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161 Willey, F.E. Herbarium Collection, with Original Pen-and-Ink Illustrations Enlivening the MountedSpecimens
Claremont 1889 Wooden box Very Good 
N.d., circa late 19th century. 52 separate sheets housed within a handsome wooden carrying case or box. Fifty of these sheets contains a dried and flattened plant sample -- flowers, leaves and stems -- with the plant or flower identified in a neat handwriting, and most unusual, accompanied by a pen and ink vignette. The vignettes are a mix -- some replicate the plant or leaf, and thus might be regarded as modestly scientific in purpose; others are of objects or animals which a pleasant to look at or have an appealing association to the artist -- tennis racquets, a sailing boat, an owl, and the like; yet a third group, and these are to us the most special, are pure whimsy, with a touch of humor. This third category also doesn't relate to the plants or flowers. Perhaps one thing that ties all the extra artistic fillips together is that they have an outdoorsy, sporty or summer day quality about them. It goes without saying that the plant samples are arranged neatly and even artistically. We know who the collector and artist was because his name is on both a title page and a brass label attached to the carrying case. The title page also informs us that this collection was created during the Summer of 1889 and for Claremont High School. We would guess that the Claremont in question is one in New Hampshire, based on where this collection was found, but we can not state that definitively. At the time Claremont was a prosperous mill town and presumably this young Willey would have been from an affluent family who afforded him the leisure to create such a collection. including a title page, a second prelim with a pencil illustration of a rose and "Handle with Care" exhortation, and 50 leaves with leaf and flower samples, every one of which also has an original sketch of some kind. The box, really an artist's carrying case with wooden handles attached with thin braided rope to the wood an brass clasps and studs, measures 35 by 27.5 cm, and is 4.5 cm deep. Each of the leaves (the sheets) is 32.5 by 25 cm. Loss of some leaves and some chipped leaves, as to be expected given the dryness of the organic material. Chips on the side of the title. The title and other prelim are discolored by the metal bar which has held them down in the box. 
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Sketches by W.W., Wingfield, Watkin (1803-1886)
162 Wingfield, Watkin (1803-1886) Sketches by W.W.
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1830s or 40s. Oblong 4to. 24 by 30 cm. Unpaginated, with 20 pages, mostly rectos, with mounted humorous illustrations done in either bright watercolor or pen-and-ink, for a total of 22 illustrations, twelve of which are watercolors, not counting one unfinished color illustration. Action scenes abound -- in one, you see an European captive appearing to beg for his life as a louche Arab nabob is cosseted in the shade; another shows a horseman fleeing in the night, accompanied or chased by two fierce dogs and an owl; a third depicts a horseman on a horse rearing up at the edge of a big drop to a lake, with a devilish figure seeming to egg the man on; a fourth shows witches burning a baby in a cave. The artist was not above punning, as in one painting captioned: "How to give a ball without trouble or expense", the picture depicting the shooting of one horseman by another. We especially like a painting of a "horrible nightmare", which portrays various incubi surrounding the anxious sleeper. Several of the pictures relate to one another, as with two captioned "The model of a wife", which are about the painting of a young woman. The pen-and-ink drawings may lack color, but they are equally well executed and are of a piece with the watercolored drawings. 
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163 Winnie Buckman Album of Watercolor, Ink and Chalk Drawings
Cloth Very Good 
N.d, circa early 20th century. Oblong, 25 by 18 cm, 10 by 7.25 inches. With fourteen illustrated pages, mostly in bright color, all by the same hand of gifted amateur by the name of Winnie Buckman. The drawings are both typical subject-wise of teenager artist's and friendship albums of the day and yet mostly on the highest level of what one tends to find in such albums. On the FEP is written in pencil "A prize awarded for art by Miss Oxley". This probably means that the blank album was given to Miss Buckman as a prize, and it indicates that her talent was recognized in her small girlhood community, Illustrations include one of a clownish man with big feet, Dutch children following geese with a windmill in the background, a pierrot strumming a banjo, the silhouette of an eighteenth century lady and gentleman, a boy and his dog, a woman wearing harlequin tights awhirl in dance, children at the shore, a few Mabel Lucie Attwell style infants, a silhouetted eighteenth century lady with parasol and actual fabric used for the front of her dress, portraits of a man and of a woman wearing a kimono, and a harbor scene. Generally clean. 
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World War Two Prisoner-of-War Manuscript with Original Poetry and Humorous Drawings A compilation of poems written for several prison camp newspapers, Worth, Private M. H.
164 Worth, Private M. H. World War Two Prisoner-of-War Manuscript with Original Poetry and Humorous Drawings A compilation of poems written for several prison camp newspapers
Camp 53, Sforz Costa (Marche, Italy) June 5, 1942- Tin Good 
Manuscript created by an English prisoner-of-war in an Italian POW camp. 28 by 22 cm, spine along top edge. 184 pp., dense with original poems and cartoon drawings (and some miscellany). The poems were written for the camp newspapers, with each compound within the camp apparently having its own newspaper, and possibly more than one. "Griff" was the newspaper for compound 2, "Brew" and "Star", compound 1, Wire", compound 3. Virtually all the poems rely heavily on rhyming -- not a few might pass as song lyrics. As one might expect, the poems concern camp life, sports, the gauzy recollection of the simple pleasures of life left behind, including the missed girl friend but also the little things in life. Patriotic sentiments are frequently expressed. Humor and light-heartedness suffuse the writing, undoubtedly the best attitude towards tolerating the discomforts and sacrifices of prison camp life, plus there was a general relief at just being alive and spared the grim reaper. Many of the poems are credited with initials and sometimes names. While there were no poets laureates to be among them, the poems are overall competently composed and many quite enjoyable light verse. The manuscript is richly illustrated, with some decorative element or vignette illustration on most pages, and many illustrations that are full page or dominate their pages. The illustrations are almost entirely in color, and many are signed "Len". All the poems appear to be written into the album, generally block capital letters, by a single hand, which we presume to be tht of Private Worth. Whoever it was wrote neatly -- everything is easily legible, and often tried to bring some panache to his writing with coloring and enlarging the first letter of a line. He also was, we might say, a creative speller. In the back of the album there is an one page glossary of Italian words translated into English, and another page listing heavy weight boxing champions and a short piece on statistics relating to gold. The metal binding is made from Red Cross tins. The title, "Griff", is written in white paint. There are a few simple decorative touches applied by the same paint. 
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