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1 Album of Ten Chinese Botanical Gouache Paintings on Pith Paper
Hardcover. Paper pastedown on boards. Very Good 
Spectacular groupings of flowers, all brightly colored and finely shaded. N.d., early 19th Century. Oblong, 24 by 33 cm. Each of the paintings is framed with blue paper strips, as typical. Condition: as inevitable with the brittle, fragile pith paper, some tears, holes and stains; in our judgment and experience, lighter by the norm, or put another way, not disconcerting ever. The album binding itself has abrasions and wear, but again, this is lighter than what usually encounters with such album covers. 
Price: 10000.00 USD
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2 Album of Twenty-Four Original Watercolors of Flowers and Leaves
Full Morocco Very Good 
A lovely collection of botanical watercolors that are both realistic and tinged with a bit of Art Nouveau. N.d., , circa 1900. Probably English, but it could be American alternatively. The watercolors are all mounted onto card, which was then mounted onto the card stock leaves of the album. The flowers are all neatly captioned and include Purple Spurge, White Heather, Daffodil, Sweet Scented Coltsfoot, Yellow Monkey Flower, Bullace, Polypody Fern, Hart's Tongue Fern, Gromwell, Trefoil, Stork's Bill, Rest Harrow, Lesser Periwinkle, Hellebore, Wood Sorrel, Gladwyn Iris, Snowdrop, Purple Willow, Autumn Colchicum, Goldylocks (Aster Linosyris), Bastard Balm, Horned Poppy, Primrose, and Squill. Although there is no text, the artistic treatment has the rigor and quality of floral depictions one would find in an academic survey, yet the artist also is intent on soft prettiness that would suit a sentimental card as well. The watercolors themselves measure 5.75 by 2.75 inches, or 14.5 by 7 cm, and the album itself is 10 by 7 inches, 26 by 18 cm. In the back of the album one can see that six leaves without such watercolors once had them. The leather of the binding is rubbed along the joints and edges. The watercolors themselves are clean. 
Price: 725.00 USD
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3 Bingley's Practical Introduction to Botany; Illustrated by References Under Each Definition to Plants of Easy Access, and by Numerous Figures; Comprising Also a Glossary of Botanic Terms.
London Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy 1827 Second edition Quarter Morocco Good 
8vo. 104 pp. With 9 hand-colored plates, including the frontis. Foxing of last few text pages, and some scattered elsewhere. Plates gathered in back have light soiling, but mostly offsetting. Dampstain on boards, mostly on upper front. Spine is somewhat dry. Still an attractive, side pocket sized botanical. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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Das Reich der Blumenkönigen.  Sinnige Unterhaltung.  L’Empire de la reine des fleurs.  Récréation raisonnée. The Realm of the Queen of Flowers.  Rational entertainment.
4 Das Reich der Blumenkönigen. Sinnige Unterhaltung. L’Empire de la reine des fleurs. Récréation raisonnée. The Realm of the Queen of Flowers. Rational entertainment.
Leipzig Peter Carl Geisler Third Edition Folio folder, ribbon ties Good 
Scarce, notwithstanding stated third edition, with only copies discovered on OCLC First Search at the LOC, Toronto, and Crystal Bridges Museum. (Given the fragility of the parts and the likely heavy use of the "toy book", and its ephemeral nature to boot, it is easy to conceive of almost all copies being destroyed eventually.) N.d., circa mid-19th century. Folio, 33.5 by 26 cm. With four color litho plates, plus 50 separate color floral pieces which are to be inserted into slots in the plates. The plates depict a vase, a bowl, a ribbon, and another large bowl, and the idea is to allow the child to play with creating different flower arrangements, in the process familiarizing himself with the flower species. The flowers are each numbered, and there is an oblong four page key, rendered in German, French and English. (This key is 21 by 27.5 cm.) For each flower is also a maxim or a short two or three line verse of sentiment associated with that flower. Heavy soiling on the cover. Text pages heavily foxed. Moderate soiling on the plates. Original ribbon ties partially intact but unusable. Most importantly, though, is that all flower pieces are present and well-preserved, so the "paper toy" is as usable as it ever was. 
