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141 Nellie Signe Lange Album of Original Sketches and Watercolors by Nellie Signe Lange from 1922 to 1926
Pike, New Hampshire Cloth Good 
13 leaves with original artwork. All art is on the recto, and cumulatively, there are seven pencil sketches and ten watercolors, some pasted onto the pages, others applied directly, but indisputably the best or most charismatic of the illustrations were applied directly, and additional, the best watercolors happen to also be full page. The leaves are from an account ledger, and many of the original pages were razored out. In all likelihood Ms. Lange requisitioned or was given an old ledger from her father's office to use for her art project, and then she cut out leaves that had artwork she was ashamed of. The pages are tall, measuring 32 by 22 cm, 13 by 8.5 inches. This was the album of a teenager who was still very much learning how to draw and paint, and thus we see efforts ranging from crude to more accomplished. A few of the works stand out as clever or eye-catching, even though one is unlikely to mistake them for professional handiwork. One can surmise that Ms. Lange may have been studying art, perhaps in a correspondence course such as was popular at the time; a few of the works seem imitative and possibly even copies of originals, and the template is quite similar to drawings found in other similar albums. It would be surprising, regardless, if such an aspiring or amateur artist would not have sought to emulate and copy what else was out there. But some of the seemingly stereotypical images are of actual people, and so one should not be tricked by the styles into confusing likenesses with samenesses. The best images include that of a soigne flapper applying lipstick, compact in hand, a mother kissing an infant with startled eyes, a young girl hugging a doll tightly while holding loosely the Christmas gift of a doll in a box, and this one has the caption, "Prefers the Old Friend", and a young woman concealing the lower part of her face with a fan. The pencil sketches ar mostly portraits, with one simple sketch having elaborate lettering serving as hair and facial features. The FEP, besides ownership information, carries the couplet: "If this book should chance to roam, Box its' ears and send it home." The heavy buckram cloth of the cover has pencil notes on it and the date 1917, when it was probably given to Nellie. The interior has some soiling but the imagery is generally quite clean. Interest in this item, regardless, will not be from the binding, but rather the insight into a young woman's mind, her aspirations to express herself artistically and finally the charm of some of the illustrations. 
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Album with Twenty-Two Watercolors, Mostly Botanical, Twelve Other Original Drawings and a Few Prints and Poems, Newland, E. F. S. (mostly)
142 Newland, E. F. S. (mostly) Album with Twenty-Two Watercolors, Mostly Botanical, Twelve Other Original Drawings and a Few Prints and Poems
England 1863 - 1869 Full Blindstamped Morocco Very Good 
4to. 29 by 24 cm. The watercolors and other drawings, which are mostly mounted, are generally of exceptional quality. Botanicals dominate, especially in terms of the watercolors, in which eleven or twelve can be so categorized. Of these, three feature fruit prominently, and another three show bouquets. One of the most charismatic of the colored artwork is a page with illumination and Gothic calligraphy. In this, there is floral decoration and small butterfly figures. Another striking page is dedicated entirely to butterflies, with a larger watercolor done on pith paper, in a Chinese manner, at the center, and cut-outs of watercolored butterflies, also probably on the same kind of paper, in the corners. Not to be overlooked are two portrayals of birds, and most unusual is a pencil and watercolored drawing of a snake. There are two portraits, one of Napoleon, which is probably printed and hand-colored, and another of William Lenthall, a seventeenth century Parliamentarian, which appears entirely painted. The pencil and charcoal drawings are more varied, with depictions of children, a steamship, ruins, bucolic settings, portraits, etc. The watercolors are often initialed, and we know the identity of the artist became it is written in Gothic calligraphy, as well as dated, on an otherwise printed page that has hand-colored ornamentation. There is one outlier, dated 1890 and initial B. A. R., and one other watercolor that stylistically would appear to have been done by the same hand, but most of the drawings were clearly done by Newland and come from the 1860s. The album itself, by which we mean the binding, is probably quite a bit older, since one of the prints within it is dated 1828, and the kind of blindstamping is typical of an earlier day. There are also several poems written out in a neat cursive. It is, though, the artwork that sets this album apart from others of the same period and genre. A few pieces are loose. The binding is heavily worn around its edges, chipped on the spine, abraded in a number of places, and repaired along its joints, yet still a handsome cover. 
