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Album of 37 Oil Paintings and Watercolors of Primarily England [D.L. & A.C. Miller.  June-July 1920]
1 Album of 37 Oil Paintings and Watercolors of Primarily England [D.L. & A.C. Miller. June-July 1920]
1920 Full Leather Very Good 
By various hands. The album bears the date of 1920 but the artwork presumably would probably have been collected over time, either before or after that date, or a bit of both. The name of Miller is on the front cover, but that is probably the name of the owner and compiler of the album and does not explain much beyond that. The quality is various, as is the style, with the unifying element that they are all relating to lovely scenery of the countryside, the small town, the seaside in the South of England, Yorkshire, perhaps elsewhere in England, and at least one or two from the Continent (France, Holland). Shipwrecks, an aqueduct, craggy coastline are among the more interesting subjects. The album is 19 by 26, oblong, with the postcard-sized watercolors mounted onto heavy card stock leaves. Generally the places depicted are not in and of themselves famous, but almost all are the quintessence of the English landscape. Some scattered light foxing in the margins 
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Album of 48 Indian Watercolors Painted on Mica
2 Album of 48 Indian Watercolors Painted on Mica
Full Leather Good 
Wonderful folk art-ish paintings of Indian musicians, craftsmen, dancers, etc. 8vo. 22.5 by 18.5 cm. 12 leaves, with four paintings mounted onto the rectos of each of these leaves. Mica painting has a long tradition as a technique for artists to trace existing works. The type of mica paintings here, representing occupations, ceremonies and artistic performances, were made exclusively for European patrons, most typically, employees of the East India Company, as momentos of their time in India. (See M. Archer, "Company Paintings, Indian Paintings of the British Period", published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1992, pp. 193-201.) The leaves are thick, almost of a card stock, yet heavily toned and verging on brittle. The paintings were mounted with a glue which unsurprisingly left an impression visible behind the clear mica. A number of the paintings had become detached and were remounted, and generally the paintings are just loosely attached and without care any of them could become loose. The leather binding is scuffed and has a good amount of rubbing, especially along the edges, and a few abrasions. The boards, which are original, are of morocco, while the spine is from a rebacking and is a calf. Nonetheless, the match between the two works rather well. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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3 Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Colorful Birds on Pith Paper, 19th Century
Silk covered boards Good 
N.d., circa 1850. 12mo, 16 by 12 cm. Each painting mounted on thin paper and framed with blue strips, as typical of such albums made presumably for the tourist and expatriate market. The paintings have a disarming naive quality. Yet in our view the paintings have more color and detail than the average such album of this size (larger format pictures tend to be more nuanced when it comes to this genre). The silk patterned cover has a detached (nearly detached) front board. The usual amount of fissures, or tears, to the pith paper. Most of the paintings have no or very light defects of this type. 
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Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Ships and Boats on Pith Paper
4 Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Ships and Boats on Pith Paper
Hardcover. Silk pastedown. Good 
N.d., 19th century. Oblong, 13 by 16.5 cm. Wonderful luminous coloring, with small people, waterfowl and waves represented as well as a wide variety of Chinese boats, from junks and houseboats to impressive galleons. The pith paper has the typical scattered tears, chips and losses. Edge wear, slight tattering and soiling of the silk. Still all the pictorial representations are intact, bright and visually exciting. 
Price: 2000.00 USD
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Album of Eight Pith Paintings
5 Album of Eight Pith Paintings
China Decorative Fabric on Boards, with ribbon ties Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. 17 by 14 cm. Simple renderings of dignified men and women, all but one a single portrait per page. The portraits are not unified by a theme such as trades or the like. The most exciting image is of a man holding a kite string, with a kite in the shape of an insect. Another shows a man holding a branch in what we believe was a religious rite. There is one image of a man and women who are playing a board game.The cover is chewed along the edges, and the binding is rather loose. Typical chips and tears to the rice paper. 
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Album of Original Watercolor and Ink Designs for Calendars from 1903 to 1907 Satan's Calendar.  Life's Journey Calendar.  Expectation's Calendar.  Young Herchard Calendar.
6 Album of Original Watercolor and Ink Designs for Calendars from 1903 to 1907 Satan's Calendar. Life's Journey Calendar. Expectation's Calendar. Young Herchard Calendar.
