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Associated Talking Pictures Schedule 1935 [1935 Studio Campaign Book], Carrick, Edward, designer
21 Carrick, Edward, designer Associated Talking Pictures Schedule 1935 [1935 Studio Campaign Book]
London Associated British Film Distributors. Merivale Press 1935 First Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Good 
Folio. 36 by 28 cm. Unpaginated, 28 leaves, with ample use of color in the illustrations. Showcasing stars Gracie Fields, Clive Brook, Victoria Hopper, Leslie Henson, and Edmund Gwenn, each featured with a full page photo followed by at least one double page spread promoting a movie they were appearing in or were to be appearing in. Other stars prominently in the films being highlighted include Stanley Lupino (father of Ida Lupino), John Loder, Stanley Holloway, George Formby, etc. Among the screenwriters is J. B. Priestley, and directors, Monty Banks. Thus ATP was very much a studio conforming to the studio system, with a depth of talent in its direct employ and something of the character of a repertory company but with a star system. Movies promoted that were actually made include "Look Up and Laugh", with Gracie Fields, "Up with the Lark", but long after, in 1943, and not with Gracie Fields as promised in this campaign book, and "Whom the Gods Love" with Victoria Hopper. As typical of such campaign books, a good number of the films were never made, or when released, had different titles, stars, etc. and/or story lines with scant resemblance to that originally envisioned, and part of the fun and interest of such campaign books is to contemplate about the many what ifs. Screenwriters for the studio's films include J. B. Priestley and Dorothy Sayers. Scarce, with no copies of this brochure found anywhere -- not located on OCLC. Only known copy at the Margaret Herrick catalogue. Also contained herein is a two paged typed cover letter, dated August 1935, signed by the General Manager of ATP. Condition: cover heavily soiled and somewhat beat up. One leaf tipped back in. The pages are clean and fresh throughout. 
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Metro-Goldwyn-Corporation Barcelona 1927-1928, Coudon, Roland, artist (1897-1954)
22 Coudon, Roland, artist (1897-1954) Metro-Goldwyn-Corporation Barcelona 1927-1928
Paris Imprimerie Gaumont et C. Courtois 1927 First Folder, made of card stock Very Good 
Scarce collection of color printed portraits of eight top MGM stars of the late Silent Film era, when movie stars had faces, including Lon Chaney, Eleanor Boardman, William Haines, Renée Adorée, Lillian Gish, Norma Shearer, Lars Hanson and Alice Terry. The mounted portraits themselves measure 22 by 18 cm, and they are mounted onto 32 cm square light card. The Coudon portraits glamorize and idealize the stars, as one would expect in work done for the sake of publicity. We believe that this album was one that was sent to Spanish exhibitors, and probably a similar package was sent to exhibitors in France, where Coudon was based, and perhaps elsewhere in Europe. We could find no other copies of this collection in OCLC, although Coudon posters are well represented there, including one of Chaney in the BNF, and which we would presume the copy here is a smaller version of. We suspect that a similar package was not distributed in the United States. The outer folio folder has detached cover flaps, with the tears along the folds. Soiling of the rear to this folder. The cards onto which the portraits are mounted are slightly brittle, with a few minor edge chips. 
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Mayfair Pictures Corp. Product Announcement 1933-1934, Designed and drawn by George Lane and Oakley Reynolds.  Supervised by Harold J. Flavin, Inc.
23 Designed and drawn by George Lane and Oakley Reynolds. Supervised by Harold J. Flavin, Inc. Mayfair Pictures Corp. Product Announcement 1933-1934
Cleveland, Ohio (?) Printer: The Beacon Press, Inc. 1934 Wraps Very Good 
Folio, 36 by 28 cm. Unpaginated, 16 pp. A studio campaign book from a long forgotten defunct regional studio or film distribution company that specialized, or tried to specialize, in sensationalistic exploitation movies -- movies that may have served as a kind of template for the Film Noir movement yet to be born. The titles of the movies would seem to tell it all: "Her Forgotten Past", "Shady Street", "Vicious Circle", "Rescue Squad", "Badge of Honor", "Calling All Cars", "Secret Sinners", "What's Your Racket", etc. At least one of the movies, "Her Forgotten Past", was actually made and released, and it starred once well-known actors, Monte Blue and Barbara Kent, the former, probably at an inflection point in his career with major studios between having starred as a leading man and a later thriving career as a character actor, the latter, attempting a comeback that soon afterward was abandoned with her permanent retirement from acting. The artwork is rendered in black and white, in contrast to the more lavish campaign books from the major studios of the day, but the artwork has a comic book punch and pow panache and unquestionably gives a very good idea of the contemplated product. All the promotions but "Her Forgotten Past" do not name actors, and so we assume that they were projected projects and probably few, if any of them, ended up being made. This low budget campaign book is scarce. We could find no copies anywhere. Not on OCLC, nor in the Margaret Herrick catalogue. Condition: darkening around the edge of the cover resulting from sunning around the perimeter. 
