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Children's Literature

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Der Kleinen freunde Album.  For Our Young Friends.  Des Petits Amis.  Dei Piccoli Amici.  De Los Amiguitos.  van de kleinen Vrienden.
21 Der Kleinen freunde Album. For Our Young Friends. Des Petits Amis. Dei Piccoli Amici. De Los Amiguitos. van de kleinen Vrienden.
1845 Romantic Cartonnage Near Fine 
Exceptional ornate romantic cartonnage binding. N.d., circa 1840s. Slightly oblong, 7 by 5.75 inches, 17 by 14 cm. With sixteen hand-colored plates of children mostly playing. Gumuchian 291 indicates 18 plates, so two are apparently missing, although there is no sign of removal or cannibalization in this copy. Depicted are games of blind man's bluff, shooting out with fingers, sledding, marching military-style, crab hunting, hide-and-seek, etc. with a few scenes of juvenile apprehension, quisitiveness or seriousness. As if to underscore the universality of childhood experience, the captions are rendered in four languages: French, German, Italian and English. Perhaps the most special element of this charmer, though, is the exquisite cover that exudes a cross between Second Empire ormulo and a fine doily (or doilie), and features a color illustrated cameo on the rear board. No title, as almost certainly so issued, with front board serving as title. Scarce. Gumuchian 291. 
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Der Osterhas aus Reisen
22 Der Osterhas aus Reisen
Half cloth (buckram). Decorative paper pasted ont Very Good 
Charming whimsical story about an Easter bunny, told in German verse and inimitably illustrated with original watercolors. 8vo. 21 by 17 cm. 50 pages, including title page, with an original watercolor on every page, virtually all of which are between a half to three-quarters of the page. The bunny decides to make a journey, using his eggs as currency along the way. On the trip he encounters various obstacles and threats such as a giant and a dragon, but he also meets Snow White and the seven dwarves, Hansel and Gretel, and the like. Before the trip is over he visits Africa. He gets back home just in the nick of time for Easter and to lay new Easter eggs for the children in the area. The narrative is very much secondary to the bright winsome illustrations and the lilting verse. 
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Easy Reading for Little Readers
23 Easy Reading for Little Readers
New York E. P. Dutton & Co.; Griffith and Farran, Saint Paul's Churchyard, London First Hardcover Very Good Harrison Weir, Kate Greenaway, J. S. Dalziel, Etc. 
4to. N.d., circa 1880s. 34 pp., + 3 pp of pub ad supp. Profusely illustrated in color. Illustrations are mostly of animals and accompany short tales and fables, some familiar from Aesop, others not so. The book essentially has three parts, although it is not officially so demarcated, and the middle section has what appears to be brief stories and illustrations reprinted from the 1830s or 1840s, with that era's style of dress, color, etc. The first and third sections, though, have illustrations by contemporary artists of the first rank, among them Weir and Greenaway. No one is credited on the title page but their contribution can be evinced in the signatures on many of the illustrations. Book measures 12 by 9 inches. Some minor loss to the illustrated sheet laid on the front board, but nothing of significance lost. Spine strip appears more recent and reapired expertly. Shelfwear to the edges and corners of the boards. Book tight and interior is clean. A very attractive copy of an extremely rare and charming children's book with contributions by major illustrators. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Fables Choisies.  Ouvrage, Propre à Former l’Esprit et le Coeur de la Jeunesse (two volumes bound in one) Avec figures.
24 Fables Choisies. Ouvrage, Propre à Former l’Esprit et le Coeur de la Jeunesse (two volumes bound in one) Avec figures.
