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A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup.  Breastypes!  What's Yours?
1 A true story . . . . the Grand Deception or Behind the Buildup. Breastypes! What's Yours?
Wraps Very Good 
Scarce male objectifier's glossary! Unsurprisingly, no copies located anywhere. No publication information whatsoever, as standard with racy or pornographic ephemera. N.d., circa 1940s, based on hairstyles to some degree. 10 by 8 cm. 22 pp., including wraps. Funny, some might say also offensive, labeling of different shapes and sizes of women's breasts. We have the "hot water bottles", 'ukeleles", "full moons", "cup cakes", and onward -- twenty in all. Also taking aim at various female types. Like it or abhor it, this is a genuine relic of mid-20th century burlesque-like culture, and we suspect in fact that this might have been a souvenir from a sleazy theater showcasing ecdysiastic cheesecake and ribald comedians. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
2 Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 13 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp., with a photo of a nude, or sparingly clad, woman or girl on every page. The photos would appear to have been from the teens, when the vamp (think Theda Bara) was at its apogee in terms of erotic appeal. Many of the women are lolling as if in a harem. They are generally bedizened with jewels, but what garments they have on is of a see-through sheer fabric. Most of the women can be described as voluptuous in their carriage -- the twenties ideal of slender had not yet taken hold. And their hair-styles are generally quite thick and full, as characterized the pre-bob 20th century. They ooze, though, an unabashed, uninhibited sexuality, sometimes dangerous, with the shackles of Victorian scruples cast aside. Stylistically one can also see the influence of the Germanic Jugendstil in their jewels and their decadent air. The photos look as if they were cut from magazines and possibly were later copies, although we will note that the back of the one we could inspect was blank. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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3 Album of Sixteen Hand-Colored Plates of Erotica
Half Calf over Floral Fabric Very Good 
Circa 1820, almost surely of Italian origin, and probably Neopolitan. Erotica undoubtedly goes back to when the first artists scrawled figures onto cave walls, but being that so much of it is by its nature and intent "ephemera", it is elusive finding much of it created in pre-Victorian "Modern" Europe. From the dress and adornments we can date these unsigned, undated plates as from approximately 1820. The racy, raucous and raunchy vignettes, some very funny, should speak for themselves, but surely they suggest that when it comes to things priapic, phallic and pornographic, the purveyors of such in our "liberated" times were just imitators. The drawings also make broad swipes at the Church, and therein lies much of the fun. The book is an oblong 8.5 by 7 inches, or 22 by 17.5 cm, and the images are all contained or held down by thick frames and then protected by tissue guards. There is some finger soiling here and there but in general the pictorials are bright and clean. Some scuffing to the leather of the binding. 
Price: 3400.00 USD
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Cataleg del 1er Salo D'Humoristes 1933
4 Cataleg del 1er Salo D'Humoristes 1933
Barcelona 1933 Wraps Very Good 
[62] pp. With colored pictorial wrapper cover. A profusely illustrated (line drawings) catalogue of the inaugural exhibition of a local association of humorists at the Galeria Emporium. 30 pages reproduce cartoons, with other leaves mostly devoted to a list of the artists and their works, with a few short textual humor riffs. Among the subjects lampooned are the battle of the sexes, politics, and the many indignities of modern life. The text is rendered in Catalan, not standard Spanish. One need not have a command of either language, though, to understand and chuckle at the rather broad visual humor, much of it racy and carnal. Scarce, with the only copy located on OCLC held at the Biblioteca de Cataluna. Wrappers are soiled. Pencil marks scattered through pages, which are heavily age toned. 
