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1 "Santiago de Cuba"
Box Very Good 
Extraordinary group of ten original "postcards" with mixed media artwork depicting the sights of Santiago de Cuba. N.d., 1950s. With each folk art-y depiction of a monument, building or the like there is a combination of wafer thin pieces of wood pasted down and watercolors and pen and ink applied directly to the card. On to the wood is applied inkwork as well. The sights include the Jose Marti monument, the Abel Santa Maria monument, the cathedral, the Moncada, the Pdre Pico stairs, the Castello del Morro, the Diego Velazquez balcony, the Plaza de la Revolucion Antoni Maceo, the Granjita Siboney, and the City Hall. Homemade box, with faux wood panels -- the faux finish is carried over to the interior of the box as well -- alligator trim and card label made to look like sign nailed down. We would guess that the cards and box were made by a local artist for sale to a visitor, but we can't say for sure that they were not made by an enthusiastic, talented tourist. Either way, does it really matter? Somehow, to the whole production, something of the improvisational, original and quirky spirit of Cuba itself is captured! The box measures 14 by 12 by 2 cm. The cards are 13.5 by 10 cm. 
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2 An 1861 Court Order for Children to Support Pauper Parents, [together with] Testimony Relating to the Case
Wolf Township, Sycoming County, PA 1861 Very Good 
The documents relate to an area to law that has mostly disappeared, namely, the legal obligation of children towards their parents. The larger of the two documents, both of which relate to the pauperism of the Shavers, gets into the nitty gritty of land ownership and the productivity of the land. Thus this is law that arose in a predominantly agrarian economy, and one in which small town values were at the fore. The documents are both written in long hand, the one with testimony running 12 pages, the order, merely a single leaf. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Bilderbuch:  Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
3 Bilderbuch: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
Hardcover. Rope binding. Very Good 
Original fairy tale with disarming naive watercolors that thoroughly illustrate the tale. N.d., circa 1910. Oblong 8vo. 19 by 28.5 cm. 11 leaves of heavy card, each with a mounted watercolor illustration on the verso, and mounted text page, in verse surrounded by Jugenstil line decorations, on the facing rectos. The watercolors all cover every inch of their boards, and this imparts a rich lushness seldom encountered in such juvenile efforts. The narrative is about a dwarf named Pumpel who lives in a mushroom hut. Because he is bored, he decides to venture out into the world on a snail-driven cart. Hungry and thirsty, he comes upon an inn run by a landlady frog Unke. At dinner, in the company of other frogs, he hears the tale of an evil dragon who has imprisoned for years a beautiful flower fairy. It is then resolved that they will set out to fight the monster and liberate the fairy. The bees sting the monster and the frogs splash water on him until he finally retreats. The princess Pumpelione wakes up, she and Pumpel are wed, and they live happily ever after. Edges and corners have wear. The binding is in a painted style prevalent around 1920. Occasional staining on text pages. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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4 Croquêt
England Hardcover Very Good 
N.d. Circa 1870s. Small 4to. 24 by 18 cm. Eight pages of manuscript, with eight delightful pen and ink illustrations, including cover decoration, plus six ornamental letter vignettes ("historiated", "floriated" and "rusticated"). The illustrations include ones of a manor house, with three croquet players in the foreground, a grouping of players with one about to do an agressive swing resembling a golf drive, a group of young adults listiening to a serenader, and wooing couple and a seraph steering a tiny sailboat. The verse is pleasant and rich in charm: "Instead of wars of words and wit,/ This is a conflict far more fit./ The lady's ready grace and skill/ Matched against manyly strength and will./ All martyr-like, consent to bear/ Reverses with a cheerful air,/ And learn to hurl the well-aimed blow/ Of retribution on the foe . . . " Perhaps not Gerald Manley Hopkins, but the competent verse does capture the rhythm, the spirit and appeal of the game remarkably well, and together with the illustrations evoke a lazy afternoon in a bucolic setting of the 1800s that is bound to spark wistful daydreams in our hardened, frenetic times. Bound with a red buckram dust jacket, the title "Croquêt" embossed in gilt on the front. The paper is of a stiff card stock. 