1902-1906 Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Uncommonly clever, colorful manuscript calendar illustrations built around a theme for each of the years. Small folio. 31.5 by 26.5 cm. A total of 29 original watercolors, all dated and signed E.L.P.R. The identity of the artist is otherwise unknown and possibly irretrievable. What is manifest, however, is his skill, humor and panache, and these illustrations stand out among the fluent amateurs of the day, if amateur the artist in fact was. Some of the imagery is decidedly pre-Raphaelite in its style and modeling, while others are more suavely Fin-de-Siecle. Similarities can be found to Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway, Burne-Jones, Cecil Aldin, and a host of others, but never is this artist merely imitating. The 1904/1905 series, departing from the calendar format, feature full paintings meant to illustrate one word or short phrase captions such as "Declaration", "Osculation", "Vexation", and these qualify as polished, arresting works of art. The other years have mounted card sheets each covering two months. Typically there is a large watercolor in the center and for 1903, two small ink vignettes for each month. The other years simply present each month in the usual tabular format. These years also have lines of what is presumed to be an original narrative poem which carries through the particular year. The poem is commensurate with the illustration, and it reinforces the cumulative effect of the work. A number of the mounted cards have small neat holes on the top, clearly suggesting that the leaves were once hung on a wall and/or were bound together by a ribbon. Original decorative cloth album. 
Price: 6500.00 USD
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7 Album of Twenty-Four Original Watercolors of Flowers and Leaves
Full Morocco Very Good 
A lovely collection of botanical watercolors that are both realistic and tinged with a bit of Art Nouveau. N.d., , circa 1900. Probably English, but it could be American alternatively. The watercolors are all mounted onto card, which was then mounted onto the card stock leaves of the album. The flowers are all neatly captioned and include Purple Spurge, White Heather, Daffodil, Sweet Scented Coltsfoot, Yellow Monkey Flower, Bullace, Polypody Fern, Hart's Tongue Fern, Gromwell, Trefoil, Stork's Bill, Rest Harrow, Lesser Periwinkle, Hellebore, Wood Sorrel, Gladwyn Iris, Snowdrop, Purple Willow, Autumn Colchicum, Goldylocks (Aster Linosyris), Bastard Balm, Horned Poppy, Primrose, and Squill. Although there is no text, the artistic treatment has the rigor and quality of floral depictions one would find in an academic survey, yet the artist also is intent on soft prettiness that would suit a sentimental card as well. The watercolors themselves measure 5.75 by 2.75 inches, or 14.5 by 7 cm, and the album itself is 10 by 7 inches, 26 by 18 cm. In the back of the album one can see that six leaves without such watercolors once had them. The leather of the binding is rubbed along the joints and edges. The watercolors themselves are clean. 
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Album with Die-Cut Figures Pasted onto Watercolors of Mostly Italian Scenery
8 Album with Die-Cut Figures Pasted onto Watercolors of Mostly Italian Scenery
1874 Very Good Minus 
An unusual, idiosyncratic, beautiful, at times, funny, album. Oblong, 24 by 32 cm. 26 leaves, of which eleven are full page watercolors with die-cuts of figures and some paraphernalia pasted on. The remaining leaves feature small chromolithographic cards, costume, artwork and/or humorous, pasted neatly onto page. Dominating the album are Italianate and humorous caricature imagery, with these two aspects not necessarily the same. The watercolored pages read a bit like the watercolored part serves as the backdrop for the comical actions of the figures pasted mostly into the foreground. Thus in one we see an interior in which an artist is working on an oval canvas of a nude, a nude women, presumably the model, looking over his shoulder, and two dressed women looking on, one from behind a draped doorway. In another, we see a sweeping bay with the cut-out people bathing or lolling on the banks. Perhaps the most vivid is that depicting a ballet performance with the stage fully occupied with die-cut ballerinas. Rebacked. Soiling to the margins. Some rough edges. 
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Apolline et Dancourt, Histoire Veritable.  [Bound with] L'Hyver et L'Ete, Pastorale.  [And] La Foret de Breteuil. Pastorale.
9 Apolline et Dancourt, Histoire Veritable. [Bound with] L'Hyver et L'Ete, Pastorale. [And] La Foret de Breteuil. Pastorale.