Price: 185.00 USD
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Chinese Erotic Leporello or Pillow Book
5 Chinese Erotic Leporello or Pillow Book
China Leporello Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. Closed, 18.5 by 10.5 cm, and 5 cm thick. 18 panels (13 with the pictorial), and so when wide open, stretching to almost 190 cm, depicting lovers in pari delicti. The ladies have bound feet, and they pleasure one another in one three way scene. Adrongyny abounds, as often the case in these leporellos, and a Peeping Tom (here, a woman) and a feline onlooker add a touch of humor to the proceedings. The leporello illustration is continuous and fluid and so can be viewed as itself representing a sort of orgy. All color printed on silk fabric which is pasted onto the heavy boards of the thick leporello. Moderate wear to the boards. Narrow, sliver dampstain affecting a few leaves. Some scattered fading and wear to the silk. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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Deck of Pornographic Playing Cards, Circa 1940s or 1950s
6 Deck of Pornographic Playing Cards, Circa 1940s or 1950s
Box Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1940s or1950s. The back of cards have a conventional geometric/abstract design for playing cards of the day. On the fronts are lurid photographs of men and women engaged in sexual intercourse, fellatio and cunnilingus, masturbation, and three ways. Some of the scenes depicted involve lesbian sex. Each of the 54 cards -- the standard deck, plus two jokers -- has a different black and white photograph. The same "models" reappear in numerous photographs. One is unlikely to be smitten with the beauty of these models, nor will even afficianados of pornography necessarily find the photos irresistible turn-ons. We see the point of the card deck as having been a naughty novelty. In an unmarked white card box, as surely in which they originally came. Condition: box has soiling on one side. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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How to Raise Love or Modern Studies in the Science of Stroking.  The Horn Book.  A Girl's Guide to the Knowledge of Good and Evil
7 How to Raise Love or Modern Studies in the Science of Stroking. The Horn Book. A Girl's Guide to the Knowledge of Good and Evil
London and New York The Erotica Biblion Society 1923 First Edition presumed Cloth Very Good Plus 
More positions than one can shake a stick! Exhibit 69 that there is nothing new under the Sun. Sold told via a dialogue, Socratic style. Extra-illustrated, with six tipped-in plates demonstrating various positions with an Orientalist flavor. The plates are by a "Malay". 8vo. 21.5 by 15 cm. 153 pp. A handsome cloth binding with green veining over a gray brown field. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Office Boy's Diary
8 Office Boy's Diary
St. Paul, MN Brown & Bigelow 1955 First Edition presumed Wraps Very Good 
Humorous risque brochure from the Mad Men era of office politics and shenanigans. In its 24 pages of racy photographs and none-too-subtle innuendo, we glimpse an office where nice gams, some show of cleavage and a shapely derrier are all a young woman needs for advancement, where everything is about the perks, the outward displays of rank, and who has time for the actual grind? The brochure's tone is really a print-form version of one of those movie shorts from the forties or fifties in which a jovial, all-knowing narrator has a wisecrack or punchline for each of the succession of small mishaps that relate to a single theme of modern life, and of course the collision of office politics and sex was the raw material for such successful comedic treatments as "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" and not a few Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe vehicles. A great conceit of this brochure is that in none of the photographs is a face shown. Thus everything is captured in the anatomy south of the neck. Other than a little ink scribble on the rear cover, this is clean and tight. The brochure is 15 by 11.5 cm, or 6 by 4.25 inches. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Programme les Naturistes
9 Programme les Naturistes
Card. Near Fine 
Shaped book program, shaped to look a bit like a three dimensional book. N.d., circa 1950s. 8vo. 23 by 17.5 at tallest and widest. Unpaginated, 32 pp. Profusely illustrated with photos of the performers and the many skits. Lots of semi-nudity by the buxom ecdysiasts -- naturiste means nudist. Quintessential bawdy Parisian cabaret of the period, with perhaps a little more flesh revealed, and probably a little more lewd-ity to go along with the nudity, than some of its rivals. One of the full page photos is in bright color. Otherwise, photos are b/w. Light card covers decorated with gold on black. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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Souvenir de Karlsbad
10 Souvenir de Karlsbad
Decorated Cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880. 11 by 7 cm. Comical leporello, with ten panels of color illustration with somewhat racy, ribald humor mostly depicting men and women taking baths. It is known that the same leporello was sold at different resorts using different names. Still, it is a scarce item, and one hardly likely to find its way into a library back when given its risque, racy content. Dating is based on fashions, including men's hairstyles and women's physiques, which are shown in the buff, as well as the Renaissance-style endpapers. Light soiling and wear. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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11 [Naughty Movable Card] Ris-k. Hu-La-La Dancer
Asbury Park, NJ S. S. Adams Co. 1944 Near Fine 
"A wiggle here, A riggle there, A little bump -- Or two. With every move, From head to toe, She's making eyes -- At you." You pull the tab above and the comely topless woman shimmies as a sailor's and officer's eyes roll. A fun metamorphic from back when, probably hawked on the Boardwalk. 14 by 9 cm. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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12 Aretin, Pierre [Pietro Aretino]. Introduction by Guillaume Apollinaire. Illustrations by Berthomme Saint Andre I Ragionamenti. Le Premier Livre des Ragionamenti. Le Second Livre des Ragiionamenti (Two Volumes)
Paris Georges Briffaut 1939 Full Calf Near Fine 
8vo. 22.5 by 16 cm. Minor scuffing to full calf bindings, as well as trivial bumping to a corner or two. Clean within. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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13 Bac, illustrator; Preface by Marcel Prevost. Editor: H. Simonis Empis La Femme Intime Album. Absolument Inedit Par Bac
Paris 1894 Half Morocco over Marbled Boards Near Fine 
Small folio, measuring 14 by 10.75 inches, 38 by 27 cm. Louche women, in states of semi-undress (usually revealing their breasts partially), and attitudes befitting the boudoir, the bedchamber, the bath. With light-hearted captions, this is fetching fin-de-siecle softcore erotica. Unpaginated, with 26 tinted full-page plates. Original wraps bound in half green morocco over marbled boards. Some rubbing of leather, with surface loss areas near spine. Clean inside. 
