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Biedermeier Period Game Board of 84 European City Views
121 Biedermeier Period Game Board of 84 European City Views
Germany Very Good 
Lovely vignette views from the Biedermeier era. N.d., circa 1830. All the cities are in Europe, with Constantinople being the partial exception, as it has an Asian side. The backgrounds of the vignettes are alternately blue, orange, pink and white, and each of the cities are numbered, 1 being Contantinople, and 84, in the dead center, being Dresden. We do not have instructions for the game nor a box or sleeve, but one can surmise that players moved pieces along in a race to the center, and one can further surmise that the game is of Saxon origin and probably from Dresden. For many of the cities, the representative view is the same today, while for just as many, it is something no longer possible to experience, whether because of war or growth. Many of the views have tiny human figures in the foreground, just like typical larger print panoramas. The game board is a square, each side being 39.5 cm, and folds twice for compact storage. The city square vignettes face in all four directions, but nonetheless, the open board would make for an appealing framed wall hanging. The light soiling does not undermine the visual charm of the board. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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Bilderbuch:  Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
122 Bilderbuch: Der Kampf mit dem Drachen
Hardcover. Rope binding. Very Good 
Original fairy tale with disarming naive watercolors that thoroughly illustrate the tale. N.d., circa 1910. Oblong 8vo. 19 by 28.5 cm. 11 leaves of heavy card, each with a mounted watercolor illustration on the verso, and mounted text page, in verse surrounded by Jugenstil line decorations, on the facing rectos. The watercolors all cover every inch of their boards, and this imparts a rich lushness seldom encountered in such juvenile efforts. The narrative is about a dwarf named Pumpel who lives in a mushroom hut. Because he is bored, he decides to venture out into the world on a snail-driven cart. Hungry and thirsty, he comes upon an inn run by a landlady frog Unke. At dinner, in the company of other frogs, he hears the tale of an evil dragon who has imprisoned for years a beautiful flower fairy. It is then resolved that they will set out to fight the monster and liberate the fairy. The bees sting the monster and the frogs splash water on him until he finally retreats. The princess Pumpelione wakes up, she and Pumpel are wed, and they live happily ever after. Edges and corners have wear. The binding is in a painted style prevalent around 1920. Occasional staining on text pages. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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Billy's Farm Friends
123 Billy's Farm Friends
Chicago P. F. Volland Co. 1923 Hardcover Good 
8vo. Linen book with 9 full color plates, including front and rear covers, with smaller illustrations on text pages all bright color. 16 pp including covers. Dress, car, style of art very much of its period, and very charming. Some creases, and a minor loss to fabric of front. Some soilage inside, and slightly ragged in corners. Still a good copy. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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124 Bingley's Practical Introduction to Botany; Illustrated by References Under Each Definition to Plants of Easy Access, and by Numerous Figures; Comprising Also a Glossary of Botanic Terms.
London Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy 1827 Second edition Quarter Morocco Good 
8vo. 104 pp. With 9 hand-colored plates, including the frontis. Foxing of last few text pages, and some scattered elsewhere. Plates gathered in back have light soiling, but mostly offsetting. Dampstain on boards, mostly on upper front. Spine is somewhat dry. Still an attractive, side pocket sized botanical. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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125 Biographical Sketches of Count and Countess Philippe Nicol and their son Philippe Jr. The Midgets Palace [together with] a postcard from the Midgets' Palace entitled "Le Bebe Rare, The Rare Baby"
Wraps Fine 
Two items in all relating to the Midgets' Palace, a "small" house museum in Montreal which was in operation from 1913 until 1990, although Philippe Nicol himself, whose customized house it was, died in 1940, his wife, in 1964. (The family actually lived in the house, and visitors would pay when the museum first opened 5 cents to view the family as it went about its business.) The primary brochure is 12mo, 32 pp., French and English, with each cover serving as the front, depending on the language, and the English upside down from the French half. No date for any of these items, but the primary brochure was issued after the death of Philippe Nicol. Based on the age toning of the postcard especially, we would place these items as circa 1940s. (We assume both were acquired together.) 
