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Japanese Confectionary Manuscript
61 Japanese Confectionary Manuscript
Hardcover Very Good 
25 vivid large paintings of Japanese candy and candy packaging. Oblong 4to, 25 by 33 cm. Short calligraphic captions, in Kanji characters, next to each of the paintings. One page at end with printed text. We believe that this album was probably some sort of trade catalogue. Later binding, with morocco spine and a beautiful floral patterned Japanese paper attached to the boards. 
Price: 2500.00 USD
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62 Japanese Kimono Pattern Book
Wraps Very Good 
25 by 16.5 cm. 52 pp., 44 of which are of colorful kimono patterns, one to four per page. Moderate wear to the soft card cover. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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63 Japanese Leporello Depicting Twelve Scenes of Violence, Punishment, Torture, Laughter
Leporello. Custom cloth box. Very Good 
17.5 by 12 cm. 24 panels, with each color woodblock illustration occupying two panels. It would appear the leporello is recounting an episodic story, but not one with a single central character. Whatever the case, portrayed is not a pretty picture of Japanese society. Light soiling to the leporello cover. A tiny pin sized hole piercing the upper corner of a number of the panels. A closed tear along the first fold. 
Price: 575.00 USD
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64 Japanese Leporello of 55 Original Watercolored Demonic Masks
Leporello. Fabric on boards. Very Good 
Fabulous collection of watercolors showing Japanese masks of demonic characters. The shapes of the heads are all essentially the same. Varying from one to the next is the colors used, the swirls and lines and other creepy attributes endowed onto the head-shape. N.d., circa 1900 (based on the paper and boards). Closed, 25 by 18 cm. 55 panels with one mounted watercolor on each. Light soiling to the fabric covering the boards. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello of Eleven Double-Panelled Colorful Woodcuts of Frolicsome Infants
65 Japanese Leporello of Eleven Double-Panelled Colorful Woodcuts of Frolicsome Infants
Boards covered with grass paper Fair 
N.d., circa 1900. In all the illustrations the colors are especially vivid and bright, and the subjects thus leap off the page. So we see the exaggeratedly large-headed infants eating off a stick, playing with a box of miscellaneous toys, bathing himself in a barrel tub, posturing like a Samurai, stirring from sleep with a nightmare, peering at himself in a mirror, playing a stringed intrument, eating from a small bowl, playing with a doll, tumbling with a mask attached to his forehead, etc. This list of activities can not possibly convey the charm of the actual illustrations. There is Japanese Kangi and other script captioning, but clearly the book was intended for visual delectation and amusement, and we would hazard to say that they deliver the same dollop of fun today as when the book was first issued. Condition: the grass paper on the boards is fraying along the edges. Repairs along the leporello folds, with still a few closed tears remaining along these folds. As one of these folds had been completely split, we can not be sure that the book is complete in its current state. A few spots in which the paper is abraded. Although the scattered soiling on the paper is light, one is left overall with a slightly grubby impression to the book's paper as a whole. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello on Hats
66 Japanese Leporello on Hats
Japan 1899 Leporello. Paper pastedown on cover. Very Good 
An 1899 Japanese reprint of an 1861 work on hats. 37 by 25 cm when closed. 19 panels (pages), 14 of which are devoted to color illustrations of various headgear (some of the hats are black and gray, and so the sense of color is not pervasive). The hats range from extravagant to austere. A lovely work. Light soiling of the cover. One fold repaired. 
Price: 550.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
67 Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
Japan Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 183 by 151 mm, when closed. Mounted watercolors are of waterflow, a crane, other birds, flowers, fish, insects, landscapes, a fantastical depiction of men painting the foot and leg of a giant (or tiny men doing that of an ordinary man, or some other interpretation), a giant mask being lifted by children, other human studies. The watercolors are notable for their bright, vivid colors, their sharpness and precision of detail, their elegant spare composition. While each illustration can stand on its own, and the subject matter is by no means uniform, there is something quite alluring about the entire ensemble, as if they are meant to be of one piece. Based on the chop impressions, though, they appear to be by several artists. To appreciate their beauty, of course, one has to see images, or better yet, the pictures in person. Light to moderate wear of the fabric pastedown on the cover, with light soiling and some minor holes or spots of worn fabric. Entirely clean within, and all the watercolors are bright. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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68 Japanese Manuscript with Watercolors of Ikebana Flower Arrangements
NA Good 
N.d., but 19th century. 4to. 27 by 20 cm. With 98 pages, including cover, with a painting of a flower arrangement, and vases, tables, and other accessories, on each page. Colorful, and lovely. Slender yet long-ish wormholing affecting about half the pages to a degree, but generally not disconcerting as it doesn't affect the watercolor. (Occasionally touching on the calligraphy, though.) Some other wear and light soiling. Still a beautiful album. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
69 Japanese Trade Catalogue or Salesman's Sampler with Color Painted Illustrations of Toys
Japan Leporello, with silk cloth boards, and outer cloth Very Good 
A trade catalogue of very colorful Japanese toys, all actually painted, not printed! Circa 1930. 32 by 29 cm. WIth 27 exceptionally bright painted color plates of tops, rattles, dolls, paddles, wheeled toys -- with dogs, cats, fish, rabbits, mice, children, ogres, geishas, other men and women, etc. as the figures incorporated into these various playthings. On the facing page are two tone illustrations with Japanese text overlaid. The leporello works in both directions. The color plates are done on heavy card and mounted, with thin elastic cord holding them down. A few of the cords are loose or vanished. A few breaks by the folds, and some starting by other folds, as should be expected given that the nature of the cardboard used. However, the plates are all present and charismatic as ever. 
