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Across the Continent Via the Northern Pacific From the Lakes & Mississippi River to the Pacific , Columbia River, Puget Sound & Alaska
1 Across the Continent Via the Northern Pacific From the Lakes & Mississippi River to the Pacific , Columbia River, Puget Sound & Alaska
St. Paul, Minnesota W. C. Riley Third Edition (30,000) Cloth Very Good 
N.d., late 19th century. Oblong, 16 by 24 cm. A leporello with 30 panels, full of views of the sights, urban and natural scenery, with a variety of lay-outs per page, with sometimes a single image, other times, several, arranged horizontally and vertically, etc. The printing of the illustrations used a photo lithographic process, and the leaves have a glossiness to them, with here and there arts and crafts period floral decoration in the margins. The boards have mild warping, with cloth loss on the spine. Interior-wise, mostly clean and fresh. 
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Album of Central Vermont R.R. Scenery
2 Album of Central Vermont R.R. Scenery
Portland, Maine Chisholm Bros. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. 15 by 12.5 cm. Twelve panels with images, stretching out to about 140 cm. With 27 images (using a photo lithographic process, as typical of such souvenir or travel-related leporellos of the period). Shown are both man-made landmarks and natural settings. 
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Centennial Souvenir 1876 Philadelphia
3 Centennial Souvenir 1876 Philadelphia
Blindstamped Cloth Near Fine 
N.d, 1876. Oblong, 8 by 12 cm, 3.25 by 4.75 inches. Sixteen panels of lithographic prints based on photos, along with a map of teh Centennial Grounds and Exhibition Buildings. The prints are of the main exhibition building, Memorial Hall, Horticultural Hall, Machinery Hall, Shoe & Leather Building, English Building, etc. -- all the principal buildings at the fair. Light wear to the covers and the folds of the leporello. 
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Chinese Erotic Leporello or Pillow Book
4 Chinese Erotic Leporello or Pillow Book
China Leporello Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. Closed, 18.5 by 10.5 cm, and 5 cm thick. 18 panels (13 with the pictorial), and so when wide open, stretching to almost 190 cm, depicting lovers in pari delicti. The ladies have bound feet, and they pleasure one another in one three way scene. Adrongyny abounds, as often the case in these leporellos, and a Peeping Tom (here, a woman) and a feline onlooker add a touch of humor to the proceedings. The leporello illustration is continuous and fluid and so can be viewed as itself representing a sort of orgy. All color printed on silk fabric which is pasted onto the heavy boards of the thick leporello. Moderate wear to the boards. Narrow, sliver dampstain affecting a few leaves. Some scattered fading and wear to the silk. 
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Das Alte Rom mit dem Triumphzuge Kaiser Constantin's im Jahre 312 N. Chr.
5 Das Alte Rom mit dem Triumphzuge Kaiser Constantin's im Jahre 312 N. Chr.
München Franz Hanfstaengl Kunstverlag 1890 First Cloth Very Good 
A scarce panorama of Ancient Rome and the triumphal march of Emperor Constantine in 312 A.D. An albumen photo reproduction of a painting by Josef Bühlman and Alexander Wagner -- we believe the former was the primary designer, the latter, a collaborator who executed much of the actual painting. Closed, oblong, 18.5 by 23 cm. Opening to eight mounted photo panels, and on the opposite side of the last such panel, and facing up when opening the cover, is a title page. Full open the leporello is 176 cm. Moderate wear. On title are neatly inked notes translating the title, etc. 
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6 Dim Fantasie Automne-Hiver 72-73
1972 NA Very Good 
Closed, 22 by 7.5 cm. Opening to become about 90 cm wide, with twelve panels, ten of which show a lithe woman in silhouette, the silhouette created entirely by different colored hose. Actual stocking material is used to create the silhouette -- this is a trade promotion for stockings or hose -- and the stocking is laid in a shallow recess cut out in the shape of the woman. The woman might be a dancer, exotic or more conventional, or merely a playful woman at the beach holding a large ball above her head. On this ball, here shown in black, is written the color of the sample, and the colors are given evocative names: chataigne, mais, potiron, cerise, marine, pervenche, naturel, cobalt, grenat, and olive. We don't know who actually issued this promotion unless it was "Dim Fantasie", but we love the playful and dramatic effect it presents, and we would regard it as a novel piece of marketing. Light wear. 
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7 Erinnerung an die Ostsee-Bäder
Leporello. Paper pastedown. With original glassi Near Fine 
Chromolithographic views, sights and buildings of Swinemünde, Heringsdorf, and Ahlbeck, three Pomeranian resorts. Swinemünde is now part of Poland, while the latter two resorts were part of East Germany and now a Unified Germany. Scarce, with no copies located on OCLC or elsewhere. N.d., circa 1890. Oblong, 9 by 13.5 cm. Twelve panels, with one or two images each. Rebacked, with light leather that doesn't clash with original paper. Light rubbing of the raised edges on the cover. With original loose tissue guards remaining. 
