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101 Coldthorp, Edith Large Album of Travel Photographs of Italy, Switzerland, France and Germany with Illuminated Calligraphy and Watercolored Borders of Flowers, Birds and Butterflies
1883 Full Calf Good Plus 
Folio-sized, 38 by 27 cm. 32 leaves, each of a card stock. On a verso is written in an ornamental type, using some illumination and embellished with floral ornament, the place name, and on the facing page is , one, or two, large professional photographs, such as tourists then purchased as souvenirs, with lovely watercolored marginal decoration using flowers, butterflies, birds, fireflies, etc. It is these vignettes that set apart this album from other albums assembled from the Grand Tour of the period. The original leather has a large chip in the upper spine. The front joint has been repaired. Additional rubbing elsewhere. Within, some foxing, especially on the first few leaves, and the first and last two leaves have a coal-like smudgy shadow in a few places along the edges. 
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Journal of H. M Ships Duke of Wellington, Pilot, Royal Adelaide, & Volage.  Kept by Montagu W. Consett, Consett, Montagu W., Midshipman
102 Consett, Montagu W., Midshipman Journal of H. M Ships Duke of Wellington, Pilot, Royal Adelaide, & Volage. Kept by Montagu W. Consett
July 1889 - March 1891 Full Calf Very Good Minus 
Tall 4to. 32.5 by 21 cm. Unpaginated, 156 pp. With 13 watercolors and pen and ink or pencil drawings inserted or mounted onto pages, varying in size, of equipment, and 16 maps and plans, most of which are watercolored. The log includes descriptions of Algiers, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Mogador, Las Palmas, Barbados, St. Kitts, Vigo, West Indies, as well as training exercises closer to home. Maps include ones of teh English Channel, the Route from England to the Canary Isles, Gran Canaria Isle, La Luz, Gomez Beach in the Canaries, the plan of Port Tarrajal, Fuerteventura, Barbadoes, the route from England to Norway, the route fro England to Morocco, the West Indies. The album used is a more or less standard issue journal produced by H.M. Stationery Office for such use. Condition: joints rubbed, and front joint split its entire length. Spine dry, rubbed, worn. Prelim blanks foxed. Otherwise, text block is tight, and text and illustrations generally clean. 
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Album of 36 Original Watercolors and Gouache Paintings of One Upper Crust Hispanic Woman Engaged in Various Leisure and Sporting Activities, D.R.F.
103 D.R.F. Album of 36 Original Watercolors and Gouache Paintings of One Upper Crust Hispanic Woman Engaged in Various Leisure and Sporting Activities
1872 Heavy Morocco Very Good 
4to. 31 by 24 cm. The watercolors or gouaches are mounted onto the heavy card leaves of the album. Each measures 12 by 9 cm. They are very fully, richly painted. Depicted is the woman playing croquet, holding a fan, dancing ballet, ice skating, walking, balancing on a high wire, at prayer, in riding habit, playing a guitar, mountain climbing, at the theater, punting, wading in water, shooting a bow, etc. In some of the paintings she is merely modeling an extravagant costume. While much of the dress was undoubtedly the latest cosmopolitan fashion coming out of Paris, there is enough that has a specifically Spanish flavor, and this combined with explicit Catholic references and in keeping with her facial features, leads one to conclude with confidence that she was Hispanic, and in fact, probably South American. The artwork has a naive quality, but this might have been also cultivated by the artist, who was at the same time unstinting in rendering fine details in dress. While the hair color could vary, all the paintings are modeled clearly on one woman, who might be described as striking as opposed to beautiful, even compensating for the evolution in notions of feminine beauty. Given the number of paintings depicting her dancing in tutu, one might surmise she was a professional dancer. Certainly, if this represented her lifestyle, she never lacked for activity. Of social historic interest is the sheer variety of sports that one woman participated in. Also of interest is the exquisite rendering of the gowns and dresses. Minor soiling. 
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Spectacular Whimsical Album of Cuban Cigarette Cards and Die-Cuts, 1869 to 1871, de Dios Yvaņez y Valera, Juan (?)
