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Barker's Komic Picture Souvenir
1 Barker's Komic Picture Souvenir
Philadelphia The Barker, Moore & Mein Medicine Co. Printed by Theodore Leonhardt & Son Wraps Wraps 
N.d., circa early 1890s. Oblong 8vo. 17.5 by 26.5 cm. 143 pp. There are various versions and formats of this collection of humorous cartoon advertisements for Barker's various remedies, this being early, and perhaps the earliest, of the collections. The cartoons sometimes play into the rampant Rascism of the day. The most prevalent aspect, though, is allusions to the political scene. Many of the cartoons are anthropomorphic. While there are sometimes long captions, the humor is primarily visual, and it is the visual element that can still generate an appreciative chuckle, as the text, besides being dated and making what are now esoteric allusions, is too laden with Barker product promotion. The pages are heavily toned, as to be expected with the cheap paper stock used. Small corner chip on cover. Light wear besides. 
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2 Cured by Dr. Wm. Hall's Balsam for the Lungs
New York NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880. Ad for a lung panacea, a remedy for everything from colds to consumption. Closed, 9 by 8.5 cm, showing a disconsolate man, when the flap is lowered (14 cm), showing him rejuvenated and holding a bottle of the medicine. 
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De Trey's Diatoric Teeth
3 De Trey's Diatoric Teeth
De Trey & Co. Ltd. Wraps Very Good 
Scarce catalogue for improved false teeth which allowed for articulation. N.d., circa 1910. Oblong 4to. 25 by 31.5 cm. 36 pp., wraps. No copies of this catalogue were located on OCLC First Search. De Trey was the progenitor of The Dentists' Supply Co., which still exists today as Dentsply. Spine torn and partly perished. Otherwise, besides some light wear, clean and fresh. 
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Happy Days.  Presented by the Makers of Carter's Little Liver Pills
4 Happy Days. Presented by the Makers of Carter's Little Liver Pills
New York City Ballin, Liebler 1881 Wraps. Brochure Near Fine 
12mo. 14.5 by 9 cm. 32 pp., plus wrap covers. A fairly standard promotional brochure for a medical remedy, this one, to treat all sorts of digestive and liver problems. Mixed in with the outright touting of the liver pills are short articles of interesting miscellaneous facts and figures, verse, and the like. One can think of this sort of pamphlet as the predecessor of drug company-owned radio or television shows, in which to win some goodwill and induce the public to pay attention to its sales pitch, it offers entertainment which may or may not also make a soft or subliminal sell for the product. This brochure has an appealing chromolithograph on its cover and its back, and obviously it is seeking to reach its consumers through their children as well. A tiny corner chip on the rear cover, and light wear besides. 
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5 Hood's Pansy
Lowell, MA C. I. Hood & Co. NA Fine 
Pansy-shaped booklet with chromolithograph of pansy on cover. N.d., circa 1890. 10.5 by 10.5 at tallest and widest. 16 pp., plus wraps. Promotion for a sarsaparilla panacea, with "Makes the weak strong". Minor soil spots on cover. 
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Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Buns
6 Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Buns
Providence, RI Horsford's Acid Phosphate Wraps. Brochure Very Good 
Scarce, with no copies located on OCLC or elsewhere. N.d., circa 1900. 4to. 24 by 17 cm. 12 pp., including wraps. With four of these pages featuring full color plate illustrations, all naive color woodcuts that show the influence of the Lowlands in their palette, style and clothing. This promotional brochure is made up principally of familiar nursery rhymes that are slightly tweaked, and it is wherein these modifications that lies the small surprise. In addition to the color plates, each nursery rhyme is accompanied by a black and white illustration. The back cover is devoted to an advertisement for Horsford's Acid Phosphate, "a wonderful tonic and nerve food. [A scientific and carefully prepared Medicine.]" This panacea is supposed to cure headache, indigestion, debility, dyspepsia, exhaustion, wakefulness, and a reduced state of the nervous system. 
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7 J-A-K-E-S Jingle Book
Plattsburg, NY Jacques Capsule Co., Inc. 1922 First Edition Wraps Very Good 
16mo. 15 by 11 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp. including wraps. Promotion for a panacea drug, Jacques Little Wonder Capsules, with colorful illustrations of adaptation of nursery rhymes and similar doggeril verse. There are two illustrations per page that show the influence of the newspaper comic strip. Uncommon, with only three copies located on OCLC FirstServe. Moderate wear and soiling to cover. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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8 Japanese Woodblock Print Medical Handbook
1872 Very Good 
Meiji 5, or 1872. 22 by 15 cm. 57 pp, all but one with fine detailed woodblock prints of human anatomy. Light to moderate wear of cover. Sharp impressions within. 
