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1 "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" Produced for the First Time in Great Britain on Monday Evening August 14th, 1922 at the Palace Theatre, London Souvenir of Publicity August 5th to August 20th 1922
London 1922 Quarter Morocco, Cloth boards Very Good 
Unusual scrapbook prepared for movie mogul of the silent era. Folio, 37 by 27 cm. 33 leaves with content (66 pp), with a few blank leaves. The scrapbook consists of photographs and many newspaper clippings all relating to the London roll-out of the Rudolph Valentino movie, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse", which was the top money-making movie of 1921. The movie, based on the Vincente Blasco Ibanez novel, would be remade in 1962. The first version catapulted Valentino to major stardom and turned him into the screen's foremost Latin Lover. It also greatly popularized the tango outside of Argentina. Also starring in the movie were Wallace Beery and Alice Terry. The scrapbook or album was prepared on behalf of Marcus Loew, the theater chain magnate and a founder of MGM, which was formed through merger three years later, who admitted to not caring for the movie, before the money started rolling in. As a document, the scrapbook captures in a concentrated manner the nature of movie publicity in the early twenties, at a time that the movie industry was taking the form of an actual industry. Leaves are of heavy card. A gilt printed title page, with a modern outer binding. Some photos with corner creases and minor edge loss. 
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1912 . . . 1937 Paramount's Silver Jubilee
2 1912 . . . 1937 Paramount's Silver Jubilee
1937 Card stock wraps. Plastic spiral Very Good Minus 
An unrecorded studio campaign book. No copies found on OCLC First Search, nor in the Academy library's online catalogue. 4to. 31 by 23 cm. Unpaginated, 24 pages, profusely illustrated with photos, both b/w and red and white, the latter in keeping with the red color scheme running through the brochure. Also, to mark the silver anniversary of the studio, there is ample metallic silver background and highlighting in the brochure. The brochure is part a hagiography of Adolph Zukor, a founder of the studio, part a light historical retrospective of the studio and Famous Players, and a campaign book for the studio's slate of new movies for the upcoming 1937 season. Historic highlights include the making of a movie with Sarah Bernhardt ('Queen Elizabeth" in 1912), the featuring of leading stage actors of the early twentieth century such as James O'Neil, J.K. Hackett and Lily Langtry), the recruitment of Mary Pickford to the studio, followed by others such as John Barrymore, Cecil B. DeMille's early silent productions, and on and on. Uncharacteristically for a campaign book, virtually all the films in the line-up presented actually were produced with the talent listed. Condition: cover has film of light smudgy soiling. Rear shows vestiges of paste markings. Interior is clean. 
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?????? ?????? ???? [Stars of Silent Movies]
3 ?????? ?????? ???? [Stars of Silent Movies]
Moscow 1968 Cloth Near Fine 
8vo. 21 by 16 cm. 238, [2] pp. Homage to the great stars of Hollywood, with chapters on Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Valentino, most definitely dominating, then also pieces on Russian stars, etc. Many photos, most of which are somewhat grainy, as one would expect with the old celluloid from which they come. Scarce in the West, and not the sort of book one would expect to have been published in Soviet Russia. 
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Films Paramount.  Livre D'Or Saison 1927-1928 Manuel de publicite & d'exploitation
4 Films Paramount. Livre D'Or Saison 1927-1928 Manuel de publicite & d'exploitation
Paris Societe Anonyme Francaise des Films Paramount First Hardcover Very Good 
Scarce movie studio promotion, with only copy recorded on OCLC at the BNF. Folio, 38 by 28 cm. Unpaginated, but four pages devoted to each of 42 productions slated for the season. Each of the productions has one full page color plate -- essentially a movie poster mock-up -- and one or two tinted pages with photo images from the upcoming production. Most of the movies are from Hollywood, but there are a few French productions. At the time, Paramount was the largest and most powerful studio, and this lavish promotion, intended for exhibitors, was issued probably right before the release of "The Jazz Singer" and the movie industry was thrown into turmoil. Thus it came out at the precise moment bullish confidence was at its zenith, and in terms of silent movies, the industry had settled into some maturity, soon of course to be shaken. Many of the stars on the Paramount roster then remain well-known to this day, at least by movie afficianados, and a good number of them went on to substantial careers in the thirties and beyond in sound movies: Adolph Menjou, Bebe Daniels, Wallace Beery, Gloria Swanson, Warner Baxter, to name a few. Others are now more solidly associated with Silents, such as Harold Lloyd, Pola Negri and Clara Bow, although they all did make the transition to sound pictures. Visually, a highlight is a color plate of a movie theatre lobby, an image that captures the opulence, pretension and spirit of the commercial film industry in the late twenties. A fun, colorful, flamboyant and informative work for a serious movie buff. The cover has a bronzed surface, with blindstamping of the title, the Paramount insignia, etc. Restorations to the joints. Clean within. 
