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A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
1 A Day's Life of the Japanese Girls
Japan Cloth boards. String ties. Near Fine 
N.d., circa 1920s, possibly earlier. Oblong, 16 by 25 cm. 12 colorized photos. Depicting the idealized life of the more comfortable classes. We love the first image, which is captioned "Enjoying a Morning Smoke"! The color is some of the images is surprising bright and rich. Scarce, with the only copy located on OCLC at University of Idaho. Plates on a card stock. Standard fabric pasted onto boards. Slight soiling to the covers. 
Price: 575.00 USD
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Album for Photographs with Three Fore-Edge Paintings
2 Album for Photographs with Three Fore-Edge Paintings
Full Morocco Very Good 
A highly unusual set of fore-edges. N.d., late nineteenth century. The fore-edge paintings are views of a Swiss chalet, a lakeside scene with two sailboat at rest and rendered loosely in the style of Claude Lorrain, and a view of a lake shore. Each of the paintings is in an oval cameo that is surrounded by bright guaffered edges that contain an elaborate floral design. Since the album leaves are made of thick card, these fore-edges are fully visible when the book is closed tight -- it would be impossible to fan the leaves, and thus impossible to do fore-edge paintings that disappear when a book is shut. Yet the execution of fore-edge paintings on an album of this type had to have been uncommon and thus more than compensates for their mechanical limitations. The binding itself is in the Gothic style, with raised leather banding on the front and back together with a raised center lozenge medaillion. The spine has five raised bands and typical gilt decoration in the compartments. The album is shut firmly with two decorative brass clasps. After a chromolithographic title page with "Album for Photographs" written, the album has 24 leaves, with four slots each on the front and back of each leaf. A little over half of the slots are filled with religious imagery, photos of artwork, much of a religious nature but also including classical statuary, busts of more contemporary subjects, animal portraits, with some concentration on feline images, portraits of a few well-known personages. To most these images lend some period authenticity and charm, but they will be secondary to the fore-edges and the binding. The leather is heavily rubbed along the edges and has scuffs elsewhere. The joints are rubbed. The spine has a crack line down its vertical center. The album is supposed to have four pearl studs on the front and rear boards respectively to balance it and protect the leather below; the front is missing two of these studs and the back, one. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
3 Album of Erotic Photos from the Early 20th Century
Wraps Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 13 cm. Unpaginated, 32 pp., with a photo of a nude, or sparingly clad, woman or girl on every page. The photos would appear to have been from the teens, when the vamp (think Theda Bara) was at its apogee in terms of erotic appeal. Many of the women are lolling as if in a harem. They are generally bedizened with jewels, but what garments they have on is of a see-through sheer fabric. Most of the women can be described as voluptuous in their carriage -- the twenties ideal of slender had not yet taken hold. And their hair-styles are generally quite thick and full, as characterized the pre-bob 20th century. They ooze, though, an unabashed, uninhibited sexuality, sometimes dangerous, with the shackles of Victorian scruples cast aside. Stylistically one can also see the influence of the Germanic Jugendstil in their jewels and their decadent air. The photos look as if they were cut from magazines and possibly were later copies, although we will note that the back of the one we could inspect was blank. 
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4 Album of Taste and Fashion and Book of Commercial & General Information Golden Guide to London
London George Hennelle 1877 Decorated Blindstamped Cloth Very Good 
Folio-sized, 40 by 31 cm. 73 leaves are numbered (not pages), followed by an almost equal number not accordingly numbered. This is the antithesis of a pocket tourist guide, and not just in size. While the part that is not overtly paid-for advertisements is full of useful information, the size and heft of the book meant that it was more likely to be a courtesy reference one might have found at hotels or on ships, or perhaps as a souvenir for the visitor. The reference part has all the expected useful information -- hotels, restaurants, transportation info, sights, museums, neighborhood descriptions, and many text illustrations -- but it is the often splashy ads that probably stood out then, and stand out now. These form the greater part of devoted to "Fine Arts", "Shipping Intelligence", "Champagne and Cognac", and "Plans of London Theatres". In the first of these, there are numerous full page ads for photography studios, often with a specimen of their work. The champagne section is full of mounted color printed labels. The last section has pictorial diagrams of many theatres still standing today. There are plenty of other flamboyant ads in the first part of the book for almost anything conceivable, from clothes to pool tables to lawn mowers, sometimes with mounted chromolithographic illustrations. Wear to the red decorative cloth. Repair to the front joint. Clean within. 
