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Albums and Sketchbooks

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1 1870's Autograph Album with Several Sketches
Cloth Very Good 
Mostly a typical autograph album, neater than many others, with two amateur sketches, one of a black man with racist overtones, and one page with a touch of decorative ink work. The oblong album measures 3 by 5 inches, 8 by 13 cm. Most entries are dated 1877 or 1878. Soiling to the green gilt-stamped boards. Slightly loose text block. 
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2 1890s Autograph Album Signed by Many Theatrical and Musical Celebrities, Including Anna Held, Johanna Gadski, Maurice Barrymore, Julia Marlowe, Chauncey Olcott, Anthony Hope, etc.
1897-1899, 1925 Cloth Very Good 
Most entries are from 1897 or 1898, with only one at the much later date of 1925. John Hare (1844-1921) was a prominent English actor manager who ran the Garrick Theatre in London for a number of years. He was closely associated with Pinero, both producing some of his works as well as acting in them (not the same works). His fame was as great in America as in England. Kathryn Kidder (1868-1939) was a successful American stage actress. Howard Gould was the son of financier Jay Gould. Maurice Barrymore (1849-1905) was the patriarch of the legendary theatrical family. Father of Lionel, Ethel and John, he was a top leading man of his day. Johanna Gadski Tauscher (1872-1932) was a German soprano (and eventually naturalized American) and a star at the Metropolitan Opera best known for Wagnerian roles. Julia Marlowe (1865-1950) was an English born American actress celebrated for her portrayal of Shakespearean heroines. Vladimir de Pachmann (1848-1933) was a Russian born piano virtuoso best known for his interpretations of Chopin. Eugene Cowles was a composer who wrote for the voice. Carl Zerrahn (1826-1909) was a German born, American flautist and conductor. Anna Held (1872-1918) was Florenz Ziegfeld's first celebrated stage discovery and his first wife, portrayed in the movie "The Great Ziegfeld" by Luise Rainer, who won her first Oscar for the role. Chauncey Olcott (1858-1932) was an American actor, singer and songwriter who composed the song "My Wild Irish Rose" and the words to the song, "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". Finally, Anthony Hope (1863-1933) was the English novelist and playwright who wrote "The Prisoner of Zenda". Probably some, if not all, of the author autographs are of once prominent performers, or the signatures are not sufficiently legible to make out. Still, quite a collection of well-known people in one smallish album. 
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Album Amicorum C.B.S.S. Souvenir 17 Januar 1845
3 Album Amicorum C.B.S.S. Souvenir 17 Januar 1845
Denmark 1845-1854 Box Very Good 
Highly decorative box containing Biedermeier Period Album Amicorum from Denmark. The box, oblong, 8 by 15.5 cm. With four leaves containing original artwork, a fifth, with a lock of hair. One other is of a steel engraved view of Copenhagen by the water. The remainder, 26 leaves, are purely writing -- verse, autographs, etc. We would regard the most interesting of the pictorial leaves as one with a lace window onto which is attached a floral garland, above which hovers a seraph, and a ribbon containing an aphorism. This mounted part is not flat, and we would say it was probably manufactured, and thus is not itself original art. Surrounding the window is heavily gilded tracery inspired by Medieval illuminated manuscripts. Another lovely leaf is one with two angels holding aloft a beribboned crown. A third leaf has a scenic waterfront view, a fourth, a simple rose centered bouquet. The Morocco box all this is housed in is a good example of the genre. Without describing in great detail the niceties of the gilt decoration (which includes turn-ins, etc.), we mention one element: the impression of two Greek statues of Goddesses standing atop pedestals, and contained in side panels. One of the four silk covered flaps within the box -- the flaps used to secure the leaves beneath -- is hanging on by a thread. Otherwise, light to moderate wear, with no salient issues to speak of. 
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4 Album Amicorum for Abby Dole
Massachusetts and New Hampshire 1836 - 1839 Blindstamped Full Morocco Good 
8vo. 24 by 19 cm. 3 to 135 numbered pages. Poetry by many hands, including classmates, relatives and some other friends. Many entries are conveniently dated. Also locations are given as Methuen, Andover and Boston, all being Eastern and Northeast Massachusetts, and New Hampton Salisbury, NH, in central NH. Six nice, even intricate, period vignette illustrations, done with ink or watercolor, plus six steel engravings that were bound in the blank album by its binder/publisher. The entries would appear to have been done mostly by fellow students of Abby, and we would surmise that she was a student at the New Hampton Female Seminary, which was a normal school of the time (a teaching college). Heavily scuffed morocco binding. Rebacked. New endpapers. Light to moderate soiling of pages, with minor edge chipping to a few early leaves. 
