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1 "The Vanderbilt System" for Shippers and Travellers between the Atlantic Seaboard and the West, Northwest and Southwest. 1887
New York F. B. Miller 1887 First Edition Thus Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Oblong, 22 by 30 cm. [3], 112, [2], 21 pp. Eight photographic plates, including two of the original Grand Central Station, completed in 1871, and the remainder of Niagara Falls, which the New York Central promoted successfully as a tourist destination to augment ticket sales. Many other illustrations of tourist points of interest along the various railroad routes, plus ads with illustrations of hotel accommodations and the like. One folding map of New York State and its railroad lines. The emphasis of the book is on the New York Central, its trunk line and subsidiary lines between New York and Chicago, but the last section of the book is devoted to the Boston & Albany Railroad Department, which was a major route then. The contents, besides the extensive tourist information, includes information about the businesses themselves, their history, their leadership and corporate organization, and many advertisements for hotels, financial services, railroad cars, miscellaneous furnishings and dry goods. One ad features a touch of color printing. This publication is something of a hybrid, intended to function as both a promotion and a reference. Given its ephemeral nature, it is an uncommon title. Hinges repaired. Soiling and wear to the green cloth binding. 
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A Christmas Souvenir
2 A Christmas Souvenir
Brookline, New Hampshire Congregatioonal Church, Brookline, N.H. December, 1903 First Wraps. Stapled. Very Good 
4to. 27 by 17 cm. 16 pp. Mostly period ads. Scarce piece of ephemera -- no copies on OCLC First Search. 
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3 A Handbook of New England. 1916. An Annual Publication Sargent's Handbook Series
Boston Porter E. Sargent 1916 Cloth Very Good 
8vo. 18.5 by 12 cm. 843 pp. Detailed tour guide and town glossary. Also interesting classified ad sections on summer camps, New England schools, famous products of New England, hotels, ferries and steamships. Hard to come by book in its original form. Ex-lib, with markings not obtrusive. Scuffed and soiled binding. Clean within. 
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A New Ritual for
4 A New Ritual for "Sam" Written By One Connected with The Cincinnati Times, and Updated to Sam's Numerous Friends
Cincinnati, OH C. W. Starbuck & Co. Printed at the Cincinnati Dollar Times Office 1855 First Edition Wraps. Pamphlet. Good 
Anti-Catholic Nativist screed. 24mo. 133 by 76 mm. 48 pp. The booklet was purporting to present the ritual for a secretive organization "SAM". In fact, the document is a fiction created to advance the position of the Dollar Times. SAM was probably based on the "Order of the Star Spangled Banner" whose members were known as the "Know Nothings" because the members would assert they knew nothing when asked about the secret order. Since the actual Order was closely aligned with the Dollar Times, what is presented in this document may be very close to the actual rituals. Heavy dampstain on wrap cover. Soiling, light to heavy, throughout. The booklet is fragile and needs gentle handling. 
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A Whiff from Hell.
5 A Whiff from Hell. "How to Build up the Saloon Business."
NA Very Good 
A pro-Prohibition, anti-alcohol card which would have been passed on perhaps on the street by Temperance activists around 1900. N.d., circa 1900, based on the photo of four boys, probably brothers, in a line from youngest to eldest, on one side. The card's point is that the alcohol industry is attempting to seduce young boys into its fold in order to secure a market for their product in the future. On the flip side of the photo is presented a long excerpt from a speech supposedly given at a meeting of teh State Liquor Dealers of Ohio advocating that they do "missionary work" among boys to turn them into future drinkers. "Above all things create appetite," the speech exhorts. Small tear. 
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Across the Continent Via the Northern Pacific From the Lakes & Mississippi River to the Pacific , Columbia River, Puget Sound & Alaska
6 Across the Continent Via the Northern Pacific From the Lakes & Mississippi River to the Pacific , Columbia River, Puget Sound & Alaska
St. Paul, Minnesota W. C. Riley Third Edition (30,000) Cloth Very Good 
N.d., late 19th century. Oblong, 16 by 24 cm. A leporello with 30 panels, full of views of the sights, urban and natural scenery, with a variety of lay-outs per page, with sometimes a single image, other times, several, arranged horizontally and vertically, etc. The printing of the illustrations used a photo lithographic process, and the leaves have a glossiness to them, with here and there arts and crafts period floral decoration in the margins. The boards have mild warping, with cloth loss on the spine. Interior-wise, mostly clean and fresh. 
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7 An 1861 Court Order for Children to Support Pauper Parents, [together with] Testimony Relating to the Case
Wolf Township, Sycoming County, PA 1861 Very Good 
The documents relate to an area to law that has mostly disappeared, namely, the legal obligation of children towards their parents. The larger of the two documents, both of which relate to the pauperism of the Shavers, gets into the nitty gritty of land ownership and the productivity of the land. Thus this is law that arose in a predominantly agrarian economy, and one in which small town values were at the fore. The documents are both written in long hand, the one with testimony running 12 pages, the order, merely a single leaf. 
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8 Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Showing the Operations, Expenditures, and Condition of the Institution for the Year Ending June 30, 1897. Report of the U.S. National Museum. Part II.