104 de Dios Yvaņez y Valera, Juan (?) Spectacular Whimsical Album of Cuban Cigarette Cards and Die-Cuts, 1869 to 1871
Habana (Havana, Cuba) Full Morocco Very Good 
Oblong, 23 by 34 cm. 142 leaves, with cards and surrounding decoration only on rectos. Containing a total of 547 chromolithographic cards, plus countless pieces of chromo die-cuts and cut-outs which provide most of the elaborate decoration, and which crucially make this album an extraordinary, unique work of "folk art". The paramount value of this album is its artistic pizazz as a piece. This is not to minimize the value of the collection of cigarette cards printed in Cuba. We believe a collection of cards this extensive is in all probability a rarity, but we can not so represent with 100 percent confidence. But we trust our eyes and experience to assert with such confidence the overarching aesthetic quality of the whole. The cards are organized by series, and these include a zoological ABC, scenes with Sancho Panza in "Don Quixote", Antoņo y Ogoņo, the Universal Exposition in Paris, 1867, an ornithological alphabet, children's games, animal hunting, months of the year (comical scenes relating to the months), an Englishman in America (depicting his bewilderment and ineptitude), vice and virtue (children acting as adults, with most scenes shown with characters in eighteenth century garb), African large mammals, a Cuban gallery, Spanish costume and types, flowers, tobacco (modes of smoking), Ottoman military uniforms, worldly things (humorist depictions of sophisticates), Gil Blas, dress of noblemen, medals, famous buildings, bicycles, juicy scenes (comical scenes of mayhem), Spanish regions, escutcheons of Spanish cities, famous women, absurdist situations (no title to this grouping of humorist caricature), anthropomorphic animals, equine circus and mythological figures. Following, a section entitles "Caprichos", are fifteen pages of chromolithographs, several pages of obects (vases, boxes) which have actual paint applied to them, and there are three pages of photographs worked into the die-cut collage designs (and one page with the photos apparently whited out). It is a tribute to the compiler/artist that while the cards themselves are clearly chromolithographs, all the intricate decoration is not, and one can easily mistake it for actual painting. Undeniably, the meticulous cutting and inspired placement of these decorative elements represent an artistry unto itself. The highlight of the album are the sections' title pages -- these do not have tobacco cards on them -- in which the artist often plays with the subject matter of the cards to come. Thus, for the first section, "Alfabeto Zoologico", the letters are made of cut-outs of frolicsome monkeys, as is the surrounding framing. We marvel how the artist was even able to find the pieces to assemble this. As to the creator, we are not sure. Juan de Dios Yvaņez y Valera may just be the dedicatee. Condition: light to moderate soiling. Last page with a neat square hole where a card had once been. Binding scuffed, stained, etc. but still highly attractive and sound. 
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[Manuscript] The Holy Book of Dreams, de Kay, John Wesley.  Illustrations by Winifred Elliot
105 de Kay, John Wesley. Illustrations by Winifred Elliot [Manuscript] The Holy Book of Dreams
London 1907-1913 Full Morocco Very Good 
A strange, lyrical manuscript that celebrates the spiritual, the mystical and the beautiful. Oblong, 25.5 by 37 cm. 49 pages with content, many of which are illustrated with watercolors, until the last few unfinished pages which have illustrations sketched in pencil. 21 pages have watercolors (not counting painted letters). Two pages have finished, well-executed pen-and-ink drawings. (Followed by blank leaves, constituting half of the album.) John de Kay (1872-1938) was an American entrepreneur, millionaire, author, and eccentric. With earnings from publishing ventures he invested in the Mexican meatpacking business, becoming in the process the "Sausage King of Mexico". By 1909 his meatpacking business in Mexico had a book value of $22 million, which translates to about $500 million in today's dollars, although he sold his interest in the business to the Mexican government five years later for just $5 million (still over $100 million in today's dollars). With his fortune he produced his own play, "Judas", on Broadway, with no less a star than Sarah Bernhardt as Mary Magdalen. The play, with its depiction of a vampish heroine, was shut down by the police after its opening night. (It was also banned in Boston and Philadelphia.) De