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8 Japanese Leporello Depicting Twelve Scenes of Violence, Punishment, Torture, Laughter
Leporello. Custom cloth box. Very Good 
17.5 by 12 cm. 24 panels, with each color woodblock illustration occupying two panels. It would appear the leporello is recounting an episodic story, but not one with a single central character. Whatever the case, portrayed is not a pretty picture of Japanese society. Light soiling to the leporello cover. A tiny pin sized hole piercing the upper corner of a number of the panels. A closed tear along the first fold. 
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9 Japanese Leporello of 55 Original Watercolored Demonic Masks
Leporello. Fabric on boards. Very Good 
Fabulous collection of watercolors showing Japanese masks of demonic characters. The shapes of the heads are all essentially the same. Varying from one to the next is the colors used, the swirls and lines and other creepy attributes endowed onto the head-shape. N.d., circa 1900 (based on the paper and boards). Closed, 25 by 18 cm. 55 panels with one mounted watercolor on each. Light soiling to the fabric covering the boards. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello on Hats
10 Japanese Leporello on Hats
Japan 1899 Leporello. Paper pastedown on cover. Very Good 
An 1899 Japanese reprint of an 1861 work on hats. 37 by 25 cm when closed. 19 panels (pages), 14 of which are devoted to color illustrations of various headgear (some of the hats are black and gray, and so the sense of color is not pervasive). The hats range from extravagant to austere. A lovely work. Light soiling of the cover. One fold repaired. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
11 Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
Japan Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 183 by 151 mm, when closed. Mounted watercolors are of waterflow, a crane, other birds, flowers, fish, insects, landscapes, a fantastical depiction of men painting the foot and leg of a giant (or tiny men doing that of an ordinary man, or some other interpretation), a giant mask being lifted by children, other human studies. The watercolors are notable for their bright, vivid colors, their sharpness and precision of detail, their elegant spare composition. While each illustration can stand on its own, and the subject matter is by no means uniform, there is something quite alluring about the entire ensemble, as if they are meant to be of one piece. Based on the chop impressions, though, they appear to be by several artists. To appreciate their beauty, of course, one has to see images, or better yet, the pictures in person. Light to moderate wear of the fabric pastedown on the cover, with light soiling and some minor holes or spots of worn fabric. Entirely clean within, and all the watercolors are bright. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
12 Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
Japan Leporello, with silk cloth boards, and outer cloth Very Good 
A trade catalogue of very colorful Japanese toys, all actually painted, not printed! Circa 1930. 32 by 29 cm. WIth 27 exceptionally bright painted color plates of tops, rattles, dolls, paddles, wheeled toys -- with dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, mice, children, ogres, geishas, other men and women, etc. as the figures incorporated into these various playthings. On the facing page are two tone illustrations with Japanese text overlaid. The leporello works in both directions. The color plates are done on heavy card and mounted, with thin elastic cord holding them down. A few of the cords are loose or vanished. A few breaks by the folds, and some starting by other folds, as should be expected given that the nature of the cardboard used. However, the plates are all present and charismatic as ever. 
Price: 2400.00 USD
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13 Leporello of Ten Photos Depicting the Chinese Royal Family and the Dowager Empress Cixi
Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Closed, 15.5 by 11.5, and ten panels, so when fully stretched, about 110 cm. The photos are all dark or darkened, and are photos of photos. The leporello was the type created and sold to tourists as a souvenir. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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14 Les Cendres de l'Empereur
Cloth spine. Pebbled cloth on boards. Good 
Scarce, with no copies found anywhere. N.d., circa 1840. Oblong miniature, closed, 43 by 64 mm. Eight hand-colored panels of the procession carrying Napoleon's ashes in 1840, depicting somber military procession from the Arc de Triomph to the Place de la Concorde. This procession occurred on December 15, 1840. The parade route continued to Les Invalides, where the ashes have ever since been kept in a sarcarphogus. This panorama presumably shows all those participating in the march, as opposed to the entirely of the parade route. We would note that at the Place de la Concorde the procession, which had been heading roughly east, would have turned right, crossed the Seine and then turned right again, heading west. Condition: foxing throughout, mostly light and small spots. The hand-coloring is nonetheless bright and vivid. Small blue tape repair, it looks like, at the end attached to the binding. 