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Gloria Jean Scrap Book.  A New Universal Pictures Star
5 Gloria Jean Scrap Book. A New Universal Pictures Star
1940 Wraps Very Good Plus 
Folio, 37 by 27 cm. Large photo of the adolescent movie star, intended as the successor of Deanna Durbin at Universal, and probably best known today as a co-star in the W. C. Fields vehicle "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break". Like Durbin before her and Jane Powell after, Gloria Jean had an operatic soprano voice as a child and was nurtured by the movie producer Joseph Pasternak, but whether a matter of talent or of timing and other circumstances, her star never shone as bright as either of these other two, and she also wasn't really able to sustain stardom as an adult. Still, she certainly had a pretty, wholesome face, as evident on the cover of this Scrap Book. The scrapbook, but for two, or perhaps four pages, was unused. These two pages have remnants of clippings which were torn out, and the shadow of these pastings carries over to neighboring leaves. Otherwise, very good or better. 
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Gloria Jean.  Her Story.  A New Universal Pictures Star.  Authorize Edition.
6 Gloria Jean. Her Story. A New Universal Pictures Star. Authorize Edition.
Akron, Ohio The Saalfield Publishing Company 1941 Stiff Wraps Near Fine 
4to. 25.5 by 24 cm. 32 pp. Studio publicity biography of the adolescent movie star, intended as the successor of Deanna Durbin at Universal, and here photographed twice with Durbin. Today Gloria Jean, who is still alive, is probably best known today as a co-star in the W. C. Fields vehicle "Never Give a Sucker an Even Break". Like Durbin before her and Jane Powell after, Gloria Jean had an operatic soprano voice as a child and was nurtured by the movie producer Joseph Pasternak, but whether a matter of talent or of timing and other circumstances, her star never shone as bright as either of these other two, and she also wasn't really able to sustain stardom as an adult. Still, she certainly had a pretty, wholesome face, as evident on the cover of this booklet. The pages are heavily age toned, as per the paper stock used. A piece of tape on the upper margin of the last leaf. The tape isn't here because of a repair, and it is perhaps a half inch in length. Otherwise, a fine copy. 
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Krewe of Mid-City 1941
7 Krewe of Mid-City 1941
New Orleans Higgins Printing Company 1941 First Wraps Very Good 
Oblong, 15 by 23 cm. Unpaginated, 28 pages, plus wraps. Floats representing in color plates commemorated the Academy Award Best Pictures up to then, beginning with a float for "Wings", made in 1927, and continuing onto "Gone with the Wind", mistakenly given as Best Picture for 1938 -- it was released in 1939, and won for that year. Among these celluloid celebratory floats are ones for "Broadway Melody", 1928; "All Quiet on the Western Front", 1929; "Cimarron", 1930; "Grand Hotel", 1931 (the movie actually won for 1932); "Cavalcade", 1932 (actually 1933); "It Happened One Night", 1933 (actually 1934). From the copious errors we can assume the compiler of this booklet wasn't a fanatical movie buff, or he/she had just had a few too many in the Mardi Gras bacchanalia. The booklet is scarce, with a single institutional holding located on OCLC First Search, at Historic New Orleans. Also with made ads, including a few in full color, and also one for Coca Cola. Condition: corner chip to front colver. Rubbing along spine. Other light edge wear. 
