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???? ? ????.   Mother and Child
1 ???? ? ????. Mother and Child
Leningrad Leningrad Brach, All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries and the Creches Board of the Leningrad Public Health Department 1933 Wraps 
Folio. 43 by 30 cm. Unpaginated, 28 pp., filled with black and white photos, most large, showing child birth and child care as practiced in the Soviet Union. Also depicted are Soviet women, their professional lives -- they are represented as having "an equal booting with men of importance in social life" -- the state Gynecological Institute, etc. Everything is shown as state of the art, ideal, caring, correct, efficient and effective, as one would expect of a propaganda-driven publication. Captions are rendered in both Russian and English. Notwithstanding the propaganda dimension of the brochure, there is a trove of valid information to be mined, and the photos themselves provide a valuable glimpse on the times. Scarce, with no copies on OCLC. Condition: moderate to heavy wear and soiling. 
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2 Album of Pre-Raphaelite Images of Little Girls on Printed Silk
England Full Morocco Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880. With twelve mounted plates of printed silk featuring pre-Raphaelite young girls. We see a girl creating bubbles, lolling on a sofa, sitting with a feathered fan under an orange tree, fussing with her hair, gazing at fish in a bowl, striking a pose under a lemon tree, fishing in a pool, nude with a shell to her ear, nude gazing perhaps at butterflies, and nude playing a flute. The imagery evokes the boudoir, perhaps a harem, and there is most definitely a light erotic aura being created. The artist is also making allusions to allegorical paintings and the depiction of the gods. Notwithstanding the frisson of sexuality, few would be offended by the images. The silk lends softness to the already mostly pale palette. The genre of printed silk, and the collection of the images as such, is extremely scarce. The black morocco binding is rubbed along the joints and worn especially in the top corners. Within the leaves, all of card, are sturdy, sound and clean. 
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3 American Book and Bible House Salesman's Sampler
Cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1901. 25 by 19 cm. 
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Oscar Wilde:  Three Times Tried
4 Oscar Wilde: Three Times Tried
London The Ferrestone Press, Ltd. Cloth Good 
With a David Belasco bookplate. 8vo. 484 pp. Soiled, worn binding. 
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5 Truck Drivers' Dictionary. A Collection of Some of the Special Terms Used by Truck Drivers
Washington DC American Trucking Associations, Inc. First Edition Presumed Fine 
Want to know what a "Doodle-bug", "Bareback" or "Bobtail" mean, at least to a truck driver? If you are not a truck driver from these times, there are words you probably never heard, or you may think you know but meant something quite different and specific to truck drivers. N.d., circa 1962. Single folded-sheet pamphlet, when closed, 18 by 9.5 cm, and opening to three panels, or pages, per side, with four and half of those pages devoted to the colorful argot of the CB radio set. Uncommon -- we can locate only two or three copies on OCLC. A band of very light soiling on the front. Otherwise, clean. 
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6 [Faux Books] Japanese Lacquer Box made to look like two books sitting side by side

An usual double faux book. N.d., circa 1900. With a typical Japanese style lacquer design of flowers and geometric shapes rendered in a deep brown crimson. The sides are black with straight lines meant to suggest books, along with a few other features that help create the illusion. The box measures 17 by 12 cm, and is 5 cm high. The top lid opens up on each side, with two separate wells to house cards perhaps, or whatnots. The hinges for the lid are metal pieces in the center, and between these metal pieces is a small handle. A few chips on the edges, with trivial loss of lacquer. Other light wear. 
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7 [Faux Book] Box with Oval Cameo Bucolic River View, Elaborate Grecian Ornamental Border, and Gilt and Multi-Color Patterned Edges
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Measuring 198 by 160 by 33 mm. The oval color print on the top lid is 140 by 93 mm at the widest points. The bottom and edges are white, with a plastic sheen. The edges have a Medieval diaper type of decoration, with slightly raised detailing, and it seems the type of decoration that would have been applied to a candy box, but there is no brand ad on this box. The box is secured shut with a brass clasp, and within there is a doily edge trim, also suggestive of a prior use to house candy, or perhaps cookies. Light soiling to the edges, and other light to moderate wear. Still a very handsome, and distinctive, faux book box. 
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Slezské Písne [Silesian songs], Bezruc, Petr.
