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81 The Courtship, Merry Marriage and Pic-nic Dinner of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren, to which is Added the Doleful Death of the Bridegroom
London Griffith and Farran Wraps Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1860. 8vo, 16 pp. 6.75 by 4.5 inches, or 17 by 11 cm. All pages with illustration and verse below, and back of leaves left blank. Classic ornithological romance and pathos, here simply yet effectively illustrated with light hand-coloring. Some soiling or darkening of covers. Quite clean inside, with linen backing of leaves undoubtedly helping avert chipping and the like. 
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The Evolution of an Apple Pie
82 The Evolution of an Apple Pie
Chicago The N.K. Fairbank Company 1898 First Wraos Fine 
Scarce culinary pamphlet, listed on OCLC but with no library holding identified. 16mo. 11 by 8 cm. 12pp. Chromolithographic color illustrations, including on stapled wrapper cover. Advertising pamphlet for cottolene, a baking substitute for butter and lard and made from cottonseed oil and beef suet. Running through the pamphlet is a verse tale describes the steps in creating an apple pie, starting with the fruit on the tree and ending with the pie being served. About half of the pamphlet is devoted to short articles on the applications of cottolene or recipes, including ones for pie crust, apple pie, rhubarb pie, lemon pie, coconut pie and cream pie. These recipes are attributed to women, presumably consumers of the product. And filling out the promotional dimension of the pamphlet are a few testimonials. 
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The Fisherman and the Demon
83 The Fisherman and the Demon
London Bancroft & Co., and printed by ARTIA of Prague, then Czechoslovakia First edition Hardcover. Cloth Spine. Paper pasted onto boards Very Good Plus 
Oblong, 21.5 by 29 cm. Two pop-ups and 12 pages. Bright, colorful illustrations, with two page color plate in center. Light wear and minor soiling. The pop-ups function perfectly. 
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The Hare of Inaba. Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 11
84 The Hare of Inaba. Japanese Fairy Tale Series No. 11
Tokyo Kobunsha 1886 Crepe paper. Silk string ties. Very Good Minus 
Meiji 19, or 1886. 15 by 9.5 cm. Unpaginated, 18 pp., including cover, of crepe paper, folded over. Condition: some spliting of crepe paper where folded over. Some crinkling of crepe paper, as typical. A touch of soiling on cover, and other moderate wear on cover. 
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The Horse Book
85 The Horse Book
Dundee, London, Montreal Valentine & Sons 1907 First Card. Stapled. Near Fine 
Scarce shape book, unrecorded on OCLC. Oblong, outer dimensions, 9 by 16 cm. Unpaginated, twelve leaves, card stock binding. Title, followed by 24 pages of content, text on versos, picture on facing rectos. All but one picture has red tinting. Covers have full color photograph. 
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The Presto Family
86 The Presto Family
Buffalo The H-O Company 1902 First Wraps Very Good 
Oblong, 9 by 12 cm. 12 pp., plus wraps. Scarce, with four copies located on OCLC at the time this description was drafted, these at Brown, Duke, Michigan State, AAS. Story told in verse, and the purpose of which, to promote Presto flour. Each page features a charming semi-colored illustration (the colors used are blues, greens and oranges), with the illustrations done in the same vein as the Golliwog series, then so popular. Edge abrasion on the front cover, with light and trivial soiling besides. 
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The Speaking Picture Book.   A Special Book with Picture, Rhyme and Sound for Little People.
87 The Speaking Picture Book. A Special Book with Picture, Rhyme and Sound for Little People.
Cloth Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1890s. Sixteenth Edition. With nine ivory tassels or pulls with strings attached, which when pulled out from the fore-edge or side of the box, produce various sounds: a cock crowling, birds chirping, a donkey bray, a bleat, a moo, a coo, etc. Described by Peter Haining as "The piece de resistance of any collection of movables, or toy-books for that matter". See Haining "Movable Books", New English Library, 1979, p. 136. (Note Haining has in illustration a copy of 17th Edition and he dates the book circa 1893.) The book was produced in Nuremberg by an unknown firm, according to Haining, and as the title page discloses, translated versions were made available in French, Spanish, and as this copy, in English. The sharp chromolithography of the cover and eight other illustrations is unquestionably German and Bavarian. With 22 pp of text, including text on FEP (but not counting cover.) Measures 12.25 x 9.25 x 2.5 inches, or 32 x 24 x 6.5 cm. A minor closed tear along lower hinge of several leaves. Age toning to pages, with some light finger soiling in margins. Light wear of gilt on fore-edges. Light rubbing along cloth of spine edge. Not all the sounds are so easily distinguishable, as was probably always the case, but they are all here. Seldom found in completely working order as is this example. 
