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Cooking, Dining and Drinking

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Cooking, Dining and Drinking

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Advertisement for Hong Kong Tea Warehouse Eighth Avenue, N.W. Cor. 18th St., with two humorous caricature plates:  What is home without a mother-in-law? What is home without a mother?
1 Advertisement for Hong Kong Tea Warehouse Eighth Avenue, N.W. Cor. 18th St., with two humorous caricature plates: What is home without a mother-in-law? What is home without a mother?
NA Good 
N.d., circa mid-19th century. 12.5 by 9 cm, when folded, with four pages, two with details about the Tea Warehouse and its price list, two with the humorous illustrations of domestic unpleasantries when a husband must fend for himself with a mother-in-law and a child being mercilessly spanked when there is no mother to succor him. Soiled, with creases and two closed tears. 
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2 Album of Taste and Fashion and Book of Commercial & General Information Golden Guide to London
London George Hennelle 1877 Decorated Blindstamped Cloth Very Good 
Folio-sized, 40 by 31 cm. 73 leaves are numbered (not pages), followed by an almost equal number not accordingly numbered. This is the antithesis of a pocket tourist guide, and not just in size. While the part that is not overtly paid-for advertisements is full of useful information, the size and heft of the book meant that it was more likely to be a courtesy reference one might have found at hotels or on ships, or perhaps as a souvenir for the visitor. The reference part has all the expected useful information -- hotels, restaurants, transportation info, sights, museums, neighborhood descriptions, and many text illustrations -- but it is the often splashy ads that probably stood out then, and stand out now. These form the greater part of devoted to "Fine Arts", "Shipping Intelligence", "Champagne and Cognac", and "Plans of London Theatres". In the first of these, there are numerous full page ads for photography studios, often with a specimen of their work. The champagne section is full of mounted color printed labels. The last section has pictorial diagrams of many theatres still standing today. There are plenty of other flamboyant ads in the first part of the book for almost anything conceivable, from clothes to pool tables to lawn mowers, sometimes with mounted chromolithographic illustrations. Wear to the red decorative cloth. Repair to the front joint. Clean within. 
Price: 1600.00 USD
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Ceylon Tea.  From the Bush to the Tea Pot
3 Ceylon Tea. From the Bush to the Tea Pot
Colombo and New York City, respectively H. W. Cave & Co., printers. Eppens, Smith Co. (name on cover) 1930 First edition Wraps Good 
Scarce, with no copies listed on OCLC First Search. 4to. 24.5 by 18.5 cm. 20 pp. Describes in a readable, concise manner all the steps of tea production. With black and white photos on ten pages, with two photos per page on all but two of these pages. Color photo pasted onto front cover. Inside rear wrap describes how to make tea. Wraps chipped, with soiling around perimeter. Light vertical fold or crease down center, evident on the leaves. A very faint crayoned number on the cover and the first blank prelim. 
Price: 225.00 USD
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Cocoa and Chocolate.  A short history of their production and use. With numerous illustrations of the Cocoa Tree and its products; and of Walter Baker & Co.'s manufactory, the oldest and largest establishment of its kind on this continent
4 Cocoa and Chocolate. A short history of their production and use. With numerous illustrations of the Cocoa Tree and its products; and of Walter Baker & Co.'s manufactory, the oldest and largest establishment of its kind on this continent
Dorchester, MA Walter Baker & Co. Limited. Printed by The Barta Press, Boston 1917 Revised Edition Full Leather Near Fine 
8vo. 24.5 by 18.5 cm. 83 pp. Exceptionally clean copy, with the lightest of soiling on the white leather/leatherette cover, which still exudes a brightness. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Come into the Kitchen
5 Come into the Kitchen
Lynn, MA Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Company Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1920. 8vo. 17.5 by 11 cm. 32 pp plus wraps, with many small illustrations. Combining recipes with pitches and testimonials for Lydia E. Pinkham pharmaceutical products, miscellaneous snippets on measuring, school lunches, etc. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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Comptoir Central du Raisin de Corinthe
6 Comptoir Central du Raisin de Corinthe
NA Fine 
An unusual origami fold paper promotion for raisins. N.d., circa 1930. Closed, a 9.5 cm square; opening up to be 27 by 13.5 cm. With breezy Art Deco-style color illustrations (primarily green, blue and red) of people enjoying, preparing or serving products containing the raisins -- breads, cookies, pancakes. A most charming Gallic culinary novelty. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
7 Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
Edinburgh, Liverpool and London William Crawford & Sons Ltd. 1933 First Edition Grained Leatherette, with cloth spines or sides Fine 
