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1 "Violets." A Calendar 1898
Boston L. Prang & Co. 1897 First Edition Wraps Near Fine 
Oblong, 9.5 by 17.5 cm. Five cards bound with ribbon from above. Three months per card below title card. Varied violet ornamentation on each card. Light soiling of top, title card, and on back of bottom card. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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2 Card-Houses
Box Very Good 
N.d., circa late 1800s. With 96 pictorial (chromolithographic) cards, and 38 blank cards. An folded instruction sheet as well as instructions pasted onto the underside of the box lid. Pictorial cards are interlocking so that they can be arranged to build various structures, and hence the name of the game, "Card-Houses". The game is in essence a precursor of Lego blocks. Of equal interest is the bright chromolithographic imagery of cats, children, roosters, other animals. The cards are each 4 by 2.5 inches, and they are clean and appropriately stiff. The box housing the cards has had loss to the paper that is pasted onto the boards and there is obvious repair to the sides which had at one point become detached but the box is presently completely functional and it is a small miracle that it has survived at all. The instruction sheet is now backed by a piece of linen paper -- one can see the closed tears that inevitably occurred at the folds of the otherwise brittle sheet. 
Price: 475.00 USD
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3 Chromolithographic Outer Walls of a Go Fishing Game
NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. The boards of the four linked walls collapse to lay flat. The object of the game was to attempt to fish out small fish from within the well. None of these fish but one, nor the rods used, are now present, but the outer panels remain highly decorative with their illustration of fish, frogs, a kingfisher, lily pads and shore grasses. The four sides are in fact identical. The sides are oblong, each being 31.5 by 34 cm. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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Five Au Bon Marché Cards from the Series
4 Five Au Bon Marché Cards from the Series "La Vie Maritime" Depicting Children in the Navy
NA Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. Noted on cards is that the store was on the jury at the Exposition Universelle of 1900 -- it isn't clear whether these cards were issued in conjunction with the fair. Cards measure 10.5 by 15 cm. The full series, we believe, was six, meaning we lack one from the series. One card with evidence on text side of having been pasted into an album. A few closed tears, all but one miniscule, and the longer one is inconspicuous in our view. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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Floral Seasons.  A Calendar for 1899.
5 Floral Seasons. A Calendar for 1899.
London and New York Ernest Nister and E.P. Dutton, respectively 1898 First Edition Wraps, with original box Fine 
Highly colorful chromolithograpically illustrated calendar in pristine condition. The original box, a highly unusual survivor for this kind of thing, measures 25.5 by 16.5 cm, oblong, and this is essentially the outer dimensions of this "shaped" booklet. The shaping is the delicate outline of a wreath, if you will, of roses. Six card stock pages, each presenting two months and decorated with flowers, and these are bound together with ribbon. The box has a few tears on the lower sides. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Folded Broadside of Cigar Box Labels, with one label showcasing the legendary bodybuilder Sandow
6 Folded Broadside of Cigar Box Labels, with one label showcasing the legendary bodybuilder Sandow
NA Very Good 
Highly unusual surviving piece of printer's ephemera targeting cigar makers, who decorated cigar boxes, both then and to this day, with bright, colorful and often visually exciting chromolithographic artwork. This "broadside", or large flyer, features seven designs, all with rich colors, and often brilliant gilt with a slightly raised surface. Designs include a likeness of Eugen Sandow, the father of modern bodybuilding and among other things, Florenz Ziegfeld's first big star whom he promoted at the 1893 Chicago World Exposition. Other specimens of cigar art on the broadside include an Atlas, a yellow cab, a Bacchus, a tungsten lightbulb held by a goddess, a child wearing a mortarboard and named the "Little Barrister" and a beautiful woman lying odalisque-like amid exotic trappings. N.d., circa 1920. Measuring 70 by 27.5 cm when open, but intended to be folded, with pictorial element on outward facing side, which is half in height, or 35 by 27.5 cm. It is clear that the sheet was a printer's promotion from the three short descriptive paragraphs. While we have seen cigar label catalogues before, we haven't encountered a promotion in this format until now. We have loosely dated the promotion to 1920 based on the picture of a cab, which corresponds to cab designs of that date. The broadside can't be much later, given that the celebrity of Sandow surely was to dim after he passed away in the mid-20s. Condition: a little light soiling. A one to two inch closed tear at the fold. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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Funny Folks Album.  Master Chubb and his Dog
7 Funny Folks Album. Master Chubb and his Dog
First NA Very Good 
N.p., no publisher given, N.d., circa 1890. Eight paneled leporello, each with a chromolithographic illustration, and six lines of rhymed verse telling the story of the mishievous dog who simply can't contain himself when he espies geese, a boy, cattle, etc. Only the sight of a whip at the end brings contrition, which we trust is ephemeral. The dog looks most like a dachshund, although the breed isn't specified, and one can't be sure that is what the artist intended. Closed, oblong, 7 by 12 cm. Opening to be 81 cm long. Scarce, with three copies found on OCLC First Search (Melbourne, Monash U., National Library of Scotland). No copies located in the U.S. Condition: hinge of cover unobtrusively strengthened with rice paper. Flattened edge creases, microscopic edge chip, and light edge soil to cover. 