Price: 1600.00 USD
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5 Album of Trade Cards, Photographs and Other Ephemera
1876-1878 Half Leather, Marbled Boards Very Good 
8vo. 18 by 16 cm. Unpaginated, 82 pp. The exception aspect of the album is surely the photographs. Among them is a photo of two boys and a girl with toys (a toy drum, a toy shotgun, a wagon), a bonneted little girl posing next to an open ABC, a photo with the title "An Evening at Home" showing a large family making music, playing with blocks, etc. as parent's sternly or patiently look on; three ladies having tea while dressed in what was then old-fashioned dress; children "Listening to the Birds", a smiling baby (at a time when smiling was uncommon in photos), a tot with roly poly toy, and a few others. Among the many stock trade cards are those by Louis Prang. There are also several items from the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition, including a card of one of its exhibition halls. The album doesn't necessarily have an overarching theme, but it is neatly compiled. The leather is heavily rubbed and has abrasions. The papers in the album are brittle. Otherwise tight, with the contents well-preserved. 
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6 Antique Celluloid Photo Album with Floral Decoration and Two Eighteenth Century Cameos
Near Fine 
Late 19th century celluloid photo album with 18th century miniature motives. Measures 10.5 by 8.5 by 1 by 9 by 2 inches. 12 boards within, each with one to four photo slots on each side. The interior of the album is attractive, with many nineteenth century photographs. Not all the slots are filled, and all slots can be replaced with new photos easily enough. The celluloid has a minor corner chip. Some minor chipping around photo frames. The back is a plain matching yellow celluloid. 
Price: 325.00 USD
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7 Antique Collapsible Stereoviewer with Magnifier

Lovely cherry wood stereoviewer, measuring 10 by 6 by 3 when unopened, and opens two ways, with three lenses, two for the stereoview, one for more general magnification, with an inlay striped band around the upper edges. 
Price: 650.00 USD
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Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
8 Black Forest Photo Album with An Unusual Relief Depicting Putti, One Blowing Bubbles, the Other, Playing Cymbals
Berner Oberland, Switzerland Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1890. The front board is quite elaborate, with a beveled perimeter of a richly painted wood grain. Within is an oblong piece of walnut in the quintessential Black Forest, or in actuality, Swiss Brienzerware, style. By this is meant the delicate foliate relief vignettes which rest on lightly pitted wood. But this frames a light walnut oblong oval with the putti relief that bespeaks more eighteenth century rococo than standard Brienzerware, except that the stones and vegetation at the base are consistent with Brienzerware. The rear board of the album has a pyrographic bouquet such as was practiced by the Swiss carvers later in the nineteenth century. The album, now empty of photos, has 25 thick card leaves, and it is kept closed with a brass clasp. The spine is of brown morocco. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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Camp National 1910.  National Electric Lamp Association Seventh Annual Mid-Summer Conference June 19th to 25th 1910.  Camp National Association Island, Henderson Harbor, N.Y.
9 Camp National 1910. National Electric Lamp Association Seventh Annual Mid-Summer Conference June 19th to 25th 1910. Camp National Association Island, Henderson Harbor, N.Y.

Bold silhouette decorations of a photo album commemorating a corporate conference getaway. Oblong 4to, 27 by 35 cm. Unpaginated, 10 leaves of card, including cover. (Bound in is smaller eight leaf In Memoriam brochure.) Visually it is the silhouette illustrations that excite and set this apart from other company celebratory publications. The silhouettes are meant to capture the fun spirit the getaway ideally fostered. Thus we are treated to silhouette images of anglers, a leaping trout, sailboats, calm ocean waters at sundown, a hand pouring a bottle of liquor, etc. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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10 Daguerrotype Photo of Young Woman with Decorated Morocco Case Featuring Floral Design and Bearing Title of Memory's Leaflet
Leather Spine 
Circa mid-19th Century. 
