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Album of 36 Original Watercolors and Gouache Paintings of One Upper Crust Hispanic Woman Engaged in Various Leisure and Sporting Activities, D.R.F.
41 D.R.F. Album of 36 Original Watercolors and Gouache Paintings of One Upper Crust Hispanic Woman Engaged in Various Leisure and Sporting Activities
1872 Heavy Morocco Very Good 
4to. 31 by 24 cm. The watercolors or gouaches are mounted onto the heavy card leaves of the album. Each measures 12 by 9 cm. They are very fully, richly painted. Depicted is the woman playing croquet, holding a fan, dancing ballet, ice skating, walking, balancing on a high wire, at prayer, in riding habit, playing a guitar, mountain climbing, at the theater, punting, wading in water, shooting a bow, etc. In some of the paintings she is merely modeling an extravagant costume. While much of the dress was undoubtedly the latest cosmopolitan fashion coming out of Paris, there is enough that has a specifically Spanish flavor, and this combined with explicit Catholic references and in keeping with her facial features, leads one to conclude with confidence that she was Hispanic, and in fact, probably South American. The artwork has a naive quality, but this might have been also cultivated by the artist, who was at the same time unstinting in rendering fine details in dress. While the hair color could vary, all the paintings are modeled clearly on one woman, who might be described as striking as opposed to beautiful, even compensating for the evolution in notions of feminine beauty. Given the number of paintings depicting her dancing in tutu, one might surmise she was a professional dancer. Certainly, if this represented her lifestyle, she never lacked for activity. Of social historic interest is the sheer variety of sports that one woman participated in. Also of interest is the exquisite rendering of the gowns and dresses. Minor soiling. 
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42 Dickie, Jimmie Happy Birthday to You
1935 Very Good 
A colorful, fun original cartoon of a Birthday party. Jimmie Dickie, the artist, was a staff cartoonist of "The Oakland Tribune" and wrote a book on cartooning, among other things. This is an example of his original work -- this is rendered in ink and watercolor and is NOT printed. This delightful oblong image measures 19 by 34. Minor soiling in the margins. 
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Album of Eleven Fine and Original Watercolor Botanical Studies, Emma S.
43 Emma S. Album of Eleven Fine and Original Watercolor Botanical Studies
Large oblong. 14.5 by 11 inches, 37 by 18.5 cm. Nine leaves with artwork, meaning two leaves have two drawings each, the rest have a single watercolor of varying size. All watercolors were done on separate sheets then inserted into grooves neatly cut into the album. Many blank leaves behind those that are used. The watercolors were executed by one hand without question, an Emma S. who was a German speaker, based on the tiny caption, mostly illegible, that is written neatly in the corners of a few sketches (the cursive is antiquated and thus not easy to decipher but the umlaut, rendered with one penstroke, was in keeping with writing styles prevalent in German-speaking lands then). One of the sketches bears the date of 1874, and it is assumed that all were done at about this time. The watercolors are uniformly vibrant and clean. The morocco spine and cloth of the boards are worn, with rubbing along the edges and joints. 
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[Album] Romances et Chansons, Feraud
44 Feraud [Album] Romances et Chansons
1875-6 Full Morocco, Slipcase with Paper Pastedown Very Good 
Oblong, 28 by 19 cm. Unpaginated, 57 leaves, or 114 pp. with vignettes and larger illustrations, in ink and/or watercolored, on most pages, and with some lyrics written out in a neat calligraphic cursive hand also on most pages. The illustrations would appear to be all by one hand. While the many human figures depicted among them can have an awkwardness in their execution typical of the amateur effort, even these never lack for charm, and most of the other illustrations and ornamentation are pulled off with real brio. The artwork very much speaks to its period of the 1870s in dress and elements of taste. Overall, the album is quite extraordinary in its tight conception, scale and indeed, realization. One of the watercolors is signed Feraud, from which one can infer that a Feraud put together the entire album. Inner hinges cracked. Rubbing and wear to leather binding, and surface loss of paper pastedown to slipcase. 
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Das Preussische heer unter Koenig Wilhelm I. 1870/1871., Guentter, A.