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My Cinema at Home
8 My Cinema at Home
Sala Game Company Box Very Good 
N.d., circa 1920, possibly slightly earlier, when movies still had a strong novelty element to them. Twelve slides or strips, on six cards, which you run through the windowed frame card just so to animate into motion the sundry comical and/or circus figures. These include a clown and comely female aerialist on a tightrope, a bullfighter, a boy trainer and ramming goats, acrobats, a horse trainer and rearing horses, two fighting chimney sweeps, a man with a hammer and a giant jack in the box, a trick equestrian standing on a horse jumping over a fence, a constable chasing a ne-er do well, a boy and girl seesawing, a puppet and puppeteer, a rearing pony and his hapless mount. The set appears to be complete, with six cards, and two strips per card, plus a separate instruction sheet. The trick producing the sense of motion is produced by the striped window, which interacts with the stripes of the illustrations to create the illusion as one slowly and evenly moves the card through. A few of the cards have cracks or creases, yet they all function just fine, and the box, with light wear, is intact. 
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Now for T.V.  Forty of the Great Warner Brothers
9 Now for T.V. Forty of the Great Warner Brothers "Films of the 50's" from Seven Arts
New York Seven Arts Associated Corp. First Leatherette binder. Steel rings as binder. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1960 (give or take a year). Small folio, 33 by 26 cm. 41 leaves -- title, followed by 40 small posters, one for each of the films being marketed to television stations. Also included are three different long order sheets -- two copies for the films on offer in this binder, and two others for different sets of films produced by Warners. Here all the films date from 1950 to 1958. Television had greatly disrupted the film making business, as is well known. Theater attendance suffered initially as television siphoned off some of the audience, or the willingness of people to buy movie theater tickets when they could be entertained with no incremental cost in their living room in front of a television set. The studios fought back by offering more color, wider screens and the like which could not be replicated on a TV set at the time, and then it occurred to them that they could capitalize on their substantial libraries by selling airing rights to TV stations. And so we have here just such a marketing effort. The surprising element is that the movies being peddled were relatively recent releases, and among them, a few movies that were prestige products, such as Garland's "A Star is Born", James Dean's "Rebel without a Cause" and Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train". The small posters, we believe, are generally different than what was used for the previous theatrical releases, with sometimes the differences quite substantial. Surely of interest to any movie buff, we would add. Condition: split of leatherette along joints. Some abrasions on rear of binder. Interior-wise, fine condition. 
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10 Picture Show Annual for 1929
London The Amalgamated Press, Ltd. 1929 First Edition Hardcover. Pictorial pastedown on boards. Very Good Good Jacket 
Scarce with original glassine dust jacket which has some printed content on it, as well as four separate color plates depicting Hollywood duos. 4to. 28 by 21 cm. 160 pp. Profusely illustrated with photographs, black and white or sepia toned, and a full full color photographs, of the top Hollywood movie stars of the day, plus English movie stars then based in the U.K., some of whom became part of Hollywood later. This was a tumultuous time in the movie industry, with the last gasp of the silent era and its stars but sound movies a major part of the mix and within a year to be virtually all that would be made. Many of the stars featured, contrary to legend, were able to make the transition, but as Norma Desmond famously said about the silent era firmament, "We had faces then", and this promotional fluff publication surely demonstrates that in spades. Among the countless stars featured are none other than Gloria Swanson, who had just made a silent version of "Sadie Thompson", of course Joan Crawford, who was to soon make the first talking version, "Rain", of the same work, the Talmadge Sisters, the Gishes, Garbo, Gilbert, and on and on. The Annual, which was directed at a British audience, has backward looking articles as well as pieces on make-up, the stars' homes, their opulent changing room bungaloes, etc. The tenor and tone of all the articles and captions is pure publicity department magic dust and fluff, although there is occasionally an interesting detail or observation that one might not expect and/or which says something about the mood and thinking of the industry at the time. For example, concern is expressed that the movie industry might be running out of published fiction to adapt and so the industry would have to start coming up with original stories of its own. No movie buff won't enjoy the now antique photos that conjure up the old Hollywood in some ways better than the celluloid that survives from the era. The four additional color plates would appear to have been issued in conjunction in some manner with the book, since a caption states that they were presented with "Picture Show". They depicte Gary Cooper and Colleen Moore in "Love Never Dies", Marion Davies and Nils Asther in "The Cardboard Lover", Ronald Colman and Lily Damia in "The Rescue", and Jameson Thomas and Estelle Brody in "Week-End Wives". The book itself has some shelfwear and rubbing along the edges but is otherwise tight and clean. The glassine dust jacket has several tears and chips but is a miraculous survival nonetheless. 