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Album Amicorum.  Der Freundschaft gewidmet von Julie Bühler
5 Album Amicorum. Der Freundschaft gewidmet von Julie Bühler
Berlin, Leipzig, etc. 1829-1830 Very Good 
An especially interesting, lovely box, with two sets of flaps cut on the diagonal and falling both below and above the top lid, and an outer box to house this box. The inner box is 16 by 10 cm, an it has mounted marbled papers set off at their edges by gilt ruling and a thin ornamental band within. The contents are mostly typical verse rendered in a somewhat inscrutable German cursive, but there are four cards with color illustrations. The most outstanding is an original Romantic-style watercolor of a classical ruin by a waterfall and the backs of two men in period coats. A second card has a cut out of flowers in a toile planter. The hand-coloring and the arrangement itself is quite charismatic. Third is a pen and ink precise drawing of a stringed instrument leaning against a planter, and finally, there is a doily card with a hand-colored seraph and a flap under which verse rendered in Gothic type. This last piece has edge damage to its delicate tracery work. There are eleven cards of verse. Light to moderate wear. 
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Album of 37 Oil Paintings and Watercolors of Primarily England [D.L. & A.C. Miller.  June-July 1920]
6 Album of 37 Oil Paintings and Watercolors of Primarily England [D.L. & A.C. Miller. June-July 1920]
1920 Full Leather Very Good 
By various hands. The album bears the date of 1920 but the artwork presumably would probably have been collected over time, either before or after that date, or a bit of both. The name of Miller is on the front cover, but that is probably the name of the owner and compiler of the album and does not explain much beyond that. The quality is various, as is the style, with the unifying element that they are all relating to lovely scenery of the countryside, the small town, the seaside in the South of England, Yorkshire, perhaps elsewhere in England, and at least one or two from the Continent (France, Holland). Shipwrecks, an aqueduct, craggy coastline are among the more interesting subjects. The album is 19 by 26, oblong, with the postcard-sized watercolors mounted onto heavy card stock leaves. Generally the places depicted are not in and of themselves famous, but almost all are the quintessence of the English landscape. Some scattered light foxing in the margins 
Price: 800.00 USD
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Album of 48 Indian Watercolors Painted on Mica
7 Album of 48 Indian Watercolors Painted on Mica
Full Leather Good 
Wonderful folk art-ish paintings of Indian musicians, craftsmen, dancers, etc. 8vo. 22.5 by 18.5 cm. 12 leaves, with four paintings mounted onto the rectos of each of these leaves. Mica painting has a long tradition as a technique for artists to trace existing works. The type of mica paintings here, representing occupations, ceremonies and artistic performances, were made exclusively for European patrons, most typically, employees of the East India Company, as momentos of their time in India. (See M. Archer, "Company Paintings, Indian Paintings of the British Period", published by the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1992, pp. 193-201.) The leaves are thick, almost of a card stock, yet heavily toned and verging on brittle. The paintings were mounted with a glue which unsurprisingly left an impression visible behind the clear mica. A number of the paintings had become detached and were remounted, and generally the paintings are just loosely attached and without care any of them could become loose. The leather binding is scuffed and has a good amount of rubbing, especially along the edges, and a few abrasions. The boards, which are original, are of morocco, while the spine is from a rebacking and is a calf. Nonetheless, the match between the two works rather well. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Colorful Birds on Pith Paper, 19th Century
8 Album of a Dozen Chinese Watercolors of Colorful Birds on Pith Paper, 19th Century
Silk covered boards Good 
N.d., circa 1850. 12mo, 16 by 12 cm. Each painting mounted on thin paper and framed with blue strips, as typical of such albums made presumably for the tourist and expatriate market. The paintings have a disarming naive quality. Yet in our view the paintings have more color and detail than the average such album of this size (larger format pictures tend to be more nuanced when it comes to this genre). The silk patterned cover has had its joints repaired. The usual amount of fissures, or tears, to the pith paper. Most of the paintings have no or very light defects of this type. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Album of Caricatures and Photos of an Austro-Hungarian Army Unit Stationed in Northern Italy, circa early 1860s.