A most unusual trade catalogue combined with a diary and blotter/desk accessory! Closed, oblong, 27 by 30 cm, and when the panels are opened wide, 60 cm wide. This was surely intended as a promotional tool in which the attractive catalogue was part and parcel with a freebie likely to be used and valued by the wholesale customer, who in this case would have been grocers and costermongers. The handsome commercial folio fits into the tradition of English biscuit makers who produced fine collectable tins which were sometimes as treasured as their delectable products. The folio opens from the center, with four separate panes then revealed. To the left are calendars for 1934 and 1935. Underneath the 1935 calendar one finds the trade catalogue, full of colorized photographs of the company's biscuits and packaging. This is paginated for 28 pages. The panels to the right hold the diary and a memoranda sheet. The front of the diary has several pages devoted to postal rates, other practical information, and a glossary of French dishes with English meanings. The blotter comes with a small stack of blotter paper, none of which was ever used, and each of these sheets has some pricing by weight data. The blotter looks as if it has never been used -- we have never seen one in such pristine condition before. Also included is the envelope in which it came -- this has creases and wear, but is a remarkable relic nonetheless. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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F. Marquis Paris Advertising Fan with Japanese-Style Illustration on Front Side
8 F. Marquis Paris Advertising Fan with Japanese-Style Illustration on Front Side
Paris NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1920s. 21.5 cm at its tallest, 33 cm wide when opened at its widest. The pictorial side shows four Japanese women in traditional kimonos working on a flower arrangement, with floral decoration elsewhere in the illustration. The flip side contains promotional info about F. Marquis. The chocolatier Francois Marquis was founded in 1818 and had its premier location at the time this fan was created in the Passage des Panoramas in Paris. Wear, slight bumping, along the upper edges. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Imperial Granum Doll
9 Imperial Granum Doll
New York Imperial Granum Co. 1915 NA Good 
A package freebie from 1915 from Imperial Graum Food, the maker of the "Unsweetened Food for Nursing Mothers and Babies." 23 by 22 cm. The cloth comes with four cut-outs that can be sewn together and stuffed to make a doll of a cutesie toddler. The two main pieces are the full body from and back of the baby, and then there are two oval pieces for the soles of the feet. The several captions, besides providing instructions, tout the healthfulness of the company's food, and there is also an ad for a version of the same doll that can be purchased with a coupon and 40 cents. A few stains scattered on the cloth, but a very scarce and well-preserved piece of ephemera in its original form. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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McArthur, Wirth & Co. Butchers' and Packers' Tools and Machinery.  Butchers' Supplies.  241 West Water Street, Syracuse, NY.  Catalogue
10 McArthur, Wirth & Co. Butchers' and Packers' Tools and Machinery. Butchers' Supplies. 241 West Water Street, Syracuse, NY. Catalogue "A" McArthur, Wirth 7 Co., Butchers, Packers and Sausage Makers. Fixtures, Tools, Machinery and Supplies, Sausage Casings, Spices, Refrigerators and All Styles of Ice Boxes
Syracuse, NY John Single Paper Co. 1900 First edition Wraps Very Good 
4to. 27 by 19 cm. 84 pp. Illustrated throughout. From professional kitchen equipment and furniture, some that would now be treasured as decorative antiques, down to knives and other cookery tools. Closed tear along rear joint. Age toned; clean otherwise. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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11 Mystic Tea Symbols. Mystic Tea Cup Fortunes. How to Read Tea Leaf Symbols and their interpretations. The Art of Fortune-Telling by Tea-Leaves as Used by Famous Seers.
Seattle, WA Mystic Tea Co. 1930 First Wraps. Brochure Near Fine 
12mo. 15 by 11 cm. Unpaginated, eight leaves. Telling you what various shapes formed by tea leaves mean, such as the meaning of a "dog", a "dove", a "hand", a "horseshoe", a "hat", etc. Issued as a promotion by a tea company, which obviously had an interest in building the public's fascination with all aspects of tea, including ancillary activities relating to its consumption. Clean, fresh copy of a scarce item -- none located on OCLC, to no surprise. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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R. H. Murphy Cookery Book
12 R. H. Murphy Cookery Book
Full Leather Very Good 
A manuscript cookbook probably from a grand country house in Edwardian England. N.d., circa 1910. [9], 84 pp. With well over 300 recipes! Mulligtawn soup, palestine soup, becamel of chicken, Ketcherei with Finnan Haddock, lobster a la Neuberg, a breakfast cold chicken cream in aspic, Neapolitan eggs, hashed mutton, beef galantine, sardine fritters, devils on horseback, angels on horseback, Welsh rabbit, Mrs. Dunsmuir's Prize cake, Sally Lunn, Jessica's eggless cake, a faroli souffle, chocolate drops -- this is a small sampling of the dishes whose names jumped off the page to this reader, whether because they are unknown and exotic, or they seemed somehow quintessential to a country house occasion. A good number of the recipes bear the first or last name of a person, and this probably indicates the original source of the recipe. It can also be deduced from the comprehensiveness and length of the book that Murphy was a professional cook in a grand house. No ordinary housewife, nor a servant in a less august setting, is likely to have had her recipes collected in such a project. It is likely that at least part of the purpose of this book was to impart technique as well as much beloved dishes to other staff members and/or successors. After the nine page table of contents, listing all the recipes, there are three pages of miscellaneous remarks on cooking followed by sections on soups, fish, breakfast dishes, joints and meats, sweets and puddings, iced sweets, sweets and puddings and desserts again, savouries, vegetables, sauces, liquids, juices and jams and cakes and breads. Missing, although referred to in the index, is a section on knitting. Desserts, or sweets, are the vast majority of recipes. Most of the sheets are carbon, with a few the original, and most sheets have a few corrections of typos done by hand. Light soiling and wear to the typed leaves. A few are now loose in the binding. 