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143 Nicholson, Samuel (1793-1885) Math Notebook Illustrated with Many Fine Watercolored Vignettes
Newton (later absorbed by Camden, NJ) 1811 Half Leather (Sheep) with Marbled Boards Very Good 
33 by 20.5 cm. 81 leaves, or 162 pp. Math problems are set out in an exceptionally neat hand, with topical titles done calligraphically. It is the exquisite vignettes, though, that truly set this apart from other surviving student notebooks from this era. Besides the many mathematical drawings, there are over 50 examples of watercolor work, not including the coloring of the lettering of headings. These include eighteen miniature paintings of such things as ships, towers, hills, soldiers, dogs, houses, trees and topography, the remainder being the coloring in of shapes, both regular and irregular, and not infrequently there might be a colored fleur-de-lys serving as a directional guide . Of the letters that are colored, we note one instance in which it was done with a striking plaid pattern. The math problems encompass geometry, logarithms, trigonometry, topography, and the Pennsylvania method of calculation (of location). But by no means is the drawing all about color. Even the unembellished geometric schemata are rendered with precision and are lovely to behold as a result. It would appear that Nicholson came from a prosperous family, and might be surmised just on the basis of the level of education he attained as reflected by this notebook. 
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The Seasons, Nitney, Alice J.
144 Nitney, Alice J. The Seasons
ing. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 12 leaves on heavy paper, or card, with each leaf representing a month. On each leaf there is a watercolor vignette accompanying a line or two of verse, written out by hand with calligraphic lettering. Also featuring a hand-done diaper, or pattern, decoration for the endpapers and bound in an album format. As the heyday of the sentiment book, with snippets of verse, famous, saccharine and/or precious accompanying soft illustrations of pretty scenes, flowers, clouds and sunsets, was fading in the realm of commercial publication, there were still hobbyists, most probably young adults, who emulated the tradition and produced manuscripts that should inspire considerable awe nowadays in their fineness and beauty. It is inconceivable that a young person would produce a document such as this in today's age! We know the identity of the creator -- Alice J. Nitney -- but nothing more about her than her name. Stab bound, with string used to bind. Watercolor vignette and title written on cover pastedown. Measuring 20.5 by 12.5 cm. 
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Sketchbook, Oddie, Walter Meigs (1807 or 1808 - 1865) and Henry Meigs (1782-1861)
145 Oddie, Walter Meigs (1807 or 1808 - 1865) and Henry Meigs (1782-1861) Sketchbook
New York City 1828 Hardcover. Cloth spine. Marbled pastedown on Good 
Original watercolors of rural Manhattan as it appeared in 1828. Among these, and captioned, are a farmhouse on Broadway and 8th Street; Kips Bay, showing a boy sailing a small craft with a farmhouse in the background; a house in Bloomingdale, the location of an early village now the Upper West Side along the river between 96th and 106th Streets; and a stately mansion surrounded by fields and less important buildings we would conjecture in or around Bloomingdale but captioned, surely incorrectly, the Battery. Most of the paintings are uncaptioned. Of these, some are surely the Upper Hudson area, or are scenes that we can't tell whether they are upstate or in the present day city. The artist also ventured away from the New York areas. Among the non-New York paintings are a depiction of the Cape Pogue Lighthouse on Martha's Vineyard, which still stands; Fowey Harbour, which is in Cornwall; and a few scenes which look very much like Scotland. Oblong, 14 by 19.5 cm. 55 watercolors, generally fully finished. Although the sketchbook has a label on its front board bearing the name of Walter Oddie, who was a listed artist, we believe a good amount of the artwork contained in this sketchbook is of his father-in-law, Henry Meigs. Meigs had been a U.S. Congressman from New York and also held a number of other political positions in the city over the course of his career. More pertinently, Meigs was known to be an amateur painter, and as such, an inspiration to Oddie. Given Oddie’s youth at the time -- he was 20 or 21 years old – and from his diary for the years 1828 and 1829, now housed in the Winterthur Library, we know he was just starting to paint, we find it inconceivable that he would have had the skill yet to produce the