45 Guentter, A. Das Preussische heer unter Koenig Wilhelm I. 1870/1871.
1919-1921 Half Morocco. Fine 
Manuscript containing 84 original mounted watercolors depicting the Franco-Prussian War. 4to. 29 by 24 cm. 16 leaves with text and painted flags of all the German regiments in the war, followed by the 84 watercolors, each with a title written onto a separate sheet preceding it. At the end, a four page table of contents. While the illustrations are in a sense celebrating the German army and its individual regiments, the paintings are also undeniably beautiful, and in their impressive detail, come off as highly realistic and honest. The artist, about whom nothing is known beyond this body of work, showed meticulous care in rendering uniforms and weaponry, and he was also clearly an accomplished equestrian artist, capturing the horse in its power, motion, attitudes and terror. One would have to think that the author must have had an intent to publish this collection, but there is no evidence that this ever occurred, or that this was indeed an actual aspiration. What one has here, then, is a collection that is as good, and arguably superior, to the several artist's collections that were in fact published in the aftermath of the war. 
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Heraldry Notebook Manuscript with over 400 Watercolored Coat-of-Arms, Hughes, Mary Elizabeth
46 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth Heraldry Notebook Manuscript with over 400 Watercolored Coat-of-Arms
Acton House, Wrexham, England 1823-1825 Hardcover. Original gilt and blindstamped calf f Very Good 
8vo. 24 by 19 cm. [2], 1-69, 100-103, [1] pages in text part, followed by 100 plates with original watercolored coat-of-arms or escutcheons. These are emblazoned in rich colors and gold, with one to six emblems per page. Some pages have the emblems placed within a painted Gothic window. Mary Hughes it would appear created at least one other heraldic manuscript, a copy of John Guillim's "A Display of Heraldry". Fairly extensive provenance info contained on prelim blank -- it passed from Mary Hughes to Charles Hughes, March 1865. 20th century ownership inscription of George G. Napier, noting he purchased it from Walford Brothers in August 1929. Later book label of Joan Corder. Condition: generally clean, and paintings are fresh, bright. Original tissue guards have survived. 
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[Manuscript] The Sporting Adventures of Mr. Popple [together with] a first edition copy of the book, Jalland, G. H. (1858-1938)
47 Jalland, G. H. (1858-1938) [Manuscript] The Sporting Adventures of Mr. Popple [together with] a first edition copy of the book
London Later published by John Lane, The Bodley Head 1896 Half Morocco, Cloth Boards Near Fine 
Oblong, 26 by 40 cm. (This is slightly larger than the later book.) Title, 20 pp. 10 pages are devoted to the original full-page watercolors, and the title is also largely watercolored. The other pages have pen-and-ink vignettes aplenty as well as the original beautifully hand-written text, which was reproduced in the later printing. In printed form, the illustrations are fun, evocative and full of verve, yet the original artwork is truly a revelation. The colors are richer, as one might expect, but the action, and the illustrations team with movement, comes off so much more immediate and intense in this quintessential foxhunting tale of a nouveau riche newbie and all the mishaps that occur to him as he navigates the "Sport of Kings". Pencilled on the backs and/or the margins are the name Edmund Evans, the printer, and shorthand instructions for the printing. Bookplate on FEP of the Duke of Gloucester. The first edition copy comes with a paper slip insert stating that the original drawings were available for purchase from Edmund Evans, and so one can infer that this printed copy and the manuscript have been united for most of the life of the book. A few scuffs of the leather and light wear beside. 
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48 Joseph Clayton Clarke (Kyd) Four Original Watercolors of Dickens Characters

All four watercolor paintings are signed by Kyd. Revealed by the matting, they measure 5 by 4 inches. All are luxuriously double matted, with gilt trim, to match, and three have matching frames at present, with the fourth frame having disappeared (but if not found, a matching frame would not be difficult to arrange). A few light fox marks, not disconcerting, on the pictures. 
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Comment voudriez-vous voir R. L. Dupuy, LeConte, Paul, directeur.  Also Dancette, Truan, Picherit, Neven, Petrus, Petan, etc.  (employees of Dupuy)
49 LeConte, Paul, directeur. Also Dancette, Truan, Picherit, Neven, Petrus, Petan, etc. (employees of Dupuy) Comment voudriez-vous voir R. L. Dupuy
1951 Cloth Near Fine Very Good Jacket 
Unique collection of 74 watercolors, ink drawings, collages and mixed media playful caricatures of a Parisian advertising executive, presumably by members of his creative staff. Most of the individual send-ups are imaginative and amusing; the cumulative effect, though, is truly extraordinary in the sheer variety and range of the works. As a whole the album honors not merely a particular individual, but the human creative spirit! Thus we have a Soviet Dupuy, an angelic Dupuy, an overworked Dupuy, a gaucho Dupuy, a scout Dupuy, a wandering eye Dupuy, a lolling Dupuy; he is depicted as a painter, a mariner, a general, and on and on. These various roles assigned to him scarcely suggest the richness of ideas of the particular artwork. In just one drawing, showing the executive in a bathtub, we see floating atop the water the names of products, presumably ones he promoted, and other names spraying over him from the showerhead. Dupuy, based on the wealth of images we have of him, was a quintessential Frenchman in his appearance; we can also surmise that he was beloved, if not also feared a bit, and certainly, he had to have had a charisma, for few businessmen have probably ever received such an effortful and remarkable tribute as represented by this manuscript. The folio measures 33 by 28 cm, 13 by 11 inches. With a dust jacket that at its center has a cameo relief of Dupuy himself. The DJ, now protected with mylar, has use creases, minor spotting and toning. The leaves are all clean, and the album is tight. 