Price: 175.00 USD
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8 Geschiedenis van Jan Klaassen Geschenk voor de Jeugd. Met 6 Plaatjes.
Utrecht J.H. van Wees Jr. (not listed in the book itself) First Edition Presumed Full Morocco Very Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1870. Unpaginated, 12 pp., including wraps which are bound in, followed by 33 leaves, all blank, of card thickness, giving the slender volume some thickness. 18 by 12 cm. Scarce, with only one copy located on OCLC (at the University of Leiden). The plates depict Punch and Judy, with a baby, throwing the infant in the air, Judy clubbing Punch, a circus dog biting Punch's nose, a hangman and Punch. Accompanying the rather elegant chromolithographs, which are framed with a decorative puppet stage box, is a narrative poem telling of the doings, and this is rendered in Dutch. The deep blue morocco has corner gilt ornament plus a gilt centerpiece, with five raised bands on the spine and gilt ornamentation in the compartments between bands. The binding is more modern and is pristine. Two leaves of the Geschiedenis have minor paper repairs in their upper corners. Some light offsetting from the plates. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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Japanese Lacquer Album and Music Box Housing a Collection of Liebig Cards
9 Japanese Lacquer Album and Music Box Housing a Collection of Liebig Cards
Lacquer Very Good Plus 
A highly unusual album with a splendid collection of Liebig cards. N.d. The cards were produced during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, and the lacquer album itself is from the mid-twentieth century -- it could be from the twenties to the fifties -- but since it is probably that the collection of Liebig cards dates to the earlier part of that range, the album itself is surely from the earlier part of that range. 60 leaves, containing 180 Liebig chromolithographic cards, six per leaf, plus a larger chromo, or overlay of a few chromos, on first card leaf, featuring a Caucasion woman wearing a kimono and holding a Japanese umbrella. The album has dimensions of 28 by 40 cm oblong, by 6 cm tall (leg to top of front cover). After being wound on the bottom, the music plays when the cover is opened. Liebig is a company that has produced extract of meat products from the 1860s to the present day. It early on took to marketing through issuing decorative chromolithographic cards, with one card per purchase, and typically six cards forming a set built around a theme, which was often educational in some manner. The cards became a highly popular collectible, and arguably, the Liebig name became as well known for its cards as it was for its actual products. The lacquer, as the norm, has striated cracks, and there are a few minor chips. Within, the second leaf has remnants of paste and paper where there was once cards pasted -- the collector must have decided it was not a good idea then to have cards on the versos. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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Le Livre d'images parlantes pour amuser les chers bebes.  Avec des voix caracteristiques d'enfants et d'animaux
10 Le Livre d'images parlantes pour amuser les chers bebes. Avec des voix caracteristiques d'enfants et d'animaux
Paris K-B (?) Cloth Very Good 
The French version of "The Speaking Book", a toy book with sound, that is still in full working order! .N.d., circa late 1890s. 32 by 23.5 cm, and 5.5 cm thick. Title page followed by eight leaves, all on thick card stock, with chromolithographic plate on verso, facing verse describing the animal or people and their typical sound. With nine ivory tassels or pulls with strings attached, which when pulled out from the foreedge or side of the box, produce various sounds: a cock crowling, birds chirping, a donkey bray, a bleat, a moo, a coo, etc. Described by Peter Haining as "The piece de resistance of any collection of movables, or toy-books for that matter". See Haining "Movable Books", New English Library, 1979, p. 136. Also Gumachian 3839, which suggest a possible earlier dating of "vers 1885". The book was