Kay, reportedly infatuated with Bernhardt, showered jewelry and other gifts on her. De Kay went on to pen many other works on a wide range of topics, including women's rights, the labor movement, Mexico, and world peace, as well as at least one work of poetry. As a man of great wealth, de Kay owned substantial properties in both France and England, as well as having a lavish apartment in New York. We have not been able to discover anything about the presumed illustrator (credited in pencil on the cut out back of the FEP), Winifred Elliot, whose enchanting work is to us the glory of this manuscript. As far as the manuscript, this is an anthology of disparate pieces, including poetry, prose meditations and apercus, some of which might be rightly deemed ruminative essays, except the organization tends to be somewhat discursive, and the purpose is not so much the setting forth of an argument as much as the gathering of loosely linked insights and observations. The writing style can be epigrammatic but also pompous and pretentious, perhaps deliberately so, as the tone desired would seem at times to be biblical and prophetic. Topics include the law of beauty, the soul, on being, etc. In one essay entitled "On Civilization", de Kay appears to propound rather radical notions. He writes, for instance: "The individual is not to expect any help from a Government so long as that Government is organized upon the theory that it is right that a few men may claim the ownership of the earth. . . " If we wish to flatter de Kay, we could say some of his writing prefigures that of Kahlil Gibran. On the other hand, it shares some kinship with the fusty belletrists of the Late Victorian period as well. However one might assess the writing on its own, we would maintain it has merit in how it complements the artwork, which it deserves credit for having inspired. The artwork generally has a strong affinity to the pre-Raphaelite style. Here are opulent floral borders, seraphs aplenty, Medievalist historicism, and fantasy. We especially like a page which abounds with butterflies, painted with magnificent detail. Condition: Rebacked with matching navy morocco, with most of original spine re-mounted but loss of everything from lowest raised band to below from the original spine. Considerable amount of rubbing of leather along edges, with a few minor abrasions to leather elsewhere. One shallow but wide ding on rear upper edge. Silk moire endpapers suffering some edge tattering. The FEP is deliberately scooped out, neatly so by edge of turn-ins, to reveal on back pencilled information about the book. (We have relied on this information for the title, and also as solidifying the attribution and dating.) The pages have light edge toning and an occasional stray mark or smudge. 
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Album with Outstanding Pen-and-Ink Artwork Worked Around Albumen Prints of Artworks, Dickinson, Janie
106 Dickinson, Janie Album with Outstanding Pen-and-Ink Artwork Worked Around Albumen Prints of Artworks
1873 Full Morocco Very Good Plus 
4to. 25 by 21 cm. 41 leaves of heavy card, with content entirely on rectos. Of these, 28 have have finished pen-and-ink work. Generally the original artwork is intended to carry forward the theme of the print, or complement it in some way. Some of this original artwork is a highly developed pictorial image which dominates the page, while in other instances it is more a servant to the print, or meant merely to be ornamental, as when the penwork is directed to framing the print, with the ornamentation very precise but not having any particular pertinence to the print image per se. The albumen prints are themselves unexciting reproductions of artwork -- paintings and sculpture -- as was the common form of such reproduction at the time, and the ancestor of today's museum postcards. It is the additional artwork, by Miss Dickinson, which brings the album alive. Especially appealing are her drawings of foxhunting scenes, above and below the albumen print of a fox painting, her scene of the Nile, above a print of a bedouin and camel, her drawings of three seraphs to frame the print of a painting of a pretty boy, her drawing of a small catastrophe with a toppled farm cart, her other bucolic landscapes, which include ruins, church steeples and the like, her raging snake to enhance the painting of an exotic woman, her Venetian atmospheric drawing. But one should not short shrift the appeal of the more purely ornamental drawings of frames, some of which are quite clever and all of which are intricate in their detailing. Light wear to the red morocco. 