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The Story of Hans The Swapper
88 The Story of Hans The Swapper
Boston L. Prang & Co. 1864 First Edition Thus Leporello. Wraps Good 
Closed, 11 by 6.5 cm. Twelve panels, stretching out to about 60 cm, each panel with a color lithograph illustration and all but the last, four lines of verse, telling the story of luckless Hans who persists in making bad barter trades, first buying a horse for actual wages, then trading it for a cow, the cow for a pig, etc. As Hans is lacking more in brainpower than brawn or industry, the tale stands out for the lack of an instructive moral, but his serial travails are the type that trustily would generate mirth in young listeners and readers. Based on a Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. Prang advertisement on rear cover. The wrap covers are fragile, with chipping along the spine and soiling overall. 
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The Three Bears Picture Puzzle.  Series No. 370.  Three Puzzles in This Box.
89 The Three Bears Picture Puzzle. Series No. 370. Three Puzzles in This Box.
Utica, NY Madmar Quality Company Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1920s. Fun prints of classic children's tale. Each puzzle (simple jigsaw puzzles) is about 12 by 9 inches. Some wear to box but it remains sound and attractive. Puzzles likewise have some light wear but overall fine condition. No guides, or prints of the puzzle, that are original to the set. Color xerox copies provided. 
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The Traveller's Story; or The Village Bar-Room. Third Series.--No. 6
90 The Traveller's Story; or The Village Bar-Room. Third Series.--No. 6
New York Kiggins & Kellogg Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa late 1850s. 12vo. 4.5 inches tall. 16 pp. With a few woodcut illustrations. A children's story about the evils of alcohol. A precursor, in its way, from our own time's anti-drug literature. Soiling on the green wraps. 
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The Two Friends; and Kind Little James
91 The Two Friends; and Kind Little James
New York Kiggins & Kellogg Wraps Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1850. Miniature, 94 by 57 mm. 16 pp. Five woodcut illustrations, two full page, and a title vignette. Light wear. 
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The Victor for Every Day in the Week $10 to $100
92 The Victor for Every Day in the Week $10 to $100
Camden, NJ The Victor Talking Machine Co. Wraps Very Good 
Long before cereal commercials on T.V., advertising directed at children! N.d., circa 1904. (Reference to the favorite hymns of President McKinley, who was by then deceased, but also Caruso, who appears to have first recorded for the company in 1904.) 12mo. 12.5 by 9 cm. 12 pp., including wraps. Advertising pitch directed at children. Lovely color illustrations, one for each day of the week, plus the front and rear cover. Providing examples of the variety of offerings available for the victrola, from opera, with mentions of Caruso, Adelina Patti and Emma Eames, to patriotic airs -- Sousa tunes -- to juvenile records -- Punch and Judy, Mother Goose stories -- to hymns, national anthems and gospel. The illustrations relate to the music suggested in one way or another. We see two black servants dancing, the children in various national costumes, a boy troubadour, a humpty dumpty and Punch and Judy show, etc. Scarce, with only two copies found on OCLC FirstServe (Rutgers, Ohio Historical Society). Light soiling of the cover. 
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The Weathercock on Salisbury Cathedral Spire
93 The Weathercock on Salisbury Cathedral Spire
Wraps, staple bound. Cloth folder Very Good 
Highly original, comical anthropormphic illustrations of an accident-prone rooster. N.d., circa 1930s. Oblong, 21 by 28.5 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp, including cover. The story line is loose, even disjointed, with each page representing a separate incident or story line. Tidbits of satire pervade the work, directed here at the clergy, there at sots. Some of the humor contained in the captions is obscure, but the visual humor never slackens, and whatever the merits of the overall narrative, however, the watercolors are irresistible, and while anthropomorphism is a commonplace in juvenilia, these renderings somehow stand apart as not being derivative. The artist also filled out the illustrations with town streets, buildings, landscapes and various objects that are just right -- realistic yet not fussily literal. His was a confident hand that with seeming ease created pictures with real panache and style. The dating is a bit tricky. There are numerous references, visual and textual, to the military, and there are World War One era planes. But there are also some later aircraft, and in one illustration, a soman is wearing a dress that is unquestionably of the thirties. With custom made cloth folder, leather title label on front board, to house the manuscript. 