Price: 1450.00 USD
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5 Dora
Cheshire, England Full Morocco Near Fine 
Superb mid-nineteenth century amateur illuminated manuscript with original story told in blank verse. N.d., circa 1850s. With inscription dated 1865. Oblong, 24 by 30 cm. 22 leaves, with illumination, illustration and text only on recto, with exception of frontis ink drawing of Bradley Hall, where the story takes place, on the verso. The poem tells of a father who is thwarted in his wish to have his son marry his virtuous niece and of what happens when later the son dies of illness, leaving a child behind. The sentimental tone and spirit of the tale exemplifies well mid-Victorian piety. Yet while the blank verse carries echos of biblical readings, it must also be noted that it is a departure from the doggeril that was far more likely to come from the amateur pen. The calligraphy throughout is disciplined and arresting; the ornamentation is grounded mostly in the late Medieval style, with a few interpretative variants. Importantly, the illuminist never repeats himself, and there are even subtle variants employed in the lettering. Four leaves feature fuller original illustration, as opposed to being dominated by ornamental motives, and these illustrations have a naive charm that is of singular beauty. Bradley Hall is a half-timber quaint Elizabethan manor house resembling Shakespeare's house in Stratford. Blue morocco binding with gilt border, and title "Dora" spelled out in center. Edgewear to the binding. Otherwise, clean and tight. 
Price: 2850.00 USD
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6 Eighteenth Century Manuscript of Naive Illustrations of Scenes from English History
Limp card Very Good 
Circa late 18th Century. (Watermark suggests 1760 to 1780.) 8vo. 20 by 16.5 cm. Unpaginated, 48 pages with visual content, most of which we would deemed finished artwork. Plus two pages of curious text. On these pages are menus of several Medieval banquets -- we do not know whether these extensive menus are based on a legitimate source or were imagined by the compiler, or some combination. The occasions also don't seem to relate to any of the artwork, other than the Medieval commonality. Much of the illustration, happily, is accompanied with handwritten captions. For the drawings, the medium is generally wash watercolor, with touches of color to suggest human flesh. Subject-wise, the sketches are mostly backward-looking to the Middle Ages, and in this, the notebook can be seen as an outgrowth with the Romantic Era's newfound fascination with that period, as was manifest in the Gothic Revival Movement then just getting under way. The artist carries his survey forward to the Renaissance, Tudor England, and the seventeenth century, or Jacobean and Restoration England. On some pages, the portraits are arranged in a gallery format – imagine the walls of the National Portrait Gallery. Elsewhere, a portrait can take up the page. We also mention there are a few non-historic drawings, such as a man with a turban, and a several portraits of people in eighteenth century dress. These portraits, though, are really not of a piece with the costume survey; these contemporary portraits are sketchier and all pencil drawings. Clearly of interest to the artist was historic costume, and indeed, the book can be seen as a manuscript version of the kind of costume treatise that was to become a mainstay among nineteenth century plate books. Among these costume-oriented drawings are many warriors, jousters, swordsmen, gentlemen, courtly ladies, hunters, astrologers, laborers and various professions, court entertainers and most significantly, monarchs. Just like many a printed costume surveys, there are several pages of drawings of crowns, sceptres and other historic objects. Finally, there are action and historic genre scenes. One is a theater scene. In another, Earl Rivers presents a Caxton bible to Edward IV. Some of these scenes collectively suggest a narrative, as a sequent beginning with the pre-Norman Conquest “Odo as Early of Kent”. We can not always be sure whether a specific historic event is depicted since not all the drawings come with captions. As the artwork is heavily portraiture, a good amount of this is most certainly copied from other artwork. An obvious example is the portrait of diarist John Evelyn, which is based on a work by Thomas Worlidge. For the most part, though, our intuition is that the artwork here is only loosely based on existing sources. While this is a true sketchbook with some willy-nilly-ness to it -- not all the drawings having the same page orientation -- there is an over-arching cohesion to the artwork, and in our view, the totality is more satisfying than the sum of the parts. Condition: chips to the heavy card binding; creases showing on the marbled paper of the cover. Moderate age toning of the leaves, and scattered finger smudges and other soiling. 