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[Illuminated Manuscript] Memory Lines from High School English at Chatham High School 1925 - 1929, Edna H. Walters (?), compiler and artist.  Verse by Coleridge, Shakespeare, Arnold, Sidney, Lowell, Emerson, Dickinson, Browning
107 Edna H. Walters (?), compiler and artist. Verse by Coleridge, Shakespeare, Arnold, Sidney, Lowell, Emerson, Dickinson, Browning [Illuminated Manuscript] Memory Lines from High School English at Chatham High School 1925 - 1929
1925-1929 Cloth Very Good 
A most unusual hand-made book. 8vo., 56 numbered leaves, plus acknowledgment page. Each leaf is written upon only on the recto side. What is most extraordinary about this album is that a high school student executed it with so much proficiency and dedication. While sketchbooks and artistic competence were far more prevalent then compared to now, this album is still a remarkable achievement for a youngster, and surely few of her contemporaries were so inspired by the English syllabus to attempt anything close to what we have here. The actual illustrations contained in this album are pleasing without being exceptional; it is the ornamentation, the borders and the calligraphy, that se this apart. These show an unusual sophistication for a adolescent, and they are applied not only tastefully, but also with a real panache. Wordlessly they create an atmosphere of reverence and delight, and they coax us to read the verse contained within. The material is organized by freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year, surely to track the syllabus, and one can assume that the compiler was selecting the pieces that made the deepest impression. There are some misspellings and the material is offered in condensed form. The leaves are clean and fresh. Minor wear to the binding. 
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Art Deco Fashion Sketchbooks, Four in All, with an additional canvas, Ernest
108 Ernest Art Deco Fashion Sketchbooks, Four in All, with an additional canvas
Containing a total of 80 original watercolors, 43 of which are pure fashion plates straight out of the wardrobe for "Downton Abbey". The fashions and aesthetic are very much of the teens and World War One era when what is known as Art Nouveau was evolving into the more angular, more abstract, more brittle, more self-consciously "Modern", of Art Deco. We can still see and enjoy the lavish and extravagant rococo flourishes of Art Nouveau while also finding traces of the streamlined looks associated with the twenties. The style of illustrations resembles that we find in "Gazette du Bon Ton", the highly sought-after French fashion magazine of the day, and we can see the possible influence of Aubrey Beardsley in the lines as well. Among the best illustrations there is a celebration of the exotic, the Oriental (a particularly Viennese version of Orientalism), the theatrical, and these aspects of the illustrations are redolent of such great illustrators as Dulac, Neilsen and their ilk. In the illustrations with theatrical allusions, conjured up are the glamourous poses by the opera divas of the day, when the likes of Geraldine Farrar or Maria Jeritza could be depended on for the flamboyant gestures that fed the enthusiasm of their huge base of fans. And then there is a small selection of other images, of ships, of an Australian dough boy, of an English cottage, that underscore the versatility of this Ernest. While the full identity of "Ernest" has yet to be established, the fineness and panache of the illustrations far exceeds that of a typical amateur, and it would seem probable that the sketches might have been done for or on behalf of a fashion house or retailer, either as drafts of ideas to be executed, renderings of what designers had already done, possibly to be copied, drafts of illustrations intended for catalogues or other promotional vehicles, or some combination. It would seem unlikely, in other words, that the drawings were merely done for the amusement of the artist. The illustrations are dated, with the earliest album also bearing the title, "Modes of 1915". The existence of this title offers indirect evidence of the artist's non-avocational purpose, in our view. 
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[Album] MMMM Italien 1936 (German Travel Poem), Ernst Mayer
109 Ernst Mayer [Album] MMMM Italien 1936 (German Travel Poem)
Very Good 
An extraordinary photo travelogue or journal in verse kept by the German Ernst Mayer in April to May1936 of a vacation he, his brother and their wives took by car to Norhtern Italy (Lake Garda, Brescia, Verona, Padua, Venice, Parma, etc.) and back through Switzerland. There is not a word about the political upheaval back home by the middle aged, comfortably situated traveler so inspired by the South. The verse reveals a depth of involvement and emotion with art encountered that is certainly uncommon, now and even then. While a fair amount of the poetry is devoted to naming the sights, it rises to a higher level when reflecting on the trip as a whole at the end. Oblong, 29 by 33 cm. Nineteen leaves with content, some on both sides, some only on the recto, and tissue guards with a spider web diaper lie between each leaf. Blank leaves in the back. The front cover is decorated with paste-on labels from the cities and resorts visited such as ere covered the luggage of the globetrotting traveler, as well as colorfully inked names of the places visited. The boards have splitting of plies, probably the result of contraction of one layer at a different rate than another with weather variations. The cloth along the edges is frayed and becoming undone. Pages are clean. One tissue guard with tearing. 