sensitive and fine renderings of nature and buildings that typify this sketchbook. Further underlying our thinking about attribution is that some of captioning only makes sense if Meigs were the primary artist. We do consider it quite likely that Oddie may have done some of the sketchier work contained herein, as well as contributing in bits and pieces to his father-in-law’s work, as well as perhaps copying some of it in this sketchbook. To us, it isn’t really so important who was responsible for particular paintings in the sketchbook. Rather, the significance lies in the recording of New York City and its surroundings at the time – we suspect that there may be no recording anywhere of some of the buildings and locations at this time. And of course, not to be minimized, is the beauty of the better paintings contained in the sketchbook. Whatever the degree of Oddie’s contribution, the sketchbook does have something to say about his career, and visa versa, given that it contains the type of artwork for which he became known later. Oddie was born in Maryland, Washington, D.C. or possibly New Orleans, but spent almost his entire life in New York, and more specifically, New York City, Brooklyn or Long Island. In 1828, the year most of the watercolors in the catalogue were executed, Oddie was spending much of his time in the city. Once Oddie’s interest in painting was sparked, he was believed to have been largely self-taught, but he did come to study art with Hudson River School painter Robert Walter Weir and Anthony Lewis De Rose, a portrait and historical painter. From the diary we know that Oddie did work with De Rose in 1829; we believe that his tutelage with Weir came later. From the diary we know that Oddie was regularly going to art exhibits and critiquing what he saw. The diary also discloses, or corroborates our prior sense, that Oddie sometimes would work off of engraved prints. To what degree he was merely copying the prints, as opposed to using the prints as a spur to his own imagination, we can not determine with certitude. We tend to think the views of Scottish and Welsh castles contained in the Sketchbook were done by Meigs, not Oddie, and so they might well have been done from life. From the diary we know that Oddie had some day job that occupied him during the week, and so he did most of his painting at that time on the weekends, when he would often go for long hikes along the Hudson. Oddie also refers in the diary to having been in Hudson, then and now, the county seat of Columbia County, and so it is very plausible that some of the upstate scenery is from around there. (Again, we think some of these paintings may have been done by Meigs.) Oddie would become an associate member of the National Academy of Design, where he frequently exhibited his artwork. One further note – we spoke of questioning one caption referring to the Battery. In 1828, the urbanized part of the city didn’t even reach 14th Street, but the Battery, as the oldest part of the city, was thoroughly urbanized. Thus the painting could not be of the Battery. But the landscape is very consistent with the topography of Upper Manhattan. 
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[Manuscript Copy] Facillima Methodus Delineandi Omnes Humani Corporis.  Nouveau Livre du Dessein Qui Continent XXV Figures Dessinee Par le Celebre Jean Baptista Piazzeta, Piazzetta, Giambattista [after].  Anonymous copyist,
146 Piazzetta, Giambattista [after]. Anonymous copyist, [Manuscript Copy] Facillima Methodus Delineandi Omnes Humani Corporis. Nouveau Livre du Dessein Qui Continent XXV Figures Dessinee Par le Celebre Jean Baptista Piazzeta
Full Vellum Very Good 
N.d., but late 18th century, after the publication of the original work in 1760, published in Venezia by Remondi. Large 8vo, 25 by 20 cm. 25 pen and ink pages of illustration. These begin with the elaborate pen and ink Baroque title page, with architectural decoration, followed by page showing drawings of hands, a second title with what we presume the one more fully original work by the copyist of seraphs holding up drapery with the title and a woman painter working before an easel, and other illustrative decoration (a broken sculpted head on the ground, etc.). Then 23 pages of pen and ink nude male studies, the figures very Michelangelo-esque in the musculature, and their overall sculptural quality. We would speculate that this copyist was in fact a woman, based on the second title illustration. This particular illustration is delightful, if the human figure itself doesn't have quite the polished execution of the copied material. Inked title on the vellum spine. The vellum is quite soiled. Otherwise, the paper within is of high quality and clean. 