Price: 5000.00 USD
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El Periodismo.  Periodico semanal Numero extraordinario.  Obsequio de Angele Batille Tejedor.  A D. Joaquim Alvarez Calvo, Periodista barcelones.  Ano I, Num 1 [Including] Humorisme Suplement de la tradicio
7 El Periodismo. Periodico semanal Numero extraordinario. Obsequio de Angele Batille Tejedor. A D. Joaquim Alvarez Calvo, Periodista barcelones. Ano I, Num 1 [Including] Humorisme Suplement de la tradicio
Barcelona 1946 
Large 8vo. [24] pp plus [12] pp Supplement, laid into illustrated folder with flap. Title drawn and colored on cover. Centerpiece of cover is a bookplate for Angel Batile Tejedor which depicts a Medieval library scene. The text of the primary work is rendered with a calligraphic hand in black and red with some naive foliate ornamentation in green. The text is a near bullet point history of Spanish, and Catalonian, magazine publishing. The second work is profusely illustrated with red and black cartoons. These are all original and drawn by a member of the Batille family. The two seemingly unrelated works are tied together with the final cartoon which carries the caption "El Periodismo en Barcelona por H. Alvarez Calvo", the writer's 1940 study. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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Illustrated Manuscript of two poems:
8 Illustrated Manuscript of two poems: "To a Woodman's Hut there came one day." and "My Voice is still for War." [From "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and Addison's "Cato", respectively]
Full Pebbled Leather, Blindstamped and Gilt Decora Very Good 
N.p., but American. N.d., circa 1860. Oblong, 23 by 28.5 cm. Two text leaves, each with one of the poems rendered in full, followed by 66 leaves, each with a mounted sheet onto which is written words from a poem and is drawn in pen and ink an illustration of those words. The illustrations are inspired mostly by the single word or phrase captioned on the sheet, as opposed to the wholeness of the poem, and thus the illustrations don't always fit in with the poem, or have the most nominal relationship to it, but nonetheless, the illustrations are full of charm and fun, and they are really best viewed and enjoyed without reference to the poem. While we don't have a date for the album, the ubiquity of Civil War-era uniforms and stove pipe hats strongly suggest the 1860s. There are also interesting illustrations of slaves. Many of the illustrations look back nostalgically to an earlier era, as for instance the eighteenth century which is depicted as a world of music and dance masters and gracious society. Classical Rome is represented in abundance too, as one might expect for "Cato". In these drawings and in evocations of Medieval times, the illustrator was not reluctant to indulge in a bit of anachronistic imagery as well. We don't know who the artist was, but clearly he was a very capable amateur -- the artwork is not quite done with the polish of a professional, we would grant. Some of the illustrations are highly detailed, while others are of a sketchier nature. "To the Woodsman's Hut" gives rise to 26 of the illustrations, "Cato", 40. Repair to the joints. The binding has a few scuffs but is overall very attractive. 
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La Perle de Tolede.  Imite de l'Espagnol d'apres Merimee.  Pastiche
9 La Perle de Tolede. Imite de l'Espagnol d'apres Merimee. Pastiche
Quarter Morocco Very Good 
Exquisite vignettes and full-page pencil drawings illustrating an original French narrative poem emulating perhaps, on a small scale, the Spanish chivalric tradition. 4to. 30 by 25 cm. 18 pp. (Writing and artwork on one side of a leaf.) The first page is probably a self-portrait of the writer/artist in profile plying away in an office cell. The author expresses an affection for Andalusia, and perhaps a celebration of the place and its culture is his ultimate aim. The poem pits a Christian against a Moor, the latter meeting his death, but the author appears to sympathize with him. While the poem may lack a certain clarity, the drawings are crisp and delightful. The larger illustrations have a naivete about them, while the vignettes are quite precise. Leaves are of heavy card. Light wear and soiling. 