Price: 225.00 USD
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Les Nouvelles Lecons d'Amour dans un Parc, Boylesve, Rene;  Illustrations de Rene Lelong
14 Boylesve, Rene; Illustrations de Rene Lelong Les Nouvelles Lecons d'Amour dans un Parc
Paris Librairie de la Collection des Dix 1930 First Half Morocco over Marbled Paper on Boards Near Fine 
No. 83 of total 301 copies. 4to. 135 pp. Plus 17 color plates with gauzy sensuality to explicit depiction of coitus positions. Very much in the glossy arty vein meant to render a bit of class and piquancy to porn, as was in fashion during the twenties and thirties and especially prevalent in French literature. The aesthetic drew inspiration from powder and crinoline nostalgia for the pre-Revolutionary eighteenth century French court in which flirtation, debauchery and sexual intrigue spiced up the stupefying ritual and monotony of court life, and the illustrations, and not a little the text, emulate the style and mood found in the paintings of Boucher and Fragonard, and this is the time period of the tales contained herein. A beautiful and clean copy. Original wraps bound in gray half morocco. Some shelfwear to the leather. Still a handsome binding, and typically French with its type of gilt ornamentation on the spine. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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15 Brus, GŁnter Irrwisch
Frankfurt am Main Kohlhunst Verlag 1971 Limited First Edition Wraps Very Good 
Limited edition, one of 500 copies. 4to. 29.5 by 21 cm. Unpaginated, 136 pp., containing over 100 grotesque, S&M and extreme illustrations of erotica (or anti-erotica), seven of which illustrations are in color. Brus, born in 1938, was a founder of the Austrian Actionism Movement in art, a movement that gloried in shocking the public. In "Irrwisch", one can plainly see its roots in Surrealism and more specifically, Dadaism, and in its predilection to shock, such branches of Modernism as Futurism, the movement spearheaded by Marinetti. Brus, like others in the movement, did not confine himself to graphic art, but also engaged in performance art and film-making. Yet perhaps in contrast to other more notorious performance artists, one can see that in "Irrwisch", as in other works by him, that he was also a very proficient artist in terms of more traditional artistic skills. For this reason we find his closest antecedent is an artist like Max Ernst, who also incidentally did serious work in book form, and who also brought an exuberance to the repugnant. Slight darkening of the spine, with a touch of wear along joint edge. Clean and tight otherwise, and arguably in fine condition. 
Price: 475.00 USD
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16 Dorat. [Claude Joseph]. Illustrated by Umberto Brunelleschi Les Baisers Precedes du Mois de Mai Poeme
Paris. Printed in Saint-Ouen Eddis. Printed by L'Imprimerie Gaston Maillet & Cie. 1947 Limited Edition. First Edition thus. Quarter Morocco. Cloth Boards. Very Good 
One of 500 copies with a second suite of the color plates separate from the book itself. This copy carries No. 884 out of a total of 3,000. 8vo. 138 pp. Original wrap covers bound in. Corners with cloth worn through. A few other spots of rubbing and wear on cloth boards. Clean within, and extra suite of plates is pristine.] 
