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Accordian Valentine
1 Accordian Valentine
NA Very Good 
N.p. N.d., circa 1890. Closed, 10 by 5.5 cm. You pull out tabs on each side and out spreads the bunched cray paper, just like the bellows of an accordian. Without stressing the cray paper -- risking tearing, the sides stretch to about 8 cm apart. Chromolithographic printing on the sides, with gilt for the buttons and keys, red hearts in the upper corners, decorative floral vignettes as might be found on an actual accordian, and printed underneath one of the keyboard tabs, "To my sweet Valentine". Intended as a charming novelty that might lovingly be given to an accordianist. Small cracks down center of paper from use. 
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2 Almanach des Dames pour l'An 1823 Almanach Lyrique
Turbingu and Paris Chez I. G. Cotta; Chez Truettel & Wurtz 1822 First Edition Cartonnage, Slipcase Very Good 
12mo. (13 x 9 cm.) 238 pp. Six engraved plates. Scarce, with only two copies located on OCLC. Soiling on the binding and more on the slipcase. Otherwise, quite clean and tight. 
Price: 265.00 USD
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Autograph of Ethel Merman
3 Autograph of Ethel Merman
NA Very Good 
N.d., circa early 1950s. A Merman autograph written in pencil on a folded white sheet of paper. Merman was the pre-eminent star of the Broadway musical theater from her legendary debut belting out "I've Got Rhythm" in "Girl Crazy" until her stunning dramatic turn as Mama Rose in "Gypsy". Known for her thrilling and crystal clear diction that could be heard in the last row (and the lobby, and quite possibly, on the sidewalk), Merman was in numerous movies but seldom was able to excite movie audiences as she did live time and again. On stage, she had close to a perfect track record, with her hits including "Anything Goes", "Panama Hattie", "Annie Get Your Gun", "Call Me Madam", "DuBarry Was a Lady", and on and on. In her later years she was a regular presence on television, where she would belt out one of the innumerable hit songs she first introduced. 
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Book of Complete Information about Pianos
4 Book of Complete Information about Pianos
New York Frank L. Wing 1913 Twelfth Edition Hardcover Very Good 
4to. Near square, slightly oblong. 29.5 by 30 cm. 135 pp. (Last page is REP.) With twelve color plates (colorized photos) of the company's piano models. In addition to extensive information about each of the company's models, a general discussion of piano manufacturing, many photos of the company's factory and offices, testimonials and other sales-related promotional material. This was a trade catalogue that was also intended to be a keeper -- not something to be discarded after a decision was made pro or con regarding purchasing a Wing instrument. The Wing & Son Piano Company was founded in 1868 (under a different name). It marketed its pianos through this catalogue, or mail order, exclusively, dispensing with the more standard practice of maintaining showrooms. The company appears to have gone out of business early in the Great Depression. Moderate soiling and shelf edgewear to the cover. Clean within. 
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French Manuscript Collection of Song Lyrics and Watercolored Illustrations and Vignettes
5 French Manuscript Collection of Song Lyrics and Watercolored Illustrations and Vignettes
1892 Hardcover Good 
8vo. 25 by 18 cm. 88 pp. of content, with a few blank numbered pages following. With 31 watercolored illustrations or vignettes, usually by the title to the song, but occasionally to the side. The songs were generally well-known songs; the watercolors are painted directly onto the pages. Occasionally there is musical notation, but most songs are given with only the lyrics, which are written in a very neat, attractive hand. The songs include "Nous en sommes", "L'Invalide de marseille", "Je suis gobe par maportiere", "Dans l'autre panier elles sont plus molles", "L'enfant des Remparts", "L'invalide Belge", "L'Anarchiste", "Brunes et Blondes", "Naples", "Salut aux hirondelles", "Le Gondolier", "Souviens-toi du cruel Vainqueur", "Veux-tu?" "Vive la Musique Militaire", "Le Moulin Rose", "Les Roses-The", "Offre-moi ton baiser", "Estudiantina", "Les Rameaux", "La Czarine", "Les Sapins", "La Valse des Vins", "L'Esclave noir", "Le roi des hohemiens", "La Vague", "Le Credo des 4 Saisons", "Les Bresiliennes", "Les fleurs de ma Mie", "Les Deux Temoins", "Un tour de Valse", "Le Refus", "Poivrot", "Balochard", "Explaire" and "La Chanson des Paves". Several of the entries in the back are partial, without the title or image. Some of the images are not truly original -- they are copied or adapted from published material. Rebacked with cloth. The leaves are age toned and brittle, with some edge chipping. 