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Pathé All Comedy Circus
24 Ferrell, C. H. Pathé All Comedy Circus "The Merriest Show on Earth"
Los Angeles (?) Pathe Exchange, Inc. Printed by Prospect Press, Inc. 1926 First Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Very Good 
Scarce Silent Era promotion, with no copies listed on OCLC, nor found elsewhere. Folio, 41.5 by 32 cm. 20 pp., followed by 4 mostly blank yellow leaves intended for the owner's notes. The oversized brochure is full of caricature and fun imagery, with the circus serving as a backdrop to highlight the studio's stars. The stars include not just the studio's then current list, but also, some who had moved on to other studios, such as Chaplin, because Pathe was even then reviving older early films of the likes of Chaplin and Lloyd. Thus this promotion provides early evidence of a revival business, at a time when generally the studios thought of their product as ephemeral and for all intents and purposes dead after its initial run. Pathe Exchange was an American spin-off of the French Pathe, which was at one time the largest film production and distribution company in the world. The twenties was a time of great tumult in the rapidly growing film industry, and so Pathe Exchange's relationship with the various production units and stars highlighted in this book can be assumed not to be straightforward. Nonetheless, promoted are Hal Roach and Mack Sennett comedies as well as stars such as Mabel Normand, Clyde Cook (who would appear to be something of a Chaplin imitator), Chaplin, Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Alice Day, Ben Turpin, Ralph Graves, "Our Gang", Charlie Chase, etc. etc. The promotion is similar to but also distinct from the typical studio campaign books, the often elaborate promotions already being put out annually by the major studios, inasmuch as the campaign books were pushing specific movies, whether ones in the can or ones projected to be made. This "All Comedy Circus", in contrast, is more about ginning up enthusiasm for a genre of films, and also calling attention to the importance of Pathe. Condition: moderate wear, light scattered soiling. 
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Histoire de Sabou-Chien "Au Pays des Fées“ d’Apres Marcel-Evelyn-Flores.  Filmanim.  Les plus beaux dessins animés!, Floris, Marcel-Evelyn
25 Floris, Marcel-Evelyn Histoire de Sabou-Chien "Au Pays des Fées“ d’Apres Marcel-Evelyn-Flores. Filmanim. Les plus beaux dessins animés!
Paris probably Filmanim. Les Producteurs Français de Dessins Animés NA Very Good Plus 
N.d., n.p. Circa 1940. Box is 10.5 by 7.5 cm, and not quite 3 cm deep, with two rollers jutting out to allow us to turn the scroll within, which has 14 cells, or pictures. The story is an original fairy tale, as far as we know, about a puppy who is told he is blessed by a fairy and then embarks on an adventure to find his fortune. The story itself is peculiar -- it doesn't have a teachable moral, and ther is a flimsiness to the narrative, yet the illustrations themselves are colorful and delightful, and children at the time this object was created undoubtedly enjoyed the mechanism. Indeed, they had to have enjoyed it to its death, for this is a scarce object, with none found on OCLC, nor in the BNF catalogue. . Marcel-Evelyn Floris was an animator active in the forties. Condition: light wear. Fully functional. 
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26 Goll, Iwan. Illustrated by Fernand Leger. Cover art by Hans Blanke. Die Chapliniade. Eine Kinodichtung. [On front cover, also: Kleines Kino der Menschlichkeit. Filmdichtung] Mit Vier Zeichnungen von Fernand Leger
Dresden Rudolf Kaemmerer Verlag. Printer: Petzschke & Gretschel 1920 First Edition Paper pasted onto boards Very Good 
Small 4to. 22.5 by 19 cm. 42 pp. This is a work interesting from a number of angles: it is evidence of the unique spell Chaplin cast on society, setting him apart from any other movie actor of the day; it signals an early acceptance of film as an artistic medium; it represents a convergence and blurring of high and lowbrow culture of the day; it is a foray by Leger into book production and a fun, accessible application of his form of cubism. Goll (1891-1950) was a Franco-German poet, born in Lorraine, who wrote in both languages and had close social and collaborative ties with many Expressionistic and Surrealistic artists of the day, including George Grosz, Andre Breton, Marc Chagall, and of course Leger. Spine repaired but a touch of roughness to it remains, especially in contrast to the love condition of the boards. 
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Joseph M. Schenck Presents D. W. Griffith's "Lady of the Pavements", Jaediker, Herbert, artwork by.
27 Jaediker, Herbert, artwork by. Joseph M. Schenck Presents D. W. Griffith's "Lady of the Pavements"
New York The Longacre Press, Inc. 1929 First edition Hardcover. String ties. Paper pastedown Fine 
Promotional souvenir program for a transitional Griftith film -- shot originally as a silent, re-shot with some sound, including most notably songs by Irving Berlin. 4to. 31 by 22.5 cm. Unpaginated, 18 leaves. This Griffith film was not a success at the box office, despite the talent associated with it. The story is one in which the male lead, William Boyd, is cast aside by his girlfriend and resolves that he could find a more suitable lover off the street, which he does when he connects with a singer at a sleazy bar, played by Lupe Velez. Boyd, a popular Silent Era romantic lead, would suffer a setback in the early sound era but resurrect his career and fortune in a series of Westerns in which he played Hopalong Cassidy. "Lady of the Pavements" may have been a disappointment commercially, but one would not know that from this souvenir, which is an object of real beauty, with its textured wallpaper-like pastedown on the front cover, its thick glossy leaves, and its lavish photos and Art Deco illustrations and decoration. 