8 Bezruc, Petr. Slezské Písne [Silesian songs]
Ekaterinburg Vydáno Osvetlím odborem O.C.S.N.R. [Odbocka Ceskoslovenské Národní Rady v Rusku] 1918 Cloth Very Good 
2mo (13.5 x 11.5 cm). 128 pp. This rather elaborately printed edition of Petr Bezruc’s popular Czech poetic cycle, Silesian Songs, is a relic of the publishing operations of the Czechosloak Legions during their famed Anabasis during the early phases of the Russian Civil War. The Czech Legion were fighting on behalf of the Entente (the U.K., France, Russia) and specifically Tsar during the First World War in the cause of Czech independence from Austria, which was one of the opposing Central Powers. They had proved a puissant combat force, but the Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent Soviet treaty with the Central Powers threw everything up in the air. Soon the Czech Legion was taking sides in the Civil War which ensued, with the Legion aligning itself with the Whites, or the Counter-Revolutionary forces. Initially the Legion scored great success against the disorganized, ill-trained Soviet fighters, and by 1919 the Legion had complete control of the Trans Siberian Railroad. Unfortunately for them, the Soviet army got its act together and swiftly reversed the tide by mid-1919, at which point members of the Legion became suddenly homesick and scrambled as best they could to escape from Soviet territory. Most eventually did get out, after long delays and anxieties, and members of the Legion formed the core of the Czech army formed after the country achieved independence with the Treaty of Versailles. In any case, this publication is evidence of the roots the Czech Legion very quickly was able to put down in the land they controlled in Russia, and it is perhaps also surprising at how high the production values are of this trifle. Tan cloth with embossed red title and ornament; original wrappers preserved; handwritten and illustrated text lithographically reproduced; 5-128 pp. Boards lightly soiled; text toned 
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[Three First Editions bound together] 1.  La Guerra Ode.  2.  Piemonte Ode.  3.   Cadore Ode, Carducci, Giosue
9 Carducci, Giosue [Three First Editions bound together] 1. La Guerra Ode. 2. Piemonte Ode. 3. Cadore Ode
Bologna Ditta Nicola Zanichelli 1891, 1890, 1902 First Editions Hardcover Very Good 
Three first editions of odes by the great Italian poet. 4to. 26.5 by 18 cm. Three title pages. 12, [2], 13, [2], 15, [2] pp. Photograph plate of the Piazza Tiziano in Pieve, Cadore. Label on paper pastedown spine with title of two poems written by hand. Small numbers scrawled on final leaf of each poem, possibly indicating former library ownership. A few pages with flattened folds. Very occasional light soiling. 
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Illuminated Manuscript of Victorian Verse and Floral Decoration, F. G. B.
10 F. G. B. Illuminated Manuscript of Victorian Verse and Floral Decoration
Full Morocco Very Good 
With twelve leaves of verse, written in a calligraphic hand, and floral and/or illuminated decoration. The first leaf is of armorial decoration and the mottos "Ich Dien" atop and "ung ic sepvepsg" below, both written on ribboned ornament. The leaves following feature fluent rhymed verse surrounded by exquisite Victorian Era floral decoration. The poems have a spiritual or religious overtone; the glory of the book is the decoration, adapted from Gothic sources, and the decorated letter figures. The visual uplift compensates for the often somber tone of the poetry. The verse is titled "Flowers", "The Reaper and the Flowers", and "Suspiria", while some of it appears untitled. As everything is clearly meant to cohere as a single work, arguably the verse is all of one piece, and a remarkable aspect of this album is that the author harbored such a larger ambition. The morocco binding has considerable wear and rubbing. Minor soiling to the leaves. Tissue guards also soiled, with some tears. The volume is folio-sized, measuring 15 by 12 inches, 38 by 30 cm. 
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11 Frankland, Robert Delights of Fishing
London Thomas McLean 1823 Half Morocco Near Fine 
Oblong 25.5 by 31.5 cm. Six hand-colored aquatint plates by C. Turner after Frankland. Plates are tipped into the album. Half red morocco bound by De Sauty of Donnellys. Siltzer p. 122. Condition: faint marginal soiling. 
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Ulrichs:  The Life and Works of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Pioneer of the Modern Gay Movement, Kennedy, Hubert
12 Kennedy, Hubert Ulrichs: The Life and Works of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs Pioneer of the Modern Gay Movement
Boston Alyson Publications, Inc. 1988 First printing Cloth Fine Fine Jacket 

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13 Lermontov, M. J. Translated by Herbert Stegemann. Cover illustration by W. Poluektoff. Der Damon.
Berlin Trowitzsch & Sohn 1921 First Cloth. Paper pastedown. Good 
4to. 25.5 by 19 cm. 47, [1] pp. 4 color plates. OCLC locates only a single copy of this particular edition, at the Brooklyn Public Library. KVK shows Berlin has it. Soiling on cover. 