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Progressive Pictures Corporation Product Announcement 1933 1934 Distributed by Monogram Pictures Corp. of Ohio, Monarch Pictures Corp. Pittsburgh, PA
11 Progressive Pictures Corporation Product Announcement 1933 1934 Distributed by Monogram Pictures Corp. of Ohio, Monarch Pictures Corp. Pittsburgh, PA
Wraps Near Fine 
Maybe a lot of the movies being promoted were never made, but what is the likelihood the made movies would have lived up to their ultra-sleaze promise suggested in this campaign book? Folio, 35 by 27.5 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp., not counted cobweb textured tissue guard endpapers in front and back. Movie titles contained herein give a vivid idea of the product: "Morals in Pawn", "Museum Murder", "Scarlet Sister", "The Mystic Hour", "Torture Ship", "His Brother's Wife", "Crooner's Bride", "Hell's Crossroads", "The Woman Condemned", "Let's Start Something!", "Yellow Fangs", "Legal Loot", "Her Splendid Folly", "Jail-Bait", "One Arabian Knight", and "Ladies' Entrance". In case there might be any confusion about the nature of these stories, the large photos eliminate that! Here sex, violence and intrigue are unabashedly peddled by this small B movie studio whose niche was pure exploitation cinema. Typically there are movies promoted in studio campaign books which were ultimately not made; in this one, we are aware of only one which was released: "Her Splendid Folly", with Lilian Bond, who did have 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood, although this film surely did nothing to perpetuate that, and also featuring Louise Beavers, who did in fact have a long and significant career in major studio films playing black housekeepers and the like. Perhaps Progressive's timing was off, as it was pushing steroidal versions of pre-Code Hollywood stories right after the institution of the Puritanical code. Scarce -- no copies located anywhere. 
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Queen of the Forty Thieves in Four Parts Featuring Denmark's Most Distinguished Actress Miss Dagny Tyson
12 Queen of the Forty Thieves in Four Parts Featuring Denmark's Most Distinguished Actress Miss Dagny Tyson
8vo, brochure, 4 pp. A scarce early movie promotion describing the plot of a long-forgotten silent film starring a now also forgotten star. The convoluted plot, a swashbuckling melodrama, is described over four pages, with several stills of the movie, and one might infer that this was an early full length movie. The fact that there was a program such as this is also suggestive that this film was regarded as a prestige production. The movie played at the "Chaplin Theatre", formerly the Russel, which was probably in Cleveland, although no city address is given. The renaming of the theater surely marks the meteoric rise of Charlie Chaplin, who had become an overnight movie sensation just a few months earlier. (He entered a contract with Mark Sennett in late 1913 and his first release occurred in early 1914.) There is no copy of the movie at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. 
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The Amazing Dancing Charlie Illusion Can be made to Dance on floor, table or chair at your command.  Its baffling, amusing mystifying.  Hours of endless entertainment for young and old alike.  Confidential & secret instructions enclosed.
13 The Amazing Dancing Charlie Illusion Can be made to Dance on floor, table or chair at your command. Its baffling, amusing mystifying. Hours of endless entertainment for young and old alike. Confidential & secret instructions enclosed.
Great Britain Envelope Near Fine 
A relic from Charlie-mania which swept the globe in a matter of a few months after the introduction of "The Tramp" character by Chaplin in an one reeler in early 1914! N.d., circa 1920. This "British-made" toy must have had some popularity, since it was reissued with changes to the envelope and instruction sheet, and later edition(s) tout it being "original", which this one does not, as there presumably would have been no need to do so. The cardboard toy has movable legs and arms that when suspended on string as per the instructions, will bob about and dance in a manner that mimics the jerky and sometimes acrobatic movements of Chaplin in a silent movie. But one can also enjoy the figure without stringing him up. The figure stands 32 cm tall when fully stretched but fits into a 23 by 19 cm envelope made of card. Also included are the instructions. Some minor crease lines on the card figure. Chip, and some creases, to the envelope. Still, everything is in a great state of preservation. 