Price: 45.00 USD
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Birya.  Ciudadela de la Redencion
126 Birya. Ciudadela de la Redencion
Beunos Aires Keren Kayemeth Leisrael 1946 First Wraps Near Fine 
Miniature brochure about a Eretz Israel (pre-Independence) hamlet on the Sea of Galilee, produced for the Latin American diaspora, and in Spanish. Measuring 8 by 6 cm. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Black Forest Bear Thermometer
127 Black Forest Bear Thermometer

Swiss carved "Black Forest" bear, circa early 1900s, measuring 8.5 inches, or 23 cm, tall. Infinitesimal stain loss on one ear tip and tip of ear. Otherwise fine condition, with attention to detail showing in definition of teeth as a for instance. Glass eyes. Made in Brienz area. Thermometer rod currently upside down. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
128 Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
Berner Oberland, Switzerland Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1890. The front board is quite elaborate, with a beveled perimeter of a richly painted wood grain. Within is an oblong piece of walnut in the quintessential Black Forest, or in actuality, Swiss Brienzerware, style. By this is meant the delicate foliate relief vignettes which rest on lightly pitted wood. But this frames a light walnut oblong oval with the putti relief that bespeaks more eighteenth century rococo than standard Brienzerware, except that the stones and vegetation at the base are consistent with Brienzerware. The rear board of the album has a pyrographic bouquet such as was practiced by the Swiss carvers later in the nineteenth century. The album, now empty of photos, has 25 thick card leaves, and it is kept closed with a brass clasp. The spine is of brown morocco. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Black Forest Woodcarved Bookmark
129 Black Forest Woodcarved Bookmark
Circa 1900. With a sporting gun dog on the scent on the crown, which also features typical Black Forest vegetation decoration as a background. Although called "Black Forest", this bookmark was Swiss-made, as was much of what is labeled Black Forest decor, and more specifically, came from the Berner Oberland, with the woodcarving industry centered on the Alpine lakeside town of Brienz. This bookmark is about 11 cm tall, and it features two leaves, the larger in the back, to clasp the page where one wished to hold one's place. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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Black Paper Cutter with a Chess Piece Bishop Head as a decorative element at the crown
130 Black Paper Cutter with a Chess Piece Bishop Head as a decorative element at the crown
Measuring about 21 cm tall. Entirely black, and the material is wood. We don't know when this was made, but 1920 is our best surmise. By the 1930s most books were sold with the pages pre-cut. The early twentieth century was a transitional period, though, when it was still not unusual to encounter books with uncut pages. To cut the pages, a knife with somewhat smooth, rounded, dull edges were used, as anything else would have led to an inordinate amount of collateral damage. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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Blue Ribbon Malt Extract Doll Named Lena.
131 Blue Ribbon Malt Extract Doll Named Lena.
Peoria, Illinois Premier Malt Products Co. NA Very Good 
N.d.,, circa 1920. A colorful cloth with the front and back of a fat smiling doll named Lena, the doll to be sewn together by the recipient of the Premier Malt mailing, with directions on the cloth along with a pitch for the company's product. The cloth measures 45 by 48 cm, the doll, front and back, measure about 41 cm tall. The doll is wearing a bright green polka dotted dress and white apron, she has short hair and a man-ish rubicund dimpled face and is holding a can of Blue Ribbon Malt Extract. Also included is the original mailing envelope. 
Price: 225.00 USD
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Blätter der Freundschaft. Album Amicorum from the Biedermeier Era with several examples of bead work
132 Blätter der Freundschaft. Album Amicorum from the Biedermeier Era with several examples of bead work
1823-1829 Full Morocco. Slipcase. Very Good 
1820s. Oblong, 12 by 20.5 cm. Unpaginated, 55 pages with content, fourteen of which contain original artwork, and two of which have locks of hair attached. Of the original artwork, three are floral illustrations created by the laying of fine beads. The remainder of the artwork is very well-executed watercolors as typify such albums: bouquets, flowers, monuments, a tree stump with a floral vine wrapped around it, etc. Text entries are in German and Danish. We believe the morocco on the spine and the boards is all original, although the spine is a different color and the gilt border decoration on the orange leather of the boards looks trimmed -- a close examination shows that the decoration actually carries over to the maroon spine band. Soiling to the leather. Abrasions to the marbled paper of the slipcase. General wear otherwise. One specimen of artwork loose, and probably always so. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Book of Complete Information about Pianos
133 Book of Complete Information about Pianos
New York Frank L. Wing 1913 Twelfth Edition Hardcover Very Good 
4to. Near square, slightly oblong. 29.5 by 30 cm. 135 pp. (Last page is REP.) With twelve color plates (colorized photos) of the company's piano models. In addition to extensive information about each of the company's models, a general discussion of piano manufacturing, many photos of the company's factory and offices, testimonials and other sales-related promotional material. This was a trade catalogue that was also intended to be a keeper -- not something to be discarded after a decision was made pro or con regarding purchasing a Wing instrument. The Wing & Son Piano Company was founded in 1868 (under a different name). It marketed its pianos through this catalogue, or mail order, exclusively, dispensing with the more standard practice of maintaining showrooms. The company appears to have gone out of business early in the Great Depression. Moderate soiling and shelf edgewear to the cover. Clean within. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Book of Hours, Use of Rome
134 Book of Hours, Use of Rome
Hardcover Good 
Beautiful near-miniature 15th Century Book of Hours. 10.5 by 8.5 cm. 96 leaves of parchment. Illuminated Latin manuscript on parchment. Illustrated with twelve full page painted miniatures, with an additional 20 pages with elaborate diaper decoration (full page ornamentation) of delicate floral and vine tracery design. Throughout are elaborate letter devices with raised and gilt-gesso accents. The calligraphy, mostly seventeen lines per page, is predominantly in a brownish ink, with touches of red tracery decoration on all pages (those not counted as having a diaper design). The miniature paintings include a portrait of Christ's face, his crucifixion, the Madonna and child, an angel holding a staff and letter, the visitation of a seraph, Solomon on his throne and woman at his feet with two bleeding infants, the flight out of Egypt, monks by a coffin, St. Jerome with his lion, St. Anthony with his pig and his hem aflame, St. George slaying the dragon, and St. Catherine and her wheel. Binding: red velvet, possibly contemporary, with three raised bands on spine. Condition: cover velvet heavily worn. Fabric clasps mostly missing. A few leaves -- ones with the fuller decoration and painting -- have suffered some worming, mostly by edges, with some of these gaps repaired with clear material meant to stabilize. (Holes and loss not disconcerting or especially conspicuous, in our view.) While we would consider it possible that the highly decorated pages without facing paintings might once have had such, we think it likelier that this Book of Hours has suffered no such loss, as there is no evidence of excision. Many leaves with browning by the edges. 