Price: 400.00 USD
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17 Dutch Treat Club Revolt
1935 Decorated Paper over Boards Very Good Minus 
94 pp. Supposedly 1,200 copies printed on Linweave Text "of which this is the last". With red cellophane which is used as overlay to several images to reveal something entirely different underneath from what one sees without the cellophane. Full of risque vignettes and verses, some by well-known writers and humorists such as Ogden Nash, and with plenty of nudity, both photographic and drawn, to tweak the prurient interests of men and perhaps some women. A worthy precursor to Playboy Magazine, and one which really conjures up the urbane sophistication of Art Deco thirties habitats we imagine occupied by Nick and Nora Charles or other couples in the frothy screwball comedies of the era. Both naughty and literate, and these two qualities are each intensified by the presence of the other. The Dutch Treat Club, incidentally, was a real club that was formed in 1905 by illustrators and writers who met sociallly for lunch. At the time of this publication, members included of all people Norman Rockwell, who resided then in New Rochelle. The back of the book includes a directory, in reverse alphabetical order, of members. This copy has a fair amount of shelfwear. Some rubbing along the gutters with a bit of mull revealed. Inside tight and clean. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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18 Hesse, Raymond; Aquarelles by Dubout De Phryne a Abelard
Paris A L'Embleme du Secretaire 1936 First Half Morocco with Slipcase Near Fine 
No. 88 of 600 copies printed on Papier Royal Vidalon, or a heavy stock paper (near card thickness). 4to, 159 pp. Collection of several risque to raunchy adaptations of old stories, myths or legends, some biblical, some from Greek or Roman myth, yet others from history, each with the over-the-top ludicrous, farcical and bawdy illustrations of Dubout and colored with fitting luridness. Some of the parts are entitled "Phryne Devant L'Areopage", "Le Proces de Socrate", "Le Jugement de Salomon", "Les Tonneaux des Danaides", "Jacob et Esau", "Romulus et Remus", "Le Jugement de Paris", "Cassandra", "Le Premier Mariage de Samson", "L'Affaire Abelard". There is minor rubbing on the spine. The papers used on the boards and endpapers have a exquisite silken tissue quality and striking modernist diaper design. The interior is pristine and tight. The slipcase also has some minor rubbing but otherwise retains structural strength and integrity. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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19 Illustrations by Adrien Baggary. Stories by Denis Diderot, Le Comte de Caylus, Le Cardinal de Bernis, Le Chevalier de Boufflers, Jacques Cazotte, Voltaire, Charles Pigault-Lebrun, etc. Florilege des Conteurs Galants du XVIIIieme Siecle (Two Volumes)
Paris 1931, 1932 Limited First Edition Half Morocco over Marbled Paper Very Good 
No. 351 of 600, with total issuance in various forms of 3,416 copies. This set was issued with papier pur fil Lafuma. With 24 color plates and 40 black and white illustrated plates in the two volumes. Bound attractively with decorated morocco, with various curly-cue gilt ornamentation. The set epitomizes the inter-war French vogue for soft core erotica, here with literary pretensions or pedigree from the eighteenth century, that hotbed of erotic gamboling before squelched by the Revolution. Some spotting on the fore-edges. Rubbing on the spine extremities and the edges. Overall a handsome set. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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20 Jean Cabanel, editor, author of preface. Dubout, illustrator. Poetry by Ronsard, du Bellay, et. al. La Muse Libertine. Florilege des Poetes Satyriques Orne de Quarante Aquarelles de Dubout
Paris Editions du Valois; Impriermies Union et Dechaux 1957 Limited Edition Wraps. With slipcase Near Fine 
No. 3871 of 4569. 4to. 255 pp. Anthology of late Medieval and Renaissance to Enlightenment French poetry that is sensual, lewd, erotic or plain naughy. The range is from the sublime to naughty, with the Dubout illustrations decidedly of the latter camp, and thus the soft porn campiness of the whole production. Being French, the anthology exudes style and class, even when it most boisterously violates all standards of decorum. Represented here are the greats Ronsard, du Bellay, Voltaire, Diderot and many others, less well-known, from the 15th through the 18th century, all underscoring the point that the fun in vulgarity is nothing new. A clean copy, with the only qualification that there is a minor closed tear on the spine head, and the lightest of crease marks on the base of the wraps. The slipcase has minor wear but matches the volume perfectly and is an attractive bonus. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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