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The Cobina Wright Dinner
14 The Cobina Wright Dinner
Beverly Hills 1964 Very Good Plus 
Bound folio containing many full page testimonials and photos of a who's who from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Most of the celebrities were past their movie making prime but many a comfortable late middle age and still attractive, if not exactly young, and perhaps with the discreet, or not-so-discreet, help of a surgeon's knife. Among this contingent of "Hollywood Royalty" are Greer Garson, Irene Dunne, Mae West, Sonja Henie, Bob Hope, Bob Cummings, Merle Oberon. More youthful, but soon to achieve similar status, were Kim Novak, Zsa Zsa, George Hamilton, Arlene Dahl, Rhonda Fleming, Jerry Lewis, Rod Taylor, and on and on. Add to the mix prominent producers (Ray Stark, etc.), the "hostess with the mostess" Perle Mesta, the comely wives of deceased movie people, and non-entertainment industry high society, and the Cobina being honored surely must have enjoyed the crowning accolade of her career. Personally making a tribute to her that evening was none other than Mary Pickford, and the entertainment included Red Skelton and Johnny Mathis. Cobina, now no longer famous, had had a brief movie and singing career before she entered that rarefied sorority of entertainment gossip columnists, from which the outpouring of love towards her could not have been less spontaneous than spontaneous combustion, And if there is any doubt as to the sincerity of the tributes, the inclusion of rival Louella Parsons should put such skepticism. The production of the folio is itself a tribute, with a number of the over hundred leaves featuring a metallic patina. And while the autographed inscriptions are virtually all copies, the brochure does have a genuine inked inscription by Cobina herself. Bound with a plastic spiral. Measures 28 by 22 cm. 
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Vedette de Cinéma a l’Écran dans l’Intimité
15 Vedette de Cinéma a l’Écran dans l’Intimité
Paris 1931 Wraps Very Good 
Scarce relic of French movie fan magazine from the early Sound Pictures era, featuring stars of Hollywood. 4to. 32 by 24.5 cm. Unpaginated, 14 pages, plus wraps, with front cover having a oblong oval window cut-out showing Mary Brian and Richard Arlen embracing. Pages full of sepia toned photos, one to three per page, of Hollywood stars, with a major theme being the stars kissing -- an internal subtitle is "Baisers"! Stars are a mix of names still well-known and some more obscure other than to the most ardent cinema-phile. The better known stars include Joan Crawford, Gary Cooper, Marilyn Miller, Fay Wray, Lupe Velez, Joan Blondell, Norma Shearer, Robert Montgomery, Loretta Young, Costance Bennett and Ramon Novarro, and virtually all of these stars look more youthful than they are generally remembered. The magazine is evidence of the reach of the Hollywood publicity machine back when. Scarce -- we could locate no other copies on OCLC of this ephemeral item. Condition: moderate soiling of the cover. Pages are age toned but clean. 
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Zoetrope Strip "There's Life in the Old Donk Yet!"
16 Zoetrope Strip "There's Life in the Old Donk Yet!"
England NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1870. 8.5 cm tall, 92 cm long, with twelve imaes of man in top hat being bucked off a donkey. Light soiling and wear. 
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17 [Autograph Album] Featuring Entries by Rosalind Russell, Linda Darnell, Pat O'Brien, etc.
Cloth Album Very Good 
N.d., circa 1940s. Autographs include those of Linda Darnell, Rosalind Russell, Charlotte Greenwood and Pat O'Brien. The autograph of Rosalind Russell includes a pen illustration of the actress's back and her face, both crudely yet appealingly done. The sketches were probably by the album keeper, not Ms. Russell, although the latter is a possibility. More obscure nowadays but famous at the time were Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce, who played the couple Ethel and Albert Arbuckle on a long-running radio, then television, show, "The Private Lives of Ethel and Albert", and both signed the album with both their real names and the name of their characters. Rounding out the album are several fashion illustrations of gowns done with watercolors. The album is of modest size, measuring 6 by 4.5 inches. A few of the items are loose within, while others entries were applied directly to the leaves. 