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Album of 58 Original Pen-and-Ink and Watercolored Caricatures and Cartoons During World War One, Rabet, M.
147 Rabet, M. Album of 58 Original Pen-and-Ink and Watercolored Caricatures and Cartoons During World War One
1916-1918 Hardcover. Fabric pastedown on cloth. Very Good 
Oblong, 13.5 by 20 cm. 33 leaves, drawings only on rectos, with two per page on 25 leaves, and eight full page cartoons. Cartoon captions are in French, and the venom is directed at Kaiser Guillaume (Wilhelm II), the Crown Prince, Bethmann-Hollweg, his generals and admirals such as von Tirpitz, von Bissing, von Zeppelin, Turkey and other Central Powers. The caricatures are masterful miniatures. Rabet captures the essence of his target's facial features with a panache of the accomplished caricaturists, and the illustrations truly stand on their own, even without the captioned short dialogues accompanying the drawings. We don't have information about the artist, M. Rabet, but we can comfortably appraise the artwork as professional level. Light wear. 
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Art Nouveau Watercolors of Decor and Other Subjects, Ragot
148 Ragot Art Nouveau Watercolors of Decor and Other Subjects
1909 Quarter Calf Very Good 
Folio, 48 by 33 cm. 39 watercolors and chalk drawings mostly of furniture and decor items but also a smattering of decorative book bindings, architectural details, flowers, animals, landscapes, etc. Particularly nice are the studies of furniture, screens and stained glass windows. Ragot was a student at the Lycee de Laval at the time. The work is generally quite precise, and he satisfyingly captured the prevailing Art Nouveau aesthetic that was soon to recede. All the leaves are now loose from their binding. Many of them are stamped in the corner with the school name and information about when the work was done, how long it took to do, and for what class it was assigned. The folio is quarter calf and heavily worn. The artworks are mostly on heavy card paper and are generally clean. 
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Sketchbook with a boy's naive paintings and drawings of ships, flowers, a lighthouse, etc., Richter, Gustave and F. Richter.  Possibly another hand.
149 Richter, Gustave and F. Richter. Possibly another hand. Sketchbook with a boy's naive paintings and drawings of ships, flowers, a lighthouse, etc.
Wraps Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Dating based on Dewey Arch, drawn within. The arch was a temporary structure that stood by Madison Square between 1899 and 1900, and while it is possible that it was drawn later based on photos, we tend to think in all likelihood it was drawn contemporaneous with its existence, especially since the ship paintings are clearly celebrating the victory in the Spanish-American War. Oblong, 22 by 29 cm. Unpaginated, 21 pages with paintings and drawings in album, plus one loose sheet with drawing. 
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Eleganza Femminile, Rigone
150 Rigone Eleganza Femminile
1911 Cloth. Leather strap clasp. Ribbon tie binding. Near Fine 
Eleven masterfully executed humorous fashion plate caricatures mostly satirizing over-the-top hats. Oblong, 23 by 32.5 cm. The original artwork is done on white sheets which are then mounted onto the black album card, one caricature per leaf, with tissue guards for each album leaf. The artwork is all pen-and-ink and watercolored. With most of the renderings, the oversized hats entirely overwhelms the wearer's face. In all but one, there is a single fashionable, but not necessarily prepossessing, women. In the final caricature the woman, this one very comely and wearing roller skates, is shown warding off suitors, two of whom are floored, a third being chased by a policeman. The artwork here is extraordinary. Whoever Rigone was, he/she was of professional level, and these caricatures together make for a brilliant, delightful suite, full of color and panache. And they work best as a suite -- the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts. 