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Monogram and Crest Album with Watercolors, Errington, Jane (?)
110 Errington, Jane (?) Monogram and Crest Album with Watercolors
Full Morocco Very Good 
Comparatively late "augmented" monogram album, with monograms and crests worked into winsomely naive watercolor illustrations often. By late, we mean circa 1910 to 1920, based on the depictions of automobiles from that era as well as airplanes, whereas the augmented, more special monogram albums we have come across before are virtually always squarely Victorian era. 8vo. 23 by 18 cm. 47 leaves with visual content. (Also some blank leaves. All illustrations are on rectos.) Of these, eleven pages are in our judgment more elaborate and/or original watercolors with the crests/monograms worked in, ten are geometric designs onto which the crests/monograms are incorporated, and twelve are simpler and/or more common yet non-geometric pictures with mounted crests/mongrams. (These categories can be elastic, and what we consider simpler, someone else might grade as more elaborate, and visa versa.) In addition, there are four pages of watercolors without crests/monograms, eight pages of pencil sketches of various stages of finishing, and two pages of mounted cut-out illustrations, one of which incorporates crests/monograms as well, the other, not doing so. Some of the more special artwork include a watercolored local map showing fields, a village and a few other structures punctuated with monograms, an Indian scene centered with an elephant, an airplane shown from a strikingly skewed perspective, and a battle scene with tanks, airplanes and artillery. These are all pictures we have never seen the like of in an augmented monogram album, and we would add, even if we had, they would be the most exciting images produced by our amateur artist and compiler. Other pictures he/she did are invariably delightful but somewhat more common, such as a Gothic window, various trophy designs, geometric designs, a cannon and swords, etc. While we describe this album as a monogram and crest album, it is the pages featuring them constitute the majority, but there is some artwork in this album not employing them at all, and some of these pictures also are highly ingratiating, if perhaps betraying the artistic limitations of the artist as well. Also included is an envelope of unused crests/monograms. 
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Illuminated Manuscript of Victorian Verse and Floral Decoration, F. G. B.
111 F. G. B. Illuminated Manuscript of Victorian Verse and Floral Decoration
Full Morocco Very Good 
With twelve leaves of verse, written in a calligraphic hand, and floral and/or illuminated decoration. The first leaf is of armorial decoration and the mottos "Ich Dien" atop and "ung ic sepvepsg" below, both written on ribboned ornament. The leaves following feature fluent rhymed verse surrounded by exquisite Victorian Era floral decoration. The poems have a spiritual or religious overtone; the glory of the book is the decoration, adapted from Gothic sources, and the decorated letter figures. The visual uplift compensates for the often somber tone of the poetry. The verse is titled "Flowers", "The Reaper and the Flowers", and "Suspiria", while some of it appears untitled. As everything is clearly meant to cohere as a single work, arguably the verse is all of one piece, and a remarkable aspect of this album is that the author harbored such a larger ambition. The morocco binding has considerable wear and rubbing. Minor soiling to the leaves. Tissue guards also soiled, with some tears. The volume is folio-sized, measuring 15 by 12 inches, 38 by 30 cm. 
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[Album] Romances et Chansons, Feraud
112 Feraud [Album] Romances et Chansons
1875-6 Full Morocco, Slipcase with Paper Pastedown Very Good 
Oblong, 28 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, 57 leaves, or 114 pp. with vignettes and larger illustrations, in ink and/or watercolored, on most pages, and with some lyrics written out in a neat calligraphic cursive hand also on most pages. The illustrations would appear to be all by one hand. While the many human figures depicted among them can have an awkwardness in their execution typical of the amateur effort, even these never lack for charm, and most of the other illustrations and ornamentation are pulled off with real brio. The artwork very much speaks to its period of the 1870s in dress and elements of taste. Overall, the album is quite extraordinary in its tight conception, scale and indeed, realization. One of the watercolors is signed Feraud, from which one can infer that a Feraud put together the entire album. Inner hinges cracked. Rubbing and wear to leather binding, and surface loss of paper pastedown to slipcase. 