9 Album of Caricatures and Photos of an Austro-Hungarian Army Unit Stationed in Northern Italy, circa early 1860s.
Full Morocco Very Good 
Fabulous collection of army caricatures, as well as actual photos of many of the soldiers and officers. The artwork has an inimitable naive, folk art-ish and outsider art-ish quality that is simply captivating. Even with the captions mostly unreadable by us written as they are in an indecipherable Suettelin Schrift, the humor and narrative generally comes through very clearly. The artwork is mostly focused on the soldiers' lifestyle -- hunting, womanizing and wooing, drinking and carousing, day to day activities, and other than their being in uniform mostly, relatively light on actual military matters. Early 1860s, before Austria lost much of Northern Italy. Oblong. 23.5 by 29 cm. 67 pp. with content. First, 22 pp. of photos, with 82 photos in all, with all but two individual oval portraits. Then 35 pp. of painted caricatures, containing 40 mounted pieces, one of which has a fold-out and thus is larger than the page, a few are full page size, and several form multi-part narrative series, like a cartoon strip. About half of these are thickly or thoroughly painted, while the rest may have a combination of pencil and watercolor, and simple or no background to the drawn human figures. 8 pp. of portraits, one painted, the others, drawn with pencil or printed. 2 pp. of mixed media photo caricatures (16 such caricatures, which generally have photo imaged heads combined with drawn bodies, all of which is contained in a photo image). Condition: two inch chip to lower spine. Leather on boards rubbed and worn. Moderate soiling to the album's leaves, with a few corner creases, etc. 
Price: 5000.00 USD
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10 Album of Chinese Paper Cut-outs
Silk pasted onto boards, bound together with strin Fine 
N.d., circa early to mid-twentieth century. 20 pp., with a paper cut-out on every page. On the recto is a cut-out with color fabric intricately cut to fill in the gaps and enliven the images of people. On the verso is the more classic silhouette or shadow image cut-out of buildings, trees, small human figures and animals. The images are diminuitive in size, only filling a small corner of the oblong pages, which measure 10.5 by 7 inches, or 27 by 18 cm, other than the first page in which two birds flank a pretty abstract centerpiece. The art, of course, is in part the miniaturization, which requires lapidary skill, and we revel in the beauty and cogency of the imagery reduced to so small a scale. The album also is really more than the sum of its parts and exercises a cumulative effect on its admirer. Clean throughout. 
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Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
11 Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 13 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp., with a photo of a nude, or sparingly clad, woman or girl on every page. The photos would appear to have been from the teens, when the vamp (think Theda Bara) was at its apogee in terms of erotic appeal. Many of the women are lolling as if in a harem. They are generally bedizened with jewels, but what garments they have on is of a see-through sheer fabric. Most of the women can be described as voluptuous in their carriage -- the twenties ideal of slender had not yet taken hold. And their hair-styles are generally quite thick and full, as characterized the pre-bob 20th century. They ooze, though, an unabashed, uninhibited sexuality, sometimes dangerous, with the shackles of Victorian scruples cast aside. Stylistically one can also see the influence of the Germanic Jugendstil in their jewels and their decadent air. The photos look as if they were cut from magazines and possibly were later copies, although we will note that the back of the one we could inspect was blank. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Album of Humorous Cut-Out Figures, Detailed with Penwork, And Some Movable
12 Album of Humorous Cut-Out Figures, Detailed with Penwork, And Some Movable
England Quarter Morocco Good 
Highly unusual and original album of cut-out figures, loosely in the style of an Edward Lear. N.d., early 20th century. With 21 leaves. There are images of early cars and scooters, and a reference to Teddy's braces, which is probably referencing Theodore Roosevelt. Most of the figures, though, could easily be late Victorian as much as Edwardian. The juxtapositions on some of the leaves can be manic, and that is part of the fun, in addition to the figures with movable parts. The effect is that of collage. There is the occasional political reference, but there would seem to be no agenda other than the nihilism of humor and caricature. Rebacked with green morocco. A few leaves have apparently disappeared, based on the evidence of offsetting, but since there is no narrative, the loss, such as it might be, would otherwise not be noticed. A few of the cut-outs have become loose, and a few others have minor losses (a limb, and the like). Regardless, a wonderful piece of home made entertainment. 
Price: 2000.00 USD
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13 Album of Origami and Chromolithographic Imagery, Roses on Cover
Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1880s. 16 pages, plus cover, with the artful combination of origami paper folding and chromolithographic die cuts to create pages of artfully arranged imagery, or combining the two media into a single pictorial image. While such albums were not that at all uncommon, this one is done with singular neatness and what would seem an intuitive aesthetic sense that results in ineffably delightful juxtapositions. A good amount of the paper work involves a weaving of two different colors of paper, and this can lend an abstract element to the picture created as well. Some of the imagery is religious in nature, with a crucifx at the center of the first page, but most is quite secular and pretty, with many children populating the imagery. Images include one of Bismarck, a Japanese girl or young woman in a kimono. eighteenth century clad children, a martini glass, and one photograph of a girl. The book is 8 by 6.5 inches in its dimensions. 