Price: 2450.00 USD
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151 Robert M. Goode, artist Album of Maritime and Barn Sketches and Watercolors in addition to separate watercolors
Hingham, MA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1920s. The best illustrations are of sailboats, mostly watercolors, followed by studies of barns, mostly done in pencil. 
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152 Roobin, Alexandre. Illustrated by Jules Glumuault Chansons [Homemade Book of Songs and Accompanying Illustrations]
Paris 1902 Cloth Good Plus 
8vo. 22 by 17 cm. 60 pp., followed by unpaginated leaves. Most of the song lyrics are written out in a very neat hand, with the illustrations rendered in a purplish pencil. The illustrations have a folk art quality, suggestive of the limitations of the artist, but nonetheless exude considerable charm. They include depictions of army officers, dowager types, voluptuaries, lovers kissing with the man in a confessional, other lovers, some naughty nudes and light erotica, and haughty French types. The leaves are browned and occasionally chipped at the edges, and there is wear to the cover. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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153 Rooke, Emily Album with Original Watercolors, Hand-Colored Cut-Outs, Costume Plates, etc.
Blindstamped Calf Very Good 
N.d., circa 1840, with perhaps a few items from later. Presumed the work of Emily Rooke, whose name is written on the FFEP in a contemporary cursive. An early, Biedermeier era English album of miscellaneous artwork, some of which is original, others, printed. In all, there are 65 pages of illustrated content, with ten of those containing original artwork, and several other pages with hand-done borders or ornamentation. Most of the printed illustrated matter is hand-colored. The original content is tilted to butterflies and flowers, with one particularly handsome color drawing of a young boy holding a cane and hat. Costume is certainly the emphasis otherwise, with a number of attractive views as well. Perhaps the most striking of the illustrations is a hunting scene created by a number of intricate cut-outs. Another noteworthy item is a cut-out portrait of the sculptor Antonio Canova with what appears to be his actual signature underneath. Rebacked, with the original spine, most of which has survived, laid on. Wear to the edges. A few cut-outs within have suffered minor losses. 
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Cahier de Chansons, Roué, Auguste
154 Roué, Auguste Cahier de Chansons
Cloth Good 
N.d., circa 1910. 4to. 25.5 by 20 cm. 96 pages of bawdy songs, in French, illustrated with color pencil drawings, mostly of ladies and officers, generally humorous, bawdy or risque. Heightening their delight is how they are so deeply rooted in the time period of their creation -- in the dress and styles of the teens, in the feminine physiques idealized, in their conception of the mildly transgressive and naughty. The artwork, although depicting the fashionable and sophisticated, has the charming artlessness of folk art. This is not the product of a trained professional, clearly. Yet never can we not vividly visualize the scenes the artist has worked up. Roué was the headwaiter aboard the Cruiser Battleship La Gloire, and as such he was ideally situated to observe the kinds of people and their behavior that went into his artwork here. Condition: stitching loose in the binding. Some soiling of the boards. Cloth worn at corners. Leaves within with light soiling, minor dog ear-ing. 
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Yachting and Seafaring Scrapbook Album, with a Few Original Drawings as well as Poetry, Stories and Clippings, Schnur, Frederick W.
155 Schnur, Frederick W. Yachting and Seafaring Scrapbook Album, with a Few Original Drawings as well as Poetry, Stories and Clippings
1932, 1933 Hardcover. Cloth spine Good 
8vo. 24.5 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, over 120 pages with some content (a few pages have meagre content, so a firm count is elusive). The album scrapbook we believe was compiled by the son of an illustrator for "Rudder Magazine", active in the 1930s. The bookplate of the professional artist, M. A. Schnur, is pasted onto the inside front cover, while some work within is signed F. W. Schnur. This is also the kind of compilation one would expect from a growing child, enthralled by a parental passion, and encouraged probably by the parent. It is not the kind of thing a grown adult with an active artistic commitment to have directed his energies to create. It would appear that Frederick Schnur later became a boat broker, thus turning a childhood passion into a related career. Of the verse, most are poems written by well-known writers such as John Masefield, Oliver Wendell Holmes and Walter de la Mare, but Frederick Schnur has original pieces as well, and some contributions from unknown names might be friends of his, perhaps members of a club. All written out in a neat, if unremarkable hand. There are two pencil drawings of sailboats, a watercolored moonlit calm seascape and a few small vignettes. Most of the artwork is cutout from magazines (Rudder, Yachting, etc.), with some articles also cut-out. The album itself is a typical black marbled school notebook -- the kind one still encounters -- with lined paper within. The book was carefully and meticulously compiled, albeit there is an undeniable scrappiness to the finished product, which is not without charm in itself. 
