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Costumes of British Ladies from the time of William the 1st to the reign of Queen Victoria
181 Costumes of British Ladies from the time of William the 1st to the reign of Queen Victoria
London Dickenson & Son Full Morocco Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1840. Folio, 48 hand-colored lithographed plates, some heightened in gilt, all mounted on card, as originally issued. Each accompanied by brief caption relating to authorities upon which illustration was based, and this caption is on separate leaf's verso, and there is a tissue guard sheet between this and the related plate. Title page with lovely hand-colored floral border. Followed by list of subscribers, which contains 171 names, and this must surely have been the extent of the entire issue since copies are extremely scarce. (Obviously the book has been mined many times as a breaker for plates.) The original gutta percha binding has been replaced with a sewn casing that is far more durable. Modern green full morocco and marbled endpapers. Gilt edges. Offsetting onto tissues. Small discreet library stamp on versos of plates -- otherwise no signs of ex-library whatsoever. Very occasional light fox marks. 
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Costumi della corte Pontificia
182 Costumi della corte Pontificia
Roma 1846 First Edition Paper Pastedown on folder Near Fine 
Leporello with 30 hand-colored images of Vatican costume, in addition to title with lovely colored decoration and cameo portrait of Gregorio XVI, which also helps date this as 1846 or earlier. The last leaf is pasted to a folder, which in this case has a distinctive faux burled wood (walnut-like) finish. The imagery is sharp, bright and clean. Some wear to the joints of the outer folder. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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Costumi della Corte Pontificia
183 Costumi della Corte Pontificia
Roma A. Depolette First Edition Presumed Quarter Calf. Marbled Boards. Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1840. Large paper version: folio, 34 by 23.5 cm. With 62 hand-colored costume plates, plus engraved title page with hand-colored vignette and dedication page with hand-colored portrait of Pope Pio IX. These images of Vatican dress, both which cover both ecclessiastic and military costume, are generally encountered in a far smaller, leporello format, with also fewer images -- typically thirty plates. In this other guise, the target audience were the many tourists who paid a visit to Rome and were enamored with a pocket souvenir. The diminutive leporello assuredly exudes enormous charm that has not diminished over nearly two centuries, but the images really do not quite match these original Marroni engravings with their excellent detailing and glorious hand-coloring, and we would stress, the coloring is not only brilliant, but also it would appear not to have lost one bit of lustre from the day it was applied to paper. Scuffs to leather. Newer marbled paper pastedown on boards. A small amount of scattered light soiling and/or foxing, mostly in the early leaves, such as there is. 
Price: 1650.00 USD
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Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
184 Crawford's Biscuits are Good Biscuits 1934
Edinburgh, Liverpool and London William Crawford & Sons Ltd. 1933 First Edition Grained Leatherette, with cloth spines or sides Fine 
A most unusual trade catalogue combined with a diary and blotter/desk accessory! Closed, oblong, 27 by 30 cm, and when the panels are opened wide, 60 cm wide. This was surely intended as a promotional tool in which the attractive catalogue was part and parcel with a freebie likely to be used and valued by the wholesale customer, who in this case would have been grocers and costermongers. The handsome commercial folio fits into the tradition of English biscuit makers who produced fine collectable tins which were sometimes as treasured as their delectable products. The folio opens from the center, with four separate panes then revealed. To the left are calendars for 1934 and 1935. Underneath the 1935 calendar one finds the trade catalogue, full of colorized photographs of the company's biscuits and packaging. This is paginated for 28 pages. The panels to the right hold the diary and a memoranda sheet. The front of the diary has several pages devoted to postal rates, other practical information, and a glossary of French dishes with English meanings. The blotter comes with a small stack of blotter paper, none of which was ever used, and each of these sheets has some pricing by weight data. The blotter looks as if it has never been used -- we have never seen one in such pristine condition before. Also included is the envelope in which it came -- this has creases and wear, but is a remarkable relic nonetheless. 
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185 Croquêt
England Hardcover Very Good 
N.d. Circa 1870s. Small 4to. 24 by 18 cm. Eight pages of manuscript, with eight delightful pen and ink illustrations, including cover decoration, plus six ornamental letter vignettes ("historiated", "floriated" and "rusticated"). The illustrations include ones of a manor house, with three croquet players in the foreground, a grouping of players with one about to do an agressive swing resembling a golf drive, a group of young adults listiening to a serenader, and wooing couple and a seraph steering a tiny sailboat. The verse is pleasant and rich in charm: "Instead of wars of words and wit,/ This is a conflict far more fit./ The lady's ready grace and skill/ Matched against manyly strength and will./ All martyr-like, consent to bear/ Reverses with a cheerful air,/ And learn to hurl the well-aimed blow/ Of retribution on the foe . . . " Perhaps not Gerald Manley Hopkins, but the competent verse does capture the rhythm, the spirit and appeal of the game remarkably well, and together with the illustrations evoke a lazy afternoon in a bucolic setting of the 1800s that is bound to spark wistful daydreams in our hardened, frenetic times. Bound with a red buckram dust jacket, the title "Croquêt" embossed in gilt on the front. The paper is of a stiff card stock. 