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Album of Original Pen-and-Ink Victorian Caricature and Cartoons
14 Album of Original Pen-and-Ink Victorian Caricature and Cartoons
England 1879 Half Calf, pebbled cloth Very Good 
Circa 1879. One illustration near the end of the album is dated 1879, and so we assume they all come from that date, or a few years prior or after. Oblong, 15 by 24 cm. 25 pp. with fine, even brilliant, pen-and-ink caricatures and cartoons. The work is unquestionably of professional quality, but there are no signatures or other indicia of authorship. The style would have fit right in with "Punch", and one can see a kinship with Tenniel or DuMaurier, to name two of the best known contributors to that humor magazine. Here the heads are often oversized atop miniaturized bodies. The artist reveled in detail, with niceties of dress and appurtenances meticulously rendered. Emotion and expression are very skillfully etched onto the characters' faces. Caricatured are readily recognized types, as opposed to well-known politicians and celebrities. Whether dandies, socialities, domestics, swains, scalawags, hypocrites; whether haughty, high-strung, demure, straight or crooked, these are figures very specific to their time and place, yet one need not exercise too much imagination to extrapolate them to a more timeless, universal cast of characters. The artwork represented here can be divided into character studies, standalone funny cartoon, and finally, multi-cell or interconnected group of drawings, with a few of the pages fitting into more than one category. A number of the cartoons have captions, but these are almost superfluous -- the drawings tell their story effectively without words. The humor contained in the captions can now come off as obscure, even when one understands its point-of-reference. Some of the cartoons are unquestionably Rascist, showing black people as savages or preposterous grown children or imposters. On a more positive note, we can select from almost any of the drawings for a slightly in depth description, but we will single out one entitled "The Great International Ass Show at Kilburn". In this cartoon, we have six anthorpormorphic donkeys representing different types, such as the Imperialist Bully, the Fashion Noodle and the Strike Dolt. One might have to see the drawings to fully appreciate their quality; let it just be said that one would have to be humorless and thick-skulled not to be tickled and delighted by these variations on a theme. From the library of Ronald Searle, the great English 20th century cartoonist. Rebacked. Rubbed coerners, with a chip in lower rear. Clean within. 
Price: 1650.00 USD
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Album of Original Watercolor and Ink Designs for Calendars from 1903 to 1907 Satan's Calendar.  Life's Journey Calendar.  Expectation's Calendar.  Young Herchard Calendar.
15 Album of Original Watercolor and Ink Designs for Calendars from 1903 to 1907 Satan's Calendar. Life's Journey Calendar. Expectation's Calendar. Young Herchard Calendar.
1902-1906 Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Uncommonly clever, colorful manuscript calendar illustrations built around a theme for each of the years. Small folio. 31.5 by 26.5 cm. A total of 29 original watercolors, all dated and signed E.L.P.R. The identity of the artist is otherwise unknown and possibly irretrievable. What is manifest, however, is his skill, humor and panache, and these illustrations stand out among the fluent amateurs of the day, if amateur the artist in fact was. Some of the imagery is decidedly pre-Raphaelite in its style and modeling, while others are more suavely Fin-de-Siecle. Similarities can be found to Walter Crane, Kate Greenaway, Burne-Jones, Cecil Aldin, and a host of others, but never is this artist merely imitating. The 1904/1905 series, departing from the calendar format, feature full paintings meant to illustrate one word or short phrase captions such as "Declaration", "Osculation", "Vexation", and these qualify as polished, arresting works of art. The other years have mounted card sheets each covering two months. Typically there is a large watercolor in the center and for 1903, two small ink vignettes for each month. The other years simply present each month in the usual tabular format. These years also have lines of what is presumed to be an original narrative poem which carries through the particular year. The poem is commensurate with the illustration, and it reinforces the cumulative effect of the work. A number of the mounted cards have small neat holes on the top, clearly suggesting that the leaves were once hung on a wall and/or were bound together by a ribbon. Original decorative cloth album. 
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16 Album of Red Chinese Paper Cut-outs
Silk pasted onto boards, bound together with strin Fine 
N.d., circa early twentieth century. 20 pp., with classic red paper cut-out on every page, almost all very intricate and capturing a picturesque aspect of Chinese life or imagery. The imagery never occupies more than half of the page, which measures 10 by 6.5 inches, 26 by 16 cm, but it is in the miniaturization that lies much of the art, and we can but marvel at the lapidary skill of the craftsman or artist responsible for the silhouettes created. 