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Das schöne Alpenland.  Unserem liebwerten, jederzeit hilfsbereiten Herr Oberleutnant J. Rosenberg zur freundlichen Erinnerung., Seigner, R., artist
156 Seigner, R., artist Das schöne Alpenland. Unserem liebwerten, jederzeit hilfsbereiten Herr Oberleutnant J. Rosenberg zur freundlichen Erinnerung.
Hardcover. Cloth spine. Paper pastedown on board Very Good 
Very beautiful watercolors of the Alps, we assume by a gifted amateur. N.d., early 20th century. Oblong, 11.5 by 33.5 cm. The watercolors are 15.5 by 19.5 cm, and these are framed by heavy card matting. Watercolored title page, with calligraphic lettering and a letter device, followed by nine watercolor paintings, all but one, Alpine, Tyrolian views, and the odd painting being a bouquet. Views include of the castle Orth by Smunden in the Salzkammergut; the Alt-Ausseer See and Trissel Forest; St. Wolfgang; Gosau in the Oberosterreich; a Kitzbuhel scene; a farm house in the Tirol; and a baroque steeple (Lofer (?)) with rocky mountains in the background. Pasted onto the front cover is a heart -shaped die-cut that hails from Bad Ischl. While all the watercolors are signed (or initialed) and there is a dedication, we have not been able to find out anything about the album's origins or provenance. The binding has considerable general wear. A few tissue guards are loose and/or crinkled. 
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157 Stephanson, Kirsten (?) Album of Die-Cuts Worked into Colored Pencilled Background Illustrations
Hardcover Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890s. 8vo. 24 by 18 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp. The background illustrations sets most of these pages apart from a typical chromolithographic die-cut album. There is a heavy debt here to Kate Greenaway, with some of the cut-outs of her pretty juvenile figures. Other cut-outs are of a more kitschy mid-Victorian variety, including of minstrel performers, Lord Fauntleroy types among the children, dogs, horses, Japanese figures, circus performers, etc. The settings include garden and meadow, a river cutting through a rural hillscape, a dog house and yard, a castle front, a circus ring, a wintry paradise with skaters and sledders. Achieved by all this is collage that is not merely random but has a real cohesion. The cover is a classic Aesthetic Movement album cover with gilt, a play of diagonals and arches, eclectic ornamentation including quintessential floral motives, and two chromo vignettes. The paper is acidic and thus a bit brittle -- relatively, though, less than many such albums. Attribution is based on a pencil inscription on the FEP, in which it is stated the album was made the inscriber's grandmother, with a name then in parenthesis. It is not entirely clear whether that name is the said grandmother, however. One large tear crudely repaired with clear tap. A few minor closed tears. Moderate wear to the cover. 
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The National Heraldry of the United Kingdom, Terry, Major Astley, of The Army Service Corp.