Amsterdam Marc Michel Rey 1769 First Edition Quarter Sheep Very Good Minus 
With six original watercolor and ink drawings of the novel. 12mo. 17 by 10 cm. 335 pp. The watercolors were executed by a non-professional artist, possibly a juvenile one. Nevertheless, their brightness and naive style applied to the rarefied world of chateau interiors, gardens and forest exudes an irresistible charm, and rather well complements the pastorale conventions of the novel about the aches and tribulations of young love. Lacking two title pages (one being for the second part of the novel, or pp. 161/2). Spine rubbed, and wear to boards. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
10 Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
China Decorative Fabric on Boards, with ribbon ties Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. 11 by 7 cm. Typical chips and tears to the rice paper. Box with glass lid. Fabric siding heavily soiled. Box still very functionable. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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Chinese Miao Album of Original Watercolors
11 Chinese Miao Album of Original Watercolors
Paper. Good 
19.5 by 14 cm. 12 leaves, including cover, with 20 original paintings (or 20 pages with paintings, as in a few instances, the two facing pages might be interpreted as a single painting). Most of the images are of provincial sorts, and the artist is at times mocking their simplicity and blockheadedness. The style, called Miao, arose in the 18th century and gained popularity among nobles and gentry. One can see in most of the images that the characters have broad features that are not associated with Han Chinese, and the figures are often underdressed, perhaps to suggest an uncouthness. The paintings here have a crudity about them, but also, great zest and color. Chinese calligraphy on the cover and the first page. Otherwise, no text. Dog-earing to the corners. General wear. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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12 Collection of a Dozen Postcards Featuring Original Watercolors and Ink and Pencil Drawings
1903-1907 Very Good 
An extraordinary group of original artwork from the early twentieth century, with short text written on a few of the cards. The artwork was all done by a B. Vinya and sent to a D. Enrique Montagut in Alicante, which is on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Subjects of the watercolors include an elderly guitarist, a young family looking off to the sea's horizon where there is the fishing craft of the father and husband, a picturesque old mill, two country landscapes, several sailing vessels, a European woman dressed like a Geisha, lovers on coastal rocks and a woman with a fan with a Venetian backdrop. The three ink or pencil drawings are stylistically quite varied, with elements of Daumier in one, more contemporary caricature in another, and yet the third a good-hearted depiction of carousing monks. Each of the pictures is of a quality worthy of framing, and cumulatively they make for an uncommon and pleasing oeuvre. 
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13 Japanese Leporello of 55 Original Watercolored Demonic Masks
Leporello. Fabric on boards. Very Good 
Fabulous collection of watercolors showing Japanese masks of demonic characters. The shapes of the heads are all essentially the same. Varying from one to the next is the colors used, the swirls and lines and other creepy attributes endowed onto the head-shape. N.d., circa 1900 (based on the paper and boards). Closed, 25 by 18 cm. 55 panels with one mounted watercolor on each. Light soiling to the fabric covering the boards. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
14 Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
Japan Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 183 by 151 mm, when closed. Mounted watercolors are of waterflow, a crane, other birds, flowers, fish, insects, landscapes, a fantastical depiction of men painting the foot and leg of a giant (or tiny men doing that of an ordinary man, or some other interpretation), a giant mask being lifted by children, other human studies. The watercolors are notable for their bright, vivid colors, their sharpness and precision of detail, their elegant spare composition. While each illustration can stand on its own, and the subject matter is by no means uniform, there is something quite alluring about the entire ensemble, as if they are meant to be of one piece. Based on the chop impressions, though, they appear to be by several artists. To appreciate their beauty, of course, one has to see images, or better yet, the pictures in person. Light to moderate wear of the fabric pastedown on the cover, with light soiling and some minor holes or spots of worn fabric. Entirely clean within, and all the watercolors are bright. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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15 Japanese Manuscript with Watercolors of Ikebana Flower Arrangements
NA Good 
N.d., but 19th century. 4to. 27 by 20 cm. With 98 pages, including cover, with a painting of a flower arrangement, and vases, tables, and other accessories, on each page. Colorful, and lovely. Slender yet long-ish wormholing affecting about half the pages to a degree, but generally not disconcerting as it doesn't affect the watercolor. (Occasionally touching on the calligraphy, though.) Some other wear and light soiling. Still a beautiful album. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Japanese Scroll with Original Painting of Samurai Heraldic Devices O-umajirush Kyuan
16 Japanese Scroll with Original Painting of Samurai Heraldic Devices O-umajirush Kyuan
Japan Box Very Good 
N.d., but late 19th century, or Meiji era, transcription of a 17th century scroll. 1, 950 cm long (64 feet). 27 cm tall. This transcription is a somewhat loose, but complete, adaptation of a six volume work. Here the heraldic figures, banners and marks are presented in two tiers, with some liberties taken in the ordering and the style. Textual prefaces from the original Kyuan were dropped. Some minor staining and a few small tears, neatly repaired, both issues exclusively at the beginning of the scroll. Otherwise the scroll is in fine shape. The blue cloth scroll box, with bone clasps, is sturdy and in very good condition. 