produced in Nuremberg by an unknown firm, according to Haining, and as the title page discloses, translated versions were made available in Spanish, English, and as this copy, in French. The German version, though, was published by Theodore Brand Verlag, which issued at least nineteen editions between the 1880s and the 1930s. So while one can not say that the book is rare, to find it in complete working order can be fairly described as rare, or at least, unusual. The sharp chromolithography of the cover and eight other illustrations is all the obvious earmarks of German and specifically Bavarian printing. Gilt edges. Rubbing and wear to the cloth. The front cover is slightly bowed. The card leaves have a slight dip in the middle. Moderate soiling, with ink marks on the final text page. Foreedge with scattered rubbing, or gilt loss. 
Price: 1650.00 USD
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My Mother
11 My Mother
Blindstamped Cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1860. Unpaginated, without copyright page and no publication info. Title, followed by ten leaves, with contents on only one side of each, with the chromo vignettes and short verse, or four line, caption on pages with content, and these pages are always facing. The oval vignettes show mother and child from infancy to maturity. Very sweet, Victorian sentimentalia. Presumed scarce relic. Moderate wear and soiling to cover. 
Price: 100.00 USD
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12 Pretty Farm Pictures. A Big Book for the Little Ones.
London and New York Ernest Nister and E. P. Dutton & Co. First Edition Presumed Boards attached by cloth spine Very Good 
N.d., circa 1890. With 19 large chromolithographs, including title, of animals and some children in bucolic settings, all on heavy card which gives the book real heft and durability. The size, 11 by 12 inches each, and prettiness of the illustrations sets this juvenile farm animal compilation from the common fare of the day, and surely the endearing cuteness of the images has led many a time to this book being broken for the purpose of framing the prints. Some soiling of the covers. The red cloth used on the spine has some fraying and weakening. Minor soiling of some margins within, but most of this could be considered age toning. one plate, "Milking Time", ha paper loss in right margin, not affecting or coming close to the image. 
Price: 350.00 USD
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Singer the Universal Sewing Machine "All Over the World"
13 Singer the Universal Sewing Machine "All Over the World"
Chicago 1899 Stapled. Wraps. Fine 
A promotion tied into the 1900 Buffalo World's Fair, where Singer also exhibited. 11.5 round, with squared off by hinge which has a ribboned design. 12 pp., including cover. The round shape is meant to suggest the globe in conjunction with the international exposition. Within are bright chromo illustrations of the Liberal Arts Building, Niagara Falls, a view of the court, a two page panorama of the Buffalo area, the New York State Building, and several illustrations of women at a Singer machine. This is a bright and fetching piece of ephemera. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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14 Sweet Pansies Calendar for 1899
1898 NA Very Good 
Four die-cut chromolithographic panels, with four months on the top and bottom panels, two months each on the other two, and pretty illustration of pansies surrounding the small boxes (made to look like scrolled pages) for the months. The panels were intended to be displayed vertically, so the top and bottom panels have more jagged shaping to their top and bottom edges, respectively. The panels are meant to be held together by silk ribbon. The original ribbon here survives but is torn, and so the panels are now essentially completely separate pieces. Otherwise, the intricate jags along the edges, which are highly vulnerable to breakage over time, appear fully intact. The panels were once mounted in an album or on a board, and thus one can see evidence of the mounting on their blank backs. The dimensions, outermost, are 15.5 cm wide, 7 cm tall. 