Price: 2400.00 USD
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Jean Cussac Imprimeur-Editeur d'Art.  40 Rue de Reuilly, Paris Editions Artistiques En Noir & En Couleurs.  Publicite -- Annonces -- Dessins -- Magazines -- Revues Techniques.  Plaquettes et Catalogues De Luxe
70 Jean Cussac Imprimeur-Editeur d'Art. 40 Rue de Reuilly, Paris Editions Artistiques En Noir & En Couleurs. Publicite -- Annonces -- Dessins -- Magazines -- Revues Techniques. Plaquettes et Catalogues De Luxe
Wraps Very Good 
Stunning catalogue from printing company, replete with specimen plates, some in full color, others partially colored. N.d., circa 1914. (List of medals won at International Expositions up to Gand or Ghent 1913, and fashions within are of the teens.) Folio. 32 by 24.5 cm. Unpaginated, ten leaves. Issued in conjunction with the firm's name change from Imprimier Chaponet to "Jean Cussac", the catalogue displays specimens of various printing methods, including wood engraving, similigravure, chromotypography, (trichromie) chromolithography, with full page "ads" for pencils, shaving accessories, women's fashion, Art Nouveau lamps and a touring car. Other photos show a selection of the catalogue covers the company was responsible for, and a few of the company's operations in a newly opened plant. Throughout, the typography, the decorative devices and other ornamentation and the overall production exemplifies Gallic panache, and make this a catalogue that transcends its ephemeral origin and purpose. Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC. Decorated embossed wrappers with string tie. Small tear at bottom of one leaf. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Jinshiki Hokan
71 Jinshiki Hokan
Fabulous color woodblocks of Foo Dogs, screens, boxes, tea sets, swords, bows and arrows and other weaponry, banners, furniture, mats, carriages and chaises, horses, etc., with black and white imagery mostly architectural. We believe this is a work relating primarily to the Shinto Religion, but as clear from the wide assortment of imagery, this takes in a very broad swath of Japanese material culture at the time. 19th Century. 24.5 by 16.5 cm. 130 pp., 96 of which have woodblock prints, 47 of which are in color (some of the images are double paged, which we have counted as two pages). Original cover and title slip. Untrimmed, full margins. However, heavy wear to cover, moderate to at times heavy soiling of leaves -- but not all leaves. This includes some dampstaining. The color is bright where it occurs, however, and still an appealing woodblock book of some rarity. 
Price: 900.00 USD
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72 Journal des Meres et Des Enfants Revue de L'Education Nouvelle. 12 Chants pour L'Enfance, en Musique. 12 Tableaux Encyclopediques, Colories. Deuxieme Serie
Paris Journal des Meres et Des Enfants 1850 First Edition Half Morocco Good 
Scarce, with no copies located on OCLC. With the unusual format of essentially being two periodicals issued in conjunction with one another, one directed at the children, the other, at the parents. (Think teacher's manual and student's text as a rough corollary.) Although periodical, no other copy found of this or any other issue of this French publication directed at children. 4to. (30 by 20 cm.) The primary interest for most would be the hand-colored two paged plates. While the coloring is not of a high level, the results are most charming, with the showstopper being the plate, "Les Fleurs". Other plate subjects include railroads, ships, hemp production and its products, glassmaking, vegetables, the army (military costume), pig husbandry and its products, weights and measures, mules and their products, dogs. Besides articles that accompany these plates, there are also songs with musical notation interspersed. Large 4to, 12 by 8 inches, 31 by 20 cm. 192, 96, [4] pp. Moderate foxing throughout. The plates are less foxed but heavily toned. The joints have heavy rubbing, and the leather is scuffed. 
Price: 500.00 USD
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Juan Graell.  Fabrica de Pinturas en Pasta y en Polvo
73 Juan Graell. Fabrica de Pinturas en Pasta y en Polvo
Barcelona Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1920. Oblong, 21.5 by 28 cm. Unpaginated, 14 ff printed on rectos only. Two leaves of text, 12 leaves of color plates. Six plates show the exterior of a house each with a different color, and six, an interior, the parlor. Scarce, with no copies found on OCLC. Condition: light wear. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Jugendspiele zur Erholung und Erheiterung.  Knabenspiele. Mit zehn illuminirten Kupfern
74 Jugendspiele zur Erholung und Erheiterung. Knabenspiele. Mit zehn illuminirten Kupfern
Tilsit W. Sommerfeld First Hardcover. Paper pastedown. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1846. 12mo. 15 by 10 cm. x, [2], 95, [1] pp. 10 hand-colored plates depicting boys' sports and games. These are incredibly charming, and include a precursor of baseball, it would appear. Uncommon in hard copy, original form. 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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75 L'Orchidophile: Journal des Amateurs d'Orchidees (Six Volumes): 1885, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891
Paris Godefroy-Lebeuf, Paul Dupont 1885 - 1891 First Edition Quarter Morocco Good 
8vo. (23 by 15.5 cm, 9 by 6 inches.) 48 color lithographic botanical plates, many of which are folding or double-paged. The journal ran from 1881 to 1895. Text leaves are heavily toned and brittle, with some edge chips or tiny closed tears. A few loose leaves. Minor soiling to some plates. Generally plates remain bright and attractive. Heavy rubbing to brown morocco spines and edgewear to marbled boards. 