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Heraldry Manuscript, Logie, Edward (?)
50 Logie, Edward (?) Heraldry Manuscript
Wraps. Marbled paper on card. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1852. Oblong 4to. 26 by 37 cm. Ten leaves, or 18 pp., with thirty different watercolors of armorial banners. The images are extraordinarily bright and beautiful; these paintings were by an accomplished, confident hand. The imagery is of three basic types: squarish banners held up by stylized animals, long triangular-ish armorial pennants, and armorial rectangular paintings that are not shown as part of a flag or banner. The presentation is chronological based on monarchs, beginning with Edward III and running to Henry VIII and his wives, Anne and Jane. The name of the particular monarch associated with an image is written in ink with a neat hand. The dating is based on a watermark, and the artist, on a pencil inscription. 
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Crests and Monograms., Lumsden, Edith Shaw
51 Lumsden, Edith Shaw Crests and Monograms.
Belhelvie Lodge, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Half Morocco, Cloth Boards Very Good 
4to. 29 by 23 cm. 19 pp. with watercolors mixed with monograms, followed by one incompletely done page and blanks. While no one would mistake Lumsden for a professional artist, the watercolors are uniformly pleasant, and a few of the paintings stand out as meriting separate mention, among them, the title page on which a man is pasting a "sign" with information about the album (the artist/collector, etc.) onto a stone wall. Other images include a diaper of serpents, a woman carrying a sandwich board sign, an archery target, a fireplace, a heavily draped window, an artist's palette, butterflies, flags, an arrangement of ornamental garments, an elaborate medal. Other than the title page, all the watercolors have monograms worked into the design, sometimes quite cleverly. Some of the imagery is comparatively standard for this sort of album, while other pictures are more original. Curiously, among the most striking collages are the ones without elaborate figurative imagery but rather the patterned diapers, especially the interlocked snakes, which is something we have never seen done quite like here. The collection of monograms and crests was a popular pastime in the nineteenth century when the use of monograms was also prevalent among the upper classes, and the collectors of these tended to be the offspring of the well-to-do with the leisure time to indulge in such a hobby. Most monogram albums are appealing yet limited in their artistry, with the compiler simply pasting the monograms into printed slots, without any extra illustration by that compiler. Far scarcer are the albums such as this one in which the compiler used the monograms as a springboard or excuse for greater flights of creativity. In this album, the surnames of the possessor of some of the monograms are pencilled into the margins. The leaves are of a fairly heavy thickness, not quite a card stock. Rebacked handsomely in brown morocco. 
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52 M.L.I. Original watercolor caricature of two construction workers taking a break

N.d., circa 1930s. The watercolor depicts two short men, one with a face that is simian, the other with a massive schnozzle, leaning against a board with canteens. They would seem to be construction workers, but one could say they look like bums as well. The drawing is regardless rather amusing and expertly executed. It forms the front cover of a two leaf oblong card with nothing on the other sheet of card. The two sheets are tied together by a ribbon as well as a pin clasp, and it seems quite possible there never was anything else included. The drawing, fortunately, stands well on its own. The item measures 7.5 by 3.5 inches. There is a small clean corner chip. Very suitable for framing. 
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Salesman's Sample Album of Lamp and Lampshade Designs, with 25 Original Watercolors, and Many Mounted Photographs of the Designs, M.W.