Price: 425.00 USD
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Eight Detroit Photgraphic
11 Eight Detroit Photgraphic "Proofs" of New York Scenes, circa 1900
NA. Two of eight photos framed. FIne 
Pictures are of City Hall, the Vanderbilt twin mansions, Madison Square Garden, Trinity Church cemetery and surrounding buildings, the High Bridge (the aqueduct crossing over the Harlem River), Marble Collegiate Church and the Gillender Building. Adding interest to the images are not just the surrounding buildings and ambiance but also the street life -- horse drawn carriages and hansoms, pedestrians, children playing. The color in the photos is astonishingly rich and well-preserved -- there is no bleeding, fading, or corrupting of the color, it would appear, and this is surely in contrast to virtually any commercial postcard of the same locations from 1900, and postcards that would have been printed off of these proofs. Two of the photos are framed in cherry wood (or stained to look like cherry) frames, with wide, thick bevelled white matting -- the pictures of Madison Square and of the Twin Mansions. With frame, these measure 38.5 by 30.5 cm. The revealed photos are 22 by 16.5 cm, and the latter is set up oblong. The other photos are not of exactly uniform size, but are generally about 22 by 17. 
Price: 2650.00 USD
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Filipino Photo Album with Original Watercolors Decorating Every Leaf
12 Filipino Photo Album with Original Watercolors Decorating Every Leaf
Hardcover Very Good 
The watercolors are marvelous and make this a truly special photo album. The artwork was done by someone we presume an amateur, albeit a gifted one. These illustrations depict a volcano, a peeping Tom, many swimmers, divers and other waterside scenes, including a depictiion of a mermaid, firefighters, a man astride a water buffalo, a New Year's celebration, a fort and lighthouse, a camel in the desert, monkeys climbing a palm tree, apartment buildings, etc.. Generally there is a loose, and sometimes tighter, relation between the painting and the photos mounted on the particular leaf, and resulting is a satisfying artistic cohesion to the whole. The connection between the painting and the photos on the same page can be playful. Thus on a page of photos showing the subjects in swimming suits, and two photos of a threesome so clad, we have a painting of a man looking through binoculars at a threesome. In the painting they are shown, though, as if they are images in the lens, with light fanning out from the viewer in a widening cone of light. In terms of the photos, they are concentrated on a small circle of friends and relatives. Also unifying the watercolors is a palette. The artist used a wide range of colors, yet the figures have some of the aura of silhouettes, and the paintings are somehow both quite detailed yet a touch abstract in their composition. The compiler was probably an American stationed in the Philippines. His friends included Filipinos, as well as his girlfriend, or perhaps, wife. N.d., circa 1940. Oblong, 22 by 31 cm. 40 leaves, with photos and surrounding watercolors only on rectos. 3 to 10 photos per page, for a total of 227 photos. Condition: One photo is missing, and one is loose (and not from the slot with the missing photo). Probably one leaf was removed, based on two tissue guards back to back, not affecting the overall tenor and completeness of the album. Album cover had fabric pastedowns and a striped design. With thick string ties for the binding. Leather clasp mostly perished. 
Price: 4000.00 USD
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For Remembrance of Visit to Japan
13 For Remembrance of Visit to Japan
Tokyo, Japan Japanese Government Railways First Hardcover. String tie. Very Good 
N.d., circa 1928. Oblong, 21 by 27 cm. Following the title page, twenty leaves of heavy cardstock, each with a mounted original gelatin silver print photograph, these measuring 15.5 by 11 cm. The group's identity remains anonymous, but one photo does show the group posing before a sign which reads, "Party at Fujiya Hotel-Miyanoshita." Among the more interesting photos are one of five young girls in traditional Japanse robes and shoes, two of them playing a game of "catch me if you can", and one of two young people serenely engaging in the tea ritual. Tucked in is a photo with a notation in ink on the reverse: "Friday. May 18th 1928. Kegon Falls from Chuzenji Lake." Many photos capture aspects of railway and automobile touring through the country. These include a photo of the interior of a train dining car. The cover has a florally decorated embroidered silk fabric pasted onto the boards, and it is bound by silk cord. 