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The Youth's Companion for 1891
94 The Youth's Companion for 1891
Boston Perry Mason & Co. 1890 First edition Very Good 
Oblong, 13 by 18 cm. Eight leaves of glossy stock, with a title page on the front cover, followed by a card for each day of the week, and on the same card, two months and chromolithographic illustrations and decoration. The vignettes are allegorical, of gnomes, a monk, Father Time, an angel, a Byzantine priest. They are the kind of illustrations one might find as frescoes in a stately office building of the day, and they together make this a most charming promotional calendar. The promotion is on the rear of most of the cards, where we find listed many titles in the Perry Mason & Co.'s catalogue of the day. (This is not Perry Mason as in Erle Stanley Gardner, but rather the boy's magazine company whose name Gardner appropriated for his defense attorney.) A very tiny closed tear and light wear besides. The calendar's leaves are held together by two strings. 
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Three Au Bon Marché Cards Depicting Children in Military Branches:  Marine, Infanterie, and Artillerie
95 Three Au Bon Marché Cards Depicting Children in Military Branches: Marine, Infanterie, and Artillerie
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Noted on cards is that the store was on the jury at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 -- it isn't clear whether these cards were issued in conjunction with the fair. Cards measure 15 by 10.5 cm. Each with two images, and four captions. 
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Three Little Kittens
96 Three Little Kittens
New York Grosset & Dunlap 1940 Cloth Very Good Gooch, Thelma 
Folio - over 12. Book. Unpaginated. With 16 illustrations, taking up most of 13 inch tall pages, including front and rear cover. Cardboard pages. Tiny chip in upper right of front board, and flattened small crease below it. Some fraying at base of spine strip. Small creases in corners of last page, and two small smudge marks. Overall, very good. 
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Une Promenade
97 Une Promenade
Wraps Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. 16mo. 17 by 11. 12 pp., plus wraps. Six charming color plates accompanying the story set, it would seem, in the Norman countryside, with a windmill -- a real and a toy one, clogs, etc. 
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Unsere Lieblingstiere Ein Bilderbuch mit acht feinen Farbdruckbildern und vielen mit schwarzen Bildern illustrierten Versen
98 Unsere Lieblingstiere Ein Bilderbuch mit acht feinen Farbdruckbildern und vielen mit schwarzen Bildern illustrierten Versen
Esslingen bei Stuttgart J. F. Schreiber Paper pastedowns on boards Fair 
N.d., circa 1880s. Oblong, 11.5 by 8.75 inches, 29 by 22 cm. With eight delightful bright chromolithographs depicting horses, chickens, cats, storks, dogs, ducks, cows and pigeons, with parrots on the front board. Most facing pages feature verse, in German, along with line drawings of animals and children interacting with them. Scarce juvenile title, with only copy found on Worldcat a mid-20th century probable reprint, and not in Wegehaupt, Alte deutsche Kinderbuecher. The leaves are of a heavy card -- they are in essence all boards. Disbound, with later tabs not holding, and otiose rebacking. Some soiling of margins and also the paper pastedown front and rear boards. The upper right corner is a little chewed on a few of the boards, not coming close to the images, and there are a few additional minor chips along the edges. Basically, a collection of great plates, but also no loss to the original book's content. 
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Valentine & Orson Father's Series
99 Valentine & Orson Father's Series
New York McLoughlin Brothers Wraps Fine 
N.d., circa 1880. 12mo. 15 by 12 cm. 8 pp., plus wraps. Color illustration on every page but one, with tale told in verse of King Pepin's sons. Publisher's advertisement on rear cover. Condition: clean, and almost like new, without even a hint of age toning. A beautiful copy of a slight, yet uncommon, children's title. 
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What No Whales
100 What No Whales
Baltimore Commercial Credit Companies NA Very Good 
A mock-juvenalia promotion of installment plans. N.d., circa 1940s. A double folded sheet forming three pages of content, which consists of two toned illustrations and text that is a take-off of Simple Simon. While the writing and illustrations mimics that which one expects to find in a children's book, the intended audience is emphatically adult, and the content is decidedly not something one would want to trouble the minds of little innocents with. The moral of this tale is that a business can hope to catch the big whale, and not just small minnows, if it is willing to sell on an installment plan. Condition: small tear on front page. Light wear besides. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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