Price: 1800.00 USD
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76 Ladies Costumes 1801-1819
Half Morocco Very Good 
Collection of 83 hand-colored aquatint plates extracted from the "New British Lady's Magazine" and other periodicals of the day. The frontis plate (there is no title) is a hand-colored depiction of Frogmore, a royal residence. Then follow the fashion plates. Some of these concentrate on headdress and millinery -- these plates have five to nine separate women's heads shown. Virtually all the other plates are full bodied female portraits, with one to three women in a plate, all dressed in the elegant fashion of the times. A small exception to this last group is a single plate which presents four half-bodied profiles. The half red morocco binding was done by Zaehnsdorf, probably around 1900. Some scattered light soiling. Most of the plates read as clean. Moderate wear to the binding. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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77 Le Nozze di tutti i Popoli dell'Europa
Milano Presso Giuseppe Pozzoli 1831 First Romantic cartonnage binding, with slipcase Very Good 
Very scarce, with no copies located on OCLC. 12mo. 12.5 by 8 cm, 5 by 3.25 inches. [5], 137, xvi pp. Seven hand-colored plates, plus color vignette on title page. No author given, although a preface credits Giulio Ferrario as the source for the fourth and last part of the work (it isn't clear what exactly constitutes this). Survey goes back to the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome. The misconceptions and stereotyping are part of the interest. A final section, separate from the primary work, is an almanack of sorts. Elaborate blindstamping to boards, with gilt Greek key decorating spine and a gilt floral band as border to the boards. Slipcase with same design, front and back, and floral band to sides. Scattered mild foxing, as inevitable given paper stock used at time. 
Price: 1450.00 USD
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Leporello of Eleven Japanese Landscape
78 Leporello of Eleven Japanese Landscape
Leporello. Wood boards. Very Good 
N.d., early twentieth century. 21 by 17 cm. Eleven cards mounted on card stock of the leporello. The images are of Japanese landscapes, with mountains, hills, lakes, cottages, forest the subject, with cherry trees or wizened trees often in the foreground and a lone person or two in the frame, diminutive in size and indistinct. The artwork looks very similar to that found on scrolls, with the brownish hue of the paper like that of a scroll fabric. The imagery appears printed with occasional touches by hand in the coloring. Bound with heavy wood boards which are attractive and fitting. Some light marginal soiling. 
Price: 300.00 USD
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Leporello of Italian Paesani and other Types, many identified with towns or regions
79 Leporello of Italian Paesani and other Types, many identified with towns or regions
Paper pastedown. Thin board. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1830. Untitled, no publisher, no place. In a style similar to other souvenir costume leporellos produced by Marroni and others around this time. This one we have never seen before and believe rare. We also see no evidence that there was ever a title. Depicted mostly are various peasants and other simple folk from various towns of Italy, including Cervara, Sezze, Castel Nuovo, Sonnino, Palestrina, Civitella, Albano, Palombara, etc. Other captions tie into regional types: a Ciociaro and Ciociara (peasants from the Roman countryside), a Sonninese, et. al., as well as profession and lifestyle types -- a shepherd (pastore), a fisherman (pescatore); a pilgrim (pelligrino), a hermit (eremita). Standing out as an exception among the humbleness of the crowd is the "Eminente Romano", although the dandy here shown looks as if he could be a working class roue or Lothario dressing flashily. The illustrations are decidedly naive in their style, and also in comparison to other such costume leporellos with which we are familiar. The hand-coloring, on the other hand, is very well-done, with its bright and cheerful palette, and that makes these plates especially alluring. The dimensions are typical. Closed, 11.5 by 8 cm, and stretching to about 225 cm. Light wear to the cover. We assume this was issued with a slipcase, now gone. 
Price: 875.00 USD
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Leporello of Original Paintings Depicting Characters of the Noh Theater
80 Leporello of Original Paintings Depicting Characters of the Noh Theater
Leporello. Cloth (silk) cover. Outer case of clo Very Good 
Simple and straightforward presentation of stock characters from Japanese Noh Theater, all appealingly colored. N.d., 19th century. 24 by 18.5 cm. 24 pp of colorful character portraits. Several are double paged and are a bit more dynamic. Noh is a traditional form of Japanese musical drama that first arose in the 14th century and employs masks heavily in its ritualized performances. Scattered light foxing, never disconcerting. Blue cloth case with color fading, moderate wear, title label partially obliterated (the upper layer with lettering is perished). 
Price: 1000.00 USD
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