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A Practical Course of Artillery, Field, G. T.
113 Field, G. T. A Practical Course of Artillery
Royal Arsenal, Woolrich, England December 1842 Half Morocco. Pebbled cloth on boards. Very Good 
A fine handwritten officer's account, richly illustrated, explicating the latest up-to-date methods of manufacture and use of cannons, shells, rockets, ammunition for the British Army in 1842. 8vo. 20.5 by 17 cm. 299 pp. 91 vignette illustrations, seven of which are in color. Subjects include Military Bridges, Military Law, Gunpowder, Artillery and Gunnery, the Casting of Ordnance, the Examination of Shot and Shells, the Carriage Department, The Construction of Iron Guns. Covered, besides what was mentioned above, laboratory work, saltpetre, bombs, and bullet molds. 
Price: 2750.00 USD
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114 Flinn, Horace Album of 47 Drawings, Many of Well-Known Authors, Artists and Politicians
Full Leather Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. 8vo. 23 by 19 cm. Of the 47 drawings, 40 are neat, yet simple, line drawings. These can be just of the head or bust, or a more full-figured portrait, most of which are of famous people -- some no longer well-known. A good number show the subject engaged in some activity. Among these are artists working on a painting, generally a known painting. Depicted are Lord Salisbury, Prince Bismarck, Meissonier, Sir Frederick Leighton, Thackeray, Paderewski, Sir Robert Peel, George Eliot, etc. The remaining seven of the 47, then, are more fully realized renderings of more or less ordinary people singing or reading. These figures are slightly comical. They are not so much caricatured as shown with their personality quirks and physical imperfections -- their individuality -- affectionately displayed. One can look at the seven as a cohesive group, since all have what looks like sheet music or a newspaper open widely, with ironic titles on the publication. For example, a giant of a man is shown reading something entitled "Put Me In My Little Bed". Most of the drawings we have to assume are original to the artist, Horace Flinn, since he punctiliously credits another artist or names a work he is copying in a few instances. We know the drawings were by Flinn because he signed many of them, but we have not been able to discover anything substantive about Flinn beyond what is in the album. Together, the album is an appealing window into the late Victorian period. Moderate wear to the cover. 
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115 Gallery, John Lazy Buffalo John Gallery Artist Album
Chiangmai, Thailand Canvas on Boards Very Good 
Oblong. 14 by 18 cm. Thirteen leaves on canvas (over card), with colorful abstract artwork on all rectos and some versos. The bright artwork ranges from tie dye or drip process work to loosely figurative line sketches. Each piece of art has a caption with a maxim, generally to do with life and love, of varying degrees of triteness. The individual pieces are essentially tantamount to t-shirt art, which is something "John Gallery" is, or was, known for, but there is a cumulative effect to the album of a quirky sort of beauty. 
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Sketchbook of English and Scottish Scenery, Gould-Bacon, F.
116 Gould-Bacon, F. Sketchbook of English and Scottish Scenery
Two heavy card attached by two metal rings Very Good 
Lovely sketchbook of English and Scottish scenery done by a gifted amateur. N.d., circa 1930. Oblong, 18 by 26 cm. Unpaginated, 13 leaves, with 16 pages of illustrations -- most are on rectos. One of the watercolors is mounted. The balance of the artwork done directly into the album. Seven watercolors, and nine pencil or charcoal drawings. Depicted are picturesque bridges, streams, coastal scenery, hillscapes and cliffs, castles (Ludlow Castle), farmhouses, manor houses and cottages, villages, railroad tracks, stiles and fences. Impressive is the fusion of the impressionistic with an attention to detail. Three of the drawings are less finished, in our view, with only one being more or less dashed off quick studies, and this one being the only page of drawings not of landscapes. Condition: Light soiling of the cover. One leaf detached. 
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Les Epis du Franc-Port.  1898, Gradue, Ler (?)