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Croquis d'Apres A. Grévin par F. Cosnefroy
186 Croquis d'Apres A. Grévin par F. Cosnefroy
Quarter Morocco. Marbled boards. Very Good 
Brilliant imitation of the style of the great French caricaturist Alfred Grévin. (Cosnefroy we presume was a gifted amateur -- we have no further information on him. N.d., circa 1890. 4to. 31 by 24 cm. 37 original watercolors, all humorist, and superbly capturing the irony and risque spirit of Grévin. We are unaware of any outright copying -- we can not rule that out -- but given that Cosnefroy assiduously, and humbly, asserts "After Grévin", we are of the view that that was precisely what he meant. We do not know anything about Cosnefroy other than his name at this time. We assume that he was an amateur, probably an adolescent, who was gifted and aspired to follow in the footsteps of the famous illustrator. The quality of his illustrations is also not entirely even, and that suggests strongly that he wasn't tracing works he had enjoyed in the humor magazines featuring Grévin's work. 
Price: 1850.00 USD
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Crusader Plug Tobacco Label Watson & McGill Petersburg VA
187 Crusader Plug Tobacco Label Watson & McGill Petersburg VA
A. Hoen & Co. 
14 by 7 inches. Original, 19th century plug tobacco label. A few microscopic close tears (less than 1/4 inch, more like 1/8 inch) on upper edge, which has .80 inch white border, thus not coming close to pictorial. Otherwise, mint and regardless, very fit for framing. 
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Curioser Spiegel, worinnen der ganze Lebenslauf des Menschen von der Kindheit bis zum Alter zu sehen, in Figuren, mit beygefugten ganz neuen kurzen Erklarungen vorgestellt.
188 Curioser Spiegel, worinnen der ganze Lebenslauf des Menschen von der Kindheit bis zum Alter zu sehen, in Figuren, mit beygefugten ganz neuen kurzen Erklarungen vorgestellt.
Nurnberg Verlag der Johann Andreas Endter. Endterischen Handlung 1824 Neue Auflage Half Cloth. Marbled Boards. Custom Cloth Box to 
Tall folio, 34 by 21 cm. Title, followed by 41 hand-colored plates. This work was originally published in 1689, and there was also an 1812 printing. This copy used the original woodcut plates, and the hand-coloring palette and style is consistent with that of the seventeenth century, lending an antiquarian authenticity to the edition. They are woodcuts by Elias Porzelius, mostly after designs by Susanne Maria Sandrart (1658-1716), the relatively rare known female artist of the time. The plates depict all the stages of life, from birth to death, and many depicting the various professions, including tailor, cobbler, baker, butcher, paper maker, bookbinder, cartwright or barrel-maker, dyer, weaver, stonecutter, coachmaker, house painter, saddler, locksmith, , blacksmith, carpenter, clown, etc. Particularly charming are the plates of acrobats and a sleigh procession. None of the illustrations are static -- they depict activity, and a sense of movement and things happening applies to every plate. Not infrequently there is even activity in the background. This applies to the several plates that cover a soldier's life, including an army on the move or at an encampment when soldiers in the foreground are playing dice and others farther back are kibitzing. Some of the illustrations have touches of humor, and they all are suffused with humanity and a Rococo gracefulness in their composition and movement. The hand-coloring has a certain courseness, as actually is period appropriate to coloring of the seventeenth century in this kind of book. Pictorial label on front, laid onto marbled boards, with title of "Bilderbuch fur Kinder". Light wear to binding. Modern cloth box. An overall beautiful children's book that should speak to any antiquarian. 
Price: 15000.00 USD
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Custom Tailoring.  Spring & Summer 1917.  B & K Co.  A National Institution
189 Custom Tailoring. Spring & Summer 1917. B & K Co. A National Institution
1917 Har. Cloth, string tie. Fair 
Folio, 46 by 35 cm. 16 color plates, 17 leaves in all, printing only on rectos. Fashions from the late 1910s, depicting male fashion from the era. Usually just one or two men in the foreground, but up to four men, sporting the fashions being promoted. The backgrounds have all kinds of upper crust settings and activities going on, and here there can be other men, as well as women, in the illustrations. So the illustrations take us to the beach and seashore, the boathouse, the country club tennis court and golf course, the riding ring, the country house. Men in sports jackets and boaters are shown in many of these illustrations, but there are also men in business suits and there are two plates of formal wear as well, both morning and evening jackets from a time when there was a difference! A final color plate presents a multitude of jackets, vests and slacks without a model -- there is just one man pictured in the mix. The last plate, uncolored, shows three caps and one casual hat. Whether or not one misses these fashions for actual wear, it is undeniable how visually appealing the fashions were. The men in the illustrations are of course young, and often scarcely out of puberty, and they are drawn with exaggeratedly elongated, svelte bodies, as was the ideal at the time. (Think of Sargent portraits.) Scarce -- no other catalogues from this company found on OCLC. Condition: cover worn and stained, with gilt lettering virtually entirely gone. A long three by one inch chip or loss on lower front joint, and roughness and surface lifting at upper part of this joint. First plate is heavily foxed. Afterward, there is a light corner dampstain affecting some of the plates, and some other soiling. By and large, though, the large illustrations are unaffected and remain highly appealing. 