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Album of seventeen miniature-sized pen-and-ink caricatures
17 Album of seventeen miniature-sized pen-and-ink caricatures
1857 Morocco spine. Blindstamped cloth boards. Very Good 
Oblong, 11 by 19 cm. Nine leaves with 17 cartoons or caricatures, all done on a miniature scale, which is a part of their charm. Each drawing has a short caption written in block letters. The drafting is quite fine -- these drawings could pass for published work of the mid-Victorian era. And the visual humor, showing drunks, sleepers, musical bandits, the injured, etc., holds up remarkably well. Neat though the captions are, an inscription presumably to the artist's sister is not entirely legible to us, and thus we can not identify the artist, other than to state that the artist was probably a woman. And that adds interest to the album, as generally such caricature work was then more common among men. Condition: moderate wear to the cover. Scattered soiling. 
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18 Album of Trade Cards, Photographs and Other Ephemera
1876-1878 Half Leather, Marbled Boards Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 16 cm. Unpaginated, 82 pp. The exception aspect of the album is surely the photographs. Among them is a photo of two boys and a girl with toys (a toy drum, a toy shotgun, a wagon), a bonneted little girl posing next to an open ABC, a photo with the title "An Evening at Home" showing a large family making music, playing with blocks, etc. as parent's sternly or patiently look on; three ladies having tea while dressed in what was then old-fashioned dress; children "Listening to the Birds", a smiling baby (at a time when smiling was uncommon in photos), a tot with roly poly toy, and a few others. Among the many stock trade cards are those by Louis Prang. There are also several items from the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, including a card of one of its exhibition halls. The album doesn't necessarily have an overarching theme, but it is neatly compiled. The leather is heavily rubbed and has abrasions. The papers in the album are brittle. Otherwise tight, with the contents well-preserved. 
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Album of Twenty Small Swiss Watercolored Views
19 Album of Twenty Small Swiss Watercolored Views
Full Morocco. Two brass clasps. 
Bookplate of Sir Oswald Mosley, the 5th Baronet, and the father of the notorious British Fascist! The artwork all by one hand, and almost surely done by a Mosley. 8vo. 23 by 19 cm. Ten leaves of heavy card, each with a watercolor measuring 10 by 9 cm mounted into a window on both the recto and verso. Watercolors are classic Swiss views, rendered by a deft amateur hand. They exude a naive charm, which is not to say that they do not capture some quite fine detail. Generally people, the size of specks, serve to provide scale, as do such things as boats and carts -- the time tested props of many a panorama painting. The places, noted in captions, include the Gorge du Trient, Carouge, the Giessbach Falls, the falls of Schaffhausen, a road leading to St. Gingolph, the Piumogna Falls, the glacier at Grindelwald, the Drachenfels, the road from Grindelwald to Unterseen, the Wesenhof by Thun, the Staubach Falls, the Wetterhorn, the Via Mala Gorge, the Wengenalp, Splungen, Unspunen, Lake Como by Bellaggio, Lake Geneva and Goldswyl. Often, in addition to the rivers, lakes and mountains, there are buildings, bridges, and othe man-made structures, all rendered ably. Some scattered light foxing. All tissue guards intact. 
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20 Album of Twenty-Four Original Watercolors of Flowers and Leaves
Full Morocco Very Good 
A lovely collection of botanical watercolors that are both realistic and tinged with a bit of Art Nouveau. N.d., , circa 1900. Probably English, but it could be American alternatively. The watercolors are all mounted onto card, which was then mounted onto the card stock leaves of the album. The flowers are all neatly captioned and include Purple Spurge, White Heather, Daffodil, Sweet Scented Coltsfoot, Yellow Monkey Flower, Bullace, Polypody Fern, Hart's Tongue Fern, Gromwell, Trefoil, Stork's Bill, Rest Harrow, Lesser Periwinkle, Hellebore, Wood Sorrel, Gladwyn Iris, Snowdrop, Purple Willow, Autumn Colchicum, Goldylocks (Aster Linosyris), Bastard Balm, Horned Poppy, Primrose, and Squill. Although there is no text, the artistic treatment has the rigor and quality of floral depictions one would find in an academic survey, yet the artist also is intent on soft prettiness that would suit a sentimental card as well. The watercolors themselves measure 5.75 by 2.75 inches, or 14.5 by 7 cm, and the album itself is 10 by 7 inches, 26 by 18 cm. In the back of the album one can see that six leaves without such watercolors once had them. The leather of the binding is rubbed along the joints and edges. The watercolors themselves are clean. 
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