Price: 850.00 USD
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Ghurka Photo Album
14 Ghurka Photo Album
1917-1919 Cloth Very Good 
12mo. 15.5 by 11 cm. 12 leaf album -- leaves of heavy card -- with 48 small photos, each measuring 4 by 6 cm, depicting Ghurkas (and British soldiers) exercising, drilling, playing sports (tug-of-war, bathing), relaxing, as well as a few photos of scenery, the fort and other buildings, local children and other Indians. A few of the photos were taken at Bombay, and one at Cape Town, but we would stress, the vast majority of photos relate to the Ghurkas, British soldiers and their milieu, here at the Northwest frontier of India. As most of the photos have neat penciled captions, we know that these combatants were stationed at Mardan, near the Khyber Pass and the border of Afghanistan. 
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15 Gibraltar Souvenir
Lacquer Boards Very Good 
A mother-of-pearl inlay photo or card album souvenir for Gibraltar from Japan! A true curiosity. The front board has a naive-style illustration of the Rock of Gibraltar and the village at its base made with inlay pieces of mother-of-pearl employed along with painted work on the laccquer. The interior, in contrast, features leaves of color woodblock floral and landscape designs, all quintessential Japanese, with thin, elastic bands in which to secure cards or photos. There are seven free leaves, plus the inside of the outer boards, all so decorated, with none of the slots used. The spine is a faux leather card that is quite convincing, and the rear board is simply black lacquer. The album is 24 by 17 cm. Minor surface losses to the lacquer at corners and a few small spots on rear board. 
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16 Hamburg [A folded album of eighteen nineteenth century photographs of beautiful women, probably actresses, in exotic dress]
Hamburg Cloth Folder Good 
A collection of beauties mostly in exotic dress, with beads, chains, headresses, veils and other jewelry that one might have expected to find in an Ottoman harem a fairly common element. N.d., circa 1880. While the ladies may not today all be shoo-ins as super-models, one can see that they generally conformed to mid to late Victorian conceptions of feminine beauty, and given their youth and theatrical dress, one can comfortably conjecture that they were actresses and/or starlets of the Hamburg stage of the day. The photographs are each about 16 by 10 cm, or 6.5 by 4 inches. They are pasted onto a canvas backing, and the whole thing folds up like a map to fit into the red cloth folder/binding. This is decorated in the neo-Renaissance style then in vogue in the Teutonic world and beyond. The canvas and the binding are heavily soiled, and the cloth on the spine is somewhat thin. Closed, the binding holds together loosely, not unlike many a map. Regardless, an interesting, enigmatic curiosity. 
Price: 450.00 USD
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17 Happy Times Photo Album
England Decorated Cloth Very Good 
Circa 1890s, with earlier photos included. (One photo dated 1882). 8vo. 21 by 15 cm. 24 card leaves, each with four slots, two per page, to house photos. Only 20 photos included (two are identical and loose), with most slots empty. Art Nouveau style design on cover. Photos are of quaint English farmhouse, farm yard (chickens), country lane, a park fountain, a coastal bluff, a butterfly hunter, a baby in a pram, a clipper ship, penguins at a zoo and an elephant ride, and a young woman in a black dress. Light wear. 
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Leporello of Ten Photos Depicting the Chinese Royal Family and the Dowager Empress Cixi
18 Leporello of Ten Photos Depicting the Chinese Royal Family and the Dowager Empress Cixi
Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Closed, 15.5 by 11.5, and ten panels, so when fully stretched, about 110 cm. The photos are all dark or darkened, and are photos of photos. The leporello was the type created and sold to tourists as a souvenir. 
Price: 150.00 USD
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Miniature Daguerreotype of Handsome Young Man Housed in a Paper Mache Mother-of-Pearl Case
19 Miniature Daguerreotype of Handsome Young Man Housed in a Paper Mache Mother-of-Pearl Case
Very Good 
N.d., circa 1850s, based on dress -- the young man's neckwear. The case measures 53 by 45 mm, the photo not covered by the frame, 33 by 29 mm. Missing an oval piece on the front. This is not overly conspicuous, and otherwise, the case and photo are in lovely condition. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
20 Momento Daguerrotype Photo Laquered Box with Photo of Two Young Girls Inside
Leather Spine Fine 
Circa mid-19th Century exquisite box with floral painting, plush velvet inside, leather spine lending appearance of book, with snap or clasp on other side. Photo very well preserved, with ghost-like images of girls. Box is 4 by 3.75 inches. 
Price: 595.00 USD
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