158 Terry, Major Astley, of The Army Service Corp. The National Heraldry of the United Kingdom
Colombo (Ceylon, now Sri Lanka) 1903 Half Morocco Very Good 
8vo. 18.5 by 14.5 cm. iv, 44 pp., the leaves made of heavy card stock. The author, a colonial officer for the British army, would later publish "The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps," which contained his color illustrations of uniforms, arms and equipment, and other works. From this work, it is clear he had artistic aptitude, and as an officer in Ceylon, undoubtedly a lot of free time to indulge in the creation of this work. It would seem that this work was written with an eye on possible publication, but that did not come to be. Few will not be charmed by the many vignettes of badges and coats-of-arms, mostly rendered in bright watercolors, with some done as ink drawings. Also illustrated are flags and banners. Some of the tissue guards are heavily foxed, while the cards proper sometimes have offsetting from this soiling. A large chipped loss to the leather spine, with a partial loss of one letter of title. Still a very handsome album. 
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Album of W. Thorp, Thorp, William
159 Thorp, William Album of W. Thorp
1830s Fine 
All the imagery and verse in this manuscript album was done by one accomplished hand -- that of William Thorp. The pencil and watercolor sketches and drawings are delightful, whether depicting architectural detail, landscape, animal or human subjects. There are 26 pages of illustrations, many dated between 1832 and 1836. Twenty are black and white, six in color. Architecture is the most prevalent subject, with much drawn from rural England. Perhaps the most winsome illustration, though, is humorous depiction of a confrontation between a man and woman on an English street. The verse, also, is more than competent in a typical Victorian vein. The album is cased in an elaborately blindstamped ornamented black Morocco. The binding is rubbed along the edges. The joints have had an utilitarian repair. The tissue guards remaining are foxed, and some soiling of the leaves proper as well. Endpapers are pasted to one another by the hinges. A few illustrated leaves are defaced a little by probably later color transfer imagery. 
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Tegel Boek, van Beek, Toon
160 van Beek, Toon Tegel Boek
Half Calf. Cloth on boards. Very Good 
Compilation of 460 original watercolors of Delftware tiles, with a wide cross-section of the styles associated with Delftware and in total, representing in excess of 150 designs (since most, but not all designs, are achieved by a combination of tiles, generally four but sometimes more, and here each individual tile is a separate mounted paper). Designs include geometrics, flowers, foliage, fruits, animals (especially birds), people, castles and other buildings, ships, landscapes, mermaids, blueware, multi-colored designs, etc., and including tiles with a strong Italian and majolica influence. N.d., early to mid-20th century compilation, with designs also from the latter part of the 19th century -- many are classic designs, with the same or similar designs still being made today. Folio, 45.5 by 29.5 cm. 62 leaves, with often material just on the rectos but sometimes also the versos. Most leaves are devoted to the painted designs. The tiles are 7.5 cm square, and as indicated, usually four, sometimes six, are grouped together to create a single design. These are generally captioned with the name of the design and sometimes a terse detail or two, all rendered in Dutch but generally decipherable by the non-Dutch speaker. There are also 4 completely full pages of plain paper chits (33 of them) done in pen and ink, with initials of Delft potters and their corresponding groupings of various marks, tags etc. In addition to the designs and the makers' markings, the album has 15 pages, mostly grouped together at the end, devoted to a wide variety of Delftware-related ephemera, including lists of potters buried in Delft churchyards, recipes for making Delftware, manuscript historical information on the Zeldenrust mill, which was demolished in 1860, drawings, photographs, newspaper clippings especially on De Porceleyne Fles, memorabilia on a Kees Tulk and Jan van Beek, the father of the compiler and a potter, his brothers and himself, group portraits of potters. Van Beek, and his kin, worked at this De Porceleyne Fles. As the artwork in the album attests, he was an accomplished draughtsman. We can not know for sure what the impetus for this album was. Was it done on behalf of the company, or was it a more personal project, celebrating van Beek's and his family's work? Or possibly, a combination of the two. The binding itself is of interest as well with its mounted painting of blueware serving as the title label. Otherwise, the binding appears to be a retrofitted comercially purchased blank book. Condition: moderate wear to the binding. Underlying leaves are age toned, foxed, dampstained sometimes, etc. The paintings themselves have occasional light soiling, with some stains from the paste used to mount them coming through the paper, but overall are bright and fresh. First two leaves are loose. . 
Price: 4500.00 USD
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