Vienna and Trieste Chez Geistinger 1815 First Hardcover Very Good 
12mo. 14 by 10 cm. 55, 51 pp. 38 hand-colored plates (22 in part one, 16, part two). Scarce. No copies recorded on OCLC. Light age toning. Binding -- paper pastedown on thin hardcover board -- is more modern, as are the plain endpapers. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Fairy Tales
25 Fairy Tales
Chicago N.K. Fairbank Company First Edition presumed Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 8vo. 17.5 by 10.5 cm. Unpaginated, 24 pp. plus wraps. With 12 chromolithographic plates, in addition to other duotone illustrations, often underlaying the text. Adaptations of a few well-known Mother Goose nursery rhymes, but most of the doggeril is original verse, with pleasantly, and none to subtly, promotes the company's product. The fairy motif runs throughout both in the verse and the illustrations. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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Fete Foraine
26 Fete Foraine
Paris A. Capendu Wraps Very Good 
Scarce juvenile title celebrating French carnival. N.d., circa 1890. Small folio-sized, 31 by 25 cm. 16 pp., including wraps. Vivid chromolithographs, whose artful juxtapositions aid in transporting us back to the nineteenth century carnival and to see the kinetic energy and color of such occasions through a child's eyes. Here is the wonderment without the grime and sordidness that was surely the underside of peripatetic productions. The illustrations bring to life "les Animaux Savants", the wild animals, the organ grinder, the souvenir vendors, Punch and Judy, the minstrel band, the jugglers, the balancing acts, Indianqs, the monkeys, balloons, and then such innocent fun as cycling. No copies located on OCLC. Light soling scattered. Minor roughness by the spine. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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Five Au Bon Marché Cards from the Series
27 Five Au Bon Marché Cards from the Series "La Vie Maritime" Depicting Children in the Navy
NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Noted on cards is that the store was on the jury at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 -- it isn't clear whether these cards were issued in conjunction with the fair. Cards measure 10.5 by 15 cm. The full series, we believe, was six, meaning we lack one from the series. One card with evidence on text side of having been pasted into an album. A few closed tears, all but one miniscule, and the longer one is inconspicuous in our view. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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28 Folio of Fourteen Sheets of Kate Greenaway Inscription Endpapers or Stationary

N.d., late 19th century. Contained in the marbled paper folder are 14 sheets of what was surely intended as endpapers to a Greenaway book, with a large box for the owner to inscribe her name and address. The sheets feature in the upper half two typical Greenaway young ladies, one holding a basket, the other with one hand in a muff, and the image is surrounded by a floral garland. In the lower half of the sheets is a box, with ribbon decoration flanking the two sides. A unique item for the Greenaway collector. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Funny Folks Album.  Master Chubb and his Dog
29 Funny Folks Album. Master Chubb and his Dog
First NA Very Good 
N.p., no publisher given, N.d., circa 1890. Eight paneled leporello, each with a chromolithographic illustration, and six lines of rhymed verse telling the story of the mishievous dog who simply can't contain himself when he espies geese, a boy, cattle, etc. Only the sight of a whip at the end brings contrition, which we trust is ephemeral. The dog looks most like a dachshund, although the breed isn't specified, and one can't be sure that is what the artist intended. Closed, oblong, 7 by 12 cm. Opening to be 81 cm long. Scarce, with three copies found on OCLC First Search (Melbourne, Monash U., National Library of Scotland). No copies located in the U.S. Condition: hinge of cover unobtrusively strengthened with rice paper. Flattened edge creases, microscopic edge chip, and light edge soil to cover. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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German Book of Brightly Colored Caricature and Rhyme, some racist, with a movable elongating leg
30 German Book of Brightly Colored Caricature and Rhyme, some racist, with a movable elongating leg
Stiff Wraps Very Good Plus 
No title, n.p., n.d. Circa 1930s. (We base the dating on the presence of a hobo -- otherwise, it could easily be from the prior decade.) Narrow 4to. 24 by 12.5 cm, with pull piece of elongating slacks extending length to 43 cm. Unpaginated, 12 pp. Caricatures of a black emcee, a saxophone player, a chinaman, a chef, a captain, a hobo and a wise old man. Notwithstanding the radically different appearance of each of them, they are all wearing the same pants, which can be made absurdly long by pulling a tab in the back -- the same tab works for all the figures. Translating the first four lines of verse, which introduce the work, "Six fellas you find here, all short, pull at their feet, to make them taller." The verse rhymes, and is more graceful, in the original German, needless to say. There is no bibliographic information whatsoever in the booklet, and so we can only speculate as to its origins. We suspect that this might have been produced as a "party favor" for a nightclub or nightclubs and cabarets, both because of the subject matter and the ease by which it can stand upright on a table. Slight bumping to the lower edge of the tab. Otherwise, fine, and incredibly bright. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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31 Geschiedenis van Jan Klaassen Geschenk voor de Jeugd. Met 6 Plaatjes.
Utrecht J.H. van Wees Jr. (not listed in the book itself) First Edition Presumed Full Morocco Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1870. Unpaginated, 12 pp., including wraps which are bound in, followed by 33 leaves, all blank, of card thickness, giving the slender volume some thickness. 18 by 12 cm. Scarce, with only one copy located on OCLC (at the University of Leiden). The plates depict Punch and Judy, with a baby, throwing the infant in the air, Judy clubbing Punch, a circus dog biting Punch's nose, a hangman and Punch. Accompanying the rather elegant chromolithographs, which are framed with a decorative puppet stage box, is a narrative poem telling of the doings, and this is rendered in Dutch. The deep blue morocco has corner gilt ornament plus a gilt centerpiece, with five raised bands on the spine and gilt ornamentation in the compartments between bands. The binding is more modern and is pristine. Two leaves of the Geschiedenis have minor paper repairs in their upper corners. Some light offsetting from the plates. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Heroes from Fairyland. Ali Baba or the Forty Thieves, Jack the Giant Killer and Aladdin
32 Heroes from Fairyland. Ali Baba or the Forty Thieves, Jack the Giant Killer and Aladdin
New York Mcloughlin Brothers 1889 First Decorated Cloth Good 
4to. Unpaginated, with 16 chromolithographic plates. Some light foxing, plates generally clean. Shelfwear to pictorial boards, with paper over cardboard worn is some spots. Binding tight. original ower (or so presumed) inscription and then his name is stamped at the top of some pages. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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Homemade Book of Mounted Crayon Colored Cutouts of Boys in Costume
33 Homemade Book of Mounted Crayon Colored Cutouts of Boys in Costume
Paper Very Good 
N.d., circa 1930s. Measures 46 by 24 cm. Depicted is a boy as a scout, a policeman, an 18th century dandy with a peruke and tricorn hat, a fireman, a Tyrolian and Mexican musician. On the one hand the work would seem that of a child, especially since the cut-outs were done on lined paper, but on the other hand, the proficiency is beyond that of even a gifted pre-teen. Some blank pages from which it is possible that cut-outs were removed but this would seem unlikely. There are stains on the bottom of these pages that one could think come from paste, but the rest of the pages are clean and surely similar stains would have affected these upper areas as well. No title, nor any indicia of who created this. Otherwise, light wear. 