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6 Gernando e Rosimonda. Dramma Eroico er Musica da Rappresentarsi nel Nobile Teatro Astori in Treviso per la Fiera d'Autunno dell'Anno 1789
Venezia Modesto Fenzo 1789 Wraps 
Defective copy, missing pages 11 to 18 and pages 23 to 28, yet of a highly scarce libretto -- no copies show up on OCLC! 12mo. Besides missing pages, typical soiling and wear. 
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Letter Signed by Audrey Hepburn, June 18th, 1954
7 Letter Signed by Audrey Hepburn, June 18th, 1954
1954 NA Very Good 
The typed letter is written from the 46th Street Theatre where Hepburn and her future husband, Mel Ferrer, were appearing in "Ondine". In the letter, addressed to a Mr. Sus, Heburn writes" "Thank you very much for your letter of June 14th. I would be very happy to help you to see the play if you will let me know which performance you and your friend would like to come to. Audrey Hepb . . ." The latter part of the last name is dropped, as typical of Hepburn signatures of the period. Hepburn had already made her stunning movie debut in "Roman Holiday". Ahead of her were her many other memorable movies, and thus this is an early autograph of Hepburn. 
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Short inscribed note from Actress Julie Harris (1925-2013)
8 Short inscribed note from Actress Julie Harris (1925-2013)
NA Very Good 
N.d., circa early 1950s. The note says: "To Jana My Best always. Julie Harris." Jana was Jana Vasatova, who was, we believe, a Czech emigre who first resettled to London, then New York, and the note was found in a friendship album she was keeping around 1950. Julie Harris was arguably the leading dramatic actress of the Broadway stage of her generation, having won the Tony Award five times, including for "The Last of Mrs. Lincoln", "The Belle of Amherst", and "Forty Carats". While remembered primarily for her stage work, she also made a number of notable appearances in the screen, including her recreation of her first major stage role (and Tony award) in "The Member of the Wedding", "The Haunting" and her co-starring with James Dean in "East of Eden", and on television she was a part of the cast of "Knot's Landing". 
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The Forget-Me-Not Songster; Containing A Choice Collection of Old Ballad Songs as sung by our Grandmothers. Embellished with Numerous Engravings.
9 The Forget-Me-Not Songster; Containing A Choice Collection of Old Ballad Songs as sung by our Grandmothers. Embellished with Numerous Engravings.
Boston J. S. Locke & Co. Full Morocco Very Good 
N.d., circa 1840s. 256 pp. 32mo, 11.5 by 8 cm, 4.5 by 3 inches. Some early Americana songs -- "The New York Trader", "The New York Fireman", "Paul Jones", "Taxation of America", "The Battle of Baltimore" and even "The Star Spangled Banner" -- mixed in with older fare such as "Barbara Allan" or "The Boys of Kilkenny". Here one can glean from song the solidifying national identity while the folkish wafts from the old country, meaning then the British Isles, including Ireland, were still formidable, and the particular sound of American English was coalescing. The woodcuts, most postage stamp in size with a few full or half page, lend some humor on occasion. The illustrations can mostly be described as naive in style. There is light soilage scattered throughout. The text is always clear. Later full calf is sturdy and attactive. With modern marbled endpapers. 
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The Victor for Every Day in the Week $10 to $100
10 The Victor for Every Day in the Week $10 to $100
Camden, NJ The Victor Talking Machine Co. Wraps Very Good 
Long before cereal commercials on T.V., advertising directed at children! N.d., circa 1904. (Reference to the favorite hymns of President McKinley, who was by then deceased, but also Caruso, who appears to have first recorded for the company in 1904.) 12mo. 12.5 by 9 cm. 12 pp., including wraps. Advertising pitch directed at children. Lovely color illustrations, one for each day of the week, plus the front and rear cover. Providing examples of the variety of offerings available for the victrola, from opera, with mentions of Caruso, Adelina Patti and Emma Eames, to patriotic airs -- Sousa tunes -- to juvenile records -- Punch and Judy, Mother Goose stories -- to hymns, national anthems and gospel. The illustrations relate to the music suggested in one way or another. We see two black servants dancing, the children in various national costumes, a boy troubadour, a humpty dumpty and Punch and Judy show, etc. Scarce, with only two copies found on OCLC FirstServe (Rutgers, Ohio Historical Society). Light soiling of the cover. 
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11 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] 1 Februar 1879 Touristen Kranzchen Blumensale. Oesterreicher Touristen-Club. Mit Herz und Hand fur's Alpenland "Post Kar'ln" von der Alm.