53 M.W. Salesman's Sample Album of Lamp and Lampshade Designs, with 25 Original Watercolors, and Many Mounted Photographs of the Designs
France Hardcover. Cloth spine. Leatherette boards. Scr Very Good 
Many beautiful designs attractively rendered in watercolors, with a mix of floral designs, Chinoiserie, and a sparer Modernist sensibility. N.d., circa 1940s. Small folio, 32.5 by 28 cm. 64 leaves with content, 25 of which feature the watercolors, the balance of 39 having one or two mounted photos each. Tissue guards in front of most of the watercolors and many of the other leaves. We do not know who the artist or designer was, or what company is being represented, but it is our strong belief that this was a collection of designs created for one company, and the album was a working salesman sample catalogue, with specifications for lamps and lampshades sometimes written in long-hand, with varying degrees of detail. While the emphasis is clearly on the lampshades, the company was clearly also selling lamps, or the vases beneath the lampshades, as can be inferred by handwritten captions which say "avec Pagoda", and the like. What is more, the lampshade designs are often repeated, or coordinated, with the vases, and thus the two are meant to be of one piece. Our dating is based on the album itself, meaning the binding, and then what we can intuit from the aesthetic. There can no question that the album is mid-20th century. We believe that it is unlikely to be from the thirties or earlier, as there are really no fringed lampshades which were so common then, and the shapes are such as were fashionable during the post-war era, well into the 1970s. As there are a considerably greater number of photos than watercolors, these both show the watercolored designs as realized and variants on these designs, with some additional designs not really represented in the watercolors. The watercolors are unquestionably the highlights, all done with a loose dreaminess that is as or more exciting than their physical actualization. These watercolors somehow cast a diaphonous spell, virtually dissolving and re-appearing before one's eyes. The photos, though, provide a rather more thorough record of this company's designs and range. Condition: moderate wear. Scribbles and a few stains as incident to this being a working document. 
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54 Nellie Signe Lange Album of Original Sketches and Watercolors by Nellie Signe Lange from 1922 to 1926
Pike, New Hampshire Cloth Good 
13 leaves with original artwork. All art is on the recto, and cumulatively, there are seven pencil sketches and ten watercolors, some pasted onto the pages, others applied directly, but indisputably the best or most charismatic of the illustrations were applied directly, and additional, the best watercolors happen to also be full page. The leaves are from an account ledger, and many of the original pages were razored out. In all likelihood Ms. Lange requisitioned or was given an old ledger from her father's office to use for her art project, and then she cut out leaves that had artwork she was ashamed of. The pages are tall, measuring 32 by 22 cm, 13 by 8.5 inches. This was the album of a teenager who was still very much learning how to draw and paint, and thus we see efforts ranging from crude to more accomplished. A few of the works stand out as clever or eye-catching, even though one is unlikely to mistake them for professional handiwork. One can surmise that Ms. Lange may have been studying art, perhaps in a correspondence course such as was popular at the time; a few of the works seem imitative and possibly even copies of originals, and the template is quite similar to drawings found in other similar albums. It would be surprising, regardless, if such an aspiring or amateur artist would not have sought to emulate and copy what else was out there. But some of the seemingly stereotypical images are of actual people, and so one should not be tricked by the styles into confusing likenesses with samenesses. The best images include that of a soigne flapper applying lipstick, compact in hand, a mother kissing an infant with startled eyes, a young girl hugging a doll tightly while holding loosely the Christmas gift of a doll in a box, and this one has the caption, "Prefers the Old Friend", and a young woman concealing the lower part of her face with a fan. The pencil sketches ar mostly portraits, with one simple sketch having elaborate lettering serving as hair and facial features. The FEP, besides ownership information, carries the couplet: "If this book should chance to roam, Box its' ears and send it home." The heavy buckram cloth of the cover has pencil notes on it and the date 1917, when it was probably given to Nellie. The interior has some soiling but the imagery is generally quite clean. Interest in this item, regardless, will not be from the binding, but rather the insight into a young woman's mind, her aspirations to express herself artistically and finally the charm of some of the illustrations. 
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Le Docteur Rameau, Ohnet, George.  Original watercolors by P. de Crauzat
55 Ohnet, George. Original watercolors by P. de Crauzat Le Docteur Rameau
Paris Paul Ollendorff 1889 Limited First Edition Half Decorated Morocco Very Good 
No. 4 of 8, and one of five on Japanese vellum. 8vo. 345 pp. An extraordinary copy illustrated at the beginning and end of each chapter with original watercolors by de Crauzat, who signed his illustrations. Together with a full page title watercolor, de Crauzat did 25 for this work. These illustrations capture perfectly the sentimental romance of the story itself, and each lays fair claim to being a miniature masterpiece. For an artist as accomplished as this de Crauzat to undertake such a project is truly unique, and thus this copy is special in the wider universe of published fiction literature. The binding, too, is an object of beauty with inlays of floral detail into the gilt spine decoration. The half green morocco has one flaw -- the front board has been reattached at the hinge, and the repair is apparent to the eye. Minor wear to the binding elsewhere. FFEP is cracked by hinge. Otherwise, interior is clean and tight. 