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Optocht Fehouden te Haarlem Den 1en April 1872
15 Optocht Fehouden te Haarlem Den 1en April 1872
Haarlem Emrik & Binger, Lith. 1872 Paper pastedown on boards Very Good Minus 
29 by 36 cm, closed. With 24 panels of chromolithographic illustration of a festival procession. Among the many horses and traditional costume (men in armor, etc.) are also those dressed as jockeys. Also floats, and many men in top hats. Soiling and foxing scattered throughout. Modern cloth binding, with original pastedown cover with title, etc. preserved and mounted on front cover. 
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16 Our Trains Father Tuck's Panorama Series
London, etc. Raphael Tuck & Sons, Ltd. Leporellos Very Good Minus 
Scarce panorama -- no copies located on OCLC! N.d., circa 1910. (The Twentieth Century Limited service was inaugurated in 1902, and this dates to shortly thereafter.) Closed, oblong, 18 by 22 cm. Six panels on each side, stretching to 110 cm, and 12 chromo images of famous trains of the world at the time, which was the heyday of railroading. Soiling to the front and back. A crack on the back, with very minor abraded loss. Age toned within. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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Petits Souvenirs de la Suisse
17 Petits Souvenirs de la Suisse
Full Morocco Leporello, Morocco Slipcase Fine 
An extraordinary miniature souvenir from Switzerland. 14 panels, each a mere 370 by 250 mm or so, of hand-colored views of Switzlerland, including the Staubbach, Grindelwald Glacier, Wengen, the bridge in Fribourg, the Pont de Diable (Devil's Bridge), Chamouny, Chinon, the Chapel of William Tell. One illustration is rendered twice, of three Bernese maidens, captioned "The Three Graces" in one of the plates. The illustrations are printed and mounted onto card. The captions are not printed, but rather written in ink onto the card leaves. Bound in a thin morocco, with a delicate morocco slipcase with a gilt title. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Rhein-Panorama von Mainz-Cöln
18 Rhein-Panorama von Mainz-Cöln
Mainz Leitermann & Jäger Blindstamped, gilt-stamped, cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. Closed, oblong, 13 by 23.5 cm. Chromolithographic map and views of river constituting a 22 panel leporello. When fully stretched open, this leporello, or panorama, measures 264 by 23 cm. Together with a booklet with explanatory text (Erläuternder Text) rendered in English and French as well as German. This booklet is 31 pages. The color palette of the panorama is somewhat austere, with dull greens and browns dominating, and touches of red here and there. It is very much in the dark Romantic, Wagnerian Ring aesthetic. There are a total of 58 inset views, including the two larger views, one of Cologne, the other, of Mainz, at each end. The panorama would have been sold as a souvenir to tourists who typically were doing a Rhine cruise. Light wear. 
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Robins's Panoramic Representation of the Queen's Royal Progress Through the City of London, on the 9th November, 1837, Displaying every portion of the Royal and Civic Procession on that splendid and memorable occasion, as well as the Whole Line of Streets from Temple Bar to Guildhall, With their numerous Decorations, the Booths of the City Companies, Christ's Hospital, &c. The While extending to Nearly Ten Feet in Length.
19 Robins's Panoramic Representation of the Queen's Royal Progress Through the City of London, on the 9th November, 1837, Displaying every portion of the Royal and Civic Procession on that splendid and memorable occasion, as well as the Whole Line of Streets from Temple Bar to Guildhall, With their numerous Decorations, the Booths of the City Companies, Christ's Hospital, &c. The While extending to Nearly Ten Feet in Length.
London Robins 1838 First edition Cloth, and housed in a Custom Quarter Morocco Box Very Good 
A stunning leporello of early Victorian pageantry, colored by hand, measuring 10 feet by 3.5 inches when extended, and the imagery is particularly bright and fresh, especially when compared to other leporellos depicting Victorian parades or processions from this period. Scarce, with only four institutional copies located on OCLC. Abbey Life 534. When closed, the oblong item measures 6.25 by 4 inches, and in its box it sits neatly, and elegantly, on a shelf. Occasional light foxing or soiling to the pictorial but overall remarkably clean. The folds are reinforced with fabric. The folds are not entirely even, causing some minor waviness to the paper when the boards are shut. The joints of the cloth boards somewhat crudely restored. Minor blistering to the cloth. The leporello snugly fits inside the attractive box. Minor rubbing and wear to the marbled paper of the box. 
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Souvenir de Karlsbad
20 Souvenir de Karlsbad
Decorated Cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880. 11 by 7 cm. Comical leporello, with ten panels of color illustration with somewhat racy, ribald humor mostly depicting men and women taking baths. It is known that the same leporello was sold at different resorts using different names. Still, it is a scarce item, and one hardly likely to find its way into a library back when given its risque, racy content. Dating is based on fashions, including men's hairstyles and women's physiques, which are shown in the buff, as well as the Renaissance-style endpapers. Light soiling and wear. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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