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[Exhibitor's Annual] RKO Radio Pictures 1940 1941
18 [Exhibitor's Annual] RKO Radio Pictures 1940 1941
Plastic spiral. Alligator on boards. Fine 
Lavish exhibitor's annual with splashy spreads on movies to be released in the upcoming year. Folio, 36 by 29 cm. Unpaginated, 27 leaves. Also with the original card stock envelope, whose preservation most definitely contributed to the near pristine condition of this copy of the Annual. The exhibitor's annual was a marketing tool used by the studio's to generate excitement among its exhibitors, who were a sense its most direct customers. To that end, no expense was spared for these publications. In this particular annual, the extravagance is manifest in its cover, in the flaps or movable pieces in a few of the advertisements, and the overall quality of the production. Nonetheless, because only a small number of these annuals were printed, combined with the ephemeral nature of the promotion, few copies survive. Because the annuals were about the movies on deck during the upcoming year, one finds titles and casts sometimes different than the final release, and there are projects scuttled and others spoken of in very general terms, such as "And a second adventure film with ___ yet to be announced." And this annual is no exception, with the most conspicuous example, the ad for Orson Welles in "'John Citizen, U.S.A.' and one other production". The former became, of course, "Citizen Kane", and the latter ended up becoming "The Magnificent Ambersons", which was released a year later, in 1942. Promised is also Cary Grant in "Passport to Life", to be directed by Garson Kanin, with the illustration and the title itself suggesing a melodrama of some sort. This film was never made. In its place, starring Grant and directed by Kanin, would be the screwball comedy, "My Favorite Wife". Other examples of unmade, or unreleased, movies are Anne Shirley in "I Married a Cheat", Charles Boyer in "Ariane Pretends", Ginger Rogers in "Two on an Island", Maureen O'Hara in "Three Girls and a Gob", and Ronald Colman in "One Production". Titles were to be changed for several Lupe Velez projects. The ad for "Kitty Foyle", the movie for which Ginger Rogers was to win her Oscar, has a flap which replicates the cover of the novel. Lifting the flap reveals a brochure reprint of a Life article about the novel. A similar book cover flap is used for "Sister Carrie", a movie that was not then made. (A Paramount version would be released in 1952 with the title "Carrie".) Movies touted, and made in a form that correlates generally with the promo, include "Too Many Girls", "The Devil and Miss Jones", "Men Against the Sky", "No, No, Nanette", "Mr and Mrs. Smith", "Tom, Dick and Harry", and on and on. Other elements of interest are pages devoted to the RKO producers, directors and writers. RKO also had an arrangement with Disney, and so touted are "Mr. Duck steps out" and other one reelers. With only the most superficial signs of wear, close to mint. 
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19 [Postcard] Lya Mara. "Halkas Geloebnis"
Berlin 1918 
Lya Mara (1897 - 1960), born Aleksandra Gudowicz in Latvia to a Polish family, became one of the most popular German silent movie stars. "Halka's Gelobnis", released in 1918, was her first starring vehicle. It was directed by Friedrich Zelnik, who became her husband and the director of her movies which followed. Mara made one a single film with sound; with the rise of the Nazis she moved with her husband, who was Jewish born, to London. Postcards such as this were instrumental in promoting the movie and also in popularizing Mara as a star. 
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Associated Talking Pictures Schedule 1935 [1935 Studio Campaign Book], Carrick, Edward, designer
20 Carrick, Edward, designer Associated Talking Pictures Schedule 1935 [1935 Studio Campaign Book]
London Associated British Film Distributors. Merivale Press 1935 First Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Good 
Folio. 36 by 28 cm. Unpaginated, 28 leaves, with ample use of color in the illustrations. Showcasing stars Gracie Fields, Clive Brook, Victoria Hopper, Leslie Henson, and Edmund Gwenn, each featured with a full page photo followed by at least one double page spread promoting a movie they were appearing in or were to be appearing in. Other stars prominently in the films being highlighted include Stanley Lupino (father of Ida Lupino), John Loder, Stanley Holloway, George Formby, etc. Among the screenwriters is J. B. Priestley, and directors, Monty Banks. Thus ATP was very much a studio conforming to the studio system, with a depth of talent in its direct employ and something of the character of a repertory company but with a star system. Movies promoted that were actually made include "Look Up and Laugh", with Gracie Fields, "Up with the Lark", but long after, in 1943, and not with Gracie Fields as promised in this campaign book, and "Whom the Gods Love" with Victoria Hopper. As typical of such campaign books, a good number of the films were never made, or when released, had different titles, stars, etc. and/or story lines with scant resemblance to that originally envisioned, and part of the fun and interest of such campaign books is to contemplate about the many what ifs. Screenwriters for the studio's films include J. B. Priestley and Dorothy Sayers. Scarce, with no copies of this brochure found anywhere -- not located on OCLC. Only known copy at the Margaret Herrick catalogue. Also contained herein is a two paged typed cover letter, dated August 1935, signed by the General Manager of ATP. Condition: cover heavily soiled and somewhat beat up. One leaf tipped back in. The pages are clean and fresh throughout. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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