Price: 2250.00 USD
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10 Leporello of Original Paintings Depicting Characters of the Noh Theater
Leporello. Cloth (silk) cover. Outer case of clo Very Good 
Simple and straightforward presentation of stock characters from Japanese Noh Theater, all appealingly colored. N.d., 19th century. 24 by 18.5 cm. 24 pp of colorful character portraits. Several are double paged and are a bit more dynamic. Noh is a traditional form of Japanese musical drama that first arose in the 14th century and employs masks heavily in its ritualized performances. Scattered light foxing, never disconcerting. Blue cloth case with color fading, moderate wear, title label partially obliterated (the upper layer with lettering is perished). 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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Lustige Post.  Neu Ein Nachschlagewerk.  Neu für angehende Postpensionisten
11 Lustige Post. Neu Ein Nachschlagewerk. Neu für angehende Postpensionisten
Munich 1948 Hardcover. Paper pastedown on cover. Very Good 
The inefficient efficiency of Deutsche Post -- a whimsical and fun take on postal services and innovations! 4to. 24.5 by 21.5 cm. Unpaginated, 29 leaves, each with original illustrations done with pen and ink and watercolors. The manuscript was created as a tribute or gift for a retiring postal official (the Oberpostinspektor) in Munich, whose name was Karl Scherner. The illustrations are absurdist cartoons that don't require an understanding of the text. Along with the title and caption of each illustration, there is usually a small clipping pasted in that represents the actual postal notice or schedule relating to the service. Moderate wear. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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12 Manuscript Samurai Military Campaign Map, circa 1780
NA Very Good 
Outstanding, beautifully painted map of the Toyama area, with considerable detail and vivid coloring. 57.5 by 78 cm. A few repairs, evident on the back but not on the image itself. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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Masonic Illuminated Manuscript recognizing the contributions of President Carl Amherst, Provincial Grand Master for Kent, for organizing a festival in support of "Aged Freemasons and Widows of Freemasons"
13 Masonic Illuminated Manuscript recognizing the contributions of President Carl Amherst, Provincial Grand Master for Kent, for organizing a festival in support of "Aged Freemasons and Widows of Freemasons"
London 1891 Full Morocco Very Good 
Three hand-decorated and written certificates mounted and matted onto heavy card, and bound in an elaborately decorated full morocco binding, with an ornate centerpiece of actual metal mounts (probably brass). The certificates are quite colorful, and the calligraphy is surrounded by and ornamented by gilt and Greek motive decoration, a crown and a touch of the Medieval. The oblong album is 15 by 13 inches, 38 by 33 cm. Light soiling and/or foxing to the margins. Light wear and soiling to the binding itself. 
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Origami Christmas Ornament, with quotes from the bible on each fold or panel
14 Origami Christmas Ornament, with quotes from the bible on each fold or panel
NA Very Good 
N.d., mid-19th century. Triangular in shape when closed, 10 cm across, 7 cm tall. Opens into a sort of ball, with either three or four quotes in each circle. With 21 biblical quotes, each written over two folds. We call this a Christmas ornament, as with the ribbon, it seems as if it were probably intended to hang from a tree, and the quotations furthers our belief thus, but we do not know this for sure. Regardless, it is a singular piece of origami folk art that captures something about the culture and sentiment of the day. Light soiling to the paper. Possible that two small triangular panels are missing, based on slight tearing, but this object may also be exactly how it was when completed. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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Original watercolors of Japanese life, late nineteenth century
15 Original watercolors of Japanese life, late nineteenth century
Paper. String tied. Very Good 
N.d., late 19th century. 13.5 by 10 cm. 17 leaves. With a semi-abstract illustration of birds over the sea on the front cover, followed by 15 double paged watercolors of Japanese life. No text, no words. These illustrations do not seem to a cohesive narrative, but rather, generally, they depict upper echelon life, with some perhaps capturing theatrical performances of such. We see samurai or warriors, women and men dining on a ship, gathering of men and of women, at times, engaged in ritual of one sort or another, women by a waterfall, and so forth. We are not certain how to interpret the artwork, which hovers between realistic and stylized, as so much Japanese artwork of the period does, but there can be little denying that the original watercolors are indeed a colorful eyeful and overall, very evocative of Japanese life and charm. Moderate wear. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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R. H. Murphy Cookery Book
16 R. H. Murphy Cookery Book
Full Leather Very Good 
A manuscript cookbook probably from a grand country house in Edwardian England. N.d., circa 1910. [9], 84 pp. With well over 300 recipes! Mulligtawn soup, palestine soup, becamel of chicken, Ketcherei with Finnan Haddock, lobster a la Neuberg, a breakfast cold chicken cream in aspic, Neapolitan eggs, hashed mutton, beef galantine, sardine fritters, devils on horseback, angels on horseback, Welsh rabbit, Mrs. Dunsmuir's Prize cake, Sally Lunn, Jessica's eggless cake, a faroli souffle, chocolate drops -- this is a small sampling of the dishes whose names jumped off the page to this reader, whether because they are unknown and exotic, or they seemed somehow quintessential to a country house occasion. A good number of the recipes bear the first or last name of a person, and this probably indicates the original source of the recipe. It can also be deduced from the comprehensiveness and length of the book that Murphy was a professional cook in a grand house. No ordinary housewife, nor a servant in a less august setting, is likely to have had her recipes collected in such a project. It is likely that at least part of the purpose of this book was to impart technique as well as much beloved dishes to other staff members and/or successors. After the nine page table of contents, listing all the recipes, there are three pages of miscellaneous remarks on cooking followed by sections on soups, fish, breakfast dishes, joints and meats, sweets and puddings, iced sweets, sweets and puddings and desserts again, savouries, vegetables, sauces, liquids, juices and jams and cakes and breads. Missing, although referred to in the index, is a section on knitting. Desserts, or sweets, are the vast majority of recipes. Most of the sheets are carbon, with a few the original, and most sheets have a few corrections of typos done by hand. Light soiling and wear to the typed leaves. A few are now loose in the binding. 