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Moving Pictures of Wild Life and Big Game, Kearton, Cherry (1871-1940)
28 Kearton, Cherry (1871-1940) Moving Pictures of Wild Life and Big Game
1913 Stapled. Paper Very Good 
8vo. 21 by 13.5 cm. 8pp. Scarce, no copies located on OCLC First Search. Kearton was a pioneer in the photographing of wild animal life, both with still cameras and then motion pictures. His films represent the Great Granddaddy of today's nature animal documentaries and television programs. As a still photographer, he is believed to have been the first person to photograph a live bird's nest with eggs. Among his many other firsts were recording for a phonograph birdsong, and also filming London from the air. In terms of nature film, he began with a series of pathbreaking shorts between 1905 adn 1908. In 1910 he filmed Theodore Roosevelt on one of his hunting trips in Africa. Back to this pamphlet, it is a program for a public appearance by Kearton at the Playhouse, located at 48th Street and Broadway in New York, in February, 1913. The appearance was to include footage of Kearton's expeditions previously unseen by the public. The program relates Kearton's biography, his achievement, and his ambition of capturing wild life in all climes and places. It speaks of a planned expedition of Kearton and James Barnes to traverse Central Africa that April. Credited in the appearance is Adolph Zukor, one the original movie moguls as the founder of Paramount Pictures, and this is a reminder that Kearton was a real presence in the early movie industry as a central figure in a particular niche. Light wear. 
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29 Robbins, C. A. ("Tod" Robbins) The Unholy Three
New York A. L. Burt Company [1930] The Photoplay Edition Near Fine very good Jacket 
Issued in conjunction with the second filmed version of the Lon Chaney vehicle, a strange tale of three Carnival performers, a ventriloquist, strongman and midget, who join forces in a devilishly ingenious criminal scheme that then goes awry. The second version, a remake of Chaney's silent classic of 1925, was his only talking movie; he passed away shortly after filming the movie. 8vo. 282, [6] pp. The book itself is clean and tight. The rear of the dust jacked is crinkled at its base, with no loss of text, and some other minor edgewear. The DJ is now protected by mylar. 
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[Sheet Music] The Brat, Dedicated to Nazimova.  Inspired by the Motion Picture Production "the Brat" Presented by Richard A. Rowland & Maxwell Karger, Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation National Song, Smith, Harry B., lyrics.  Snyder, Ted, music.
30 Smith, Harry B., lyrics. Snyder, Ted, music. [Sheet Music] The Brat, Dedicated to Nazimova. Inspired by the Motion Picture Production "the Brat" Presented by Richard A. Rowland & Maxwell Karger, Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation National Song
New York Waterson, Berlin & Snyder Co. 1919 First Edition Wraps Near Fine 
A knock-off song inspired by the 1919 hit Nazimova movie, now lost. 30 by 23 cm. Title page, 2 page score, and ad, with partial scor, for "That Tumble-Down Shack in Athlone" on rear cover. Nazimova had starred two years earlier on Broadway in the original play as well. She produced the movie, as well as co-wrote the screenplay with her supposed husband, Charles Bryant, who starred alongside her. The sheet music has a photograph of Nazimova in an orange red frock on its cover. Light wear. 
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Diana Durbin y Su Equipo Completo, Tiroz (?)
31 Tiroz (?) Diana Durbin y Su Equipo Completo
Barcelona Administracion Aribau Leporellos Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1940. Four panels, each 17 by 26 cm, with cut-out dress to be applied to the two Durbin paper dolls. Deanna Durbin (1921 - 2013) was the operatic counterpart of Judy Garland, with whom she was paired in a two-reeler at the start of their respective careers. There are conflicting versions of whether MGM wanted to drop Durbin's contract after that, but in any case, Durbin went on to huge stardom at Universal Pictures, which she is credited as having more or less saved from bankruptcy, and initially surely was a bigger star than Garland. Like Garland, she successfully transitioned from being an adolescent singing star to adult parts, but in contrast to Garland, Durbin said goodbye to Hollywood for good around 1950, one of the very few major stars to walk away from a career that was in full throttle. She spent the rest of her life away from the public eye living in and around Paris. This piece of paper doll ephemera speaks to the global popularity of Durbin, whose fluffy musicals, in most of which she was the only one to sing, traveled well abroad. 
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Douglas Fairbanks in
32 Warrington, Charles, illustrator Douglas Fairbanks in "The Black Pirate"
New York The Longacre Press, Inc. 1926 First Edition Wraps Very Good 
Promotional and souvenir brochure for silent movie swashbuckling vehicle for Fairbanks! 4to. 30.5 by 23 cm. 16 pp., plus wraps. Besides Fairbanks, the movie starred Billie Dove and Donald Crisp, among others. Full of photos in addition to bios, synpopsis, facts about the movie's making, etc. 
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