Price: 50.00 USD
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15 Talismanic Flowers
1880 Half Morocco Very Good 
With 14 pages of chromolithographic die-cuts. Twelve of these pages are of flowers representing each of the months, the thirteenth is of an elaborate bouquet, and the final leaf is an assortment of nine die-cuts of flowers and children such as one might find in a more common Victorian album. Each of the monthly floral die-cut leaves is accompanied by poetry entitled "The Legend of" whatever the particular flower is as well as a four-line stanza dedicated to the same month. The thirteenth leaf comes with a long poem called "Nature' Cathedral". Separate from all this are nine leaves of newspaper clippings and poetry. This latter part was done in the 1930s and 40s and thus a good half-century after the principal part of the album. We can date the die-cut portion to 1880, if not a little earlier, by an inscription dated 1880 on the FFEP. This section is an outstanding example of its genre -- the compiler had an overarching conception which was executed neatly and elegantly. The morocco is heavily rubbed, with a section on the spine pierced, revealing the underlying signature gatherings. The interior is generally clean, with some yellowing from the glue used and ordinary age toning. 11 by 9". 
Price: 400.00 USD
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The Boudoir Portfolio. With Postal Regulations, Convenient Dictionary and Speller
16 The Boudoir Portfolio. With Postal Regulations, Convenient Dictionary and Speller
Keokuk, Iowa J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co. First Hardcover. Cloth spine. Paper pastedowns on boa Very Good 
Scarce -- no copies located on OCLC or elsewhere. N.d., circa 1899. 4to. 25.5 by 21 cm. 16 pp., plus 8 pages of blank card in the center. With front pockets, one large, almost the size of the entire front board, and a smaller pocket above, to be used to store various slips of papers, notes, receipts, etc., as customary in a compact work-oriented organizer/portfolio. With an advertisement for Elastic Starch, the actual product being promoted by the issuance of this Portfolio, on the rear inside cover. Chromolithograhic cover and rear, the front depicting a pretty young woman dressed in a pouffy gown writing a note by a Rococo-style incidental table. The rear features a smaller centerpiece illustration of a gamboling child, framed by flower blossoms. Condition: Edgewear to the cover, with very minor losses to the paper pastedown chromos along their edges. The leaves within, made of a acidic pulp paper stock, are predictably heavily age toned. 
Price: 250.00 USD
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17 The Christian Garland; Or, A companion for Leisure Hours: Consisting of Original and Selected Pieces in Poetry and Prose. A New Edition.
London The Religious Tract Society Blindstamped and gilded cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1870. 12mo. v, 252 pp. With eight chromolithographic color plates of bouquets of flowers, fruits and shells. Plates engraved by Kronheim. Some fading of gilt on spine. Light wear to blue blindstamped cloth. Minor crack by frontis. One plate with small corner dampstain. Generally clean. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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The Daisy Basket Calendar for 1892
18 The Daisy Basket Calendar for 1892
London, Paris, New York Raphael Tuck & Sons 1891 First Edition Wraps Near Fine 
Shaped book calendar with lovely chromolithographic illustration. 14 by 10 cm at outer points. Ten unpaginated leaves, with two months or three on a page with a lovely bucolic or floral chromo on the facing page. Center with two facing chromo plates. Small chip on front cover. Light, inconspicuous fox marks on front cover. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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The Lancaster Fan.  1906
19 The Lancaster Fan. 1906
International Art Publishing Co. 1902 First Edition NA Near Fine 
Lovely fan with roses serving as pictorial decoration. 23 cm tall, each of seven panels 8 cm at widest, and the fan is 40 cm wide when fully opened. Light soiling to surface. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York [Calendar for] 1890
20 The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York [Calendar for] 1890
New York 1889 First Edition Wraps Very Good 
Tiny calendar booklet, measuring 6 by 4 cm. 16 pp., plus wraps. One month per page, with delicate chromo vignette atop each month. Memo pages in back. Lovely peacock feather decoration on front and back. Company info and promo is only on inside of wraps. Closed tear along hinge fold. Moderate wear besides. 
Price: 65.00 USD
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