Price: 2750.00 USD
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Large Album of Chromolithographic Holiday and Sentiment Cards with Original and Elaborate Watercolored and Trompe d'Oeil Decoration
17 Large Album of Chromolithographic Holiday and Sentiment Cards with Original and Elaborate Watercolored and Trompe d'Oeil Decoration
Quarter Morocco, Cloth Boards Very Good 
Folio-sized, 37 by 28 cm. 57 leaves, each of a card stock, with content exclusively on recto side. N.d., circa 1880s. The interest in this album lies in the ornamentation, which is done often quite cleverly, with floral elements in the cards being carried forward onto the large margins, or occasionally the watercolored decoration being added to and incorporated into the chromolithograph. Unfailingly the border decoration relates in some way to the chromos, and the assemblage of chromos on the page is done purposefully, with a theme or some unifying element. There can be one to five chromos on the page; sometimes most of the space is taken up with the watercolors, and other times, by the cards. It is the fusion of the two wherein lies the artistry, and to this it must be added that the botanical decoration is very well done in the tradition of the best Victorian albums. On a few leaves actual dried leaves are used. Botanical decoration is the most prevalent, but there is some abstract or geometric ornamentation employed, as well as other motives. One of the most striking backgrounds is surely the wood panel trompe d'oeil on one of the pages. The decoration tends to become more ambitious as one proceeds through the book, suggesting whoever did it became more confident and ablel The greatest number of cards are devoted to Christmas, but there are plenty for the New Year as well, and a good number with no holiday in particular. A few of the dried leaves have become loose. Newer endpapers and a leather rebacking. Wear to the boards. 
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18 Original Sketches
American Half Morocco. Diagonal stripe textured cloth on  Very Good 
Sketches and watercolors, many portraits of a dwarfish man, skillfully rendered. N.d., mid-19th century. (A original poem in the back is dated 1869. We assume the poem was done by the artist.) Folio, 34 by 29 cm. 81 pages with original artwork, the majority of which can pass as finished. About 51 of these are primarily pen-and-ink or pencil drawings, 30 are filled out with watercolors or wash. Human studies, portraits and genre scenes dominate, with several faces showing up repeatedly, and one can conjecture comfortably that several of the models were of the same family. The faces are generally rendered realistically, with some having the caricaturistic, even grotesque quality of Tim Bobbin's travesties of the eighteenth century. The faces can be imposing, occasionally distinguished, but they are not handsome or prepossessing in the least. One of the relatively few female portraits resembles an earthier, slightly repugnant Mona Lisa. Most of the human subjects are wearing then contemporary clothing, but there are a few in which they have on clothing from an earlier century. The dwarfish figure, who we suspect might be the artist himself, is portrayed in the garb of a religious hermit, as just one example. There is one portrait that we think resembles Robert E. Lee, but it isn't clear that that was intended. The artist did not confine himself to human subjects, however, and his animal studies are actually among the most striking in the album. We particularly like a watercolor of a dead pony with vultures gathered around, one study of a bald eagle and a rattle snake staring at each other, and finally, a sketch of frolicking frogs. 
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Original Watercolor Cartoon of Mussolini Entitled "American Cheese"
19 Original Watercolor Cartoon of Mussolini Entitled "American Cheese"
N.d., circa 1943, cartoon proof of Mussolini as a mouse whose tail is caught in a mouse trap. Even without the historic context, this is a delightful watercolor. Now mounted and matted, the paper used was brittle, and thus there are two fractures or cracks in it, one running the entire vertical length. 
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20 Pictorial Diary Kept by Rosamond
1899 Quarter Leather, Marbled Boards Good 
8vo. 223 by 180 mm. 42 pages, all rectos, of what might be regarded as part of this loose comical diary, virtually all these pages dominated by pen and ink and watercolored illustrations depicting country life, country types, horses and dogs, and dogs galore. In addition, there are a few sketches interspersed on the versos and the leaves that follow, some complete, others more in the way of loose studies, and a number of blank leaves in the back. But it is the "Diary" that is of primary interest, with its simple, economical yet very pleasing illustrations. The artist we presume was an accomplished amateur -- there can be no doubt of her artistic control. The pictures are generally of a quality that one can imagine them as published in a children's story. Captions accompany all the illustrations, and occasional, some rhymed, or doggeril, verse. Rebacked, and newer endpapers. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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