Price: 3000.00 USD
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Eight Part Folding Passion Flower Issued by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) Ltd. Genuine Sharrow S.P. & S.S. Snuffs
5 Eight Part Folding Passion Flower Issued by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) Ltd. Genuine Sharrow S.P. & S.S. Snuffs
Sheffield, UK NA Fine 
N.d., late 19th century. The Wilsons & Co. snuffmakers go back to 1737; it is still in operation. This piece of floral ephemera measures about 26 cm across at the widest. The roughly square piece when open has shaped and uneven edges. It closed up to a triangle that is about 13 cm in length, 7 cm across at its widest, and this fits into a glassine envelope with the company name and info printed on one side. When closed, one sees only the two color printed passion flowers. When open, the remaining 14 of 16 sides (the flower is printed on both sides) have a gilt illustration of a particular flower with a few lines of verse describing that flower beneath. Essentially, this is an origami version of the "language of flowers" sentimental botanical variety. Remarkably well preserved, with the original envelope. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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Fine Hand Painted French Bolting Cloths
6 Fine Hand Painted French Bolting Cloths
Cloth Good 
Beautiful collection of original watercolors of birds and flowers on bolting cloth. Besides the botanical and ornithological paintings, there are three picturesque paintings of children in the Queen Anne-style vein evocative of illustrators such as Kate Greenaway. N.d., late 19th century or very early 20th century. Folio, 36.5 by 29 cm. Unpaginated, 24 leaves (48 pages). 64 different swatches with original watercolors on the bolting cloth swatches, 36 of which we would describe as larger swatches, 28, as smaller ones. These are mounted, rather crudely using pieces of labels to hold the swatches into place. The album would appear to have been compiled by a business and was thus essentially a salesman's sample catalogue. Being created for an utilitarian purpose, the album was never meant to be anything but the scrappy-looking compilation that it is. To us, though, it is a rather singular survival that is correlative to wallpaper books, fabric sample catalogues and the like yet also different, and we have never seen anything quite like this before. The scrappiness of the assemblage belies the beauty of the designs, we would stress. Also included are five skeins of thin antique yarn with Asiatic dyes (pink, purple, gold, beige) made by Brainerd & Armstrong and called Roman Floss. (These are separate, in a plastic mylar sleeve.) Condition: binding worn and soiled. Some leaves loose, as are some swatches from the pages to which they were mounted. A few swatches were probably never mounted. 
Price: 1200.00 USD
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7 Jamaica D'Oyleys.
1898 Card. Very Good 
With six highly unusual and beautiful mixed-media specimens of folk art, each of which is accompanied by a few lines of explanatory material on the source of materials -- and this exposition is in our view part of the value of the whole, as it makes explicit just how the doilies were made. The doilies are 16.5 cm in diameter, with a light mesh center onto which is mounted exquisite tropical fern leaves. This mesh is made of the tissue of the lace bark tree, we are told Surrounding this is a ring with original watercolored floral decoration using Jamaican flowers. The material used as the base is the papyus of a plant -- the explanation is not clear to us on this point. And the outer periphery is of fringe of fine soft fabric. The maker of these doilies, whose initials are "A. B. ?", describes the doilies as "nature in the tropics", where "she is most luxuriant", and one might also say that they are nature's trophies. With watercolored and ribboned decoration on the card cover, which has serrated edges. 4to. 24 by 22 cm. The doilies are loose, as they were intended to be. Moderate wear to the album. Joint repaired. Offsetting from the doilies onto the facing pages. The doilies themselves are perfectly preserved. 
