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Original Art

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Drawing of Skaters, Ford, Henry Justice (1860-1941)
21 Ford, Henry Justice (1860-1941) Drawing of Skaters
Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1900. The pen and ink drawing is 11 by 18 cm, oblong. Depicted are a few skaters in the foreground, one woman brought to her knees, and a sketchy crowd in the background. Not to be mistaken for the automaker industrialist who lived during the same time, the English artist Ford is best remembered for illustrations in the popular Andrew Lang colored fairy book series. Besides doing illustrations for books by Scott and Kipling, among many others, Ford did free-standing painting, some of which today hangs in museum collections. Matted. Light soiling by the edges. 
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22 Gallery, John Lazy Buffalo John Gallery Artist Album
Chiangmai, Thailand Canvas on Boards Very Good 
Oblong. 14 by 18 cm. Thirteen leaves on canvas (over card), with colorful abstract artwork on all rectos and some versos. The bright artwork ranges from tie dye or drip process work to loosely figurative line sketches. Each piece of art has a caption with a maxim, generally to do with life and love, of varying degrees of triteness. The individual pieces are essentially tantamount to t-shirt art, which is something "John Gallery" is, or was, known for, but there is a cumulative effect to the album of a quirky sort of beauty. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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23 Greer, G., author of verse. MF (?), artist "Land of Love"
Oakland, CA (?) 1912 (?) NA Very Good 
Fun poem about barbecue picnic outing among redwoods, illustrated with utterly charming vignettes of the various doings of the party. With frame, 54 by 39 cm. The picture itself is 50 by 35 cm. The poem is nine stanzas, each four lines and rhymed fluently in an ABAB scheme, and it captures with levity a lazy afternoon in the country, with good food, friends, and merriment. The artwork is folksy, just like the poem. Together the two capture a wistful "innocent" pleasure offered by the outdoors and cameraderie, and the work evokes a nostalgia even for those who didn't participate, and perhaps, a sharper nostalgia for those who can only be vicariously transported to the time and place. Light scattered foxing. The black frame is simple but appropriate. The dating is based on "12" written below the name of the poet and the initials of the artist, and this date is completely in line with the clothing and other aspects of the work. The artist's initials are not clearly legible -- our best guess is MF, with possibly a middle initial of R, but the initials could be otherwise, and for that matter, the initials tell us little about the identity of the draftsman. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Portfolio of Original Artwork, Hilbrand, William
24 Hilbrand, William Portfolio of Original Artwork
1916-1918 NA Very Good 
A total of 28 individual pieces by an commercial art student, many of the works being mock-ups of advertisements, fashion ads and posters, book covers. Also some pure art student studies of human figures. Some of the works are complete, while others are intermediate sketches. Included are calligraphy or typography charts. Some of the ad specimens are assumed to be copies of or variants on actual ads of the time, such as ads for Fischer Pianos and Campbell's Soup. Of various size, most being fairly large, or around 35 by 28 cm. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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Original Watercolor and Pencil Drawing for a Fashion Plate Featuring Two Women in Gowns, Pauquet, Hippolyte
25 Pauquet, Hippolyte Original Watercolor and Pencil Drawing for a Fashion Plate Featuring Two Women in Gowns
1858 NA Very Good 
Signed and dated February 2, 1858 by artist. Measuring 25 by 21.5 cm. Pauquet's work in printed form is easy to find; the original sketches are not. Pauquet's work appeared in various fashion periodicals and he also published "Modes et Costumes Historiques" around 1860. He was best known for fashion illustration, but he did other types of book illustration as well. A little light margin soiling. The painting was formerly pasted onto something else, and so on the back of remnants in the corner of this. 
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Framed Original Watercolor Painting of Three Red-Coated Soldiers Loading a Cannon, Rowlandson, Thomas
26 Rowlandson, Thomas Framed Original Watercolor Painting of Three Red-Coated Soldiers Loading a Cannon
NA Fine 
18 by 11.5 cm, with frame, 25 by 18 cm. The picture is outlined in pen and ink, with washes of watercolor, as typical of Rowlandson. It depicts three redcoats with tricorn hats loading and/or aiming a cannon by the entrance to a castle. The figures are caricature, and one gets a sense of ineptitude from the soldiers' blase, happy-go-lucky expression, with two of the three nonchalantly looking on more than usefully contributing, but the competence or lack thereof is not really shown clearly. The modest sized illustration, though, is very pleasing, and its little touches of color -- mainly the soldier's uniform -- add immeasurable enchantment to the image. On laid paper. In a very tasteful, traditional and appropriate modern frame. 
Price: 3000.00 USD
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Portfolio of Thirteen Original Pen and Ink Political Cartoons by F. L. Sole(?) from the 1920s and 1930s, Sole, F. L. (?)