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Daguerrotype Photo of Young Woman with Decorated Morocco Case Featuring Floral Design and Bearing Title of Memory's Leaflet
190 Daguerrotype Photo of Young Woman with Decorated Morocco Case Featuring Floral Design and Bearing Title of Memory's Leaflet
Very Good 
Circa mid-19th Century. Measuring 9.5 by 8.5 cm, 2 cm thick. Rubbing along spine. Gilt edges. Brass clasp. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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191 Dai Nostri Poeti Viventi
Firenze (Florence) Loescher & Seeber 1891 First Three Quarter Leather Very Good 
8vo. Limited edition, this numbered 207/400. 272 pp. + many blank pages in back. Attractive parchment prelim half-title. Interior clean and tight. Three quarter morocco over marbled boards. Front board detached, and spine detached by front joint. Anthology of major Italian poets of day, including Carducci, Pascoli, D'Annunzio, Fucini, Capuana, De Amicis, Boito, Cavallotti, Foggazzaro, Giacosa, etc. 
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Dame Crump and Her Pigs:  Their Deeds and Misdeeds
192 Dame Crump and Her Pigs: Their Deeds and Misdeeds
London Dean & Son Blindstamped, gilt stamped cloth Very Good 
Scarce, with no copied located on OCLC First Search. (Copies found of the component tales, but each of these, too, are in very few institutions.) N.d., circa 1860. 4to. 26 by 18 cm. [2], 8, 8, 8, 8, 8 pp. or 42 pages of content (printing on only one side of each leaf), with a hand-colored illustration on each page, including the frontis plate, the title, and on many pages, the greater portion of the page. The book is essentially an anthology of five porcine stories, all but the last told in verse. The poems are "Little Dame Crump", "The Little Pig's Ramble from Home", "The Naughty Little Pig", "Little Pig's Tale", and "The Three Tiny Pigs". Condition: two tiny spots in which surface cloth of binding rubbed bare. A few light soil spots on the cover besides. Very occasional light foxing within, and a faint finger smudges in margins. Illustrations are very bright and vibrant. 
Price: 1750.00 USD
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Dame Duck's Lecture
193 Dame Duck's Lecture
Boston L. Prang & Co. 1865 First Good 
Closed, 11 by 6.5 cm. Twelve panels, stretching out to about 60 cm, each panel with a color lithograph illustration and all but the last, four lines of verse. Prang advertisement on rear cover. Rear cover reattached, with archival tape used discreet but still noticeable. Soiling to the cover. Colors within are bright, unusually so arguably. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Dance Card as Small Leather Folder
194 Dance Card as Small Leather Folder
1896 Full Leather 
9 by 6 cm. Small leather insignia, possibly initials, in corner of front cover. Four pockets inside, one with card inside which has pencilled in names of dances. This also has pencilled in date. Green calf outside and in, with gold silk backing inside. Also gold twine with a ring attached. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Das Alte Rom mit dem Triumphzuge Kaiser Constantin's im Jahre 312 N. Chr.
195 Das Alte Rom mit dem Triumphzuge Kaiser Constantin's im Jahre 312 N. Chr.
München Franz Hanfstaengl Kunstverlag 1890 First Cloth Very Good 
A scarce panorama of Ancient Rome and the triumphal march of Emperor Constantine in 312 A.D. An albumen photo reproduction of a painting by Josef Bühlman and Alexander Wagner -- we believe the former was the primary designer, the latter, a collaborator who executed much of the actual painting. Closed, oblong, 18.5 by 23 cm. Opening to eight mounted photo panels, and on the opposite side of the last such panel, and facing up when opening the cover, is a title page. Full open the leporello is 176 cm. Moderate wear. On title are neatly inked notes translating the title, etc. 