Price: 1850.00 USD
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17 Stillehre und Geschichte des Mobelbaues
Vienna 1924 Hardcover Very Good very good Jacket 
A well-done and decorative student notebook, and really compendium, on the topic of cabinet or furniture-making. The notebook is written in a neat hand, with many illustrations of Renaissance and Gothic style furniture and ornament, and Tirolese style figures in as well. The most memorable illustration, though, is of a domed baroque church and monumental column and staircase in front of it. Measuring 20 by 16.5 cm, the notebook runs for about 100 pages, after which the leaves are blank. With also a homemade dust jacket. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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18 Student's Arithmetic and Currency Exchange Notebook from the Early American Republic
Full Leather (Sheep) Good 
N.d., circa 1800. 34 by 21 cm. 15 leaves, or 30 pages, with pages torn out in the front and back. The cursive writing in the notebook is rendered with a neat, even a calligraphic, hand, and the topic heads are all written calligraphically. The currency conversion computations probably form the most interesting section, and this section helps date the notebook with some precision as in the 1790s or shortly thereafter. French currency, for example, is given as deniars (a misspelling, or perhaps then an alternative spelling, for deniers), sous and "livers", meaning livres. The last term was still in use in Caribbean colonies of France. Since dollars are referred to, it suggests post-constitution. With a reference to Philadelphia in this section, among other things, the notebook is almost certainly American in origin. The leather is heavily rubbed and abraded. On spine the leather is dry, with some loss at lower extremity. A few tears and minor losses of extant leaves. Heavy toning around perimeter of leaves, and some soiling besides. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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19 The Animals' Snowball Match
Wraps Very Good 
An obscure, charming children's book containing two narrative poems, the first, "The Animals' Snowball Match", the second, "The Wooden Soldier". The booklet, 12mo, 24 pp., was a modest production, for better or worse, but accompanying it are the original ink drawings which are more impressive in their un-printed form. Drawings include images of storks, bears, walruses, hippos, elephants, monkeys, and tin soldiers. There are twelve pieces in all, each with a drawing on board or heavy card, and these cover all the illustrations, including the front cover, of the book. Scarce title, with no copies located on OCLC, and the brochure contains no copyright or authorial information, suggesting that this was perhaps privately printed for a business as a marketing gift of some sort. N.d., circa 1900. 
Price: 575.00 USD
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The Weathercock on Salisbury Cathedral Spire
20 The Weathercock on Salisbury Cathedral Spire
Wraps, staple bound. Cloth folder Very Good 
Highly original, comical anthropormphic illustrations of an accident-prone rooster. N.d., circa 1930s. Oblong, 21 by 28.5 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp, including cover. The story line is loose, even disjointed, with each page representing a separate incident or story line. Tidbits of satire pervade the work, directed here at the clergy, there at sots. Some of the humor contained in the captions is obscure, but the visual humor never slackens, and whatever the merits of the overall narrative, however, the watercolors are irresistible, and while anthropomorphism is a commonplace in juvenilia, these renderings somehow stand apart as not being derivative. The artist also filled out the illustrations with town streets, buildings, landscapes and various objects that are just right -- realistic yet not fussily literal. His was a confident hand that with seeming ease created pictures with real panache and style. The dating is a bit tricky. There are numerous references, visual and textual, to the military, and there are World War One era planes. But there are also some later aircraft, and in one illustration, a soman is wearing a dress that is unquestionably of the thirties. With custom made cloth folder, leather title label on front board, to house the manuscript. 
Price: 1450.00 USD
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