Price: 2750.00 USD
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8 Japanese Botanical Book
Wraps Very Good 
25.5 by 17 cm. 38 pp., 24 of which are very colorful botanical plates, and of these, a few of those facing one another can be viewed as a single larger illustration, but either side also holds its own. Peonies, poppies, of flowers like them, with big splashes of red, bright white, yellow, orange, purple, and stems of green. Text in Japanese, with a few flower names at the end rendered in Latin as well. Light soiling and wear. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
9 Japanese Leporello with 24 Original Mounted Signed Watercolors, Circa Early 20th Century
Japan Leporello Very Good 
N.d., circa 1900. 183 by 151 mm, when closed. Mounted watercolors are of waterflow, a crane, other birds, flowers, fish, insects, landscapes, a fantastical depiction of men painting the foot and leg of a giant (or tiny men doing that of an ordinary man, or some other interpretation), a giant mask being lifted by children, other human studies. The watercolors are notable for their bright, vivid colors, their sharpness and precision of detail, their elegant spare composition. While each illustration can stand on its own, and the subject matter is by no means uniform, there is something quite alluring about the entire ensemble, as if they are meant to be of one piece. Based on the chop impressions, though, they appear to be by several artists. To appreciate their beauty, of course, one has to see images, or better yet, the pictures in person. Light to moderate wear of the fabric pastedown on the cover, with light soiling and some minor holes or spots of worn fabric. Entirely clean within, and all the watercolors are bright. 
Price: 1500.00 USD
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10 Japanese Manuscript with Watercolors of Ikebana Flower Arrangements
NA Good 
N.d., but 19th century. 4to. 27 by 20 cm. With 98 pages, including cover, with a painting of a flower arrangement, and vases, tables, and other accessories, on each page. Colorful, and lovely. Slender yet long-ish wormholing affecting about half the pages to a degree, but generally not disconcerting as it doesn't affect the watercolor. (Occasionally touching on the calligraphy, though.) Some other wear and light soiling. Still a beautiful album. 
Price: 750.00 USD
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11 L'Orchidophile: Journal des Amateurs d'Orchidees (Six Volumes): 1885, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891
Paris Godefroy-Lebeuf, Paul Dupont 1885 - 1891 First Edition Quarter Morocco Good 
8vo. (23 by 15.5 cm, 9 by 6 inches.) 48 color lithographic botanical plates, many of which are folding or double-paged. The journal ran from 1881 to 1895. Text leaves are heavily toned and brittle, with some edge chips or tiny closed tears. A few loose leaves. Minor soiling to some plates. Generally plates remain bright and attractive. Heavy rubbing to brown morocco spines and edgewear to marbled boards. 
Price: 1800.00 USD
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12 The Christian Garland; Or, A companion for Leisure Hours: Consisting of Original and Selected Pieces in Poetry and Prose. A New Edition.
London The Religious Tract Society Blindstamped and gilded cloth Very Good 
N.d., circa 1870. 12mo. v, 252 pp. With eight chromolithographic color plates of bouquets of flowers, fruits and shells. Plates engraved by Kronheim. Some fading of gilt on spine. Light wear to blue blindstamped cloth. Minor crack by frontis. One plate with small corner dampstain. Generally clean. 
Price: 125.00 USD
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13 The Language of Flowers, Poetically Expressed; Being a Complete Flora's Album
New York Leavitt & Allen 1847 Blindstamped Cloth Good Plus 
16mo, 4.75 by 3 inches. 128 pp. With four hand-colored plates. Miniature version of popular anthology/botanical book format. Cloth has soiling. Introduction page has two tape repairs by spine. Some occasional foxing. 
Price: 75.00 USD
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14 The Moral of Flowers, Illustrated by Coloured Engravings.
London Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longman and M. Robinson; printed by A. Spottiswoode 1835 Second edition Half Morocco Very Good Plus 
8vo. xiv, [1], 227 pp. and 24 hand-colored botanical plates. Occasional light foxing, and one plate and a few text pages with a bit more, but still light, foxing. Overall clean and fresh. Some wear to the morocco spine and corners. 
Price: 600.00 USD
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15 Boardman, Rosina C. Lilies and Orchids. A Series of Drawings in Color of Some of the More Interesting and Beautiful Species of These Families Together with Descriptive Text
New York Robert Grier Cooke Incorporated 1906 First Edition Full Morocco Very Good Plus 
Lovely Art Nouveau full green morocco binding. 4to. 25.5 by 21 cm. 24 pp., plus 24 chromolithographic plates. Binding by Mahan. Light sunning to spine. Minor wear to corners. 