Washington DC Government Printing Office 1901 Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Most interestingly a survey of museum history and thinking about the museum in the U.S. at the time. 8vo, 515 pp. 
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Collection of 46 Pen-and-Ink Caricatures, Mid-19th Century, from New England probably
9 Collection of 46 Pen-and-Ink Caricatures, Mid-19th Century, from New England probably
Custom clamshell cloth box, with leather spine ti Good 
N.d., circa 1870. Caricatures on heavy card stock, 29 by 13.5 cm. Each card contains a single person caricatured. The caricatures are evocative of the type one finds on Vinegar or Poison Valentines of the day, and a few might bring to mind caricatures in Puck and the handiwork of Thomas Nast. The caricatures have a deliberate crudity to them. Among subjects lampooned are suffragettes, the Catholic clergy, various low life, teetotalers and drinkers, and perhaps anyone in sight. We say this is from New England probably because one of the caricatures contains a depiction of an advertisement of a Providence, Rhode Island clothing store. Condition: original binding now disbound, with outer boards remaining, but a modern clamshell box serving to keep things tidy. The cards generally have small corner chips as a result of the brittleness of the card, and there is lots of shavings from the card in this box. The artwork, though, is not affected excepting minor loss to a few captions. 
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Comus Diamond Jubilee 1857 1931 Comus Carnival Bulletin
10 Comus Diamond Jubilee 1857 1931 Comus Carnival Bulletin
New Orleans Carnival Press 1931 First Edition Wraps. Brochure Near Fine 
Colorful Mardi Gras commemoration, with 20 color plates depicting the whimsical parade avian or ornithological chariots of that year organized under the auspices of the Mistick Krewe of Comus. 4to. 30 by 22.5 cm. Unpaginated, 36 pp., plus wraps. Also two colorized photo plates -- one of the New Orleans City Hall, the other, St. Louis Cathedral. Only two copies located on OCLC FirstServe (Tulane, Historic New Orleans Collection). Also with advertisements -- the colorized photos are part of ads, and other ads sometimes come with black and white photos. Light wear. 
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11 H-Bar-O
NA Very Good 
Mid-20th Century card game of the Wild West. Racial stereotyping involved with the Wong Lee character, as a for instance. 31 of 32 cards present. With instructions manual fold-out and mailing envelope. Other than missing card, fine condition. 
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Hair Album
12 Hair Album
Northfield, Minnesota 1863 NA Very Good 
8vo. 13 pages with content. Most interesting is the naive folk art drawing on the front cover, done by an Emily Shanfry (?), who we would surmise was the compiler of the hair album. The colored pencil drawing shows a young woman holding a bouquet and in a wide bustle dress of the era. The drawing is cut out precisely along the outline of the figure and mounted. There are 24 locks of hair within, all captioned with the names of the source. These are sometimes tightly braided, and sometimes looped around two or three times, with ribbon ties in all cases. The samples are generally quite neat, and the ribbons, remarkably well-preserved for this sort of thing. Only one lock is missing. The album appears to have been made at one time, as opposed to over the course of many years, and from Minnesota about five years after it became a state. Northfield was known as a "New England colony" since it was originally settled by New Englanders mainly. The ruled paper upon which everything is mounted is quite soiled and messy, but the samples themselves, as we have indicated, remain neat. 
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Handsome Mid-Nineteenth Century Full Leather Folio and Letter and Office Paper Organizer
13 Handsome Mid-Nineteenth Century Full Leather Folio and Letter and Office Paper Organizer
Blindstamped Full Morocco Very Good 
With inscription from 1856. 35 by 23 cm. Black leather blindstamped and gilt ornamented with typical designs of period. Pockets within for Letters Answered, Unanswered and Notes & Addresses and loosely attached notebook of leaves still entirely blank. The front cover also is backed with a pocket bearing no caption, and this, closed, served as a writing surface. Many separate sheets with tracing of various ornament and occasional written notes dating back to the 19th century and probably done by the original owner of the folio. The folio closed with a flap that folds over the front and has a clasp which is still usable but doesn't lock -- there is no surviving key. Considerable wear and rubbing to the leather, but overall still attractive. 
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Illustrated Manuscript of two poems:
14 Illustrated Manuscript of two poems: "To a Woodman's Hut there came one day." and "My Voice is still for War." [From "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" and Addison's "Cato", respectively]
Full Pebbled Leather, Blindstamped and Gilt Decora Very Good 
N.p., but American. N.d., circa 1860. Oblong, 23 by 28.5 cm. Two text leaves, each with one of the poems rendered in full, followed by 66 leaves, each with a mounted sheet onto which is written words from a poem and is drawn in pen and ink an illustration of those words. The illustrations are inspired mostly by the single word or phrase captioned on the sheet, as opposed to the wholeness of the poem, and thus the illustrations don't always fit in with the poem, or have the most nominal relationship to it, but nonetheless, the illustrations are full of charm and fun, and they are really best viewed and enjoyed without reference to the poem. While we don't have a date for the album, the ubiquity of Civil War-era uniforms and stove pipe hats strongly suggest the 1860s. There are also interesting illustrations of slaves. Many of the illustrations look back nostalgically to an earlier era, as for instance the eighteenth century which is depicted as a world of music and dance masters and gracious society. Classical Rome is represented in abundance too, as one might expect for "Cato". In these drawings and in evocations of Medieval times, the illustrator was not reluctant to indulge in a bit of anachronistic imagery as well. We don't know who the artist was, but clearly he was a very capable amateur -- the artwork is not quite done with the polish of a professional, we would grant. Some of the illustrations are highly detailed, while others are of a sketchier nature. "To the Woodsman's Hut" gives rise to 26 of the illustrations, "Cato", 40. Repair to the joints. The binding has a few scuffs but is overall very attractive. 