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Historia Cuculi Canori, Pagesmith, Gordon
56 Pagesmith, Gordon Historia Cuculi Canori
1943-1949 Custom half morocco box Very Good 
Highly unusual, handsome manuscript of the scientific data, findings and proceedings of a small ornithology club dedicated to the collection and study of cuckoo eggs, enlivened with sixteen original watercolors of cuckoos, club members, etc. Folio, 39.5 by 29 cm. 171 leaves. (First part unpaginated, followed by 117 pp.) The club was called the Cuculus Canorus Club and was formed in 1943, with four members -- Gordon and Saxon Pagesmith and Douglas and Walter Kemp. A stated objective of the club was to present the collection it would be assembling to the Natural History Museum, and in fact, Gordon Pagesmith did make a significant contribution of bird eggs to that museum, separate from the club's collection. The club ended up collecting about 83 clutches of eggs of cuckoos and the host birds. Besides the diligent compilation of scientific data presented in the text, a source of interest is this club's eccentric rules and proceedings. One of the most entertaining watercolors is of a dinner of the club members, in which they are caricatured. This is in addition to the charming colorful portraits of the birds, their eggs, and various locations. The front cover states it is Vol. 1. Vol. 2 is included, and this manuscript is complete. Housed in a custom half red morocco box. Heavy soiling of the front cover, and some lighter soiling on just a few other leaves. Mostly clean. The manuscript's leaves are loose, with some leaves collected into loose gatherings. A few creases along the edges. 
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Original Watercolor and Pencil Drawing for a Fashion Plate Featuring Two Women in Gowns, Pauquet, Hippolyte
57 Pauquet, Hippolyte Original Watercolor and Pencil Drawing for a Fashion Plate Featuring Two Women in Gowns
1858 NA Very Good 
Signed and dated February 2, 1858 by artist. Measuring 25 by 21.5 cm. Pauquet's work in printed form is easy to find; the original sketches are not. Pauquet's work appeared in various fashion periodicals and he also published "Modes et Costumes Historiques" around 1860. He was best known for fashion illustration, but he did other types of book illustration as well. A little light margin soiling. The painting was formerly pasted onto something else, and so on the back of remnants in the corner of this. 
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Art Nouveau Watercolors of Decor and Other Subjects, Ragot
58 Ragot Art Nouveau Watercolors of Decor and Other Subjects
1909 Quarter Calf Very Good 
Folio, 48 by 33 cm. 39 watercolors and chalk drawings mostly of furniture and decor items but also a smattering of decorative book bindings, architectural details, flowers, animals, landscapes, etc. Particularly nice are the studies of furniture, screens and stained glass windows. Ragot was a student at the Lycee de Laval at the time. The work is generally quite precise, and he satisfyingly captured the prevailing Art Nouveau aesthetic that was soon to recede. All the leaves are now loose from their binding. Many of them are stamped in the corner with the school name and information about when the work was done, how long it took to do, and for what class it was assigned. The folio is quarter calf and heavily worn. The artworks are mostly on heavy card paper and are generally clean. 
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Framed Original Watercolor Painting of Three Red-Coated Soldiers Loading a Cannon, Rowlandson, Thomas
59 Rowlandson, Thomas Framed Original Watercolor Painting of Three Red-Coated Soldiers Loading a Cannon
NA Fine 
18 by 11.5 cm, with frame, 25 by 18 cm. The picture is outlined in pen and ink, with washes of watercolor, as typical of Rowlandson. It depicts three redcoats with tricorn hats loading and/or aiming a cannon by the entrance to a castle. The figures are caricature, and one gets a sense of ineptitude from the soldiers' blase, happy-go-lucky expression, with two of the three nonchalantly looking on more than usefully contributing, but the competence or lack thereof is not really shown clearly. The modest sized illustration, though, is very pleasing, and its little touches of color -- mainly the soldier's uniform -- add immeasurable enchantment to the image. On laid paper. In a very tasteful, traditional and appropriate modern frame. 
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Lob Frankfurts, Rudolf G. Binding.  Watercolors and calligraphy by Mk. Neubold.
60 Rudolf G. Binding. Watercolors and calligraphy by Mk. Neubold. Lob Frankfurts
Frankfurt 1946 Full Calf, with Box FIne 
A stunning illustrated manuscript that celebrates Frankfurt as it was before the devastation of World War Two. 4to. 23, [1] pp. With seventeen watercolor illustrations of the buildings of Frankfurt. Two of these watercolors are full page. The text is written by hand in a German Fraktur Gothic script -- one that is easy to read. The writing and watercolors were executed by Mk. Neubold, and he signs the colophon. 
Price: 1200.00 USD
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