27 Sole, F. L. (?) Portfolio of Thirteen Original Pen and Ink Political Cartoons by F. L. Sole(?) from the 1920s and 1930s
1927, 1928, 1931 
The cartoons range from the topical, depicting Jack Dempsey, the heavyweight champion, and the political divide over Prohibition, to a-political lighthearted aspects of everyday life in the sticks. In the latter category are such subjects as a farmer feeding his pig(s) at dawn, a stern man smoking a pipe, a dumpy-looking professor explaining geometry to a gangly puzzled hick. A few of the cartoons are really just caricature character studies -- these have great charm. In one, a man, representing the Ironwear Hosery [sic] Co., is knitting socks and fretting about getting work done before the trout season opens. The sensibility might strike one as in accord with Norman Rockwell, although the style is not the same. The cartoons were clearly done by a professional cartoonist for publication, but we have been unable to discover who "Sole" was, or where the cartoons may have appeared. He sometimes signs with initials, but these are stylized and so we can not be sure that these initials are meant to be F and L, or in what order these initials are supposed to be, if indeed they are the correct letters. Nonetheless, they do capture the age, are are pleasing regardless of biography of their creator or the outlet where they appeared. Some of the references would be obscure to all but the most specialized of historians, but their general gist tends to be easily apparent, and their winsome levity suffers little. An example is one entitled a "Modern Daniel", and it depicts a scene between two lions, one dubbed "Wets", the other, "Drys", a clear reference to Prohibition, and a small cowering man in the foreground is holding out a branch with a banner carrying the words, "Wickersham Report" on it. What this report is may be long forgottent, but given the 1931 dating of the cartoon, we can have no doubt that the cartoonist is showing two fierce and implacable lions facing off one another, with the "Wets" getting an upper hand, as was the case by the thirties. The cartoons range in size, from 20 by 13 cm to 38 by 31 cm, with most closer to the largest one in their size. A few short closed tears and chips -- these are minor. 
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28 Tavenor-Perry, J. [John] (1842-1915) Original Illustrations, or proofs, used in published book, "Dinanderie: A History and Description of Mediaeval Art Work in Copper Brass and Bronze" [together with] a copy of the published book With One Hundred and Twenty Illustrations
London George Allen & Sons. Printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Co., Edinburgh 1910 First Hardcover Good 
With 133 pages of drawings in pen-and-ink by Tavenor-Perry, assembled into 20 albums. Drawings are of castles, churches and cathedrals, Medieval ruins, the architectural elements and details of these structures, among them doors, windows, gargoyles, hardware, gates, coats of armor, tombs, monuments, fonts, church paraphernalia such as monstrances, crosses, lecterns, reliquaries, candlesticks, holy water vats, sculpture, pewterware, glassware, etc. etc. The survey covers all of these throughout Europe, with an emphasis surely on Northern Europe, including Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, The albums are all 4to in size, or 27 by 18.5 cm, and their appearance is strictly utilitarian -- the bindings are of plain board, with paper bands as spines. Drawings are done generally on thick board. The book the drawings went into is also 4to, 26 by 21 cm. xii, 238 pp. Often there are two or more drawings on the page, and when these were used in the published work, they were numbered individually. There are many drawings that were not used in the printed book, which contains a total of 71 illustrated vignettes. We believe that some of the drawings might have gone into another book or article, as there are two additional title pages: "Damme: An Ancient Town in the Low Countries", and "Dragons and Monsters beneath Baptismal Fonts". One of the virtues of the orginal drawing proofs is that they are almost always larger than their printed version, with the pay-off of greater clarity to detail. Independent of these drawings use at the time, the albums are generally organized around themes, and so in a compact format they can serve as a visual survey of particular types of Medieval decorative art objects. The drawings are whole buildings, sometimes with small human figures to provide a sense of scale and cobbled streets, are especially pretty. Condition: a good number of the boards are loose. Some spines are perished. The albums' exteriors generally are somewhat worn, 
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Six Original Pencil Sketches of Scenes from the Bible by Sir John Tenniel, Tenniel, Sir John
29 Tenniel, Sir John Six Original Pencil Sketches of Scenes from the Bible by Sir John Tenniel

N.d., circa 1860s. The sketches are all 10 to 11 cm tall and about 6 cm wide. They would appear to have been done together as a single project, and what is depicted is noted in each of the illustrations: from Genesis, Abraham's offer of his son as a sacrifice; from Numbers, when Moses makes a serpent of brass; from Daniel, when he is in the lion's den; from Samuel, David slaying a Geshurite; and finally, two scenes depicting Jesus from Matthew. The drawings are on separate pieces of paper, with the scenes framed by a ruled line. Presently these are mounted onto a heavier card. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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