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It's All in the Draw
15 It's All in the Draw
Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890s. Oblong, measuring 24 by 14 cm, 9.5 by 5.5 inches. 20 pp, including cover. Full of caricatures of four poker players and their various expressions and reactions to various hands. On facing pages are witty rhymed captions incorporating in the lettering paraphernalia associated with the game of poker. An unusual item that highlights the emotional of this most psychologically complex of card games. On the second to last page is an advertisement for the United States Cartridge Company, and facing it on the last lear is a reproduction of a print showing hunters around a campfire, with deer strapped to a branch. With no publisher given, it is probable that this was issued by said company. Minor wear to the wrappers, made of heavy card stock, as are all the leaves. A small chip to the surface in a corner of the front cover. Small surface abrasion by this corner, front cover. Bound with thin cord. The center of three holes has tear to the edge, and the cords, which can be adjusted, are virtually impossible to set just right. Either they make the book too tight or too loose. 
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Large Original Encampment Portrait of Richard Pearson, Company K, 6th U.S. Cavalry,  Union Army, in the Civil War
16 Large Original Encampment Portrait of Richard Pearson, Company K, 6th U.S. Cavalry, Union Army, in the Civil War
1863 NA Very Good 
Charcoal on paper. Measuring 64 by 53 cm, and with frame, 77 by 63 cm. The portrait is inscribed "taken while on duty at Gen. Pleasanton's headquarters 1863". Adding to the interest is the background of teepee tents and far off, a ship. The artwork has a folk art quality, with non-facial features and clothing rendered loosely, but one senses that the face itself bears a close resemblance to the soldier. Moderate age toning. Scattered foxing. 
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Life Among the Shakers
17 Life Among the Shakers
New York Wemple & Company Wraps Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1880. 36 pp small brochure, including front and back cover which each feature a color lithograph, one of a child, the other, of a Sunday at Mount Lebanon, New York, where the Shakers had a community (today there is a Shaker Museum there). The account of Mary Carr forms just the springboard for a rambling first person discussion of the Shakers, where they have settled, their philosophy, their customs, their industry, with a particular focus on a panacea product created by a Mrs. Speigel which the Shakers have taken to manufacturing. The narrator of this exegesis is uncredited in the brochure. Finally at the end of the brochure comes testimonials for the medicine, which suggests that the brochure was in fact an advertisement or promotion that had the hook of a tangentially related human interest article(s) about the Shakers. On the rear it is indicated that the brochure was "presented by" E. M. Hart of Union Springs, N.Y. In any case, the scarce brochure, a mere 5 by 3 inches in dimensions, is scarce and interesting. Two woodcuts in the text besides the cover illustrations. 
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18 Little Henry and His Bird with Original Engravings.
New London John R. Bolles 1853 Wraps Good 
7 pp, plus title and text on rear of wraps. Illustrations on every text page colored naively in red, green and yellow. Tiny hole bored through pamphlet by text with a letter lost per page, but easy to figure out the incomplete words. Otherwise, typical light soiling, with illustrations rather clean. Soiling to cover. 
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19 Manuscript Broadside with Probably an Original Poem Written with Calligraphy and Fancy Penwork Ornamentation
NA Very Good 
N.p., American. N.d., circa 1840s. (The heavy stock paper is watermarked Whatman 1843.) We can not state definitively that the verse was original to whomever wrote it out, but we could find no trace of the poem elsewhere. The elegaic verse begins: "Abby's gone! that pleasant daughter,/ She whose face was lighted up/ At your coming and whose presence/ Added joy to life's full cup." We would guess that the manuscript was inspired by an actual death, and was a gift to the bereaved parent(s). The calligraphy is a beautiful complement to the sentiments expressed. A most unusual and appealing piece of poetic ephemera. 
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20 New York World's Fair 1939
New York Lord and Thomas 1936 Cloth Very Good 
Large elephantine folio sized book (24 by 19 inches) on plans for the upcoming New York World's Fair, which dazzled crowds with its many futuristic designs and conceptions, introduced to the public television and other then stupendous new inventions, and came as the interwar peace was drawing to a close. The prospectus, for that is what it is, is full of bold Art Deco illustrations, some brightly colored. Perhaps most exciting is the double paged overhead panoramic shot of the entire city and beyond. Unpaginated, 34 pp. The boards are dusty, with edge and corner wear. Otherwise, clean and crisp. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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