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14 Picard, Ernest Les Aventures merveilleuses du petit Floridor et de son chien Carabi Fait pendant ma captivite a Torgau-sur-Elbe pour mon fils Jean-Francois avril-decembre 1915
Brussels J. E. Goossens 1915 First Edition 
Oblong, 24 by 35 cm. The theme of the story is a lost child's quest for home and his family, a theme that would have resonated for the author as a prisoner-of-war, both on his own account and also his son, who had not seen him for many months as a result of his service and then imprisonment. Along the way, Floridor and his pet dog have the kind of adventures that happen to little boys in such literature -- he is taken in by a group of acrobats, he escapes to sea, he is held hostage by a band of pirates, he escapes to shore where there are savages, etc. Through this the author imparts lessons about hard work and the like. The story takes place during the late eighteenth century, which must have also been see as a better time, notwithstanding the upheavals of the period. The illustrations are simple, with details not fussed over. A scarce title. 
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L'Affascinatore nel Regno dell'Impossibile.  La Realtŕ Romanzesca, Riconda, Arturo, editor.  Toppi, G., artist responsible for cover art.  Translations into Italian by Amato Mori
15 Riconda, Arturo, editor. Toppi, G., artist responsible for cover art. Translations into Italian by Amato Mori L'Affascinatore nel Regno dell'Impossibile. La Realtŕ Romanzesca
Firenze Casa Editrice G. Nerbini 
The complete run comprised of 21 installments, or fascicoli, of an extremely scarce Italian pulp magazine that anthologized supernatural fiction. 4to. 29.5 by 19 cm. No copies on OCLC, nor in other catalogues we checked (Bibliotheca Italiana, etc.) The magazine, although produced on the cheapest of pulp paper which ages terribly, did have striking cover artwork for each of its installments. The stories presented are all translations of works in English or French, with the original authors never credited. Casa Nerbini, founded in 1897, was until 1943 a major Italian publisher of fumetti, or Italian comic books. After Nerbini folded Mondadori published some of its more popular titles. Condition: the pages are heavily age toned, the paper brittle, and there have some some discrete archival repairs made on the cover pages. Soiling to the front cover. We would nonetheless grade the volume as being in very good condition, as the issues are ones that were inevitable given the paper stock used. 
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Satire di Salvatore Rosa Dedicate a Settano, Rosa, Salvatore
16 Rosa, Salvatore Satire di Salvatore Rosa Dedicate a Settano
Amsterdam Presso Severo Protomastix 1696 First Edition thus Full Vellum Near Fine 
N.d. Circa 1690. 12mo. 160 pp. Woodcut ornament on title. (Brunet IV 1390. 12mo. Gamba 2071) Contemporary vellum. Front joint repaired. Slight separation of lower rear joint. Restoration to upper corner of leaf pp 93/4. P. 107 with awkwardly cut margin. Considerable toning especially around text, but overall fine other than issues mentioned. Rosa is best known as a landscape painter but he also in his lifetime has a considerable reputation as a poet. His eventful, picaresque, and now mythologized life centered at various times around Naples, Rome and Florence. As a champion of artistic freedom, Rosa rejected the then prevalent patronage system in the artworld. In the satires Rosa attacked aspects of the music and art scene, and the most famous of the satires, "La Babilonia", took daring swipes at the clergy, leading to its placement on the Vatican's Index of prohibited works. 
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17 Schneebeli, W. Mizzi das Katzchen
Verlag Ravensburg 
N.d., circa 1930s. 
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Costumi Civili e Militari della Monarchia Francese dal 1200 sino al 1820 (Three Volumes) [Costumes Civils et Militaires de la Monarchie Francaise depuis 1200 jusqu'a 1820], [Lecomte, Hippolyte]
18 [Lecomte, Hippolyte] Costumi Civili e Militari della Monarchia Francese dal 1200 sino al 1820 (Three Volumes) [Costumes Civils et Militaires de la Monarchie Francaise depuis 1200 jusqu'a 1820]
Napoli (?) Litografia Cuciniello e Bianchi First Italian Edition Hardcover. Cloth spine. Marbled paper pastedown Very Good 
N.d., 1820s. Folio, 35 by 25 cm. 380 hand-colored plates, including title page, printed by Cuciniello & Bianchi or Lorenzo Bianchi. The plates are after those of Hippolyte Lecomte, whose costume book was published in 1820 by Delpech under the title: :Costumes Civils et Militaires de la Monarchie Francaise depuis 1200 jusqu'a 1820". Occasional light foxing or soiling, affecting only a small number of plates. The binding has moderate wear, with fraying of the cloth in the first volume. One plate, No. 197, misbound between 244 and 245. 
Price: 2000.00 USD
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