became a highly popular collectible, and arguably, the Liebig name became as well known for its cards as it was for its actual products. The lacquer, as the norm, has striated cracks, and there are a few minor chips. Within, the second leaf has remnants of paste and paper where there was once cards pasted -- the collector must have decided it was not a good idea then to have cards on the versos. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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10 Japanese Leporello Depicting Twelve Scenes of Violence, Punishment, Torture, Laughter
Leporello. Custom cloth box. Very Good 
17.5 by 12 cm. 24 panels, with each color woodblock illustration occupying two panels. It would appear the leporello is recounting an episodic story, but not one with a single central character. Whatever the case, portrayed is not a pretty picture of Japanese society. Light soiling to the leporello cover. A tiny pin sized hole piercing the upper corner of a number of the panels. A closed tear along the first fold. 
Price: 575.00 USD
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11 Japanese Leporello of 55 Original Watercolored Demonic Masks
Leporello. Fabric on boards. Very Good 
Fabulous collection of watercolors showing Japanese masks of demonic characters. The shapes of the heads are all essentially the same. Varying from one to the next is the colors used, the swirls and lines and other creepy attributes endowed onto the head-shape. N.d., circa 1900 (based on the paper and boards). Closed, 25 by 18 cm. 55 panels with one mounted watercolor on each. Light soiling to the fabric covering the boards. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello on Hats
12 Japanese Leporello on Hats
Japan 1899 Leporello. Paper pastedown on cover. Very Good 
An 1899 Japanese reprint of an 1861 work on hats. 37 by 25 cm when closed. 19 panels (pages), 14 of which are devoted to color illustrations of various headgear (some of the hats are black and gray, and so the sense of color is not pervasive). The hats range from extravagant to austere. A lovely work. Light soiling of the cover. One fold repaired. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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13 Japanese Manuscript with Watercolors of Ikebana Flower Arrangements
NA Good 
N.d., but 19th century. 4to. 27 by 20 cm. With 98 pages, including cover, with a painting of a flower arrangement, and vases, tables, and other accessories, on each page. Colorful, and lovely. Slender yet long-ish wormholing affecting about half the pages to a degree, but generally not disconcerting as it doesn't affect the watercolor. (Occasionally touching on the calligraphy, though.) Some other wear and light soiling. Still a beautiful album. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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14 Japanese Painted Scroll on the Secrets of Archery
1802 NA Very Good 
Dated Kyowa 2, which is 1802. 126 by 29.5 cm. With three watercolor paintings, the largest, arrows in a quiver, and Japanese calligraphic text between the images. Light to moderate wear. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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15 Japanese Pictures of Japanese Life
Tokyo, Japan T. Hasegawa 1895 First edition Crepe Paper. String ties. Near Fine 
9 crepe leaves (18 pp including title and rear). Profuse color illustration on virtually every page, sometimes overlaying or underlaying the text, which is made up of verse, or collection of poetry. Book measures 19 by 15 cm. Depicted are a Buddhist priest, rice planting, an umbrella maker, transportation, a restaurant, preparing for bed, and a flower seller. The captions are spare -- a few are almost epigrammatic, with a touch of wit. The illustrations together create a rounded idealized picture of Japanese life during the Meiji era, and few won't be seduced by its charm. Condition: faded color along edge of title leaf. Very minor dog-earring and other light creasing. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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Japanese Scroll with Original Painting of Samurai Heraldic Devices O-umajirush Kyuan
16 Japanese Scroll with Original Painting of Samurai Heraldic Devices O-umajirush Kyuan
Japan Box Very Good 
N.d., but late 19th century, or Meiji era, transcription of a 17th century scroll. 1, 950 cm long (64 feet). 27 cm tall. This transcription is a somewhat loose, but complete, adaptation of a six volume work. Here the heraldic figures, banners and marks are presented in two tiers, with some liberties taken in the ordering and the style. Textual prefaces from the original Kyuan were dropped. Some minor staining and a few small tears, neatly repaired, both issues exclusively at the beginning of the scroll. Otherwise the scroll is in fine shape. The blue cloth scroll box, with bone clasps, is sturdy and in very good condition. 
Price: 2750.00 USD
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17 Japanese Sketchbook of Nature Paintings
Leporellos Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 28.5 by 18 cm. Sixteen paintings, each measuring 28.5 by 36 cm, by an unknown hand. Paintings are of a flower vase, birds on branches, on a pipe or by the sea, a deer, pine cones, a cat, cranes, a woman having tea (perhaps), a tea kettle set among shoots of flowers, a butterfly above a stream, flower petals, foliage and insects. The paintings are done with bold, sure strokes. The paint is sometimes quite palpable. The style is simple, direct, economical. The paintings can each stand alone, but there is a cumulative impact from the album. Soiling and wear to the cover. About one third of the album remains blank and unused. The paintings themselves are clean. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
18 Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
Japan Leporello, with silk cloth boards, and outer cloth Very Good 
A trade catalogue of very colorful Japanese toys, all actually painted, not printed! Circa 1930. 32 by 29 cm. WIth 27 exceptionally bright painted color plates of tops, rattles, dolls, paddles, wheeled toys -- with dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, mice, children, ogres, geishas, other men and women, etc. as the figures incorporated into these various playthings. On the facing page are two tone illustrations with Japanese text overlaid. The leporello works in both directions. The color plates are done on heavy card and mounted, with thin elastic cord holding them down. A few of the cords are loose or vanished. A few breaks by the folds, and some starting by other folds, as should be expected given that the nature of the cardboard used. However, the plates are all present and charismatic as ever. 
Price: 2400.00 USD
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Jinshiki Hokan
19 Jinshiki Hokan
Fabulous color woodblocks of Foo Dogs, screens, boxes, tea sets, swords, bows and arrows and other weaponry, banners, furniture, mats, carriages and chaises, horses, etc., with black and white imagery mostly architectural. We believe this is a work relating primarily to the Shinto Religion, but as clear from the wide assortment of imagery, this takes in a very broad swath of Japanese material culture at the time. 19th Century. 24.5 by 16.5 cm. 130 pp., 96 of which have woodblock prints, 47 of which are in color (some of the images are double paged, which we have counted as two pages). Original cover and title slip. Untrimmed, full margins. However, heavy wear to cover, moderate to at times heavy soiling of leaves -- but not all leaves. This includes some dampstaining. The color is bright where it occurs, however, and still an appealing woodblock book of some rarity. 
Price: 900.00 USD
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Leporello of Eleven Japanese Landscape
20 Leporello of Eleven Japanese Landscape
Leporello. Wood boards. Very Good 
N.d., early twentieth century. 21 by 17 cm. Eleven cards mounted on card stock of the leporello. The images are of Japanese landscapes, with mountains, hills, lakes, cottages, forest the subject, with cherry trees or wizened trees often in the foreground and a lone person or two in the frame, diminutive in size and indistinct. The artwork looks very similar to that found on scrolls, with the brownish hue of the paper like that of a scroll fabric. The imagery appears printed with occasional touches by hand in the coloring. Bound with heavy wood boards which are attractive and fitting. Some light marginal soiling. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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