Price: 1850.00 USD
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Schaufenster-Dekorationen für das Fleischergewerbe
13 Schaufenster-Dekorationen für das Fleischergewerbe
Berlin Allgemeine Fleischer-Zeitung Actien-Gesellschaft 1930 Cloth Very Good 
Oblong 4to, 23 by 30 cm. 96 pp. 40 color plates (these are counted in page numeration). Gorgeous illustrations of ideal window displays of meats, butchered and cold cuts, such as one might expect to find at the finest of gourmet shops. Scarce, with a single institutional copy located on OCLC at the Stadtbibliothek in Braunschweig. (There are a few copies of an earlier version of this book, but this version was substantially different, with fewer illustrations, and the illustrations assuredly different.) The text block is loose. Otherwise, clean, appealing copy. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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The Chocolate-Plant (Theobroma Cacao) and Its Products.
14 The Chocolate-Plant (Theobroma Cacao) and Its Products.
Dorchester, MA Walter Baker and Company. Printed by University Press, John Wilson and Son, Cambridge 1891 Hardcover. Paper pastedown on boards. Near Fine 
8vo. 24 by 17.5 cm. 40 pp. With four pages of recipes. Very lovely copy, with the lightest of wear. A few small rub spots on spine (where deep crimson color faded). Clean and tight within. 
Price: 145.00 USD
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The Gem Flour & Sauce Sifter.  The Best in Use!  Wells' Patent.  For Sale by All First-Class Dealers in Hardware and House Furnishing Goods.
15 The Gem Flour & Sauce Sifter. The Best in Use! Wells' Patent. For Sale by All First-Class Dealers in Hardware and House Furnishing Goods.
New York O.A. Wilcox & Co. NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1870s. 26 by 20 cm. Advertising circular for "Best Sifter in Use!" 
Price: 75.00 USD
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The Presto Family
16 The Presto Family
Buffalo The H-O Company 1902 First Wraps Very Good 
Oblong, 9 by 12 cm. 12 pp., plus wraps. Scarce, with four copies located on OCLC at the time this description was drafted, these at Brown, Duke, Michigan State, AAS. Story told in verse, and the purpose of which, to promote Presto flour. Each page features a charming semi-colored illustration (the colors used are blues, greens and oranges), with the illustrations done in the same vein as the Golliwog series, then so popular. Edge abrasion on the front cover, with light and trivial soiling besides. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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17 Tuna
Terminal Island, California French Sardine Company (Star-Kist) Wraps. Brochure. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1950. 12mo. 16.5 by 13 cm. 24 pp., including wraps. Color illustrations throughout. 
Price: 18.00 USD
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Un Chef-D'Oeuvre du Siecle D'Or
18 Un Chef-D'Oeuvre du Siecle D'Or
Rotterdam. Printed in Leiden Bureau de Publicite Erasmus. Printed at Rotogravure Mij First edition 
Fun, colorful and unusual promotion for the Dutch spirits industry and more specifically a drink called "Advocaat". Brightly colored fifties types -- the dowdy Mamie-ish housewife and portly husband, the artiste and Bohemians, the glam movie star, the gangster and general, are depicted in bright colors and superimposed on black and white photos as they are shown traveling to the Netherlands, sightseeing, and visiting a distillery in a droll narrative-driven text in which they are guided by a Rembrandt-era burgher. (There are other illustrations and illustrated elements in color.) N.d., circa 1950s. 8vo. 19.5 by 13 cm. 28 pp., plus wraps. 
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Vida de la mujer y hombre borracho Num. 54
19 Vida de la mujer y hombre borracho Num. 54
NA Very Good 
N.d., 19th Century. 43 by 31.5 cm. 48 cells, or small vignettes, depicting how alcohol is the road to a life of misery and destruction. The cells are woodcut illustrations, each with a caption that carries forward a loose episodic narrative of the many inconveniences and miseries caused by drink. Scarce, with no copies located anywhere. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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20 Vignettes. The Union Lithograph Co., Inc.
San Francisco or Los Angeles The Union Lithograph Co. Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Cloth spine. Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1920s. Small folio-sized. 32 by 26 cm. 97 leaves with color vignette images of foods (fruits, vegetables, soups, desserts, meats, fish, etc.), followed by a few blanks. The images, essentially clip art, are only on the recto, between eight and a dozen items on most pages, for a total of 853 vignettes. (The vignettes are numbered 1 to 853.) No title page -- the front cover serves as that, and this was intended as an utilitarian catalogue and nothing more. The bright, "generic" illustrations were clearly a source for food businesses to order what pictures they needed for signage, advertising, menus, mailings, etc. more economically than hiring an artist to do original artwork. All the sheets have a protective coating that give them a glossy sheen. They are held together with screws in a stab binding. Scarce, with no other copies located on OCLC or elsewhere. Other than the top sheet which has soiling, the sheets are very clean. Light foxing to the endpapers, and typical wear from use to the boards. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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