Price: 145.00 USD
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Homemade Book of Mounted Crayon Colored Drawings and Cut-outs of Bunnies and Other Animals, Flowers and Children, etc.
34 Homemade Book of Mounted Crayon Colored Drawings and Cut-outs of Bunnies and Other Animals, Flowers and Children, etc.
Paper Very Good 
N.d., circa 1930s. Measures 36 by 31 cm. 20 pages with mostly mounted crayon drawings but a few illustrations made in all or part of cut-outs. Of animals, cute bunnies are the most numerous, but there are also bears, pigs, a robin, a goldfinch, an oriole, a king bird, chickens, a duck. Of children, there is a boy in a witch's hat gazing at a jack-a-lantern, and a girl in a slot-car. One of the most interesting of the illustrations is a paper cut-out of a vegetable man -- a man made of different vegetables. The two flower arrangement drawings are especially well done. There is also a ship made of cut-out pieces. The work would appear by a very talented child, or perhaps a child with assistance from an adult. No title, nor any indicia of who created this. Otherwise, light wear. 
Price: 165.00 USD
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Hood's Pansy
35 Hood's Pansy
Lowell, MA C. I. Hood & Co. NA Fine 
Pansy-shaped booklet with chromolithograph of pansy on cover. N.d., circa 1890. 10.5 by 10.5 at tallest and widest. 16 pp., plus wraps. Promotion for a sarsaparilla panacea, with "Makes the weak strong". Minor soil spots on cover. 
Price: 30.00 USD
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36 Illustrated Stationery for Little Folks
Box Near Fine 
Stationery with four prototype vignettes, each with an allusion to a nursery rhyme. The four nursery rhymes are "Rub a dub dub", "Tom Tom the piper's son", "Mary Mary quite contrary" and "Simple Simon met a pie man". The vignettes are large postage stamp sized, or 4 cm square, and are in color. There appearance is that of color woodcut, but the actual printing process used to produce these is of course not that. There are fourteen pieces of stationery in all, and the stationery page is 14 by 10 cm, and each is folded, resulting in four such pages a piece. Also five small envelopes, so obviously, some of the envelopes, as well as the stationery, was used. We believe, though, that it is likely that there were no more than four prototypes, and thus each is represented. Everything is housed in the orginal box, which depicts a child asleep with fairy tale animal characters frolicking on the child's bed, and a dog jumping out of a semi-open Mother Goose book. This is a most charming juvenilia ephemeral survivor. Other than being incomplete, no notable condition issues. 
Price: 95.00 USD
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Imperial Granum Doll
37 Imperial Granum Doll
New York Imperial Granum Co. 1915 NA Good 
A package freebie from 1915 from Imperial Graum Food, the maker of the "Unsweetened Food for Nursing Mothers and Babies." 23 by 22 cm. The cloth comes with four cut-outs that can be sewn together and stuffed to make a doll of a cutesie toddler. The two main pieces are the full body from and back of the baby, and then there are two oval pieces for the soles of the feet. The several captions, besides providing instructions, tout the healthfulness of the company's food, and there is also an ad for a version of the same doll that can be purchased with a coupon and 40 cents. A few stains scattered on the cloth, but a very scarce and well-preserved piece of ephemera in its original form. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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In Cloudland. No. 221
38 In Cloudland. No. 221
New York Samuel Gabriel Sons & Company 1912 First Edition Wraps, stiffened card, paper pastedown Good 
4to. 27 by 21 cm. 16 pp., including wraps. Four chromo plates, including front cover, with two tone illustrations on all the other pages. Craquelure lines on the cover, with minor corner chipping of the paper pastedown. Slight chewing of upper rear corner. Minor soiling within. Closed tear or splitting down center or the hinge. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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In the Forest
39 In the Forest
Boston L. Prang & Co. 1865 First Leporello. Wraps Very Good 
Closed, 11 by 6.5 cm. Twelve panels, stretching out to about 60 cm, each panel with a color lithograph illustration and six lines of verse. Prang advertisement on rear cover. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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40 Japanese Book of Silhouettes

13 by 7.5 cm. 19 leaves. Silhouettes on colored backdrops depict a young warrior combatting assorted giants and monsters. In illustration on every other page, and a few double pages illustrations (plus endpapers). Heavy soiling of the cover. Rubbing to joints and spine. 
Price: 60.00 USD
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