Vienna 1879 Full Morocco Near Fine 
Extraordinary dance card for a Belle Epoque ball and possibly benefit. The card proper is held atop a staff, like a placard that might be held high in a parade. The tin and brass object is 19 cm high, and the backing at the top to which is attached the booklet proper is 6.5 by 6 cm, not counting the ornamental pediment. The booklet is 4 by 5.5 oblong, and it opens from the top. Besides the list of dances for the evening, the booklet gives credit to the music's composers, and it also contains a roster of the club's officials. The dance was in honor of Archduke Carl Ludwig. Also surviving is the original pencil, which acts as a clasp holding the booklet closed. The pencil has splintered a bit at the tip. Otherwise, the object is in wonderful shape, with even the original string and tassel none the worse for wear. 
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12 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Alpine Themed Ball "Post Kar'ln" von der Alm.
Vienna Full Morocco Near Fine 
Extraordinary dance card for a Belle Epoque ball and possibly benefit. N.d., circa 1900. Oblong, 6.5 by 10 cm. The front cover features a small painted Alpine relief vignette cameo, which is framed with ormulu brass. To its right is a mounted crest probably for the Touristen-Club, bearing the logo around its perimeter: "Mit Herz und Hand Fur's Alpenland". Suspended from this is a brass trophy. The edge of the cover has a green and gilt decorative band, with brass mounts in the corners. Most special is the writing implement, which also acts as a clasp, shaped like a belaying pick. When one opens the covers one finds a chromo color plate on the top card leaf. The other blank card leaves were intended for the young lady to write in her dancing commitments. The "dance card" is complete with the silk ribbon and hook for the lady to suspend the booklet from her gown. Light soiling on the tan boards. The pick pencil is well preserved but the pencil point is gone. 
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13 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Ball der Genossenschaft der Glaser, Glashandler Glasscchleifer und zugehorigen Gewerbe in Wien, 14 Februar 1925
Vienna 1925 Full Morocco Near Fine 
Unusual dance card from the 1920s for a glass industry gala. 9 by 6 cm. On the front board is a miniature glasier's tool, which is clasped and snapped into place. Within is a compact mirror and pocket, and in the pocket is a card listing the sixteen dances for the evening, from the polonaise and waltz to the shimmy and the Boston. Lined with silk. 
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[Dance Card or Carnet du Bal]  Ball der Stadt Wien 7 Februar 1892
14 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Ball der Stadt Wien 7 Februar 1892
Vienna August Klein 1892 Morocco, with composite material mount on boards Very Good Plus 
An elaborate Renaissance styled leather dance card, with brass mount ornamentation. Oblong, 9 by 13 cm. Setting this dance card apart from the norm is that it is more like a small book within, with 27 leaves, plus an actual card, and each of the leaves is enriched with B/W illustrations on the rectos. Each of these pages is dedicated to one of the dances, and on most pages, there is a photographic oval cameo of the composer (or composer and lyricist), with the balance of the page given over to illustration(s) of the dance, or a scene somehow evocative of the dance or its spirit. The style of these etched drawings, and the ornamentation that frames and graces them, is very typical of the late nineteenth century and complements the Renaissance Revival relief work on the cover. The front and rear cover have gilt lined rectangular plaques for the title and date. The pencil which also holds the card closed has a brass finial at the top. A pink and white twine runs through the spine and can be suspended by a hook attached to a lady's garment, as usual, and the twine has a decorative tassel as well. Suspended below is a red wax medallion encased in wood, and this is attached to a red and white ribbon. Light rubbing to the leather. The ribbon holding the medal is torn in one place and held together with but a thread. One of two pencil stays partially torn. 
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[Dance Card or Carnet du Bal]  Ball des landwirthschatftlichen Clubs fur das konigreich Bohmen [Ball for the Agricultural Club of the Kingdom of Bohemia] February 23, 1876
15 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Ball des landwirthschatftlichen Clubs fur das konigreich Bohmen [Ball for the Agricultural Club of the Kingdom of Bohemia] February 23, 1876
Vienna August Klein 1876 Metal, Silk Near Fine 
Highly distinctive dance card with a roller that revolves, and a miniature oblong booklet, bound with silk and measuring 6 by 1.5 cm, that contains the dance card and can be pulled out from the metal stays. Since this relates to a Czech event (what is now the Czech Republic was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), everything is rendered in both German and Czech. The roller is 6 cm wide, 2 cm in depth, and with the handle, the object is 9 cm tall. The pencil that usually comes with a dance card was probably housed in the stem of the handle, and in all probability, that pencil is still there with the tip perished. 