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Notebook of Medical Remedies (Receipts Book)
9 Notebook of Medical Remedies (Receipts Book)
1847-1864 Full Calf Very Good 
Oblong, 13 by 21.5 cm. Handwritten medical recipes and concoctions, both human and some equine. A total of 59 pages of text, starting at both ends of the book, with many blanks in between -- over 100 blank pages. Ten pages starting at the front are just notations for the receipt of funds; these are helpful in terms of dating and location. The other end is entirely recipes, and thus of far greater interest in terms of content. Recipes are for such things as purgative horse balls, Golan tincture, Breed's Bitter Tincture, a cure for Rheumatism, a treatment for Rheumatism of horses, balms for scratches, medicines for fever, cholera, Scarlet Fever, ague, and Pink Eye; a stomach bitter, a treatment for dysentery, a tooth powder, cough mixtures and syrups, and on and on. With pills, powders, syrups, creams, oils, teas, etc. Unusual concoctions include McNair's Blister and other blisters. All written in a neat, near calligraphic hand. Heavy wear to the cover. Some scattered soiling. Marbled endpapers. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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10 Original Japanese Woodblock Print Book on Chinese Medicine
Wraps Good 
Circa 1690. Oblong, 12.5 by 18 cm. 32 leaves, of which 13 pages have one or two illustrations, somewhat explicit, of men and women with medical issues. Considerable wear. Small hole and edge loss of front cover. Some soiling throughout, but overall, well-preserved. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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11 Physician's Anatomical Aid Patented
Chicago Western Publishing House Pebbled Cloth Portfolio Very Good 
Portfolio with ten chormolithographic plates depicting the human anatomy, with six of those plates having flaps, two of these devoted to the male and female sexual organs. N.d., circa 1890. 39 by 28 cm. By portfolio, what is meant is that the outside is an actual portfolio with a key lock. In this one, the lock only partially functions -- it doesn't truly lock. The word, "Physician", is rubbed out on title. One of the clasps meant to hold down the flaps is missing, with no loss to the flaps. Wear and rubbing to the pebbled cloth. Soiling scattered throughout the contents. Still, all flaps are present and functional as intended, and still an excellent cross-sectional presentation of human anatomy. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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12 Practical Hints on Massaging at Home to Clear the Complexion, Remove Wrinkles, Round Out Thin Cheeks, Neck, Shoulders and Arms to Develop the Bust
Brooklyn, NY Dr. Charles Flesh Food Co. 
N.d., circa 1890. 8vo. 16 by 13 cm. 16 pp., including wraps. With grainy photographs illustrating how to eradicate lines on the forehead, get rid of crow's feet and accomplish other health and beauty objectives. The company, though, is also pushing healing soap, face powder, ceme "Oz-No-La", tonic tablets for nervous people, laxative pellets, Revivo hair treatment, Dry Rouge. The company has a product for much of what can ail you. And it assures readers that its youth reviving products are not about vanity but rather "your duty to yourself and friends." Scarce, with only copy located on OCLC FirstSearch at the University of Rochester. Light soiling and wear on cover. The brochure is of a very thin paper stock and is thus quite fragile. 
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13 Pregnancy. Its Signs and Complications
New York The Denver Chemical Manufacturing Co. Printer: The Equity Press Inc. 1924 First edition Wraps Very Good Plus 
8vo. 19 by 11.5 cm. 16 pp. Front cover with cut-out window with one side shaped to contours of doctor with stethoscope. Fresh tinted illustrations within. Uncommon piece of medical ephemera, with only five copies located on OCLC First Search. Light wear. 
Price: 135.00 USD
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Rubifoam.  How To Have Good Teeth.  Presented with the Compliments of E.W. Hoyt & Co. Lowell, Mass. U.S.A.  Manufacturers of the Perfect Liquid Dentifrice and Tooth Wash
14 Rubifoam. How To Have Good Teeth. Presented with the Compliments of E.W. Hoyt & Co. Lowell, Mass. U.S.A. Manufacturers of the Perfect Liquid Dentifrice and Tooth Wash
Lowell, Massachusetts E. W. Hoyt & Co. Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. Oblong, 10 by 15.5 cm. 8 pp., including wraps. The small brochure supposedly reprints the winning essay in an essay contest about tooth care. The essay sets forth a ten point guide to tooth care. In between each of the essay's points are interjected promotional pitches for Rubifoam. Also interspersed are sweet color illustrations that don't have anything to do with the topic at hand, but one might think of these vignettes as the Victorian equivalent of television pharmaceutical ads which show attractive young models enjoying a blissful lifestyle such as might not apply to the actual target audience for the drug. Here the vignettes mostly show children, giving this brochure a kinship to juvenile literature of the day. This brochure is scarce, with no copies found on OCLC First Search, and only a few items from Hoyt relating to Rubifoam. One small chip on front wrap. Otherwise, clean. 