117 Gradue, Ler (?) Les Epis du Franc-Port. 1898
1898 Half Morocco, Marbled Boards Very Good 
Folio, 33.5 by 25 cm. Title, following by eight plates of original pen and ink drawings of turrets or spires, each with elaborate urns and other ornamental work. An unusual and striking collection of artwork all rendered with great exactitude. Inscribed to a Monsieur Saisan by the presumed artist, whose stylized signature we could not fully make out. 
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Math and Calligraphy Notebook Bound with Older Newspaper, Greenough, Richard [Richard Greenough Atkinson]
118 Greenough, Richard [Richard Greenough Atkinson] Math and Calligraphy Notebook Bound with Older Newspaper
Atkinson, New Hampshire (?) 1816, 1817 Wraps made of newspaper Very Good 
Tall 4to, 31 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, 29 leaves, or 38 pp., mostly dealing with arithmetic and other mathematical formulations, with a decided bent towards the practical financial functions, such as interest calculations and discounting. It is a fairly typical such surviving notebook of that era, but for the final page of maxims written in an ornamental cursive calligraphic hand. Also three pages of legal forms (quitation deed, a will, a promissory note). Notwithstanding the calligraphy at the end and ornamental lettering elsewhere, the notebook is far from entirely neat, with many of the mathematical calculations looking as one might expect in a student's notebook. Still, the notebook belongs to a bygone era of pedagogy. Moderate wear generally, with some wormholing of the newspaper wraps. 
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119 Grimes, Mary E. Two Student Pencil Sketchbooks with Animal and Human Studies
1855 Wraps Good 
Both albums are oblong, 22 by 29 cm. With 23 pages with pencil sketches, about half of which are fully realized drawings, the balance being studies of feet, faces, etc. The outstanding drawings, in our view, are the five animal study pages, all in the same album, and of these, Grimes' rendering of sheep is the most accomplished and satisfying. More numerous are equine drawings. One page alone has studies of the heads of horses, cows and dogs (pointers). Also among the animal drawings are a deer, a lion, a rearing horse with a man wearing a top hat in the saddle, a camel, etc. Most of the non-animal drawings, in the other album, are sketches working out how to do this or that part of the human anatomy, but there are some more finished human heads and a few genre drawings, including washerwomen at a river, two farmers with shovels, an Italian peasant, and then there is a protrait of George Washington We would guess that these genre drawings, and of course the Washington, were copies from other sources. Finally, there is a pleasing drawing of a house supposedly outside Paris but looking more Italianate than French. The cover of the two sketchbooks feature steel engravings, one of the Crystal Palace at the London Exposition of 1851, the other, a lovely river view of Hereford Cathedral. The album covers have soiling and wear. The tissue guards within have chips, creases, and come off as somewhat sloppy. 
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Sketch Book, Hall, Catherine S.
120 Hall, Catherine S. Sketch Book
Whitby, England 1900-1909 Decorated Cloth Very Good 
14 by 10 cm. 79 pp with substantial pictorial or textual content, with most of this being or including illustrations executed in ink, wash or watercolor. Plus a painting of a windmill on the front cover and inked monogram on the rear. The artwork is various, with scenery, landscapes and townscapes dominating, especially among the wash drawings, with human figurative studies secondary. Whitby is on the Yorkshire coast, so it is no surprise that depictions of boats and ships are well represented, and one can sense that Hill was basing her artwork on direct observation of local sights and people. There are also a few charming stabs at poetry. Perhaps the most singular aspect of this album is entitled "Art Notes", which contains 55 numbered points, beginning with "Avoid Christmas Card prettiness". This was no stereotypical Victorian! Her humor is even more evident in the next point: "Never attempt to paint a masterpiece -- that is supposing you can paint one -- in a field with a bull." Some of the pointers, though, are serious, and demonstrate that Hill herself approached her art with seriousness of purpose. The dating is based on several items bearing dates. It is likely that most, if not all, the entries were done within these dates. A newspaper clipping of unknown date speaks of a book dealer's discovery of the sketch book. Moderate wear to binding. Fading of the painting on the cover. A few leaves are torn out, but it is likely that this was done by the artist herself, as in one place no continuity is lost to a textual section. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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