Price: 30000.00 USD
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Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
135 Box of Seven Chinese Watercolor Cards on Pith Paper Depicting Kites and Children Playing
China Decorative Fabric on Boards, with ribbon ties Very Good 
N.d., 19th century. 11 by 7 cm. Typical chips and tears to the rice paper. Box with glass lid. Fabric siding heavily soiled. Box still very functionable. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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Broadside advertisement for radical novel of 1890s:
136 Broadside advertisement for radical novel of 1890s: "Waiting for the Signal. The Great Political Novel. Literary Sensation of the Age" Novel by Henry O. Morris
Chicago Schulte Publishing Co. 1897 NA Near Fine 
Broadside measures 43.5 by 26.5 cm, and is printed on one side. Distinctive in the promotion is the use of alleged "Unfavorable Comments" from Eastern plutocrats such as Henry Flagler, who was a real person -- a founder of Standard Oil, and later probably the most significant developer of the east coast of Florida, and specifically, St. Augustine and Palm Beach. Broadside folds into a small envelope, included here. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Buckeye Works, Greentown, O., Chromolithographic Promotional Trade Card with Movable Door Flaps
137 Buckeye Works, Greentown, O., Chromolithographic Promotional Trade Card with Movable Door Flaps
Akron, Ohio Aultman, Miller & Co. 1889 NA Very Good 
Celebrating the winning of a Gold Medal, possibly by the U.S. Agricultural Society. Closed, 13 by 10.5 (to the highest point). Door flaps to a barn on the front. Elaborate design within, with images of company's two plants surrounded in one case by busy workers sawing, hammering, etc. and in the other case, a Masonic Temple looking structure, and foliage. The rear depicts funny looking men racing to a finish line. Small chip on front. One tack hole at center. Otherwise, clean and bright. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Buffalo Bill.  Der Held des Wilden Westens.
138 Buffalo Bill. Der Held des Wilden Westens.
Dresden Eichler. Various printers. 1905.0 First Hardcover. Cloth spine. Marbled paper pasted on Fair 
The first 25 installments of the earliest of German pulp fiction magazines, this one based on the American popular culture icon, William F. Cody, aka Buffalo Bill, who was probably as popular in Germany and Europe as he was in the states, and who famously toured Germany with his Western show, which included crack shot Annie Oakley. 4to. 26.5 by 21 cm. Each installment has color chromo cover on thin glossy paper, followed by 32 pages with a story about the legend. Scarce. Only copies found on OCLC are at Yale and Maryland. Condition: The publisher Alwin Eichler (1859-1912) lived for a substantial period in the United States. Beginning in 1883 he ran the American affiliate of Verlags H. G. Muenchmayer, which was responsible for bringing out English translations of Karl May. He moved back to Germany, where he first ran a musical publisher in Berlin before, in 1903, establishing his own publishing company in Dresden. His Buffalo Bill is quite possibly the first pulp magazine in Germany, and unquestionably, it was an early one. His dime novels -- for such do these represent -- cost 20 pfennig, and his press run was typically 80,000. Binding has some looseness of the text block. Cloth of spine with fraying, edgewear to boards, and overall, a plain, unexciting binding. This being a pulp magazine, the leaves are heavily age toned. A few short closed tears on these leaves. Most importantly, all pages are present, with no loss. 
Price: 3500.00 USD
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Buon Viaggio.  Mediterranea - Album rilievao N. 4
139 Buon Viaggio. Mediterranea - Album rilievao N. 4
Roma Cas Editrice Mediterranea 1943 Very Good 
Scarce. Mentioned on OCLC but no copies listed there. Four pop-ups. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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Camp National 1910.  National Electric Lamp Association Seventh Annual Mid-Summer Conference June 19th to 25th 1910.  Camp National Association Island, Henderson Harbor, N.Y.
140 Camp National 1910. National Electric Lamp Association Seventh Annual Mid-Summer Conference June 19th to 25th 1910. Camp National Association Island, Henderson Harbor, N.Y.

Bold silhouette decorations of a photo album commemorating a corporate conference getaway. Oblong 4to, 27 by 35 cm. Unpaginated, 10 leaves of card, including cover. (Bound in is smaller eight leaf In Memoriam brochure.) Visually it is the silhouette illustrations that excite and set this apart from other company celebratory publications. The silhouettes are meant to capture the fun spirit the getaway ideally fostered. Thus we are treated to silhouette images of anglers, a leaping trout, sailboats, calm ocean waters at sundown, a hand pouring a bottle of liquor, etc. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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