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15 The "Dilatare" Pessary Woman's Friend. (Patented September 27th, 1898)
New York The Hygiene & Kalology Co. 1898 First edition NA Very Good 
Folded sheet sales promotion for the company's new pessary, which they touted as a home remedy for a multitude of woman's genialogical issues, including suppressed menstruation, leucorrhoea, and most interestingly, barrenness. As to the last problem, the company offered a two month money back guarantee. With several simple illustrations. Closed, 21 by 14 cm, and four pages. Usual testimonials on last page. Scarce, with no copies located on OCLC. 
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16 The Viavi Gynecological Plates Designed to Educate Mothers and Daughters Concerning Diseases of the Uterine Organs
San Francisco The Viavi Company 1891 Cloth Very Good Plus 
8vo. 20 by 13 cm. Nine plates, all here, but not in chronological order. All but one have color chromolithography. 
Price: 60.00 USD
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17 Warner's Safe Dictionary Comprising over Five Thousand Words with Definitions and Pronunciations; Carefully Selected from Best Authorities and embracing All the More Difficult Words in General Use
Rochester, New York H. H. Warner & Co. 1889 First Edition Wraps Very Good 
4to. 29.5 by 15.5 cm. 32 pp. plus wraps. Versos are generally devoted to concise definition of words, and facing rectos are predominantly testimonials for the Warner & Co.'s various remedies. Inside cover features an illustration of a safe, as in a bank safe, which is meant as a metaphor for the company's "safe" cures. Warner had a diverse assortment of nostrums, including for kidney and liver, Bright's disease, female issues, malaria, and on and on. Elsewhere is a promotion for Warner's cookbook. A typical, if somewhat larger, pharmaceutical promotional flyer of the day, since these often included texts and illustrations not directly germane to the products being hawked but were coupled with the promotion to incentivize recipients to glance at the item, and possibly save it for a while. Moderate wear and soiling on the cover. Tiny dogear on lower corner of some leaves. Age toning to the leaves, as to be expected with the cheap paper stock employed. 
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[Drop Box] Young Helpers' League.  In conection with Dr. Barnardo's Homes.  Kindly drop money in here & pull out drawer.  Two of our Rescued Children . . . .
18 [Drop Box] Young Helpers' League. In conection with Dr. Barnardo's Homes. Kindly drop money in here & pull out drawer. Two of our Rescued Children . . . .
NA Very Good 
With a money slot on top, and you pull out a drawer and a flap rises, revealing a chromo illustration of two girls holding up a "Thank You" banner. WIth illustrations also on top and all sides of children, the hospital, etc. Only the bottom, and the revealed sides of the pull out drawer, are purely text. Measuring, when closed, 14 by 11.5 cm, 5 cm tall. Considerable rubbing and wear, but the box retains structural integrity, and given the nature of the object, it is very well preserved in its graphics too. With what we believe the original plain outer box, as it fits the charity box perfectly. Said outer box, though is lacking its lid. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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19 [Faux Book] "Weapons of Precision" "Tabloid" and "Soloid" Brand Products. Burroughs Wellcome & Co.
London Burroughs Wellcome & Co. Very Good Minus 
World War One era advertising box by pharmaceutical giant. The green tin box measures 173 by 130 mm, 40 mm thick. The raised bands and subtle gradations of color enhance the resemblance to an actual book. With typical scratches and minor dings as found on tin boxes of this age. Clean within. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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20 [Metamorphic Card] Buckingham's Dye for the Whiskers
Nashua, NH R. P. Hall & Co. NA Very Good 
An advertising card for hair whisker dye with a metamorphic flap to show the before and after. N.d., circa 1880. (Based on facial hair style.) Closed, 8.5 by 7.5 cm. Open, 13.5 cm. On the back of the card is a plug for a product called Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer. Besides claiming that the product will restore gray or faded hair to its original color as in youth, an assertion that the product will prevent baldness, cure dandruff, erutpions and itching of the head. If that were not enough, the product is hailed as an "excellent" hair dressing". Further claimed is that "the best Physicians use and recommend it." The back has remnants of adhesive, but while covering the edges of text, not making any of it unreadable. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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