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Das Grosse Leben Christi, oder Ausfuhrliche/Andachtige/Bewegliche und ganz vollkommene Beschreibung des Allerheiligsten Lebens und bittern Lendens Unsers Herrn Jesu Christi, und seiner Glorwurdigsten Liebsten Mutter Maria, usw.  [Zusammen mit] Nutzlicher Dusatz zu dem Leben Christi, von denen Vier letzen Dingen:  Nemlich von dem Tod, Gericht, Holl, und Himmelreich.
196 Das Grosse Leben Christi, oder Ausfuhrliche/Andachtige/Bewegliche und ganz vollkommene Beschreibung des Allerheiligsten Lebens und bittern Lendens Unsers Herrn Jesu Christi, und seiner Glorwurdigsten Liebsten Mutter Maria, usw. [Zusammen mit] Nutzlicher Dusatz zu dem Leben Christi, von denen Vier letzen Dingen: Nemlich von dem Tod, Gericht, Holl, und Himmelreich.
Mainz and Frankfurt Johann Hoffners 1746 Full Calf Good 
740, 216 pp. With 77 copper plate engravings and a portion (about 25 percent) of a map of Jerusalem, showing the walls of the ancient city, Pilate's palace, the Garden of Gethsemane, etc. Two books bound together. The book is printed in a variety of differing type fonts which differentiate such things as the prayers for feast days from the narrative of Christ's life and lives of those in his circle. Full Brown calf with raised bands at spine and remnants of straps and clasps over real wooden boards. Boards professionally repaired. Leather heavily scuffed and rubbed, with considerable dryness, yet nonetheless fitting in this condition for work at hand. Early pages have margin losses. Heavily toned elsewhere, along with at times heavy soilage and wear. Overall still good. In a specially made slipcase with hand-made paper skin. (Slipcase doesn't cover all of boards, and this was deliberate choice because spine is thicker than opposite edge of volume.) The book is 8.5 by 7 inches and 3.5 inches thick. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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Das Schwesterchen
197 Das Schwesterchen
1920 Stiff Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 21 by 17 cm. Unpaginated, 30 leaves, with twelve silhouette drawings, four of which have some slightly crudely added color to the precise black ink, and facing each sihouette is orginal verse handwritten in Sütterlin Schrift, which makes it difficult for us to read fully although it is done with a highly regular, neat hand. But even excluding the poetry, the sihouettes are very appealing and we assume are original, although we can't prove that they aren't copied from something else. These drawings appear to tell the story of one child, Hans. We first see him in a typical day. We see his house, his watching other children frolicking, his being instructed by his mother, his kneeling in prayer, an angel descending to him while he sleeps. Is he praying for a baby sister? Next an infant is born, and the mother is nursing the baby as in another illustration, the father is counseling his son about the newborn. In the final illustration the boy is playing with his younger sister. Light soiling to the wraps. 
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Date Book 1932
198 Date Book 1932
Germany 1931 Near Fine 
Wonderful sharp and colorful Art Deco design on thin leatherette cover! 64mo. 6 by 4 cm. Unpaginated, 22 leaves (44 pp). Unused, for blank lines for each day of the year, along with info on birthstones and flowers, wedding anniversaries (what each is symbolized by), and on phases of the moon and holidays. But obviously, this is very much about the loveliness of the binding. This particular copy is stamped with the business name, "Perin Drug Store, Monument Square, Dover-Foxcroft, ME", but this was surely sold to businesses to be distributed as a freebie or favor. 
Price: 60.00 USD
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De Trey's Diatoric Teeth
199 De Trey's Diatoric Teeth
De Trey & Co. Ltd. Wraps Very Good 
Scarce catalogue for improved false teeth which allowed for articulation. N.d., circa 1910. Oblong 4to. 25 by 31.5 cm. 36 pp., wraps. No copies of this catalogue were located on OCLC First Search. De Trey was the progenitor of The Dentists' Supply Co., which still exists today as Dentsply. Spine torn and partly perished. Otherwise, besides some light wear, clean and fresh. 
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Deck of 35 hand-colored cards depicting English monarchs from William the Conqueror to William IV
200 Deck of 35 hand-colored cards depicting English monarchs from William the Conqueror to William IV
London (?) Box Very Good 
N.d., circa 1830s prior to 1837 when William IV passed away. N.p. Each card is 62 by 56 mm. The cards each contain six lines of text. Above the portrait the dynasty to which the monarch belonged is given. Below the portrait is the monarch's nme, and then his birth and death years, when his/her reign began and how many years he/she reigned, except for the card pertaining to William IV, who was still alive, and his card states, "Long Life and Happiness to Him, and prosperity to his people". The cards were surely meant as an educational tool for children. The cards come in a marbled paper covered box, probably the original issued by the publisher. The box bears a date of 1834, relating to an almanac, which was probably issued by the same publisher, but regardless is general corroboration as to the dating and the origin of the deck. The box has one edge which is torn to bottom but the box is still functionable. Moderate soiling on the cards. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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