Price: 275.00 USD
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16 Bourne, H. Flores Poetici. The Florist's Manual: Designed as an Introduction to Vegetable Physiology and Systematic Botany, For Cultivators of Flowers. With More Than Eighty Beautifully-Coloured Engravings of Poetic Flowers
Boston and New York Monroe and Francis; Charles S. Francis, respectively 1833 First Edition Cloth Very Good 
With only 71 of 73 hand-colored plates. 8vo. 288 pp. Missing leaves 153/4 and 159/160 which contain illustrations of china aster and lily-of-the-valley. A few leaves with edgewear that can include minor closed tears, and one leaf has a tiny, pinprick hole not near textual or illustrative matter. Some leaves are soiled or foxed, but the overall impression is of a crisp, handsome copy. A few ink inscriptions on the upper title page. The colors remain vibrant, and the hand-coloring was rendered neatly. Modern brown cloth with paper pastedown title label on spine. 
Price: 800.00 USD
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Flore Médicale (8 volumes), Chaumeton, François-Pierre.  Jean Louis Marie Poiret;  Jean-Baptiste-Joseph-Anne-César Tyrbas de Chamberet  Illustrated by E.P. and P. J. F. Turpin
17 Chaumeton, François-Pierre. Jean Louis Marie Poiret; Jean-Baptiste-Joseph-Anne-César Tyrbas de Chamberet Illustrated by E.P. and P. J. F. Turpin Flore Médicale (8 volumes)
C. L. F. Panckoucke. Dictionaire des Sciences Médicinales 1814-1820 Full Calf Very Good 
Seven volumes in eight. 8vo. 20.5 by 13 cm. 425 hand-colored stipple engravings. Condition: volume I leather on rear board and upper left of spine with dark, ugly dampstain, and board corner by spine and part of joint has leather completely worn through (area is triangular, with sides about 4 cm each). Otherwise, calf generally healthy and attractive, and set, when on shelf, remains handsome despite the flaw of the first volume. Within, scattered foxing, soiling, and heavy-ish age toning, but most plates read as clean. 
Price: 4000.00 USD
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18 Dana, Mrs. William Starr [Frances Theodora Dana]. Embellished by Catharine Westinghouse According to Season Talks about the Flowers in the Order of Their Appearance in the Woods and Fields
New York Charles Scribner's Sons 1894 First Edition Half Morocco. Marbled Boards. Near Fine 
Containing nine original watercolors applied directly to the page by Catharine Westinghouse, setting aside this copy from all others. 8vo. 16 by 10.5 cm. 159 pp. The book proper is an appreciation of plants, with snippets of poetry interspersed liberallly, and the objective of the author is to impart a sort of botanical connoisseurship. The additional watercolors are beautifully rendered, and are a true expression of the author's spirit. While there were other Victorians who performed their own private embellishment of books such as was done here, it was far from a common practice, and here it was done with a neatness and modesty that one could easily mistake the images for having been part of the original plan of the book. Light wear along the joints of the blue morocco. 
Price: 400.00 USD
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19 de Puydt, P. E. [Paul Emile de Puydt]. Les Orchidees Histoire Iconographique Organographie -- Classification -- Geographie -- Collections -- Commerce -- Emploi -- Culture avec une Revue Descriptive des Especes Cultivees en Europe . . . Ouvrage orne de 244 Vignettes et de 50 Chromolithographies Dessinees d"Apres nature sous la Direction de M. Leroy, dans les Serres de M. Guibert
Paris J. Rothschild 1880 First Edition Cloth Very Good 
4to. 27 by 18 cm. viii, 348 pp., with 50 color chromolithographic plates, touched up by hand. Plates done by Leroy and Guibert. With 244 text vignettes. Nissen BBI 1572. Light wear to the binding. Offsetting of the tissue guards onto the plates. 
Price: 1250.00 USD
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20 Edited by S. T. Martyn The Golden Keepsake, or Ladies' Wreath. A Gift for All Seasons
New York J. M. Fletcher & Co. Blindstamped Cloth Very Good Minus 
N.d., circa 1850. 8vo. 420 pp. With 12 colored botanical plates and an equal number of steel engravings on facing page. Some scattered foxing. Tight binding. Scarce title. 
Price: 200.00 USD
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