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[Dance Card or Carnet du Bal]  Corcordia Ball 19. Februar 1900
16 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Corcordia Ball 19. Februar 1900
Vienna N. Schweritz & Carl Czada 1900 Satin Very Good Plus 
Unusual wooden dance card from the turn-of-the twentieth century. 10 by 10 cm, at the tallest and widest. The wood has a rich mahogany stain, and a top piece, the on with the name of the event, can be gently lowered to serve as a platform. The back side is lined with a lush green silk. With the removal of the ivory-headed thin pencil there, one can open the four-leafed oblong booklet listing in gold lettering the dances of the evening. Green twine and tassels are attached above and below, one with a hook for a lady to attach to her gown and otherwise ornamental frills. The silk satin lining has some color fading, and on one side is buckled a bit -- it is not lying completely flat, as it once would have here. 
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[Dance Card or Carnet du Bal]  Metal Cover with Design of Grill and Rubble
17 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Metal Cover with Design of Grill and Rubble
Vienna August Klein Metal, Silk Very Good Plus 
N.d, circa 1890s. 8.5 by 6 cm. The brass design on the front is depicting something industrial, although it is not really clear what it is. There is rubble at the base, possibly meant to suggest a pile of coal, and a smoke stack atop, along with some other objects, and with a grill design in between. Whatever it is, it is striking and unusual. Behind is silk lining, and when one removes a thin pencil from its loop stays, one can lift this lid to reveal a dance card with dances "vor" and "nach" "der Ruhe", or the intermission. With a thin cord and tassel attached. The metal is tarnished, but this can surely be cleaned away. 
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18 [Dance Card or Carnet du Bal] Bal
Chez Philipeaux Cloth Spine, "Opaline" Boards Good Plus 
N.d., circa 1840s. Measuring 5 by 3.5 cm. Nine leaves, most of which are blanks. Six pages on three card leaves, with illustrations of the dances, the Sicilienne, the Rodowa, and the Schotich, and the other pages with blank numbered lines to be filled in with prospective dance partners, and captions for the Mazurks, the Contredanse and the Galop. Quite a beautiful survival. The boards are of an opaline, or shell-like material which glistens. Wear to the silk endpapers and the cloth spine. 
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[Fine Binding] Collection of Spanish Guitar Sheet Music from the Mid-Nineteenth Century (mostly from the 1840s, with a few pieces from the 1850s and 60s)
19 [Fine Binding] Collection of Spanish Guitar Sheet Music from the Mid-Nineteenth Century (mostly from the 1840s, with a few pieces from the 1850s and 60s)
Full Decorated Morocco Near Fine 
A stunning binding with intricate onlay of a muted yet colorful coat-of-arms and a decorative floral vine running up the spine. Folio-sized, 35 by 27 cm. Unpaginated, 63 leaves (over 100 pages of music). The first leaf has a painted version of the onlay coat-of-arms. The following leaf is a steel engraved portrait of the opera diva Jenny Lind. The first work of sheet music is a Spanish guitar arrangement of "Child of the Regiment" as sung by Jenny Lind, or the aria "Quando il destino" from the Donizetti opera best known as "La Fille du Regiment". This version gives the lyrics in both English and Italian (but not the best known French) and was published in New York. Virtually all the sheet music following was published either in New York or Philadelphia, with much of it arranged by L. Meignen. The scores are a mix of classical (then contemporary), more popular ballads and folk tunes (Stephen Foster). Given Lind's popularity at the time, her name is featured on other scores as well. The binding has been rebacked, with the original spine pasted on expertly, with little or no detraction from the overall appearance of the binding. Foxing and other forms of heavy toning affecting a number of scores, as typical of surviving sheet music. A few minor closed tears. Surely an unusual compilation of guitar music. 
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[Postcard] Geraldine Farrar
20 [Postcard] Geraldine Farrar
N.d., circa 1901-4. 14 by 9 cm. Geraldine Farrar (1882-1967) was the most popular soprano at the Metropolitan Opera during her career there from 1906 to 1922, when she retired from the opera stage. The American-born Farrar was one of the very few American singers counted among the top tier of artists at the Met during her tenure there. Like virtually all major American singers at the time, she trained abroad, in her case, in Paris and Berlin. She first rose to stardom with the Berlin Hofoper, and it was rumored that she had had an affair with the German Crown Prince. While Farrar's voice was not flawless, she was something of a singing actress, and she was also celebrated for her good looks, which launched her quite successful secondary career as a movie star during the silent era. (At the time, the movie production was divided between New York and California, and Farrar filmed her movies during the Met's off-season, which also was longer than it is nowadays.) This postcard is of a young Farrar at the dawn of her international stardom. She is posing in a gown and fur wrap, it would appear, and she is twirling the end of a long strand of a pearl necklace around a finger. Whether or not she epitomizes one's ideal of feminine beauty, no one would not find her comely and sweet-looking, and it is no mystery that such a woman might have many a stage door johnny pining after her, especially at a time that opera was a far more mainstream art form and opera stars were the biggest of celebrities. 
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